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Are you looking for room inspiration for your modern home? On Inspired Design Talk, you can shop ideas by room including living rooms, bedrooms, Airbnbs, dorm rooms, basements, bathrooms, patios, and more!

There’s something for everyone no matter your style or budget. Check back here often for newly added ideas by room.

For a more streamlined design process, it’s best to tackle one room at a time. This approach allows you to create a well-thought-out plan and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed.

Drawing from my experience as an interior designer, I’ve found that this method is effective in maintaining a budget and avoiding overspending. Most people tend to purchase furniture and decor one piece at a time.

This often results in a mismatched collection that lacks a cohesive design. For even the smallest spaces, creating a mood board with the look and feel you’re after is important.

To help you out, I’ve categorized all the posts by room. This way, you can easily shop the look or use them as inspiration for your interior design projects.

This post is all about room inspiration on Inspired Design Talk.

room inspiration on inspired design talk

Living Room + Bedroom Inspiration (Shop The Look)

The shop the look designs on the blog are in a separate category. There are design mood boards from a variety of retailers that can be used as inspiration in your home.

Whether you want to save or splurge there’s a design for you!

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Airbnb Room Inspiration

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

As an Airbnb designer and host, I share inspiration, tips, and resources to help you get started with your short-term property rental. Whether it’s a room, apartment, or house this information will be super helpful in your journey.

designer airbnb bedroom, bathroom, home office, dining room inspiration


1. The Ultimate List Of Airbnb Bedroom Essentials (For Five-Star Ratings) Updated

Everything you need to get your Airbnb bedroom up and running.

2. Ultimate List Of Airbnb Bathroom Essentials (For Awesome Reviews)

This will be your go-to list of all the Airbnb bathroom essentials you need.

3. Ultimate Airbnb Kitchen Essentials, Supplies, And Checklist

All the essentials you’ll need for your Airbnb kitchen.

4. Home Cleaning Products You Need So Your Airbnb Guests Return

Keep your Airbnb sparkling clean with these must-have supplies.

Airbnb Design Inspiration

5. Designer Airbnb Inspiration and Ideas To Copy In 2024

Learn how to design your Airbnb like a pro with these designer tips.

6. Airbnb Tips For Awesome Reviews (Ultimate Guide)

Everything you need to know to make your Airbnb stand out from the crowd.

7. Amazon Airbnb Super Host Checklist

Get the furniture checklist you’ll need to design an Airbnb condo rental.

8. Airbnb Dominican Republic Design (Santiago De Los Caballeros)

Check out this Dominican Republic Airbnb design inspiration for your short-term rental property.

9. Airbnb Bathroom Ideas, Design Tips, And Cost Breakdown

If you’re wondering how much an Airbnb bathroom remodel will cost this post breaks it all down.


1. Best Keyless Entry Door Lock Ideas For Your Airbnb Or Home

These are the three keyless entry door locks we have in our home and why you should have one too.

2. Best Airbnb Signs For Your Short-Term Rental Property

Set the expectations for guests who stay in your home with these Airbnb signs.

Dorm Room Inspiration

Sending your child off to college is an exciting and overwhelming chapter especially if they’re going far. Having sent our daughter to college first in Hawaii and then Connecticut I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling.

To make it easier I documented the process as we went through it. No matter where you plan to shop for dorm room decor and essentials these posts will be super helpful.

college dorm collage


1. The Ultimate List Of College Dorm Room Essentials

Everything you could need for college is listed in this post.

2. Dorm Kitchen Essentials List

All the dorm room kitchen supplies for college students just starting.

3. Dorm Bathroom Essentials Your Freshman Needs

All the essentials your college student will need for their dorm bathroom.

4. Dorm Cleaning Supplies For College Students

Everything college students need to keep their dorm room clean.

5. Dorm Desk Essentials Students Need And Will Love

These dorm desk essentials are stylish and super practical for college students.

6. College Tech Essentials Students Will Use

Best tech gift ideas for the millennial on your list.

7. Gifts For Vloggers Who Love To Document The Journey

Support the aspiring influencer in your life with these vlogging tools.

8. Gifts For College Girls This Holiday Season

My daughter created this Christmas wish list so you know it’s a good one.

9. Best Travel Essentials List For The Long Flights

Gift ideas for the recent graduate or anyone about to go on a long flight.

Dorm Room Shop The Look Ideas

1. College Bedroom Ideas (Shop The Look)

This neutral modern design inspiration is perfect for the college student living off campus.

2. College Apartment Decor Ideas (Shop The Look)

Bedroom design inspiration for your college apartment off campus.

3. College Apartment Bathroom Makeover On A Budget

Decor and inspiration for your college bathroom makeover.

4. Dorm Room Ideas From Hawaii Pacific University (Shop The Look)

Design inspiration from three Hawaii Pacific University dorm rooms.

5. Ocean Theme Dorm Room Ideas (Shop The Look)

Shop the look of this Ocean Theme dorm bedroom inspiration.

6. Boho Glam Dorm Bedroom (Shop The Look)

This fun boho-inspired design will show you how to combine color, pattern, and texture in your room.

Places To Shop For Dorm Stuff

1. Best Places To Buy Dorm Stuff That You’ll Use

The best places to buy dorm stuff for any style and budget.

2. Dorm Packages That Make Shopping For College Easier

Ready-made packages include bedding sets, comforter bundles, towels, dinnerware, survival snacks, school supplies, and more!

3. Dorm Essentials From Amazon For College Students

Amazon list of dorm essentials college students will need.

4. Walmart Dorm Essentials For College Freshmen

The best list of dorm essentials from Walmart.

5. Target Dorm Essentials Every Freshman Needs

Shop Target for all your college dorm essential needs.

Bathroom Inspiration

This bathroom inspiration will help you design your space and figure out the budget. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks so you avoid costly mistakes.

airbnb bathroom essentials white vanity simply white paint

1. Bathroom Design Tips You Need To Know Before You Remodel

Get the checklist and tips you need to design your bathroom remodel.

2. Bathroom Remodel Before And After Cost

Find out the before and after details of a bathroom remodel and a breakdown of every single cost.

3. Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

Design tips and tricks to remodel your bathroom on a tight budget.

4. Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget That’ll Save You Money

Learn the best ways to save with this small bathroom makeover inspiration.

5. Vintage Bathroom Ideas That Are Totally Timeless But Updated

This vintage-inspired bathroom design will show you how to get a timeless look in your home.

6. Subway Tile Grout Colors

Find out the five best subway tile grout colors and the one we chose for our home.

7. White Subway Tile Dye Lot Color Variations (Buyer Beware)

This is a must-read if you are planning on using subway tile in your bathroom or kitchen.

8. Best Gold Bathroom Faucets For Any Budget

Shop the best selection of gold faucets available online.

Fitness + Wellness Room Inspiration

This fitness and wellness room inspiration will help you create a space for your self-care practice. Whether you’re looking to design a home gym, yoga studio, zen den, or meditation space you’ll find the resources you need below.

home gym design with mural of woman and man working out

1. The 15 Best Home Gym Floors 2023

The best options we found online for rubber gym flooring.

2. Home Gym Inspiration That Will Make You Want To Exercise

Vinyl wall decor inspiration that’ll motivate you and keep you inspired.

3. Home Gym Equipment Ideas From Amazon

Everything you need to set up a home gym and get fit this year.

4. At Home Yoga Studio Essentials

All the yoga essentials you need to create an at-home studio.

5. 23 Amazon Yoga Accessories That’ll Get You In Your Flow

These are perfect for your yoga practice or to give as a gift.

6. Zen Den Room Ideas That’ll Help You Chill Out And Relax

The goal in life is to become whole and a zen den will help you do just that.

7. Meditation Room Decor Ideas

Calm your mind, body, and spirit with this meditation room decor.

8. Awesome Self Care Products For Women Who Do It All And Need To Chill

These self-care gift ideas are so good you’ll want to add them to your routine too.


And that is a wrap, my friends. I hope this room inspiration is super helpful. If you have friends or family who need design ideas share it with them too! 😍

Have an awesome day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about room inspiration on Inspired Design Talk.

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