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Bathroom Remodel Before And After Cost In 2023 (You’ll Be Totally Shocked)

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Looking for a bathroom remodel before and after cost? Check out this post for an idea of what you can expect in your next bathroom renovation project.

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Bathroom Remodel Before And After Cost

We recently completed the above bathroom remodel after being in our home since 1998. This was the original bathroom of the house that was painted over the years but never remodeled.

After an issue with the tile and some damage, we had no choice but to gut the entire bathroom. It wasn’t planned but a nice surprise as that saying goes.

Since this bathroom is also used for the Airbnb we had to think of guests not just our family. If you are wondering what a project like this will cost keep reading to find out!

This post is all about bathroom remodel before and after costs in 2023.


Bathroom Remodel Before And After Cost Design

The design for this bathroom remodel was black and white with pops of gold. This was the concept board for the project which was inspired by those Pinterest images on the right.


We didn’t get the shower doors due to cost and some details were tweaked but the over concept stayed the same. We originally thought the project would cost $5000.

Maybe 20 years ago that would have been possible but these days, not a shot. As you will see we were way over that but in the end, I know the ROI will be awesome.


Bathroom Remodel Before And After Cost Resources Plus Costs


1. Towel Bar // 2. Toilet Paper Holder // 3. Quad Hook // 4. Exhaust Fan // 5. Round Mirror // 6. Vanity Base // 7. Quartz Counter Top // 8. Faucet // 9. Black Drawer Pulls // 10. Subway Tile // 11. Ceramic Bullnose // 12. Hexagon Tile // 13. Mini Hexagon Tile // 14. Mapei Grout // 15. Wall Sconce // 16. Curtain Rod // 17. Curtain Rings // 18. Shower Curtain // 19. Liner // 20. Toilet in White // 21. Shower Drain // 22. Short Etagere // 23. Strap Tote Black // 24. Handshower // 25. Slide Bar // 26. Metal Shower Hose // 27. Slidebar Kohler // 28. Elbow // 29. Valve Trim Cross Handle // 30. Pressure Valve

How much should I budget for bathroom remodel?

Here is the list and resources of everything we purchased for the bathroom remodel.

  1. Brushed Gold 24 in. Towel Bar $35.99 (Floor & Decor)
  2. Brushed Gold Toilet Paper Holder $21.99 (Floor & Decor)
  3. Over the Door Quad Hook in White $24 (I had this already)
  4. Exhaust Fan $134
  5. Vintage Round Mirror 30″ $54.30 (HomeGoods)
  6. 42″ Freestanding Single Bathroom Vanity Base $794.13
  7. 42″ Custom Quartz Counter Top $1150
  8. Purist Collection Faucet, Low Cross Handles, and Spout $547.89
  9. Black Drawer Pulls Handles Brass Cabinet $11.05 (x4) (painted mine)
  10. White 4 in. x 12 in. Polished Ceramic Subway Tile $270.40 (Tilebar)
  11. Basic White 4×12 Polished Ceramic Bullnose (12-inch) $60.30 (Tilebar)
  12. Paige Antracite 10″ Hexagon Matte Porcelain Tile $223.80 (Tilebar)
  13. Level Black 1″ Hexagon Matte Porcelain Shower Floor Tile $68.30 (Tilebar)
  14. Mapei Flexcolor Warm Gray Grout $45
  15. Wall Sconce by George Kovacs (2) $280.19
  16. Tension Shower Curtain Rod $29.49
  17. Decorative Shower Curtain Rings $9.99 (x2)
  18. Waffle Weave Shower Curtain $25.99 (x2)
  19. Microfiber Fabric Shower Liner  $16.50 (x2)
  20. Single Flush Elongated Toilet in White $119
  21. Shower Drain $100.88
  22. Aimee Soft Gold Short Etagere $122.97
  23. Whitmor Woven Strap Tote Black $18.67 (x2)
  24. Purist Handshower Kohler 978-BGD $160.99
  25. BGD Stillness Slide Bar Trim Kit Kohler K-974- $28.65
  26. Kohler K-9514-BGD MasterShower 60″ Metal Shower Hose $69.59
  27. Slidebar Kohler K-8524-BGD $245.21
  28. Kohler K-976-BGD Stillness Wall-Mount Supply Elbow $114.40
  29. Purist Valve Trim Kohler K-TS14423-3-BGD – Cross Handle $297.92
  30. Kohler K-8304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Pressure-Balancing Valve $84.31
  31. Warm Grey Caulk $6.87
  32. BM Fresh Start Primer $38.99
  33. Aura Bath/ Spa Simply White OC-117 Matte (Gallon) $62.99

Bathroom Material Total: $5263.40

*** Prices subject to change this is what we paid to give you an idea of the material costs. ***

Labor Bathroom Remodel Before And After Cost

Labor for this project was about $8000 for the contractor, tile installer, and electrician.

The labor costs will depend on your area. If it’s your husband doing the labor then that’s another story!

In total, our bathroom remodel before and after cost was about $13,263.40.

So yeah wayyyy over that $5000 imaginary budget. A girl can dream no?


Bathroom Materials List Details:

Now for all the deets on the product roundup and sourcing.

1. Bathroom Towel Bar

We actually bought the towel bar from Floor & Decor (link above). It is a good match but the purest towel bar is the perfect match so I wanted to include it here.

The color is a light brushed gold not yellow. It was harder to match than I thought.

In the end, I’m super happy we went with the Floor & Decor bathroom towel bar because it helped us save money and is super pretty.

2. Toilet Paper Holder

This is the Purest toilet paper holder in case you are not near a Floor & Decor. Again this is the perfect match for the gold faucet and showerhead.

I personally like the slide silhouette because it makes it really easy to change the toilet paper. We have not had any issues with it falling off.

3. Bathroom Towel Quad Hook


We had this from the previous bathroom and it has been great for the Airbnb. I wanted to share the link for anyone in need of hooks for towels.

This is a great option when you don’t want to make holes in the wall. We also bought this for my daughter’s closet at college. It’s nice because the hooks are long so things stay put.

4. Exhaust Fan


Love this exhaust fan because it is super quiet. I have even heard Airbnb bedroom guests comment that it is the quietest fan they have ever heard in a bathroom.

Getting your guests and family to use it is another story but it is so necessary.

5. Round Mirror


The one I bought was from HomeGoods but if you are shopping online this 30″ mirror is perfect for your before and after bathroom remodel. It has a simple design that will make a statement in your bathroom.

If gold is not your jam choose from one of the other five colors. It’s also available in a 42″ size which is great for larger bathrooms.

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6. Bathroom Vanity Base


For this project, I bought the vanity without the top because I wanted to control the quartz countertop. There’s an option to purchase this including the countertop as well.

I read comments about cleaning underneath this freestanding cabinet but for us, it has not been an issue. We love how clean and open it looks with the bottom shelf.

I just vacuum underneath and use my O-cedar mop to clean weekly.

The black basket with cleaning products fits perfectly underneath but you can store towels on the shelf. I have extra towels and bathroom accessories in the drawers.

7. White Quartz Bathroom Counter Top


This is an option for the countertop if you do not have a local fabricator.

We used someone who had access to remnants from larger jobs so that helped keep the cost down.

Please double-check all measurements before ordering. I also recommend consulting with your contractor or installer.

8. Kohler Gold Faucet

I was sooooo obsessed with this faucet!

This was the splurge for this project and is the “star of the show”. She looks gorgeous in the bathroom and I’m so happy we didn’t skimp in this area.

If you are afraid of gold there are 7 finishes to choose from. There is also a lever handle version instead of the crossbar handle. This faucet has received so many compliments and a year later still looks fabulous.

This was a bathroom remodel before and after cost must-have for me!

9. Black Drawer Pulls


I wound up spray painting my pulls that came with the cabinet. If I have to replace them in the future these are the ones I’ll purchase. I love the contrast of the black and gold handles against the white cabinet.

These drawer pulls are perfect for any modern contemporary bathroom design.

10. White Subway Tile


We bought our subway tile from Tilebar but had issues with it. Check out this post White Subway Tile Dye Lot Color Variations to make sure you don’t.

The 4×12 white polished subway tile looked beautiful in the second project. You can check it out here 21+ Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas On A Budget.

This was an area where we kept the costs down. White subway tile is a classic material that’s timeless and stylish. If you are looking for an area to save in your bathroom remodel budget this is it.

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12. Black Hexagon Tile


Make sure that this black tile and the mini hex black match. Mine was from Tilebar and we ordered a sample before we placed the order. I recommend doing the same.

13. Mini Hexagon Tile


Through the journey, I learned to never go over 2″ with your shower floor tile. I wish I knew that when we did the remodeling job 15 years ago because our floor tile did crack.

You live and you learn!

This tile comes in a sheet as shown above and can be cut down to fit your shower floor.

14. Mapei Grout For Tile

This grout is awesome because it is premixed. You can save it for future fill-ins and know the color will be the same.

Side note when cleaning DO NOT use bleach products or it will deteriorate over time. This was another lesson I learned the hard way.

15. Black Bathroom Wall Sconce


The original option was about $200 more for the wall sconces so we saved with this one. We have it on a dimmer switch which is fabulous.

I love a good dimmer switch. It saves on electricity usage and sets the mood.

One of the sconces had slight damage so Lumens sent a new one. We were able to use the extra one outside next to the front door since this is an indoor/ outdoor sconce.

16. Curtain Rod

I wasn’t sure how the color would be but it actually works with the other gold finishes in the bathroom.

It’s more of a darker brass than yellow gold. We have had our bathroom curtain rod for over a year now and it still looks brand new.

17. Curtain Rings


Love these cute hooks from Target. They hold the shower curtain and liner very nicely. It helps keep them separate also.

The color is not exactly the same as the shower rod but the curtain rings are so thin it’s not noticeable.

18. Shower Curtain

I bought the extra-long length and hemmed them. They are on both sides of the shower walls creating a drapery panel effect.

This helped cover up that subway tile issue so it’s not visible in the mirror. Originally we thought this would be a temporary solution until we for the shower door but pretty sure it’s staying.

By leaving the shower curtain open when not in use shows off the shower tile and pretty shower head. It also makes the bathroom appear larger since it is not divided by a black shower panel.

19. Bathroom Shower Liner

Having a liner is super important. Again I bought the extra-long and hemmed it to fit.

We always use the fabric liner so we can wash it when needed.

20. White Bathroom Toilet


We had a new toilet but this is the one we bought. We used it in the second bathroom project as well.

While some people like to go fancy with the toilet we don’t. I am a little sad we never got to do the wall mount toilet but pretty sure the plumbing cost on that would be ridiculous.

Personally, I like the look and sit of an elongated toilet seat over the round one. For me, it has an elevated look and feel.

21. Gold Shower Drain

This is the version you need for a shower floor with tile. If you have a pan there is another version you need.

Make sure you always double-check with your plumber or contractor when ordering bathroom finish materials.

Better to be safe than sorry!

22. Gold Short Etagere


In the original concept, I thought I could do the taller shelf option. After taking all the measurements it would be way too close to the sconce.

The short etagere is actually perfect for our needs.

We have a black basket with four rolls of toilet paper on the bottom shelf. On the two middle shelves, there are six towels rolled. Then the top shelf is a decorative vase and two canisters.

It was the perfect size to move the towels from the bedroom into the bathroom for our future guests.

23. Strap Tote Black Basket

The ones I purchased were from HomeScence but this is the exact one I have. Perfect for storing rolls of toilet paper or cleaning supplies.

24. Kohler Purist Handshower

This was another splurge!

I do want to add that the handheld shower on the rod is NOT as powerful as a regular shower head. That’s why the two are usually paired together.

For our purposes, it would have been too much to have both since this bathroom is only 5′ x 10′. We went with the handheld over the shower head because it is easier for cleaning purposes.

She is so pretty and glad we splurged on her.

25. Kohler Slide Bar

This is the trim to cover where the bar connects to the wall. It adds a finished look to the stylish bath bar.

26. Metal Shower Hose

The hose for the handheld connects to the elbow.

Yes, EVERYTHING is separate from this collection. If we had gone with the silver it would have cost less and there was a complete set option of course.

27. Slidebar Kohler

The bar is great so you can adjust the height based on the size of the user. It’s really easy to move it up and down which is super important for Airbnb guests.

The less they have to figure out while staying with us the better!

28. Purist Elbow

This goes on the wall and connects to the hose. I know it’s insane how many parts there are to this bathroom shower bar set.

This is a bathroom remodel before and after cost, which I’ll bet you didn’t think of. Haha

29. Valve Trim Cross Handle

I was obsessed with the cross handle but there is also a lever version in the valve trim and faucet. It has an elevated look that really completes the look of the bathroom design.

It’s always a special moment in any space when the products are not what you would normally find. We have gotten multiple comments from Airbnb guests that they love the decor, especially in the new bathroom.

This is for controlling the water temp and turning the shower on btw.

30. Pressure Valve

The valve kit is what goes inside the wall.

Yup, so many parts!! Who knew?!

Bathroom Remodel Before And After Cost Artwork


If you are interested in the artwork you can download the printables below.

You will just need to purchase the black frames unless you already have them.

And that’s a wrap!

I truly hope this post gave you resources, ideas, and inspiration to get started with your bathroom remodeling project.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about bathroom remodel before and after costs in 2023.

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