Airbnb Bedroom Essentials (Ultimate Guide) For Great Reviews

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Looking for Airbnb bedroom essentials that will help you get a Five-Star rating? Here are our favorites your guests are sure to love.

One of the many industries that took a hit during the Big C was AirBNB. It’s taking a minute to get back to normal but many people are starting to travel again.

The only thing is NOW travel looks a little different. We have found that many are choosing to travel closer to home by car.

That said if you have been thinking about creating an Airbnb rental in your home now is the time!

On several occasions, I’ve stayed in a bedroom/ bathroom space that did NOT have a separate entrance. I never interacted with the host in person at either location even though I entered through the front door.

The reason I mention this is that although it’s ideal… your space does NOT need a separate entrance.

Now for the reason, you are here!

This post is all about The Ultimate List Of Airbnb Bedroom Essentials.

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two beds, white bedding and wood floor

Airbnb Bedroom Ideas Plus Essentials You Need

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One of the first things on your Airbnb Essentials list is a keyless lock. It’s better than just having a lockbox with a separate key because it makes it super easy for guests to enter your property.

There are several options to choose from in this category. Signstek is one of the best in the business. No matter the type of door you have they have a style for you.

Below are the three options that I have in my home. They’re great because we just give guests the current access code and they’re good to go.

Airbnb Keyless Door Knob Locks

keyless door knob locks collage

If you’re still using the classic key access for your Bedroom Airbnb you should consider either the touchscreen keypad or digital keyless door knob. It’s not only practical but it’s sure to impress guests too!

Level up the look to your Airbnb bedroom, apartment, or full house space with a new keyless lock today!

Head to the website and save 5% with the coupon code NICOLEDELACRUZ.

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Must Have Airbnb Bedroom Essentials

When it comes to your Airbnb design you’ll want to create a space with style and personality.

Your place will get more views if you have amazing pictures and unique space.

Remember people will scroll through, stop at the pictures, and then read the reviews.

If your space stands out you will get a higher rate, consistent bookings, repeat guests, recommendations, and awesome 5-Star reviews.

Speaking from experience.

airbnb bedroom essentials roundup

The neutral contemporary design featured will create a very calming experience for your guests.

It is simple but has personality and style which is what you are after.

Now for all the featured products.

1. Head Board

Head Board

This channel-tufted headboard is a medium tone grey which contrasts nicely against greige Classic Gray walls.

This is the color we painted the Willow House Airbnb in an eggshell finish.

The trim color is Simply White in a semi-gloss finish.

classic gray oc 23 benjamin moore

Using a linen tufted upholstered headboard helps create an elevated hotel feel for your space.

Side note: I reversed the headboard’s direction so the top edge is straight.

Airbnb Bedroom Essentials Ebook

This ebook will give you 20 Secrets For a Profitable Airbnb Design. It was created as we went through the process of hosting.

With each guest, we learned more about how to improve the experience.

Happy and proud to say we have been Super Hosts since the beginning and have 60 5-star reviews to date.

Upholstered Platform Bed Frame Option

Upholstered Platform Bed

If you have more in the budget this upholstered bed is great and will not require a bed skirt.

2. Lamp


This lamp is on trend with its marble accents and gold details and is super cute! It will pair nicely with the black side tables.

3. Side Table

Side Table

The rich black of the side tables will add contrast against all the white and gray that will be in this design.

Featuring a mid-century vibe and gold knobs it will a style to your bedroom design.

4. WiFi Password

Airbnb Bedroom Essentials wifi password artwork

This is perfect for a cute way to display your WiFi password.

I have this hanging in my Kitchen currently and I must say it was perfect this Holiday Season as none of my guests had to ask me “What’s your WiFi”?

One of my must-have Airbnb bedroom essentials.

5. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

Love this modern gold globe desk lamp on top of the black desk for added task lighting.

It can also serve as a nightlight so guests can find their way when it’s dark.

6. Chair


The chair I linked is acrylic in the smoke colorway but the clear acrylic option is here too. The chair shown on the concept board is in a clear version.

I like the smoke acrylic contrast over the clear, but you can decide after checking both out.

• Fur Throw

Fur Throw

Adding this faux fur chair throw will add a bit of warmth to the otherwise cold acrylic chair.

7. Desk


Having a small desk area in your space if room allows will attract business executives or those clients who may need to jump on their laptops during their stay.

This is also a great place to store the welcome binder which includes useful information for your guests to get around and know the rules of your home.

One of the many important Airbnb Bedroom essentials I’d recommend!

8. Artwork


This contemporary artwork pulls the color palette of the room together while remaining neutral. Artwork is very subjective so I always go for the art that will appeal to the masses.

9. Duvet Set

Duvet Set

All-white bedding will appeal to most renters for its clean sterile hotel feel, so we have sourced that for our design here.

Just wash with bleach after each visit and you are good to go. We have two sets of all the bedding for an easier turnaround.

10. Airbnb Bedroom Essentials Sheets

airbnb bedroom essentials white sheet set

I did not source the sheets from Amazon because after reading a lot of reviews I found many homeowners recommended a sheet set from Target as being the most comfortable and durable.

11. Down Alternative Comforter

Down Alternative Comforter

As a vegan designer, I have sourced a down alternative for the comforter which is cruelty-free and better for those with allergies.

We also have had a few guests ask about down because of allergies so I would avoid it.

12. Drapes

airbnb bedroom essentials white drapes

These drapes are from West Elm and have a blackout liner for guests who prefer to sleep in.

If you are creative and looking for a project check out the post Best IKEA Curtain Hack (TikTok Made Me Do It).

We also have roller shades from the shade store behind the panels for additional privacy.

13. Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod

Gold curtain rods, of course, to tie back to the accents in the room! These are a less expensive version than the West Elm rods I also love.

14. Mattress cover Airbnb Bedroom Essentials

Mattress cover

This was sourced from Amazon after researching where others recommended purchasing from.

Since we want to prevent and not have any issues with bed bugs or any bugs for that matter (I DO NOT like any bugs at ALL) a mattress cover is recommended.

15. Pillow Cover

Pillow Cover

The pillow covers are also from Amazon and help your renters know they are sleeping on sanitary bedding which is important to most.

This is another thing high on the Airbnb bedroom essentials list.

• Bed Pillows: Hotel Collection Gel Pillow (2-Pack)

Bed Pillows

Start out with new pillows for your guests and replace them as they wear.

Remember how you would feel laying your head on pillows that are worn down, Not so good right?!

16. Bed Skirt Airbnb Bedroom Essentials

Bed Skirt

Having a bed skirt to cover the bottom of the bed is best, especially if your frame is metal or you need to have anything stored under the bed.

It also helps create a more elevated look for your space.

We have beach chairs stored under the bed now so the skirt helps hide those. You can also store bins underneath if you need additional storage.

17. Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

Just in case your guests are not attached to their cell phones this is a great idea to have an alarm clock for them to use if they prefer.

18. Gray rug

gray rug

The gray ombre rug is perfect to add contrast against the white bedding and light greige walls. This will also add warmth to your space.

A rug will help will sound control if you have living space under the Airbnb room.

• Rug Pad Slip Area Rug Pad 8×10 Ft 

To protect your floor a rug pad is recommended.

19. Wall Mirror

airbnb bedroom essentials gold over the door mirror

Your guests are going to want to be able to check themselves in the mirror and this one will be perfect for doing that.

It hangs over the door and is one less thing using the wall or floor space.

20. Airbnb Bedroom Essentials Metal Garment Rack

airbnb bedroom essentials black garment rack

If you don’t have space in your closet for guests to use or if the room doesn’t have a closet this is perfect.

We eliminated a closet so this addition worked out perfectly.

Don’t forget to supply the hangers too.

21. Inspirational Artwork Airbnb Bedroom Essentials

Inspirational Artwork

I love inspirational artwork and quotes and this one just reminds your guest to remember to breathe!


Another option here would be this decal version of the same saying which is also super cute!

We used this exact one in our Airbnb and it came out fabulous.

neutral gray airbnb with inhale exhale wall decal

This post will help you with the installation How To Apply Vinyl Decals Like A Pro In 9 Easy Steps.

22. Bench

upholstered storage bench

Having a place for your guests to sit and relax or put their shoes on is a nice added feature.

This one has storage so it is practical and stylish.

23. Lumbar Pillows

grey velvet lumbar pillow

Two lumbar pillows should be placed in front of the three grey velvet pillows for an elevated look with added texture.

24. Velvet Pillows Airbnb Bedroom Essentials

velvet pillows

I would purchase two of these pillows and have them placed in front of the white pillow shams.

Pillow Fill: 28″ L X 28″ W, Standard/White

Since the Grey velvet pillows are liners only you are going to want pillow fills that are at least 2” larger than your cover. These are hypoallergenic again for allergy purposes.

25. Fur Throw

fur throw

This throw is perfect to add warmth and should be laid folded at the foot of the bed. It will also help break up the white of the bedding.

26. Luggage Rack

acrylic luggage rack

I’m absolutely in LOVE with this Lucite luggage rack from CB2! This is for anyone looking to have that star element that just adds that extra wow factor.

Extra-Wide Luggage Rack

extra wide luggage rack

For those who want the less expensive option here, it is my friend’s.

27. Airbnb Bedroom Essentials Welcome Packet

welcome book for guests

As mentioned above your desk is a great place to store your Welcome Packet.

Now again since we are working smarter and not harder these days purchase the template to save time! Just drag and drop in Canva to make the changes.

Extra Airbnb Bedroom Essentials

In addition to the above bedroom essentials, these are the extras we added to make our Airbnb stand out from the crowd. We don’t need the full list of Airbnb kitchen essentials but we have a few extras.

bedroom essentials collage

28. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Always needed especially if you love your coffee as much as I do!

Don’t forget to supply a variety of coffee options. Trust me this and a fridge stocked with creamer and water bottles will help get those five-star ratings.

29. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

In addition to the Keurig if you have space add a tea kettle. I have thought about also adding Cup of Noodles but my husband said don’t go crazy.

I’m secretly still thinking about adding them. Ha!

Click the link below if you want to list a rental property or your home this year. As an Airbnb Ambassador, I can mentor you right on the Airbnb platform for free.

Adding passive income to your revenue stream is a great way to beat the current inflation situation. Just saying!!

30. Tea Set

tea set

We supply our guests with tea in addition to coffee. A pretty box is great for keeping the packets neat and organized. This glass top is a great visual too.

31. Mini Fridge

mini fridge

This is a great idea if you prefer to NOT share your Kitchen with your guests. Keep creamer for the coffee and water for guests.

Side note we do not supply regular milk because it tends to spoil. We did in the beginning but found we were constantly tossing bad milk.

Since Airbnb is about passive income this was not cost-effective.

32. Microwave


This we added after the first guests requested it. They knew we were new and helped us with some tips before they left.

It is a nice touch and has stayed super clean.

33. Iron


Because every hotel has one and so should you!

Not every guest will want or use this but it is nice to have an iron available for wrinkled clothes.

We did add a note to NOT iron on the bed and have not had any issues with that.

34. Iron Board

iron board

Needed unless you want your guest to iron on the bed which would not be great at all!

35. Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

We supply the hairdryer and a diffuser. Having curly hair myself I always appreciate it when this is supplied.

Just saying.

36. Grab Bar

Grab Bar

This really would go in the Airbnb bathroom section but we have a separate post on that. The bathroom was recently remodeled to have a shower instead of a tub so we no longer need the grab bar.

My father was the one who brought it to our attention. He is older and needed something to grab when he entered the shower.

It’s a nice touch if you host older guests.

37. Hamper


This was a recent purchase and I have to say it is a super cute addition. I plan to add another to hold the beach towels rolled up.

The last guest we had placed the dirty towels in the basket. It worked out perfectly.

I did add a label that said “Laundry” so it was clear.

38. Charger


Ok, this is a splurge but it is an awesome way to keep your guest happy.

This fancy charger is for your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple watch.

I mean can you even?!

We all need one of these in our homes!

39. Lock Box

Lock Box

This was one of the BEST purchases. If you have a lock pad door nob even better but we don’t.

This is the next best thing. We keep the keep inside the lockbox and change the code often. It has been. a beautiful thing and worked out perfectly.

40. Draft Stopper

Draft Stopper

Another must-have if you have a gap at the bottom of the door.

This will help with noise control and keeping any smells out especially if the kitchen is near the Airbnb space.

Add this to the bottom of each door. No one wants to feel like someone can see under the door.

41. Door Draft Stopper

Door Draft Stopper

In addition to the plastic stopper we have on the Airbnb side of the room, we have this on the main house side.

Again it just keeps the noise from both areas to a minimum.

42. Fire Stick

fire stick

This is a MUST especially if you don’t have cable. So many people have cut TV out of their lives (I have) but others love to binge-watch Netflix.

Hopefully, your guests did not come to watch TV but at night they will want to unwind.

Side note not having regular TV will NOT be an issue for most guests. They will just be forced to go out and watch the game.

43. Towels


Again this is in the bathroom but a reminder to always have a stash of clean white towels.

Wash them with bleach and they will last a long time.

44. Bath Mat

bath mat

This was another request from my father. The last thing you want is for someone to slip and fall in the shower.

You can never be too safe so if you have a tub get one of these mats for the bottom.

45. Scented Oil

Scented Oil

Lastly, adding scented oils is just another way your guests will know they are staying in a freshly cleaned space.

The smell is also fabulous in my opinion.

46. Safe Box

Safe Box

To make guests feel comfortable add a safe for their valuables. This safe is perfect to store in the Airbnb bedroom or closet.

This is another hotel quality extra that Airbnb guests will appreciate. I hope anyone considering hosting an AIRBNB rental finds this helpful.

This post is all about The Ultimate List Of Airbnb Bedroom Essentials.

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