17 Dorm Desk Essentials Students Need And Will Love In 2024

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Are you looking for the best dorm desk essentials for 2024? Check out my favorites that are sure to make you organized and productive!

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated to be productive is with a clean organized work area. Having items that are pretty and functional is even better!

There are so many cute products for your desk that’ll enhance your college experience. If you’re like most students you look forward to new school supplies.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of opening your new day planner or setting up your workspace. The best way to thrive in college is with cool desk supplies that make you happy.

When your work environment is positive you’re more likely to put in the hard work to get that A! If you’re looking for the best college desk supplies that’ll set you up for success you’re in the right place!

This post is all about dorm desk essentials.

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Best Dorm Desk Essentials Of 2024

What do you need for your college desk?

The most important things you need for your college desk are:

  • Day Planner/ Calendar
  • Desk Lamp
  • Stapler and Staples
  • Garbage Can
  • Storage Solutions
  • Pen Holder
  • Electronic Organizer
  • Pens Pencils

These are the basics that’ll set you up for a successful college experience. Remember work hard play harder!

How can I make my dorm desk look better?

Most colleges provide your dorm desk and it’s pretty boring. That said the best way to make your dorm desk look better is will cute accessories and decor.

It will show your personality and creativity not to mention it will make you happy! If you are anxious about being away from family and friends pretty desk area will make you feel at home.

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1. Day Planner // 2. White Desk Riser // 3. Gold Desk Lamp // 4. Marble Desk Organizer // 5. Dry Erase Calendar // 6. Wall Display and Planning Grid // 7. Folder Storage Organizer // 8. Lap Desk // 9. Dorm Garbage Can // 10. Tape Dispenser + Stapler // 11. Charging Hub // 12. Hexagon Cork Board Tiles // 13. Desk Drawer Organizers // 14. Universal Phone Mount // 15. Wall Mount Shelf Accessories Organizer // 16. Desk Plants // 17. Makeup Vanity Mirror

Here are all the dorm desk essentials you need to know!

1. Day Planner

Day Planner

This is a must-have for anyone in college.

Some students may like to use Google Calendar to keep on top of their schedule but others who are visual will want to pencil it in.

Daily Planner

You’ll love this planner if you like to fill in the dates yourself. It is also perfect to keep you on track with your goals. I just bought one again for the second time!

2. Desk Riser

Monitor Stand Riser

Add extra space to your desk area with a desk riser. Keep all your papers stored under the stand so they’re out of your way.

Another great desk riser to add extra space for books and supplies. Love that this one is multi-level.

To add storage and shelves above your desk check out this bookshelf. The gray is already sold out but the white is linked and available.

Desk Converter

This adjustable standing desk is great for anyone who doesn’t like to sit for long periods.

It may not be super practical for a dorm room but it’s such a cool product I had to include it!

I have it and use it every day. We sit way too much so it’s great to stretch and work standing through the day.

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3. Desk Lamp


Perfect for clipping on your desk or bed. Love the gold personally but it is also available in silver.

white Rechargeable Lamp

If you prefer a more functional lamp this is a great choice to add to your dorm desk essentials list.

Bedside Nightstand

Another great option with multiple USB ports.

4. Dorm Desk Essentials Organizer

Desk Essentials Organizer

Great to keep all your supplies organized. The marble pattern is super cute too.

Wood Desk Organizer

Here’s a black option if that’s more of your jam. Either one is perfect to keep all your supplies organized.

Gold Desk Organizer

If you LOVE rose gold like me then this one is for you! Check out how many items you can store in this organizer.

5. Dry Erase Calendar

Keep on top of your schedule with this dry-erase calendar. It’s the perfect reusable calendar that you can fill in each month with your daily schedule.

Weekly Calendar Board

If you prefer to keep track of your weekly schedule this is a great product. Having both is even more productive than just one.

Reusable Sticky Notes

Another great option in the dry-erase category is these reusable stickers.

You can move them around so you have a reminder of your to-do list in multiple places.

6. Wall Display and Planning Grid

Wall Display and Planning Grid

Hang notes, assignments, or pictures of your hometown friends on this pretty gold grid.

This is perfect for any age student, not just those off to college.

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7. Folder Storage Organizer

Folder Storage Organizer

Keep all your folders and papers organized with these acrylic organizers.

8. Dorm Essentials Lap Desk

Lap Desk

For anyone who likes to work in bed or while sitting in a chair, this is another great product to have.

Love that there are multiple surfaces to keep your laptop and mouse separate.

9. Garbage Can

Garbage Can

Obsessed with this garbage can in Rose Gold. Love it!

It also comes in Gold or six other colorways.

10. Tape Dispenser + Stapler

Tape Dispenser

I mean these are just soooo freaking cute they had to be in this post!

I need these for my office. Love the lucite and gold feature.

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11. Charging Hub

Keep this on your desk for an extra charging station.

It is perfect for charging your Apple products. So much better than all those cords.

12. Hexagon Cork Board Tiles

Hexagon Cork Board Tiles

Another cute way to pin your notes and assignments. Place these around your dorm anywhere you need the reminder.

13. Clear Plastic Desk Drawer Organizers

Desk Drawer Organizers

Great to keep your desk organized. These are perfect in the bathroom as well as the dorm room.

14. Universal Phone Mount

Universal Phone Mount

What a great way to watch a show or read on your phone! This is great to attach to your bed or a shelf.

15. Wall Mount Shelf Accessories Organizer

Wall Mount Shelf Accessories Organizer

Hang this by your desk or bed to keep organized.

16. Desk Plants

Desk Plants

So cute and LOVE the inspirational sayings!

Again available in gold as well.

17. Makeup Vanity Mirror

Makeup Vanity Mirror

For any students interested in a mirror on their desk this one is compact and has lights!

This post is meant to be a great resource for the essentials you may need for your desk area.

Again this is a big list and not EVERYTHING is necessary but it will help you think about the things you will want to have!

This post is all about dorm desk essentials.

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