Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

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Looking for bathroom remodel ideas on a budget that are not boring? Check out this black and white bathroom design that’ll look like you spent way more!

Designing a bathroom can be an overwhelming process. It’s even harder when you’re doing a small bathroom remodel on a budget.

Even if you have limited funds there are many tips and tricks that can help make your bathroom special and NOT boring.

This post will break down everything we did in our remodel to create a timeless design that has many special details. It’s the little touches that make a huge difference in a small bathroom remodel on a budget.

Whether your bathroom is in the basement, an apartment, Airbnb, or a kids’ bath this post is for you. The classic and timeless design will be a part of your family for many years to come.

Remember the beauty of working with neutrals is you can add pops of color with accessories, decor, towels, bathmats, and more! The possibilities are endless.

I hope this space inspires you to get creative and design a beautiful bathroom on a budget!

This post is all about bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

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black and white hexagon floor tile bathroom remodel ideas on a budget

Timeless Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

What are the most expensive parts of a bathroom remodel?

Providing you’re hiring a contractor the most expensive parts of a bathroom remodel will be the labor, tile work, plumbing, and electrician. Changing the layout of your bathroom, especially the plumbing location will add a huge cost.

Keep this in mind as you find inspiration and ideas on Pinterest. Materials can be costly as well but are an area to save if you get creative.

There are many dupes of high-end bathroom fixtures that will give you the look of a designer space for less. It just requires planning and Google will definitely be your friend.

If you plan to DIY the project either on your own or with your significant other you can save on labor costs as well. Just remember the average contractor will have your job done in 7-10 days and you get what you pay for.

DIY projects tend to last much longer because usually, you have to figure things out as you go. Coming from a contractor family there’s just something to be said about a smooth job with very few headaches.

That said we pay the contractor but if you want to DIY… Do You! Just be prepared to learn from any mistakes as you go and be without the bathroom for a longer period of time.

How to redo a bathroom with a low budget?

When doing a redo with a low budget the best way to save is by creating a plan. Source all the components, add everything up, and make sure it’s within your budget.

If it’s over then swap out a few items with ones at a lower price point.

Ways to save include the following:

  1. Get Creative With Tile
  2. Vanity Cabinet Set
  3. Chrome Finish Faucet & Shower Body
  4. Subway Tile Shower Walls
  5. Novelty Cabinet Pulls
  6. Use Mixed Metals
  7. Add Cute Accessories
  8. Details Matter
  9. Splurge on One Thing

Now let’s get further into each item on the list. You’re going to be inspired… I promise!

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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

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1. Get Creative With Tile

black and white hexagon floor tile in shower with subway tile bathroom remodel ideas on a budget

A great way to add interest to your bathroom is by creating a pattern using inexpensive tile. This bathroom floor was created using White and Black Hexagon Polished Porcelain Mosaic from Floor & Decor.

The tile comes in solid white and solid black which was used to create the border design.

black and white hexagon floor tile

This is an image of how the sheets are sold and the process of creating the pattern.

If you buy from a big box store make sure your dye lots match on the tile boxes. Also, you can return any unused tile so order the recommended 10% overage.

The worst thing is to run out of tiles when the job has started. Your tile installer will NOT be happy even if it’s your husband!

Keep in mind the tile pattern layout design can bring up your labor costs. It took the tile installer a day to lay out and install both the shower and bathroom floor.

So two days of labor at $250 per day. If you are DIYing the project then no need to worry but if you are paying it may be a cost to evaluate.

The impact of the tile floor in this small bathroom remodel was such a focal point for us it was worth the extra labor cost.

mapei grout

The grout color in this entire project was Mapei Flexcolor CQ Ready to use Grout in Warm Gray. This product is premixed and comes in a tub for future projects.

We went with the unsanded grout which is best for narrower grout joints from 1/16” to 1/8”. We wanted the lines to be minimal and this gave us the look we were after.

2. Buy A Vanity Cabinet Set

white vanity in bathroom with gold trim mirror and chrome faucet

Buying a separate vanity and countertop will add to the cost of your project. If you buy a set that includes the vanity, countertop, 4″ backsplash, and sink your cost will be lower.

You can find rectangular and oval under-mount sinks. The faucet selections are one or three-hole.

Make sure to read all reviews before you purchase to see if there are any issues. There are many countertop materials to choose from. You can get granite, marble, or quartz.

Pro Tip: Select a quartz countertop instead of marble if you want white to avoid staining issues.

A very popular countertop color is white. If you love marble but don’t want to deal with the fact that it can stain then go for the quartz.

You can get a beautiful quartz countertop in white with grey veins running through it. You’ll get the look of marble but it is more durable. Cleaning is easy with soap and water.

This is a great small bathroom remodel on a budget tip.

3. Chrome Finish Faucet & Shower Body

white subway wall tile with black and white hex floor tile with chrome hand held shower

As much as gold and black are trending right now, they are more expensive. Even brushed nickel which is a timeless look can be costly.

If you want to keep your cost down in the shower body and faucet department buy chrome. It’s by far the cheapest option.

Another way to save is to buy a handheld shower (all in one) instead of a separate showerhead and handheld. Make sure the power is the same as the single showerhead when doing your research.

Pro Tip: A handheld showerhead makes cleaning your shower much easier!

Also, note the slide bar handheld shower unit is not meant to be the main shower water source. Therefore the pressure will never be as strong as the traditional showerhead.

Also, rain shower heads have less pressure because of the size and amount of water coming through them. Make sure to consult with your rep or installer before you purchase.

It’ll be harder to fix any pressure issues after the unit is installed.

Even though you’re buying chrome you can still pick a stylish faucet like this one from Delta.

chrome bathroom faucet

Matching your towel bar, toilet holder, and hand towel hook will also help your budget. Each piece is usually part of a collection that has the same details.

You’ll create a cohesive well-balanced space if you purchase from one brand and collection. The finish can be different from one to the next so keep that in mind if you buy separately.

4. Subway Tile Shower Walls

subway tile in shower with niche box and black and white floor tile

Another way to save is to use subway tile for your bathroom shower walls. You can add a quartz niche box that matches the shower saddle to store your shampoo.

Some people like to tile the niche box but if you’re thinking long-term the all-quartz niche box is the way to go. You’ll never get the same seal from the tile that you do from having the niche box.

Keep this in mind when deciding which way to go.

Pro Tip: Subway tile has color variations so make sure your dye lot on the boxes match!

It’s super important to remember that subway tile has dye-lot color variations. Make sure you lay the tile out and check before installing or you’ll be SORRY!

Look at it in different lights to make sure all the tile is in one color. Check the bullnose or finish tile as well.

5. Upgrade The Cabinet Pulls

hexagon door handles on white cabinet with black and white floor tile bathroom remodel ideas on a budget

Chances are the vanity set option you purchase will not have cute handles. If you love gold you can add it here. This is a great place to add interest since handles can be changed for as little as $10 for a set of two.

The handles here even have the same hexagon shape as the floor tile. This helps tie the cohesive look together by repeating similar patterns throughout the space.

This is another awesome bathroom remodel on a budget tip.

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6. Use Mixed Metals

bathroom remodel ideas on a budget

Mixing metals is a great bathroom remodel idea on a budget. When done right this is a way to get that touch of gold in the design without breaking the bank.

Repeating the metal of choice at least three times in your space will create a cohesive look and feel.

The principle of repetition simply means the reusing of the same or similar elements throughout your design

Pro Tip: Repetition of design elements in a space will bring a clear sense of unity, consistency, and cohesiveness.

In this space, the faucet, shower body, towel bar, toilet holder, and hand towel hook are all chrome. Then the mirror, shelf, handle, and robe hooks add a touch of gold.

The gold could have also been replaced with black which would have tied back to the neutral tile floor.

7. Add Cute Accessories

white cabinet with black and white floor tile and white subway tile bathroom remodel ideas on a budget

Adding a cute gold shelf like this one from Pottery Barn repeats the gold medal but also adds a place to add cute decor. It’s the little touches that will go a long way. This shelf was picked up at the outlet for $10!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget that many of your favorite places to shop have outlet locations too!

Adding artwork is another great way to add interest to your bathroom. These fun prints can be downloaded and added to inexpensive frames but will make such an impact in your space.

funny bathroom art in black frames

8. Details matter

white bathroom vanity with gold handles, chrome faucet, and gold bathroom vanity mirror

Little touches like these Bath Hook – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia from Target are small but go a long way. They’re perfect for hanging your bathrobe or towel to dry. They are super cute too!

9. Splurge On One Thing

small bathroom remodel with white vanity and gold medicine cabinet mirror

Even on a budget, you should pick one item to splurge on. For this project, the medicine cabinet from Pottery Barn was the perfect piece.

Since this is a small bathroom remodel there isn’t a ton of storage. This medicine cabinet mirror was added as a storage solution for toiletries, prescriptions, and small items. It’s recessed so it doesn’t stick out which is fabulous!

Planning is required for the recessed mount since the hole will need to be cut to fit the box.

Hanging a regular mirror does not require to same prep as the medicine cabinet. The recommended height for either is 60-62″ from the center to the floor which is typically eye level.

Pro Tip: The recommended mirror height is 60-62″ from the center to the floor which is typically eye level.

Adding this piece elevated the design because of its size and quality. There were other options but many were smaller which would not have the same impact as the 21×34″ Vintage Rounded Rectangular Recessed Medicine Cabinet.

I hope these design tips and tricks inspire you to get creative with your bathroom remodel!

This post is all about bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

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