Best Chairs On Inspired Design Talk (Ultimate Guide) 2024

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Looking for the best chairs to update your home in 2024? Here you will find all the seating posts on Inspired Design Talk.

This post is all things chairs! There are many resources on the blog for this category that you may not be aware of.

To make your life easier I’ve pulled them all together in one spot so you can find exactly what you need. There’s every style of chair imaginable in this roundup.

If you’re sourcing accent chairs, bar or counter stools, desk chairs, and dining chairs I’ve got you covered. There are even ottomans and bean bag resources too!

A new chair is a great way to update any room in your home. Even if you can’t do an entire makeover a new chair is fabulous to freshen up a dated space.

Keep scrolling and check out the best chairs to update your living space in 2024.

This post is all about the best chairs for your home.

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best chairs collage

Best Types of Living Room Chairs

There are many living room chair types and styles. Popular chair types include the barrel, wingback, slipper, chaise, rocking, lounge, recliner, armless, chair and a half, English rolled arm, bean bag, Papasan, and Chesterfield.

They’re available in multiple colors, styles, and finishes depending on the look you’re after. Whether you add one or a pair it’ll be your new favorite spot to relax in style.

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best accent chair roundup for living rooms

Accent chairs are perfect for updating a dated living room design. They have replaced the old-school loveseat that used to be paired with the sofa.

It’s now common practice to add a pair of accent chairs with a table next to or opposite the sofa. This updated furniture arrangement will level up the look of your living room.

If you have been sourcing living room chairs then you know there are so many cool and modern styles to choose from. There is a chair in every shape, size, material, and fabric. The choices are truly endless.

Aside from adding chairs next to your sofa, you can create a sitting area anywhere you have free space.

Best Furniture Chairs

sitting area with two accent chairs, a drink table and contemporary artwork

If you have a blank wall or corner consider creating a seating moment. The arrangement above features a cute drink table, fur rug, and modern artwork.

It’s great to show your style and add personality to your interior design. Another great benefit of having stylish chairs is they can be moved around to create a new look in any room.

accent chairs in living room with marble and gold coffee table

As you can see, we’re constantly moving our Cosway Bernhardt accent chairs to new locations in our home. Most recently they were moved to the living room across from the blue velvet sofa.

Since they’re neutral and the main floor has a cohesive color palette it’s easy to move them around. The look is elevated and sophisticated which is where we are in the design journey.

Our children are grown and out of the house so we don’t have to worry about little ones. In the past, we hosted every Christmas get-together for both sides of the family and there were many accidents.

Since we’ve moved on from being the “party house” we can design with confidence knowing our beloved furniture is safe. Investing in good quality furniture is super important in this chapter of life.

Boucle Accent Chairs

boucle accent chair collage

If you’re up on the latest trends in fashion and home decor then you know Boucle fabric is trending. The super comfy material is perfect for accent chair upholstery.

It’ll make you feel warm and cozy from the inside out. These unique accent chairs come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Everyone from Target to CB2 to Jonathan Adler has a version. Naturally, the prices vary from low to high as well.

What is Boucle?

Bouclé is a heavy textile that is stylish and sophisticated. The fabric is made through a unique weaving process that creates a curly, knotted finish that is full of texture and a supremely soft feel. The twisted wool fibers are incredibly durable and versatile.

Bouclé is ideal for adding softness to sofas, chairs, window treatments, accent pillows, rugs, and more. The fabric’s unique look and feel contribute to the recent rise in popularity.

Can you clean Boucle?

Vacuum your boucle fabric sofa often with a soft fabric brush on it to remove extra fibers.

In the event of wet spills clean those right away or it will be more difficult to get out. The best solution is mild soap and water but you MUST test it in a non-visible spot.

Use a clean microfiber cloth to rub the stain in a circular motion, always moving towards the center of the stain. Let it air-dry afterward.

If that doesn’t work bring your boucle chair to a professional furniture cleaner ASAP!

Best Sherpa Accent Chairs

sherpa accent chair styles with metal and wood legs

Another trendy accent chair fabric is Sherpa. It can be found in fashion, furniture, and home decor.

A Sherpa accent chair is a great way to update your living space. They can be placed as a pair instead of a loveseat or solo. Either look is sure to make a statement in your home.

You can choose between a cream sherpa chair or one in color. The style of the chair comes fully upholstered or combined with materials such as wood, metal, and leather.

If you’re looking for a way to update your living room, bedroom, or office the boucle chair is for you!

What is Sherpa?

Sherpa is a curly piled fabric that is made of acrylic or polyester. The texture of the fabric is soft and fluffy. It resembles the look of wool or sheepskin.

The knitted fabric is warm and cozy making it a fabulous addition to any home. Similar to most trends Sherpa can be found in a variety of retailers at different price points.

Best Shearling Chairs

shearling chair collage

Aside from boucle and sherpa, there are also shearling accent chairs. They can be a bit on the pricey side but are worth the investment.

Shearling chairs can be found fully upholstered or mixed with materials such as wood, metal, and leather. The shapes are modern and contemporary making them perfect to level up your home.

For anyone looking to add warmth and texture to their interior design shearling accent chairs will do just that.

What is Shearling?

Shearling fabric is the skin of a sheep that has been tanned with the wool still attached. Since the fur is attached to the pelt it creates a material with a strong leather side and a soft wool side.

When this fabric is used for upholstery it creates a beautifully modern look that will make a statement in any home.

Best Swivel Chairs

best swivel chair collage

Swivel chairs are perfect for creating conversation areas in your living space. The beauty of this style of chair is you can easily turn in the direction of the action.

They’re great alone or in a pair opposite the sofa or in a corner. These chairs come in many materials, finishes, styles, and price points.

You can get them in a neutral or bold pop color that’ll add personality and interest to your interior design. Swivel chairs are the perfect update to the boring loveseat.

That look will completely date your space even if your furniture is new. A great way to level up your living room design is with a pair of swivel chairs and an accent table between.

Just be careful you don’t turn too quickly and knock something or someone over. HaHa!

What are the benefits of a swivel chair?

Swivel chairs are very comfortable and great for turning in the direction of the conversation. They allow for movement so you can simply turn the chair instead of your body.

Swivel chairs can be used for a casual relaxed design or a sophisticated luxurious look. They’re perfect for watching movies or reading your favorite book.

The smooth movement and 360 degrees of rotation make them great for enjoying every view, angle, and activity of your living space.

Are swivel chairs in fashion?

Not only are swivel chairs multifunctional, comfortable, and stylish but they’re trending in interior design.

Look at your favorite designer spaces on Instagram, Pinterest, or magazines and I’m sure you’ll see a plethora of swivel chairs.

Novelty Living Room Chairs

Aside from accent chairs, other styles add comfort, style, and texture to your design.

The bean bag chair is perfect for a rec room, basement, or casual space. They’re super cozy and great for adding interest to any space.

Also included in this section are the pouf or ottoman styles. They’re not technically chairs but they’re awesome for adding extra seating.

Whenever I have company over someone always sits on the ottomans. We love the look so much they are in our sitting and living room.

Best Luxury Bean Bag Chair | Lounge Chairs

bean bag lounge chair collage

The classic bean bag has been around for many years. Traditionally it would be in a basement, playroom, or rec area.

Not these luxury bean bag lounge chairs! They have an elevated vibe that’ll upgrade to look of your living room.

It’s a fun way to add extra seating that both children and adults will love. If you are looking for a unique holiday gift idea it’s perfect for that as well.

No matter your style and budget there is a fabulous bean bag chair or lounge chair for you. They come in many fabrics, colors, and shapes.

This piece is sure to add loads of personality and make a statement in your living space.

Best Modern Pouf Ottomans

modern pouf collage

Another great way to add style and personality to your living space is by adding a modern pouf or ottoman. They’re small items that pack a punch and serve multiple functions.

If you’re not familiar with these you are missing out on a great way to level up your home decor. Not only do they serve as extra seating but they are a great way to add color, pattern, and texture to your space.

Adding interesting items to your home decor is an easy way to make your space look creative and interesting. We are all individuals and our spaces should reflect our unique personalities.

What’s the difference between Modern Poufs and Ottomans?

A pouf is similar to an oversized pillow and usually sits flat on the ground. They can be used for extra seating but not as a table since they tend to be small and soft.

Ottomans are usually firmer than a pouf and typically have legs. They can be used as additional seating or as coffee tables. Ottomans also tend to be larger than the average pouf.

Will a Modern Pouf or Ottoman be better for my space?

This will come down to preference but as a rule of thumb poufs tend to be more casual and ottomans more formal. Poufs usually cost less but this can vary depending on the material used and the vendor.

Poufs are great for smaller spaces where your goal is to add extra seating, color, pattern, or texture.

Ottomans are often found in high-end designs for seating, drama, style, and interest.

Both poufs and ottomans are great accent pieces that’ll help complete and create a polished look and feel. They’re both versions of a low stool that can serve as a footrest.

Either can also be used to create a visual focal point in your room.

Best Kitchen Chairs

The style and design of your kitchen area will determine the chair you choose. If you have an island or peninsular you will probably want a counter-height chair.

For those with a raised island, you may need a bar-height stool. It just depends on your individual space. When choosing stools there are many styles, materials, and fabrics available.

If you are sourcing counter, bar, backless, or stacking stools I’ve got you covered!

What is the difference between counter and bar-height stools?

While counter stools are 24″ high bar stools are typically five to six inches taller than counter stools. The standard height of bar stools usually measures between 28”- 33” high from floor to seat.

Bar stools are the type of seating you will usually find in restaurants and bars.

What is the best height for counter stools?

The standard height of counter stools is generally 24″-26″ inches from floor to seat. 

The height of your island is usually the same as the countertop at 36″. An island with a taller height for bar stool seating will be 42″.

How much space do you need for kitchen island stools?

You should allow 28-30″ of space per seat on your island or peninsula. This means you can divide the length of your countertop by 30″ to determine how many stools will comfortably fit.

For smaller spaces, the minimum seating space recommended is 24″ widths per person.

Counter Stools

best counter stool chairs collage

Whether you are in the process of a kitchen renovation or looking to update your existing kitchen new modern counter stools will make a huge difference. When it comes to modern counter stools there are options in every style and budget.

You may be looking for your kitchen island or maybe you have a peninsula. Either one will be the go-to spot in your kitchen.

That said you’ll want something durable and trendy. Most likely your kitchen counter stools will be used for eating, crafts, and homework time.

Counter stools are available in different materials, finishes, and colors. They can have high, low, or no back at all. They’re a great way to add texture and style to your kitchen design.

Unique counter stools are another way to express your personality. They’re also probably the only furniture you’ll need to purchase for your kitchen space.

Are low-back counter stools comfortable?

Low-back counter stools are comfortable since they’ll support you as you relax. You can lounge back on a stool with a back instead of having to sit straight up for hours at a time.

Anyone with back issues will appreciate the extra support. They are also great when you have company over because the extra support may be needed at the bar if you know what I mean.

We all have that friend or family member who doesn’t know their limits. Just saying!

Best Bar Stools

best bar stool chairs collage

Bar stools come in many materials, colors, and styles. By now you know my sweet spot is modern contemporary home decor and furniture.

When it comes to inspiring modern bar stools there are so many to choose from. A current trend in home decor is mixing materials in furniture.

This can be leather with fabric and metal, acrylic with gold, or cane with wood and upholstery. These are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless!

Bar stools can have high, low, or no back at all. They’re a great way to add texture and style to your interior design.

The mixing of materials can be found in affordable bar stools to the high end. No matter your style and budget there is one for your home.

If your kitchen island countertops are high then you can use a barstool there. If not they’re great paired with a bar height table.

Whether in a sunroom, rec room, or basement a bar-height table and stools are a very practical option. Anywhere you have the space, you can add one.

Unique bar stools are another great way to express your personality in your home.

What is the best height for bar stools?

The standard height of bar stools is generally 29″-32″ inches from floor to seat. These stools are paired with table heights of 41 to 43 inches.

What are the comfiest bar stools?

The comfiest bar stools are upholstered with a thick cushioned seat. A stool with a back will add to the comfort level and provide extra support as you sit back and relax.

The shape of the chair will also play a role in its comfort level. A chair that contours the shape of your body will be more comfortable than one that is hard and straight.

If you have a messy family or friends and don’t want an upholstered seat the Clear Bar Stool from CB2 is a great option. The chair is made of molded thick clear acrylic that can be cleaned with a soft cloth.

What is the trend in bar stools?

The current trend in bar stools is the clear acrylic seat with metallic legs, padded leather or slingback seats, and upholstered seats and back.

Which one you choose will depend on how much use the chair will get, who is using it, and the style or vibe you are after.

How do you update wooden bar stools?

Update your wooden bar stools with one of the new silhouettes available. If you are looking for comfort go for the upholstered bar stool. Those who love to entertain would do well with an acrylic, leather, or rattan bar stool style.

Best Backless Stools

backless stools, wood stool, boucle stool, leather stool

Backless stools are great for making a space feel larger and more expansive. Since they’re low they don’t visually break up a space.

This makes them perfect for smaller kitchens or rec rooms where you need extra seating on a smaller scale. Since backless stools tend to have clean lines and less mass they’re great for modern contemporary homes.

If you have been sourcing the options then you know there are so many materials, styles, and materials to choose from. They’re available in wood, metal, leather, and boucle to name a few.

Above are my favorite backless counter stools and many are also available in bar height too. They’re meant to give you ideas and inspiration for your next project.

And make your life a little easier since they’re all in one convenient place.

How do you pick stools for kitchen island?

The best way to pick stools for your kitchen island is to do a concept board with the look and feel you’re after. Your design style will determine the silhouette, finish, and material that’s best for your space.

For instance, if you’re going for a modern look the leather backless stool is a great choice. If you are looking to add luxe sophistication to your living space the shearling counter stool from CB2 is fabulous.

Those who love glam should check out the gold backless counter stool from Target which is a super affordable option to upgrade your kitchen island.

Best Stacking Stools

wood, metal, and upholstered stacking stools

If you tend to host a lot of parties or live in a small space stacking stools are for you! They’ll help you maximize your square footage and are great for extra seating.

I have a set of four stacking stools that we keep in the closet. When family and friends are over we pull them out and add them around the peninsula.

For everyday use, we leave four velvet stools out and squeeze the stacking stools between them for extra seating. If your family is like mine then they’re always in the kitchen.

In my experience, even when I don’t have the food near the kitchen it’s still where everyone LOVES to gather! That said it’s better to be safe than sorry and have backup seating ready to bring out.

Stackable stools are also great when you have a portable kitchen island with extra seating. They typically have a flip-up counter with an overhang area for stools.

It’s great when you need a place to eat or want to sit during food prep. After you are done just put the stools away to maximize your living space.

Modern stacking stools will be a hit at your next gathering. I promise!

Best Dining Chairs

best dining chair styles in velvet, linen, high performance fabric, boucle, lucite

There are so many stylish dining chairs available to update the look of your dining room.

They can be found in a plethora of materials, styles, and colors. Modern dining chairs are made of wood, metal, upholstery fabric, and more!

My favorite look is the mixed material trend where different finishes are combined into one silhouette. There are also architectural-inspired chairs that look like a work of art.

Adding a cool modern dining chair to your living space is a great way to express your personality. No matter your budget and style there is one for you.

Best Office Chairs

pretty office chairs collage

A comfortable stylish office chair is a great way to stay motivated and productive. Gone are the days of the boring black chair.

Now you can find pretty stationary or swivel chairs for your office. Like all the other chairs they come in many fabrics, styles, and materials.

Even if you are back to commuting to the office your home needs a designated workspace. It’ll make you motivated to pay bills, balance your budget, or work on that side hustle.

When choosing your office chair you will want to consider the following:

  1. Style
  2. Fabric type
  3. Height adjustable
  4. Seat depth and width
  5. Lumbar support
  6. Arm or armless
  7. Swivel, Casters, or stationary
  8. Lumbar support
  9. Ergonomic
  10. Backrest
  11. Price

This will give you a starting point as you begin sourcing stylish office chairs. If you know what features you’re looking for from the beginning you’ll eliminate those that aren’t a match.

That’s a wrap, my friends. Happy Designing!!

This post is all about the best chairs of 2024.

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