Designer Airbnb Inspiration and Ideas To Copy In 2024

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Looking for designer Airbnb inspiration that’ll get you 5-star reviews? Check out these spaces for inspiration in your short-term rental property.

We have been a part of the Airbnb hosting community since May 2019. Over the years we have honed our craft and developed a repeatable process.

By doing this we were able to improve our Airbnb space with each guest. We have since put together many lists of what’s needed for a successful Airbnb experience.

Whether you are new to hosting or experienced and looking to improve your space this roundup will give you ideas and inspiration to get to super host status.

This post is all about designer Airbnb inspiration and ideas.

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designer airbnb bedroom, bathroom, home office, dining room space

How do you create a designer Airbnb?

The best way to design on Airbnb is to come up with a plan and set the intention of your space. Here are some tips and things to consider as you go through the design process:

  1. Determine your ideal client
  2. Define the space(s) guests will have access to
  3. Measure and create a furniture floor plan
  4. Pick the theme or vibe of the space
  5. Pull 3 images to use as inspiration
  6. Create a concept board
  7. Design the space
  8. Source and purchase furniture, home decor, and essentials
  9. Install all furniture and decor
  10. Add finishing touches, decor, and extra amenities
  11. Set the vibe and tell a story
  12. Take quality pictures with good lighting
  13. List the space
  14. Create a guest book
  15. Host your first guests

Naturally, this is a simplified list but see below for more information on how to create a designer Airbnb.

Before you order any furniture you NEED to measure the space and create a furniture layout. This will give you the map to follow as you go through the design process.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Airbnb Ebook

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Airbnb Ambassador, I earn when you Host on Airbnb.

As we went through the hosting experience we tweaked the space and offerings. I created this helpful Ebook to share what I learned with others.

airbnb ebook with two beds and white bedding

If you’re interested in the 20 secrets we learned through the process click the link above. In it, I share how we target our exact ideal client, get repeat bookings, quality guests, and top dollar for our space.

The best way to speed up any process is to learn from those who have done it before you. Remember success leaves clues.

Airbnb Welcome Book

airbnb tips welcome book for guests

Airbnb Bathroom Artwork

funny bathroom art in black and white

I received so many questions about what we have in our Welcome Book that I created a version you can purchase and edit for your space. You can recreate this from scratch or you can speed up the process and purchase the template.

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The best way to speed up the process is to duplicate someone else’s formula. That said I’m sharing every page of our Airbnb Welcome Book so you can quickly plug in your info in Canva. Don’t worry it’s sure easy to learn Canva and the best part is it’s totally FREE.

The black and white artwork above can be printed and framed to add personality and style to your bathroom. There are four prints to choose from and two sizes. This affordable artwork will entertain guests and level up the look of your Airbnb.

Airbnb Bedroom Inspiration

The inspiration for the New York Airbnb was from a hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. This space has a neutral color palette and a modern design.

We used this as the overall vibe of both our NY and Dominican Republic Airbnbs. An Airbnb is meant to feel like a home away from home but that doesn’t mean it should look like a home.

To attract a wider audience with sophisticated taste I recommend designing your Airbnb space to feel like a hotel. It should be clean, uncluttered, and full of extra amenities that make your guests feel special and welcome.

We have found the decor and details to be a selling feature in both of our spaces. Based on guests’ comments they appreciate both good design and special touches.

A little bit can go a long way. For example, offering free water bottles for guests in the fridge is always appreciated and won’t break the bank.

neutral airbnb with double bed
neutral gray airbnb with white bedding and gallery art wall
positive saying wall art in bedroom

Think about the special touches of your favorite hotels and add those to your living space. The above images are of the NY Airbnb that has over sixty 5-star reviews.

Even during the Big C, the space was consistently rented. It’s a bedroom space with two full-size beds, a separate entrance, and a bathroom. The two main selling features are the privacy guests have from the separate bathroom and entrance.

Bedroom Resources

airbnb bedroom essentials roundup
tips roundup of bedroom essentials

Click the above link for resources and ideas to set up a bedroom Airbnb space in your home. It’s a great way to start making passive income (after the initial setup) especially when your house has a lot of extra room.

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

It’s important to have everything a hotel bathroom has and more to get to super host status quickly. I pulled together everything you need to create a luxe Airbnb bathroom space!

airbnb bathroom essentials roundup
airbnb bathroom essentials products

The below bathroom design was a recent project that cost about 13K. Since this was our main floor bath and used by guests also we invested more in the design.

Even with the interruption of the pandemic, we were able to recoup the cost of this bathroom. The only hiccup in the process was the damn subway tile dye lot issue we experienced.

Unfortunately, we pressed through, and it looks really good in person. The average person won’t notice the two-tone white subway tile.

black and white bathroom ideas with subway tile and gold accents
black and white bathroom ideas with black, white and gold accents
black and white bathroom ideas with black, white and gold accents

To create more storage in the bathroom I added the etagere which is perfect for extra towels, a basket with toilet paper, and accessories. In the drawers are the hairdryer, more towels, and bathroom essentials.

The neutral design is calm and welcoming. It’s also easy to keep clean and organized.

Dominican Republic Designer Airbnb

If you have an apartment or home the Dominican Republic Airbnb inspiration is for you. Since we’re creating a brand the color palette of this space was also inspired by the Portugal Hotel.

It has an elevated modern vibe that stands out from the other listings in the area. Since the entire project was completed over a week we had to get creative.

amazon living room furniture with modern artwork and chandelier
dominican republic santiago amazon airbnb white dining table with grey chairs with modern artwork
dominican republic santiago amazon airbnb white dining table with grey chairs
airbnb dominican republic santiago bedroom with white duvet and grey throw

Amazon does not ship to DR so 90% of the furniture and home goods were from Ikea. We paid for furniture assembly which made a huge difference.

In my experience, Ikea furniture will last as long as it’s put together correctly. That said I highly recommend you pay for the extra service.

The Amazon Airbnb living room and bedroom designs above feature the same look and feel as the DR property. Click the link to get all the resources to create a similar look in your home.

Santiago DR Airbnb Listing

Check out the Airbnb listing for your next vacation in the Caribbean. The new build co-op is centrally located and great for those visiting family in the area.

Designer Airbnb Essentials

The following posts covered the kitchen and cleaning essentials you’ll want to have. Depending on your space you may not need every single thing but this is a full list that’ll help you get started.

Many of the products are from Amazon so they’ll be delivered super quick. This is great when you realize you need to restock an item at the last minute.

Luxury Airbnb Essentials

A great way to attract guests to your Airbnb is by providing a luxury experience. Quality products will elevate your guest’s experience.

glimpse airbnb products pillows, theragun and towels

We have Pillow Guy pillows on one of the beds in our Airbnb. They are so comfy and luxurious!

glimpse airbnb bed with two blue pillows
glimpse airbnb bed with white bedding

Airbnb Keyless Entry Door Lock

Keyless locks are good for rental properties, apartments, condos, homes, and more! They make life easier since you can give family or friends the code for easy access.

The beauty of the program feature is you can change the combo every so often for safety and security. Gone are the days of needing to make a copy of your home key with the keyless entry door lock.

best keyless entry door lock roundup

For our Airbnb, we used the digital smart door lock since it looked better with the white door. I was deciding between this one and the individual door knob with the keypad below.

I liked the look of the digital lock but needed it to work with the deadbolt that was already installed above. Once we saw the spacing worked we decided to go with the slick look of this one.

white door with best keyless entry door lock
white door with best keyless entry door lock
white door with best keyless entry door lock

Some features of this digital door lock are the programmable smart lock, keyless door handle, and easy installation. This one also requires batteries and comes with a key just in case.

Choose between the matte black or satin nickel finish when placing your order. Again if you prefer to order directly click the link below and enter the coupon code NICOLEDELACRUZ to save 5%.

Bedroom Design Ideas

airbnb tips roundup of bedroom essentials

This bedroom design is perfect if you’re looking to attract the glam fashionista. Themed Airbnb designs are great for filling your space with personality and making your listing stand out.

Airbnb Christmas Decor

airbnb holiday ideas roundup

If you host during the holidays give your space a festive vibe with the decor of the season. Add a festive wreath to the door, seasonal pillows, or a doormat for a fun touch.

For more detailed information on any of the topics discussed just click the link. There you’ll find all the resources, tips, and ideas to help you design a 5-star Airbnb space.

I hope this information brought you value and inspired you to design an Airbnb your guests will love!

This post is all about designer Airbnb inspiration and ideas.

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