How To Choose The Best Home Gym Floors (Updated)

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Are you looking for the best home gym floors for your home? Here are our top picks that will keep you in shape in the New Year.

So, you’ve decided to bring the gym home—high five! But, before you get all pumped up with those squats and lunges, let’s talk about something crucial that often gets overlooked: your home gym floor.

Choosing the right flooring is more than just making a space look good. It affects how you perform during your workouts, how long your equipment lasts, and your safety.

In this guide, we’re going to break down the different options and give you the lowdown on what to consider. Whether you’re into intense workouts or just want a comfy spot for yoga, we’ve got your back (and your floor) covered.

Let’s dive in and make sure your home gym is a solid foundation for all those gains!

This post is all about how to choose the best home gym floors.

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home gym design with mural of woman and man working out

Shopping For The Best Home Gym Floors

The right home gym floor can be the game-changer in your fitness routine, providing comfort, durability, and safety.

When shopping for home gym floors there are many things to consider. From materials to thickness, application, and color there’s so much to think about.

The helpful information below will help you decide and shop with confidence.

Things to consider when shopping for the best home gym flooring:

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  1. Floor Thickness
  2. Prep over Wood
  3. Prep over Concrete
  4. Color Selection
  5. 5. The Location

Let’s break it down…

1. Floor Thickness

When it comes to tile thickness keep this in mind:

8mm (5/16″) rubber thickness- recommended for up to 50 lb weights

3/8″ rubber thickness- recommended for up to 75 lb weights

1/2″ rubber thickness- recommended for over 75 lbs and deadlifting

The 1/2″ thick rubber flooring is for dead and squat lifting where 75-100 lbs are dropped on the floor. This thickness will protect the floor underneath and absorb the shock and sound. If you were to drop 200 lbs on 8mm it would flatten out and not protect the floor.

2. Prep over Wood

When applying rubber tiles over wood flooring (which we are doing) you need to put down a thin barrier of plastic so the wood does not stain.

It is recommended that the rubber tile does not come in direct contact with the wood floor. You can use the barrier product they sell in-home stores or my rep even mentioned using plastic table cloths.

I also read that a layer of craft paper can be used. Why paper? Because the black coloring or rubber mats and rolls can seep into hardwood, staining the material.

A layer of paper will keep the hardwood protected from staining so you have a gorgeous surface if you decide to remove the rubber.

I will look further into this and let you know which way we go.

3. Prep over Concrete

You may also need subflooring if you are installing rubber gym flooring over concrete slabs that contain moisture or have moisture underneath. In this case, the layer is to keep water from becoming trapped beneath the floor.

You want to make sure that there is not a high level of moisture within or underneath the concrete, as this can seep upward, become trapped between the concrete and rubber, and cause mold problems.

If there is moisture, a full-spread adhesive, will act as a waterproofing measure for your home gym flooring over the concrete installation.

Full floor matting that comes from a roll is likely to curl at the edges so it should be glued down.

Depending on your volume of traffic, you may also want to glue down your flat or interlocking mats. Even though glued down, it is still possible to swap out your interlocking mats.

This article has a lot of information on other flooring applications.

4. Color Selection

The color you choose for your rubber flooring will make a difference in your space. I love the look of black especially solid black BUT I learned in this process it’s not the best choice.

If you do not like to see the seams in the tiles or roll you will not want to go solid. The fleck rubber flooring is made from recycled parts of solid tiles to help the environment.

Also, the fleck tile will hide dirt and shoe markings much better than the solid black. In my opinion, the best home gym floor would be the fleck product if you want to hide dirt and seams.

If you are super clean and the seams don’t bother you then solid would be ok.

5. The Location

When you have a gym on the second floor you need to make sure the floor joists can hold the equipment. It is also recommended that the equipment be placed around the perimeter of the room.

Check out this article for more details. If you are installing a gym in a garage or basement this is less of an issue but I wanted to point it out.

The typical home gym is not usually located on the second floor but follow the above tips if it is.

Best Home Gym Floors

1. 1/2″ Tight-Lock Tiles

black tight lock gym floor

This is the flooring we purchased and it is perfect for heavy lifting. The gym is on the second floor so we went with the 1/2″ thick option.

It was super easy to install and I highly recommend this product.

The floor tiles are made of recycled rubber buffings and colored EPDM virgin rubber flecks.

Additional Materials

This is the plastic vapor barrier you should use under the gym flooring. Since we went over hardwood flooring we used this to protect it.

If you don’t the hardwood can discolor from the rubber tiles.

plastic sheeting

The other option would be to use craft paper like this to protect the hardwood underneath the rubber flooring.

craft paper for home gym flooring

So we finally pulled the trigger on October 29, 2020, BUT we did not receive it until December 9th.

We went back and forth on whether to go with the gray fleck or tan but in the end, went tan. We have wood roman shades and the natural hardwood floor so the tan looks richer with both those elements.

It’s a bright golden tan so it’s very pretty in person. The beauty of this online resource is you can order free samples to see your selections in person.

Pro Tip: Order free samples to see the rubber gym tiles in your space.

The tiles are 3″ x 3″ interlocking and cut with a laser knife. As a result, the seams are not very visible.

For our space, we ordered 2 corner(s) 10 border(s) 10 center(s).

The Cost

best home gym floors cost

Above is exactly what was ordered and the cost with tax and shipping. The shipping cost is very high because of the weight of the tiles.

My reps information: Margaret Black Email

She is super knowledgeable and patient! Tell her Nicole DelaCruz sent you.

Add On’s

We did not add on the riser because the one from Rubberflooringinc is 12′ for $52.99. We only need 3′ 5″ so we did not order it with the tiles.

My rep said she bought hers from Home Depot and they cut it down for her so we can add it later.

ramp for rubber floor

For the gym space in my home, we are installing the tiles in the existing room. If you have the rubber tiles installed professionally you may want to have your molding removed and then replaced after the tile is laid down.

We are doing this in the client project, especially because of the thickness of his selection. More on that later in this post.

Pro Tip: Remove the existing molding and replace it after especially with thicker rubber flooring.

If this is a new space you can also use a Rubber Wall Base which is available in multiple colors and sizes.

white wall base for rubber floor
home gym design with mural of woman and man working out

2. IncStores Soft Rubber Interlocking Gym Flooring Tiles

rubber gym flooring

We decided against these tiles because they are super thick and have a layer of foam underneath. The price was similar to the tight lock tiles above BUT the size on these is 2’x2′.

We prefer the look of the 3′ x 3′ which in our space should equal 3 rows across and fewer seams. There is also only a blue or gray color option with these.

3. American Floor Mats Sport 8mm Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring

rubber flooring

We ultimately passed on these because of the .31″ thickness. They come in many sizes which is great.

Another one that makes the Best Home Gym Floors list.

4. 3/8″ Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles

black and blue rubber floor tile

Love the feature of the edging of these tiles. Would have made the installation easier.

5. Regrind Rolls

regrind gym floor

Rolls tend to cost less than tiles but they are heavier. You save in the cost you will pay for in the shipping due to the weight so less is not always more. Especially here.

The confetti tile would be the perfect choice for a playroom or commercial space but we are after a more sophisticated look.

6. 1/2″ Rubber Gym Tiles

black rubber floor tile

This was our second choice but we liked the flatter surface of the tight lock rubber floor shown in option one.

There are 9 color choices here including the solid black.

7. PAVIGYM 22mm Endurance S&S Rubber Tiles

home gym floor thickness

This was the original selection for the client project but he did not like the fact that the tiles were interlocking. He was looking at the solid black option which would have shown more seams than the fleck tiles.

The PAVIGYM tiles do not come in the fleck so that knocked it out. This is one of the Best Home Gym Floors on the list.

This product is cut using a C&C knife and the seams are barely visible my rep explained. If you don’t mind the seams this tile has a smooth surface unlike any other option here.

The gray Pure Stone PAVIGYM 22mm Extreme S&S Rubber Tiles do have a flecked look.

8. Ecore at Home ECOmax Tiles

black and gray rubber gym floor

Client Selection

This was the winner of the client project. These tiles have a straight edge and are THICK. The client wanted a product that was smooth on the surface for stretching but durable to hold the machines on top.

Here is a visual of what his space will look like.

home gym design with rubber floor and gym equiptment

To the left is a mural wall and then on the right will be a mirror wall. The client had the TV and fan mounted and the mirror wall will be installed behind it. This project is going to be beautiful. Check back for the completed photos at a later date.

gym vinyl wall art
Etsy Wall Decal Show Above

This is one of the Best Home Gym Floors! The add-ons here were the following products.

Quad Blok Connector (one per tile is needed)

Ecore at Home ECOmax Reducer (4″ x 48″) purchased one

Since the tiles are 15 lbs we did not purchase glue. This is the glue if you need it for your project.

best home gym floors rubber flooring glue

9. ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat

rubber flooring

Good for anyone looking to spend less. The thickness on these is 1/2″ which is preferred.

10. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking

rubber flooring

Another less expensive option that is great for a home gym.

11. IncStores 3/8″ Soft Rubber Interlocking Gym Flooring Tiles

black rubber gym floor

Love the detachable edge pieces of this option.

12. Levant 8.5 ft. x 22 ft. Midnight Black Vinyl Universal Flooring

black rubber gym floor

Not for us but another less expensive option you may want to look into.

13. IncStores Premium 4ft x 6ft Rubber Gym Flooring Mats Vulcanized Rubber Flooring Equipment Mats

black rubber gym floor

Another option is at a low price point. These are not interlocking.

14. Rubber Gym/Exercise Flooring Tiles with Nike Grind

grey rubber gym flooring

This cool option to consider for your home gym is made with recycled Nike Grind rubber.

15. Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat – 8′ x 4′ x 1/4″

rubber flooring

This is the perfect mat for yoga and pilates. I might need to put this on my wish list!

And that is a wrap, my friends! This was a long post but it was quite the process of selecting the gym flooring. Hopefully, this will make it a little easier when you are shopping.

This post is all about how to choose the best home gym floors.

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