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25 Best Travel Essentials List For The Long Ass Flight To Hawai’i

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Looking for the best travel essentials list for the long ass flight to Hawai’i? This list is sure to keep you comfy and traveling in style as you jet set in 2023!

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Long Flight Travel Essentials

One of the many results of the Big C is people have travel credits they are now ready to use. Travelers are over the whole staycation concept and ready to get back to exploring and enjoying new experiences.

If this sounds like you you may be thinking about all the things you’ll need to take with you. Since I have travel credits from a canceled trip to Hawaii I’m doing just that.

Now you may think traveling from NY to Hawai’i has a layover but on Hawaiian Airlines the flight is direct. That said the flight is TEN very LONG hours.

So there are many travel essentials to bring on the plane to make the flight as comfortable as possible. If you have a long flight coming up then this will help you prepare as well.

This post is all about the best travel essentials list for the long flight to Hawai’i Pacific University.

What Travel Essentials To Pack


Best Travel Essentials List:

1. Electronics & Entertainment Travel Essentials

Let’s talk about those electronics. Naturally, entertainment on the plane is super important. Almost as important as sleep which I do plan on doing as well.

Bringing a laptop is perfect for catching up on last-minute work projects or cleaning out old documents and pictures. I love doing that on long plane flights since I usually never stop to do it otherwise.

Airpods are a must-have especially if you are a podcast or audiobook listener. Just make sure to download the episodes to your phone before the dreaded Airplane mode is required.

Even though the plane usually has a USB port my phone is old and the battery dies. Clearly, I have left it charging overnight way too many times which is an Apple no-no.

If you need an awesome book recommendation check out Big Money Energy which I am currently listening to. It’s great and I highly recommend it!

2. Baggage Travel Essentials

This gold carry-on suitcase has been my obsession for quite some time now. It’s stylish and trendy and the gold finish is super cute.

I love a backpack for the plane but if you prefer a tote this one is perfect and large.

The glitter passport holder is perfect for traveling. There is a spot for not only the passport but credit cards as well. This way everything is handy as you make your way through the airport.

This stylish makeup case is small and perfect for travel. The clear screen makes it easy to see all your products.

If you travel with a lot of jewelry you’ll want a case to keep everything organized and safe. This mini holder is perfect and has separate compartments for all your smaller items.

3. Health & Beauty Travel Essentials

Personally, my eyes tend to dry out on long flights so I like to wear my glasses about an hour in. If this sounds like you don’t forget a contact case.

These RayBan glasses are super cute and perfect for the second you land on the island of Hawai’i or wherever you are traveling.

Carry a refreshing spray so you can moisturize your face during the flight. Your skin needs hydration too.

Another area that needs moisture is your lips so don’t forget the lip balm. This one will make your lips feel like silk.

Hand cream is another essential especially after you wash your hands. There is something about the in-air experience that tends to remove moisture from the body.

Your teeth are super important so naturally, we need a good toothbrush situation. This one is chargeable and has a tooth whitening gel so your smile is sparkling clean.

Vitamins are a great way to make sure you are getting all your nutrients.

Hydration is super important and this water bottle is awesome to keep track of the amount you drink.

Love a cute face mask even though I secretly can’t wait for this whole mask situation to end. I still can’t believe we are wearing them to be totally honest!

4. Comfort Travel Essentials

A good neck pillow is a must on longer flights. They really help you get rest especially if you are in the aisle seat.

A shawl or scarf is perfect to keep you warm because the air always feels cold on the plane.

Compression socks are great for keeping your muscles from getting fatigued. These are super cute as well.

If smaller socks are your thing here is another pair for on the plane if you wore sandals. Your body will be warmer if your feet are warm.

If the plane is bright an eye mask will help you get some rest. This one is so super pretty too. I normally sleep with a face mask every night so this is definitely a must-have for me.

These sneakers are not only stylish but super comfy as well. The perfect choice for traveling and getting through the airport. I’ve been obsessed with these for so long and just snagged my first pair!!

Don’t forget the lightweight cardigan in case you get chilly. This one is perfect because it won’t take up too much room in your bag.

Hawaiian Airlines did have blankets on the 10-hour flight from Hawaii to NY which I was so grateful for!

5. Healthy Snacks

Food on the plane is a must and a healthy snack is a way to go. Since the food options are not always the best on a long flight a snack is definitely must-have travel essential.

6. Just In Case

I mean you just might need a little drink depending on the turbulence situation.

This travel cocktail mix is super cute and there is a variety of flavors available. If you can fit it get a couple lol. Just saying!

Hope this post was helpful as you get ready to travel this year. If your flight is long make sure you take anything that will help make it as comfortable as possible.

That’s my plan anyway!

Have an awesome day full of Unicorns + Rainbows!

xo Nicole

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