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11 Modern Interior Design Styles That’ll Make You Want To Show Off Your Living Room

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Looking for modern interior design styles to update your home? Check out my favorites that’ll make you want to show off your place!

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Modern Interior Design Styles

Before you start designing your home it’s important to determine your design style. This may change over time as new trends come and go.

The purpose of this post is to help you decide the style you’re drawn to right now. A word of caution DO NOT GO SUPER TRENDY. 

Choose a design style you think you’ll love now and in the future. I made the mistake of going hardcore in the Tuscan trend when we renovated our home which was a huge mistake.

It’s one thing if the furniture and decor are a trend but when it’s another when it’s your hard finishes. These are things like flooring, tile, stone countertops, and other materials that are expensive to change if you decide you don’t like them anymore.

My advice is to think twice before choosing a trendy style. The ones featured in this roundup are the best modern interior design styles from both the past and present.

This post is all about modern interior design styles.

modern interior design styles chaise sectional sofa with round coffee table and abstract area rug

How to find your design style

The best way to find your design style is to look at pictures and note the images you’re drawn to. You’ll know it’s your vibe when you feel like “Oh that’d be a cool space to live in”.

You may feel this way about several images but the goal is to really hone in on the top three images you most resonate with. Pieces from different styles can be combined for an electric look but determine a go-to style.

This will help you incorporate flow and balance into your interior design.

What are the characteristics of modern interior design?

The characteristics of modern style interior design typically have a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, and natural materials. It uses texture, pattern, and shine to add interest to the neutral color palette.

There’s a focus on minimalism, organic shapes, and curved lines. Patterns tend to be abstract and geometric with metal accents.

What is the most popular interior design style right now?

The most popular design styles right now are modern, contemporary, mid-century, Scandinavian, urban, California cool, glam, and coastal. They each have a specific look with characteristics that set them apart from one another.

If you’re looking for designers to follow you should definitely check out Studio McGee, Amber Lewis, Cheryl Eisen, Kelly Hoppen, and Kelly Wearstler. They each have a unique style that’s great to use as inspiration.

With the exception of Cheryl Eisen, they all have design books available to really study their aesthetic. Kelly Hoppen was the inspiration for much of Cheryl Eisen’s early work so they use similar elements and neutrals in their designs.

Once you decide on your style, you can begin the concept and planning stage. That’s where the fun really begins!

Best Modern Interior Design Styles Of 2023

Here are the best Modern Interior Design Styles of 2023:

  1. Contemporary
  2. Mid-Century Modern
  3. Art Deco
  4. California Cool
  5. Glam Modern
  6. Modern
  7. Zen
  8. Hollywood Regency
  9. Minimalist
  10. Urban Modern
  11. Coastal

There are other styles but these are the focus of this roundup. Keep scrolling for details on each style.

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Modern Interior Design Styles Shopping Tips

No matter which design style you choose it’s important to always start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but without the floor plan, you won’t know the exact size of furniture you need.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide to avoid returns!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

1. Contemporary Interior Design Style

modern neutral living room collage

1. Contemporary Artwork // 2. Sputnik Chandelier // 3. Wall Sconce // 4. Curtain Rod // 5. Linen Curtain // 6. Kelly Wearstler Pillow // 7. Colorblock Pillow // 8. Charly Right Chaise Sectional // 9. Giza Black Side Table // 10. White Marble Coffee Table // 11. Brass Metal Objects // 12. Faux Cowhide Area Rug // 13. Cosway Barrel Chair // 14. Marble Brass Side Table // 15. Lumbar Pillow Cover // 16. Modern Round Dining Table // 17. Neutral Area Rug // 18. Gold Lumbar Pillow // 19. Black Velvet Pillow // 20. Grey Fur Pillow // 21. Tufted Velvet Ottoman // 22. Tufted Grey Upholstered Bench  // 23. Sheepskin Area Rugs // 24. Gold Drink Table // 25. Quote Decorative Book // 26. Flush Mount Light

The Contemporary style refers to what is currently trending in design. It typically has a neutral palette and solid colors. A bold pop color is often combined with muted neutrals.

Contemporary furniture features basic shapes with a low-profile silhouette, metal frames, and straight legs. Lines are often straight with the occasional curve mixed in.

home lighting gold chandelier with grey sofa and coffee table with animal hide rug

The artwork and patterns in contemporary design are abstract, geometric, or have graphic elements. This style tends to be more inviting and cozy than modern design.

2. Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

mid century modern inspiration leather sofa, eames chairs and glass with wood coffee table

1. Linen and Velvet Curtain // 2. Antique Brass Curtain Rod // 3. Mid-Century Chandelier // 4. Mid-Century Tripod Floor Lamp // 5. Sandpit by Minted // 6. Leather Sofa // 7. Mid-Century Side Table // 8. Paulo Bent Ply Leather Chair // 9. Drink Table // 10. Display Coffee Table // 11. Media Console // 12. Distressed Foliage Rug // 13. Minted Casual Ottoman // 14. Colorblock Shag Pillow Cover // 15. Tonga Pillow Cover // 16. Hammered Metal Planters // 17. Bud Vase // 18. Turned Wood Leg Planter

Mid-Century Modern design describes the architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century. The years are from 1933 to 1965 but some believe it’s the time period from 1947 to 1957.

The elements of Mid-Century Modern design is clean lines, curved silhouettes, muted tones, and simple but functional wooden furniture made from teak. It includes a combination of natural and manmade materials.

This timeless design style can be created with antique or new furniture and home decor. Either look will make a statement in your living space.

mid century modern inspiration sofa with two eames chairs

Vibrant shades of ochre, orange, teal, brown, and mustard yellow are classic Mid Century Modern colors. These colors can be found paired together or in a monochromatic palette.

This style features earthy hues and colors from nature that accentuate the handcrafted organic vibe.

3. Art Deco Interior Design Style

art deco room

1. Velvet Curved Sofa // 2. Round Black Wood Coffee Table // 3. Black Side Table // 4. Swivel Barrel Chair // 5. Marble Accent Table // 6. Gatsby Bar Cabinet // 7. Catwalk Artwork // 8. Milan Surfboard // 9. Razz Dazz Skull // 10. Art Deco Floor Mirror // 11. Art Deco Wallpaper // 12. Empire Wall Sconce // 13. Floor Lamp // 14. Velvet Curtain Panel // 15. Splatter Abstract Area Rug // 16. Sheepskin Pillow // 17. Round Black Pillow

The Great Gatsby movie set is the perfect example of this old-world luxe and glamorous trend. It’s all about high-end craftsmanship, velvet fabrics, gold accents, geometric shapes, and bold patterns.

The Art Deco style originated in France and was popular from 1920 to 1939. It was the first nontraditional style to gain acceptance in America.

This style focused on aesthetics and decorations rather than historical foundations. It included architecture, interior design, furniture, jewelry, clothing, glass art, graphic design, and film.

modern interior design styles art deco with velvet curved sofa, accent chairs, and wallpaper

Elements of the Art Deco style include chevrons, zigzag lines, sunburst patterns, sharp angles with rounded corners, high-sheen materials, gold accents, and bold jewel-tone colors.

Typical woods used in this design style were rosewood, teak, and ebony. 

Colors of the Art Deco style include warm tans and shades of green and blue. Silver and gold gilding and metals were used for contrast.

Accents of golden yellows, cobalt blues, and vehement reds were used as well. Soft creams, black, gold, and silver were popular colors as shown in the above design.

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4. California Cool Interior Design Style

living room makeover anthropologie

1. Shibori Wallpaper // 2. Sunset Wall Art // 3. Chandelier // 4. Striped Curtain // 5. Redford Sconce // 6. Driftwood Tray Candle // 7. Keane Slipcover Sofa // 8. Caillen Side Table // 9. Tortoise Glass Vase // 10. Glass Vase // 11. Coffee Table // 12. Amber Lewis // 13. Woven Ferndale Pillow // 14. Havana Leather Chair // 15. Knotted Decorative Object // 16. Live-Edge Bookends // 17. Amber Lewis Rug // 18. Hanging Metal Pot // 19. Bar Cabinet // 20. Side Table // 21. Gleaming Primrose Mirror // 22. Boucle Storage Ottoman // 23. Envelope Urn

The California Casual design style was made popular by designers Amber Lewis and Studio Mcgee. It has a laid-back vibe that combines the best of modern, rustic, and coastal design.

This style is full of natural wood tones, neutral colors, texture, and rustic elements. California Cool spaces have a timeless look that’s sophisticated and relaxed.

The color palette is a neutral base with white, beige, grey, and black. Accent colors of sage, navy blue, cognac, rust, and brown are then layered in.

Stores that carry this style of furniture are Lulu and Georgia, Arhaus, and Restoration Hardware. If you have a large budget both Amber Lewis and Studio Mcgee sell the furniture as well. 

Think colors of the beach and ocean combined with nature when designing a space in the California Casual style.

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5. Modern Glam Interior Design Style

modern contemporary living room design with ivory sofa and pink decor

1. Arteriors Wall Sconce // 2. Love Is In The Air // 3. Astra Vase // 4. Smyth Chandelier // 5. Good Vibes Only Neon Sign // 6. Hanging Egg Chair // 7. Martini Table // 8.  Shearling Chair // 9. Tulip Velvet Ottoman // 10. Swirling Marble End Table // 11. Cream Boucle Sofa // 12. Statuette Side Table // 13. Abstract Area Rug // 14. Olivia Square Coffee Table // 15. Magenta Velvet Pillow // 16. Sheepskin Pillow // 17. Distressed Wallpaper

Modern Glam Living spaces are less dramatic than the Hollywood Regency style but still make a bold statement. It uses contemporary and modern furniture with clean lines.

The color palette can be neutral but often there are pops of color to add interest. Gold is a significant component of this style and can be found in accents, furniture, artwork, and more!

modern contemporary living room design with ivory boucle sofa

Using texture is important in this trend which can be found in fabrics such as satin, velvet, fur, and boucle. Common materials include lacquer, lucite, metal, and marble.

This style is luxe and overexaggerated with feminine curves, metallics, and bling. It’s perfect for fashion lovers who appreciate theatrics, glam, and a larger-than-life style.

6. Modern Interior Design Style

living room with orange couch

1. Mid-Century Modern Orange Velvet Sofa // 2. Black Wood Side Table // 3. Wood Glass Coffee Table // 4. Eames Chair and Ottoman // 5. Mid-Century Drink Table // 6. Geometric Area Rug // 7. Black And White Artwork // 8. Peruvian Wall Mirrors // 9. Fur Pillow Cover // 10. Black Leather Pouf // 11. Black Mid-Century Ceiling Light

Many people have the impression that Modern design is cold and uninviting but it’s anything but. Features of this style include a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, geometric shapes, natural materials, and minimalism.

There’s a less is more approach with edited, intentional pieces that serve a purpose. This style began in the mid-twentieth century and is still popular today.

It often has an open floor plan with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light. The spaces are free of clutter with functionality as a priority.

living room with orange couch modern interior design styles

Furniture in the modern design style is low and horizontal with clean lines. Colors tend to be neutral or from nature.

Materials from this style include metal, leather, natural wood, veneers, concrete, cement, and stone. It has a nonfussy vibe that’s calming and great for anyone with anxiety.

7. Zen Interior Design Style

in stock furniture collage beige sofa, wood coffee table, leather accent chair

1. Abstract Painting // 2. Deep Track-Arm Sofa // 3. Leather Honeycomb Pillow Cover // 4. Kelly Wearstler Pillow Cover // 5. Embroidered Lumbar Pillow // 6. Kelly Wearstler Chandelier // 7. Yale Wall Sconce // 8. Storage Side Table // 9. Wood Coffee Table // 10. Buddha with Beads // 11. Modern Area Rug // 12. Wood Leather Chair // 13. Drink Table // 14. Zuri Outdoor Stool // 15. Modern Bar Cart

The Zen design style features spaces that are calming and relaxing. It’ll help you find your flow and connect to your inner voice.

The focus of zen spaces is balance, harmony, and relaxation. Colors are neutral and from nature which gives a feeling of the outdoors being brought inside.

in stock furniture living room with cream sofa and leather chairs modern interior design styles

Other characteristics include low-profile furniture, uncluttered spaces, and natural elements. Bamboo plants, water features, texture, and stones are often used in this style.

Less is more is important, as is the use of sustainable materials such as wood and linen. The decor of this style includes candles, diffused light, essential oils, and natural scents.

8. Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style

emerald green sofa living room with floral wallpaper and pink chairs

1. Curved Sectional Sofa // 2. White Marble Oval Coffee Table // 3. Pink Velvet Chair // 4. Black Accent Table // 5. High-Gloss Black Side Table // 6. For The Love Of Fashion // 7. Sassy Since Birth // 8. Gleaming Primrose Mirror // 9. Black and Gold Chandelier // 10. Green Hand-Knotted Rug // 11. Lightbearer Table Lamp // 12. Lucite Bar Cart // 13. Faux Banana Tree // 14. Five Muses Pillow // 15. Urban Bouclé // 16. Pink Cougar Chenille // 17. Paradise Mural // 18. Vodka Rocket Decanter // 19. Pink Vase // 20. Black Taper Candle Holder // 21. Fashion Decorative Book

If you’re looking to make a bold dramatic statement the Hollywood Regency design style is for you. It uses bold pops of color with metal and glass accents. Think mirrored furniture, luxe fabrics, lacquer, and metallics.

This style is over the top and extravagant which makes it perfect for those who love to stand out. It’s for those who want to be the unicorn in the field of horses!

emerald green sofa in living room concept with pink chairs and floral wallpaper modern interior design styles

Colors used in this style include emerald green, pink, turquoise, yellow, black, and white. Popular details are animal prints, starburst mirrors, bold colorful artwork, and polished marble.

To get the look incorporate period statement pieces, rich jewel tones, bright patterns, and sparkle into your interior design. Don’t forget the glamtastic chandelier and floral wallpaper!

9. Minimalist Interior Design Styles

leanne ford crate and barrel white modular sofa, black coffee table, black armoire

1. Levon Carved Wood Floor Mirror // 7. Georgia Ombre Clay Jute Rug // 9. Black Pedestal Side Table // 16. Black Vase // 17. Ceramic Candle // 18. Gia Print by Angela Allen // 19. This Moment Print  // 20. Innes Print // 21. Before Midnight Print // 22. Wabi Planter // 23. Deep Seat Left Arm Chaise Sectional // 24. Black Wood Coffee Table // 25. Boucle Chair and a Half // 26. Martini Upholstered Ottoman // 27. Stripe Pillow Cover // 28. Stripe Pillow // 29. White Footed Bowl // 30.Charcoal Storage Cabinet // 31. Cream Boucle Bench

The minimalist interior design style is similar to modern design. Both styles feature simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic color palette. Spaces in this style are uncluttered and accentuate the attractive architectural features of a space.

Color can be used as an accent but usually, the look consists of white, black, and a natural color scheme. If you have OCD this design style is perfect for you.

leanne ford crate and barrel living room with white sofa and black coffee table

It has white walls and surfaces, chrome accessories, and sleek furniture with simple designs. Floating shelves and multi-purpose furniture are often found in minimalist spaces.

Again LESS IS MORE, my friends!

10. Urban Modern Interior Design Style

urban outfitters home decor

1. Rattan Hanging Chair // 2. Rainbow Canvas Art Print // 3. Pendant Light // 4. Goddess Side Table // 5. Sherpa Chair // 6. Large Floor Mirror // 7. Aria Sofa // 8. Ceramic Side Table // 9. Selene Bar Cart // 10. Hilo Tufted Rug // 11. Tapered Candle Holder

Let’s talk about Urban design which is very popular among millennials living in the Big City. It blends elements of contemporary, modern, and industrial design together for a seamless look.

Think of loft spaces or warehouses that have been converted into trendy hip homes. This design style has an edgy vibe, minimalist furniture, loads of texture, and a touch of glam.

It has a softer look than industrial design that’s both comforting and welcoming. Statement pieces like a swing chair, cool lighting, and sculptural furniture make an impact in this style.

Bottom line if you are looking to stand out from the crowd incorporating Urban design details will help you do just that!

11. Modern Coastal Home Design

coastal decor and furniture design modern interior design styles

1. Charly Interior Define Sectional // 2. Travertine Side Table // 3. Recycled Glass Vase // 4. Grey Wood Coffee Table // 5. Teak Bowl // 6. Mexican Glass Balls // 7. Taper Candle Holder // 8. ColorStak Books // 9. Blue Club Chair // 10. Silver End Table // 11. Hurricane Candle Holder // 12. Grey Beach Stones // 13. Blue Ombre Candle // 14. Mirrored Console Table // 15. Velvet Ottoman // 16. Faux Coral Decorative Object // 17. Reactive Ceramic Vase // 18. Blue Ceramic Vase // 19. Blue Linen Curtain // 20. Mid Century Curtain Rod // 21. Bamboo Roman Shades // 22. Natural Wool Rug // 23. Contemporary Artwork // 24. Glass Round Chandelier // 25. Faux Fur Pillow // 26. Antelope Cut Velvet Pillow // 27. Linen Lumbar Pillow // 28. Luxe Dyed Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Modern Coastal design is an updated twist on the classic style. The color palette is a reminder of the sandy beach and the blue ocean sky.

It mixes textures like linen, fur, velvet, and bamboo for interest and dimension. Silver metal and glass details add a touch of glam and sophistication.

Modern Coastal Living Room

modern coastal decor and furniture design tan sectional with wood coffee table

The beauty of Modern Coastal design is that it has the feeling of the beach but doesn’t scream it. It’s a more subtle look that includes an ocean color palette, natural textures, and abstract art.

There is warmth from woven accents, natural wood, jute rugs, and rattan furnishings. Dark pieces and metal may seem out of place but in modern coastal design, it’s great for contrast and interest.

Other characteristics are slip-covered sofas, simple monotone patterns, rope details, pampas grass, and every shade of blue. You may not live near the beach but you can totally recreate the feeling in your home with this cool trend.

I hope these modern interior design styles inspire you to design a home you love! If you want more detail on any of these styles Google It! HaHa

You are only as SMART as how quickly you can GOOGLE!

xo Nicole

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about modern interior design styles.

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