Best Keyless Entry Door Lock Ideas For Your Airbnb Or Home

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Looking for the best keyless entry door lock styles for your Airbnb or home? Check out my favorites that are perfect for rental properties!

If you’re wondering what the best keyless entry door lock is for your Airbnb this is for you. We recently had the opportunity to partner with Signstek who sent us three door locks to try out in our home and Airbnb.

It took a minute to get them installed due to our installer’s schedule but it was well worth the wait. At the time of writing this, all three locks have been installed.

One is at the front door shown in the feature image. The second is on the private entry to the Airbnb space and the third is on the utility door in the basement.

It’s been almost a year and all three are fabulous! We’re super happy with the results.

Check out the styles we ordered and my thoughts on each below. The information will help you decide on the best keyless door lock for your home or Airbnb.

This post is all about the best keyless entry door lock styles.

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best keyless entry door lock black door

What are the best keyless entry door locks?

*This post is sponsored by Signstek. All product selections and opinions are my own! This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I’ll make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Airbnb Ambassador, I earn when you Host on Airbnb.

In our experience, the best keyless door locks from Signstek are:

1. Front Door Handle Set With Electronic Deadbolt and Lever Handle

2. Touchscreen Keypad Door Handle with Lock Key

3. Digital Keyless Door Knob Lock

The design is contemporary and sleek making them perfect no matter the style of your home. They’re easy to install and set up just takes a little patience for us creatives.

If you’re the analytical type you’ll probably have no trouble at all!

Are keyless entry locks good?

Keyless locks are good for rental properties, apartments, condos, homes, and more! They make life easier since you can give family or friends the code for easy access.

The beauty of the program feature is you can change the combo every so often for safety and security. Gone are the days of needing to make a copy of your home key with the keyless entry door lock.

What are the different types of keyless entry?

In this roundup, there are three different types of keyless entry door locks. They include an electric deadbolt, touchscreen keypad, and digital lock.

Depending on your door, style, and look you’re after will determine the right one for you.

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Best Keyless Door Lock Ideas (Top 3 Picks)

door lock collage

1. Front Door Handle Set With Electronic Deadbolt and Lever Handle // 2. Touchscreen Keypad Door Handle with Lock Key // 3. Digital Keyless Door Knob Lock

As mentioned above all three locks are installed so I’m sharing our experience with them to date. We were totally that family that was constantly locked out of the house.

It was so bad that my neighbor and mother had a key so we could get in. You may be thinking why didn’t you just have a lockbox?!

Oh, we DID however my family would forever forget to put the key back in a lockbox! That my friends, was clearly a problem.

The best was when my family would forget to give the spare key back to our neighbor. And forget it if our neighbor or spare key holder wasn’t home. Then we were screwed!

Anywhoo that’s all a thing of the past now!

With our new keyless entry door locks we have easy access and no longer have to hide a key for whoever forgot to take one.

1. Signstek Best Keyless Entry Front Door Lock Set

Front Door Lock Set

For the front door lock, we cheated a bit in the installation. We already had a similar lock installed and removing the handle would have required making a new hole in the door.

Doing so would have snowballed because then we’d have to repair the old hole as well. If you are starting from scratch this will not be an issue for you.

That said we kept the handle and replaced the lock portion only. The look was similar and we’re totally happy with the end result.

As for the features of this lock, it has an electric deadbolt which does require batteries to operate. Once installed it will auto-lock with the push of a button.

The lock features six access codes for family use and you can set a temporary code for guests. It also comes with two physical keys but we haven’t needed them.

It’s available in oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel depending on the vibe you’re after. Since we have a black door we kept the look tonal.

If you prefer to purchase the Front Door Handle Set direct from the vendor you can do that as well. Just remember to enter the coupon code NICOLEDELACRUZ at checkout to save 5%.

Residential Keypad Door Lock Setup

Click the link for the video we followed to set the keypad code. We used this and the instruction manual to figure out the setup.

It totally took us a minute to get the lock pad set up but eventually, we got it. The hardest part the getting the door to lock because we were complicating it.

My daughter’s boyfriend took one look and said why don’t you just push the lock button and voila! LOL

We kept entering the code and lock button which just gave us an error. As I said if you are analytical you’ll probably get it on the first try!

black door handle

The lock is perfect no matter the time of day. Just push any button on the keypad and it’ll light up so you can see the numbers.

This feature has been awesome since we never remember to put the outside light on. Since this door is used EVERY day we do have to change the batteries often.

When they’re running low the lock will beep when opening the door. I change the batteries right after this happens but you could probably wait a little longer.

I would say we are changing them out every two months or so. Again this door is used the most and the other two locks still have the same batteries from installation.

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2. Signstek Digital Smart Door Lock

Digital Smart Door Lock

For the Airbnb, we used the digital smart door lock since it looked better with the white door. I was deciding between this one and the individual door knob with the keypad below.

I liked the look of the digital lock but needed it to work with the deadbolt that was already installed above. Once we saw the spacing worked we decided to go with the slick look of this one.

Some features of this digital door lock are the programmable smart lock, keyless door handle, and easy installation. This one also requires batteries and comes with a key just in case.

Choose between the matte black or satin nickel finish when placing your order. Again if you prefer to order directly click the link below and enter the coupon code NICOLEDELACRUZ to save 5%.

Electronic Touchscreen Keypad Setup

There’s also a video to help you program this keypad as well. The setup on this one was faster than the front door probably because we had a better understanding of the process.

To enter the door just tap the electronic keypad and it will light up. After you enter your code hit the pound # key, turn the handle, and push down.

That’s it! Easy peasy!

I highly recommend this lock because it’s super easy to use. Over the past year we have not had any guests have an issue entering the Airbnb space.

We already had the deadbolt installed on the door which is an added safety feature. It’s extra protection knowing no one can get in when it’s locked.

white door
white door with silver lock
white door with best keyless entry door lock

The images above are the final result. Again we like the idea of both the keypad and deadbolt for safety purposes.

I’m sure our Airbnb guests also appreciate the double security. The middle image is the lit-up keypad which is great for those entering after hours.

Once you’re inside the backlight goes off to save the battery life.

3. Signstek Door Knob with Keypad

Door Knob with Keypad

As I mentioned this was the other option if the electronic keypad was too big. Since it wasn’t we had this residential keypad door lock installed on the utility room door in the basement.

The digital keyless door knob has a sleek look and modern design. It’s perfect to use on an exterior door, office, bedroom, and more!

If you have roommates and need privacy it’s great for a shared apartment or house as well. It has a universal fit which makes it fabulous for most standard doors.

It was easy to install and I highly recommend it for the average DIYer. This keyless lock is waterproof making it an awesome option for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Below is the installation video to help you get set up. It was super helpful and made the installation process very easy.

Matte black or satin nickel finish is available when placing your order. Again if you prefer to order directly click the link below and enter the coupon code NICOLEDELACRUZ to save 5%.

The Signstek site has oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel colorways. Amazon has the same finishes sold individually or as a three-pack.

Depending on your needs and shipping speed will determine the best place to make your purchase.

Digital Keyless Door Knob Installation

This is the programming video that does not have voice-over. I think that’s the part that throws me off since I’m more of a listen, watch, and learn type of gal.

Below is an image of the electronic door installed in the basement utility room. We still need to paint the door clearly but happy the lock is in its new home.

basement white door with silver lock
*** Door needs to be painted clearly ***

Of all three this was by far the easiest for me to personally program. We used to have a key lock to open this door by now we just run down put the code in and voila!

Best investment ever my friends. In my opinion, electronic door knobs are the way to go. It only took us 30 years and a partnership with Signstek to get here. LOL

Sometimes it takes a minute!! Just saying.

Digital Keyless Door Knob Programming

And that’s a wrap, my friends!!

I hope this roundup of keyless door lock styles helps you decide which one is the best for your home or Airbnb.

This post is all about the best keyless entry door lock styles.

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