15 Dorm Cleaning Supplies For College Students

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This post is about the dorm cleaning supplies college students should have to keep their rooms fresh and clean!

As we continue with the dorm room series in preparation for “Get Bella’s Ass To Hawai’i” we continue to take a deep breath and go with the flow.

For example today we woke up to her direct flight to Hawai’i being cancelled.

We then had to rebook a new flight leaving on August 10th which will make a stop at LAX.

Keep in mind Bella and her teammate (also from Long Island) are traveling alone with two suitcases.

The plan is to pack clothes, shoes, essentials, and bedding that way they can set up their beds to start.

Everything else will be purchased in Hawai’i including the cleaning supplies which we will cover in this post.

This post is all about Dorm Cleaning Supplies.

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dorm cleaning supplies

Best Dorm Cleaning Supplies

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dorm cleaning supplies

Cleaning Checklist:

These are the dorm cleaning supplies we purchased for my daughter when she went to Hawaii Pacific University.

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This list covers all the Dorm cleaning supplies you should need to keep your dorm room looking fresh and clean.

Depending on your freshman year you may not need everything here.

Bella is in an apartment-style loft in her first year with three other roommates so most likely this will be helpful for them.

I hope it was helpful for you as well!

This post is all about Dorm Cleaning Supplies.

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