13 Dorm Packages That Make Shopping For College Easier

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Have you been searching for dorm packages that’ll make college shopping fun and easy? Check out these awesome options you are sure to love.

There are so many individual items college freshmen need that sometimes it’s easier to purchase a bundle instead.

When my son Quimes went to Marist we purchased his bedding and towels through the college. I have to say it was so much easier than picking all the individual items. He picked the color scheme he wanted, which was green, we ordered and that was it!

For my daughter, we did the opposite and ordered things separately from Amazon. You know what they say boys and girls are different. That’s been my experience anyway.

Not all colleges offer the package bundle through the school but don’t worry they’re available online. If you have a child who prefers the ease and speed of packages then you’ll love the ones I found. From bedding to snacks to towels there is a package for all your needs.

This post is all about dorm packages that make college shopping easy.

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grey bedding with black pillows

Best Dorm Packages

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Like I said there is a package for everything you can think of. A lot of these are from Amazon since that was the easiest place to order and ship to Hawaii Pacific University but Walmart and Target have a bunch as well.

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dorm packages

1. Bedding & Bath Set // 2. Comforter Bundle Set // 3. Bedding Trunk Set // 4. Manicure Set // 5. Towel Set // 6. Dinnerware Set // 7. Survival Snack Box // 8. Laundry Set // 9. Tool Kit // 10. School Supplies // 11. Freshman Gift Set // 12. First Aid Kit // 13. Sticky Note Set

These are the best dorm packages you can shop online. They’ll make the college shopping experience so much easier.

Bed & Bath Sets

When we purchased the bedding package it contained everything my son needed. Both these sets also include the starter essentials the average college student needs.

There are a lot of great bedding options in the Twin XL size. If you want the comforter to cover the bed instead of getting a skirt then I’d recommend the full-size comforter instead.

We bought a separate duvet and comforter so it would be easier to wash. Although my daughter just told me she never washed hers all year. Ugh, I tried!

In the traditional size, there are so many dorm packages to choose from in a variety of colors.

The Amazon set contains a comforter, sheets, mattress topper, and pad plus so much more. Even two 100% cotton bath sets are included which is awesome.

The Pottery Barn set is so pretty. We all know I’m a lover of pink and this chevron-patterned bedding is stunning. The 11-piece set includes a comforter, shams, sheet set, and even a shag rug. This truly will help jump-start your dorm room decor for sure.

Organization Set Package

Organization Set Package

This is a great package to keep everything organized. Since most dorm rooms have limited space organizing sets is the way to go to maximize your small space.

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Bed & Bath Set With Wheeled Trunk Package

Wheeled Trunk Package

Trunk sets are so fun! They are great to store all your bedding when you travel and then after you can use the trunk as a coffee table or at the end of the bed.

This set is packed full of goodies too. It includes basically everything you could think of plus extras.

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Towel Set Dorm Package

blue towels set

Buying a set of towels will make life so much easier than purchasing everything separately. This set comes in so many colors and includes 4 bath, 4 hand, and 10 washcloths.

You may think 10 washcloths are a lot but they come in handy for removing makeup plus so much more. Plus after a lot of use, they need to be replaced.

Trust me you can never have too many washcloths!

Dinnerware Set Package

No products found.

Getting a starter dinnerware set is a way to go. This is another one that you do not want to have to piecemeal. This set is perfect because it includes all the basics you need to get settled in your first place away from home.

Since most college experiences are for 4 years this set will last you the entire journey.

Manicure Set Dorm Packages

Manicure Set

A manicure set is essential for every college student. Having a case to store all the tools this set includes is awesome so you don’t misplace anything. That is provided you put each piece away after using it.

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Laundry Dorm Packages

Laundry Dorm Package

This laundry package is all you need to get started washing your clothes. Whether you are new or a pro this set will keep your clothes so fresh and so clean!

Survival Snack Box Dorm Packages

Having snacks available on those late study nights will be much appreciated and make every student feel loved. Either of these sets is awesome and includes so many college favorites.

gift set

This gift package is the way to go to send a little love to your college student living in the dorm. It’s perfect to let them know they’ve got this, and are loved and supported by their family back home.

First Aid Kit Dorm Packages

First Aid Kit Dorm Packages

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared ahead of time. You just never know what will happen away at college so having a medical kit available in your dorm room is just a smart idea.

Dorm Room Tool Kit

Tool Kit

This may not be necessary for the first year but if you are off-campus by the second year this is a must-have. Whether it’s hanging dorm room decor or putting together a piece of furniture this will come in handy.

As soon as you need and use it you’ll be happy you thought of it ahead of time.

School Supplies

School Supplies

Having school supplies on hand will be helpful while living in the dorms. The worst thing is needing a supply and then having to run out to get it at the last minute.

Sticky Note Set

Sticky Note Set

Being a sticky note lover I just assume every college student must have this set. You’ll love bookmarking the page in your textbook with a fun colored tag.

Having this handy organizer set is perfect for keeping everything in one spot.

If you need more ideas and inspiration for dorm packages check out more awesome packages at Pottery Barn. Whether you need one or all of these starter sets they will make your life easier. They’ll also make shopping for college enjoyable and stress-free.

Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below.

This post is all about dorm packages that make college shopping easy.

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