Black Living Room Decor Ideas To Update Your Home

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A current interior design trend is black living room decor. When done right it adds interest and makes a bold statement.

One way to determine the color palette for your home is to look at the colors in your closet. If you have a lot of black clothing then you’ll probably love black decor in your home too.

This design trend can be found in exterior and interior spaces. Everything from windows to doors and shutters. Inside the home, it’s in sofas, accent chairs, side tables, pillows, and more!

To help you visualize I’ve created this living room mood board full of black furniture and decor. Adding as little as three black pieces throughout your room will have a dramatic impact.

This post is all about black living room decor ideas.

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black living room decor collage

Trend Alert: Black Living Room Decor

In case you missed the memo black furniture and decor is having a moment in interior design. The dominant color is great for adding drama and sophistication to any living space.

It’s like the little black dress that’s timeless and classy. You might think it’ll make a space look dark and small but not when done right.


neutral color living room accent wall
black leather sofa with bunching coffee table
expandable furniture black coffee table with blue velvet sofa shop my favorites

It’s all about layering texture, sheen, and pattern in your design. If you’ve ever tried to choose black living room paint or fabric then you know there are many shades and finishes.

There’s everything from matte to glossy and depending on the fabric it can have a dull or shiny finish.

Shop The Moodboard

The mood board below has everything you need to create a luxury black living room. You can add a little or a lot depending on the look you’re after.

Highlights from this design are the sleek modern sofa, chic coffee table, and novelty pillows. Adding black lighting is an affordable way to make a big impact on your design. Both the chandelier and wall sconce have modern lines and a sleek design.

I love the abstract curtains! They have a playful design that’ll add personality to any room. Shop the look to get the links and details below.

black living room decor collage

Black Psychology

The colors in a living space will have an emotional effect on you and your visitors. Black is associated with:

  • sophistication
  • simplicity
  • power
  • mystery

It’s a bold color that can make you feel calm or confident depending on the application. For example, a black-and-white space will have a different vibe than a moody monochromatic room.

Likewise, black and gold spaces will feel different than black with pops of color. Too much black can be overwhelming and gloomy for a person with depression. When in doubt add small touches and see how it makes you feel.

Not All Shades are Created Equal

When adding black to your interior design it’s important to choose the right shade. Glossy black will add a touch of glam while matte black will feel modern and elegant.

Aside from the finish, the texture is equally important. Leather, metal, and wood will add depth and visual interest.

70s furniture living room with black leather sofa and travertine coffee tables
art deco room with gold velvet sofa, black wallpaper, and abstract area rug
living room design with black and white home decor

Boucle, velvet, and chenille will make a space feel cozy and inviting. The best way to balance your room is to look at all the shades and tones together to make sure they’re complementary.

Designing With Black Living Room Decor

Black living room decor can be used as a monochromatic color palette or with complementary accent colors.


  • Black with Metallics (gold, silver, and copper)
  • Black with Jewel Tones (deep blues, emerald greens, and rich purples)
  • Black with Neutrals (white, ivory, and beige)
  • Black with Grey (different shades and tones)
  • Black with Pastels (blush pink, pale yellow sage green)
  • Black with Brights (fushia, golden yellow, emerald green)

Metals are great for adding a touch of luxury while black with color will add vibrancy. When paired with lighter colors black provides contrast and interest. A monochromatic or achromatic palette with create a soothing zen environment.

Black Living Room Furniture Ideas

There are so many creative ways to add black to your home. Whether it’s a sofa, area rug, lighting, pillows, table, or accessories the possibilities are endless.

A large piece of furniture will anchor your room and be the focal point. Mixing black with other materials, such as glass and chrome, will add interest and harmony.

Light-colored accessories against black furniture will balance your space and prevent it from feeling too heavy.

design collage with black furniture

1. Chaise Sectional Sofa– This black modern sofa can be styled to fit your needs. It will make a bold statement at the center of your living room design.

2. Donovan Coffee Table– Elevate the look of your living space with this modern coffee table. It’s the perfect blend of rustic and contemporary design. The gold base provides contact and highlights the organic silhouette.

3. Zeller Side Table– The shape and pattern of this ebony marble side table would look amazing on the side of your black couch or accent chair. It’s the perfect size to hold your cocktail or favorite book.

black side table collage

4. Black Rug– Define the seating area of your room with this black and white area rug. The geometric design has offset stripes to draw the eye in.

5. Articulating Chandelier– Lighting is the jewelry of the room and this black chandelier will be the star of the show. It has a minimalist silhouette that’s perfect for modern homes.

6. Double Sconce– Add a pair of modern black sconces on either side of your artwork or mirror for an elevated look. It would also look fabulous in your hallway or foyer.

Shop The Look

black living room decor collage

7. Black Modern Art– Black artwork is great for adding contrast to white living room walls. This piece has a dark moody palette with bold brush strokes in a gold floater frame.

8. Organic Shapes Linen Curtain Panel– Create movement and flow in your design with these fun organic curtain panels. They’ll be the perfect backdrop to your modern living room design.

9. Ripple Full-Length Mirror– Make a small space look larger with the addition of this black full-length mirror. The wavy lines and organic shape update the classic floor-length mirror.

10. Bouclé Frida Occasional Chair– The modern update to the classic loveseat is a pair of accent chairs. They’re great for creating a cozy moment opposite your sofa or in the corner of your living room.

11. Sheepskin Wool Rug in Black– Layer texture and dimension to your black living room design with this soft cozy sheepskin rug. It’ll welcome guests and create a warm vibe.

12. Harness Decorative Pillow– Add this chenille pillow to your black sofa for pattern and texture. The leather harness and decorative nailheads will take your design to the next level.

13. Faux Leather Lumbar Pillow– This is not your ordinary lumbar pillow! It’s made of faux leather with hand-placed nailhead accents for a luxurious look.

14. Decorative Vase– This decorative vase has a similar style to the Kelly Wearstler Linden lamp. The ceramic base has raised circles in a playful layout that’ll take your flower arrangement to the next level.

15. Black Ceramic Knot– Make a statement by adding this ceramic knot decor to a stack of books or next to a vase.


modern black sofa collage

Luxury Black Living Room Design Tips

Designing a luxury black living room is easy when you don’t overthink it. The trick is to take your time and choose quality pieces that speak to you.

Good Design Takes Time

Carefully chosen decor, artwork, and unique furniture will add style and personality to your living space. Your home should be an extension of you and be your happy place.

Where to add black in your living room

  • Paint– The most affordable way to update any room.
  • Sofa– This should be chosen wisely since it’s the largest furniture piece and a 7-15-year investment.
  • Coffee Table– At the center of your design and used to create a focal point.
  • Tables– This can be anything from accent, side, drink, or console tables.
  • Bookcase– Whether built-in or freestanding. Awesome place to add contrast and display your favorite decor.
  • Lighting– The jewelry of the room and a place to make a statement.
  • Art and Decor– Can be used as a jumping-off point to create your color palette. A gallery wall with photographs and paintings will add a touch of classic elegance.
  • Textiles and Soft Furnishings– This can be anything from pillows to blankets that add texture, comfort, and visual interest.
  • Curtains- Elevate the look of a room and draw the eye up when placed close to the ceiling.
  • Rugs- Layered rugs add coziness, define the zones of a room, and can be used to create a color scheme.

When you Know Better You Do Better

Despite what the naysayers say black is a timeless neutral that is more than just a passing trend. It’s come and gone in popularity but if you love it in your wardrobe you’ll love it in your home too.

Black living room decor is the perfect blend of modern aesthetics and classic sophistication. Whether adding a few pieces, a black accent wall, or committing to a full room it’s great for expressing your true self.

The versatile color can work with any design style. That said Go Big Or Go Home with the trendy neutral in the new year!

This post is all about black living room decor ideas.

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