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Are you looking for sofa inspiration for your living room?

On Inspired Design Talk, you’ll find roundups of the best sofas, couches, and sectionals for your home. Check back here often for newly added posts.

When I worked in a furniture store I learned the first purchase most people make is the sofa. They literally don’t notice anything else when they walk through the store.

It makes sense since the couch is the biggest piece of furniture in a living room. Plus it’s often the largest investment you’ll make.

Did you know the average time people keep a sofa is between six to seven years?

It’s true AND many people keep it even longer! They’ll literally design their living room around the same sofa for up to fifteen years.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the best sofa for your home. Remember what I always say…

Good Design Takes Time, Don’t Rush The Process.

xo Nicole

As an interior designer, one of the most time-consuming parts of the job is sourcing the options to show a client. To help you out I’ve pulled together my favorite sofa inspiration by category.

This post is all about the best sofa inspiration on Inspired Design Talk.

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modular sofa with black coffee table

Modular Sectional Sofa Inspiration

I LOVE modular sectional sofas! They’re great because each piece is separate so you can choose the configuration that’s best for your room.

Layout options include:

  • L-sectional
  • U-sectional
  • multi-piece sofa
  • pit sectional

If you like the option of rearranging your furniture modular pit sofas are fabulous. Most styles have connectors to hold the sofa in place once you have the layout you prefer.

basement modular pit sectional couch
Best Basement Couch

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Best Basement Couch– by far the best sofa for a family! It’s an oversized bed doubling as a sofa! If you like knowing where your children are this comfy couch will encourage them to stay home.

2. Modular Pit Sectionals– this roundup will help you find the most comfortable modular sectional.

3. Wayfair Modular Sectional Sofas– because they have some of the BEST styles in this category.

4. Sofa Ideas For BIG Living Room Plus The PROS And CONS

Sectional Sofa Inspiration

Gone are the days of the big clunky sectional. Today’s sectional couches are modern and cool. Not to mention they’ll add plenty of seating for family gatherings or entertaining in style.

curved sectional couch collage
Best Curved Sofas

1. Best Cuddler Couch Sectional Ideas– for those who love cuddling on the couch with their loved ones.

2. U Shaped Sofa Sectional Styles– if you have a large space these are great. There are modular, chaise, u-shape, and even curved styles.

Sofa Style Inspiration

collage of statement couch styles
Statement Couch Styles

1. Bench Seat Sofa Styles– no need to worry about loose change falling between the seats. These sofas will elevate your interior design.

2. Curved Sofas– this style of couch is an update to the 1970s and 80s curved furniture designs.

3. Best Sleeper Sofa Styles– for those who have family and friends who crash for the night.

4. Chaise Lounge Styles– you’ll learn about how to order which side you want your chaise on by clicking this link.

5. Modern Daybed Sofas– this is an updated option to the sofa loveseat combo from your parent’s home.

Types of Couches

1. Armless Couch Styles– this style is an update to the classic loveseat sofa. It’ll add a modern look while providing extra seating.

2. Best Unique Couches– for the unicorn in the field of horses! These sofas will command attention in any room they’re in.

3. Statement Couch Styles– these styles will do just that.

4. Best Couch Legs– the ultimate guide to choosing the best leg for your sofa. There are so many options available from wood,

5. Sofa Arm Styles– you’ll be shocked by how many options there are.

6. Pet Couch Bed– for those who treat their dog as a part of the family but don’t let them on the sofa.

Sofa Fabric Inspiration

boucle sofa roundup of curved, modern, and channel tufted sofas
Boucle Sofa And Sectional Styles

1. Boucle Sofa And Sectional Styles– this trendy fabric will add a cozy vibe to your home. There are so many cool boucle sofas and sectionals to choose from.

2. Modern Leather Couches– these sofas will only get better with age. Perfect choice for bachelors, families, and urban living.

3. Vegan Leather Sofa Styles– these styles look as good as the real deal but they don’t harm any animals in the process.

4. Best Velvet Tufted Sofa Styles– any one of these options will add style and sophistication to your living room.

5. Denim Sofa Styles– if you love denim clothes then you’ll love a couch in this fabric too!

6. Print Sofa Styles– go bold or go home with these printed sofas!

Performance Fabric Sofa Inspiration

Stain-resistant sofas are the way to go if you have pets, or kids, or love to entertain.

white performance fabric sofa collage
White Performance Fabric Sofa Shopping

1. Best Performance Fabric Sofa Styles– learn everything you need to know about performance fabrics and see the options. Great for those with pets, children, or messy friends.

2. Performance Fabric Sleeper Sofa Ideas– perfect for overnight guests or movie nights with your family.

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Sofa Color Inspiration

Anying color to your interior design is the best way to express your personality and style.

brown sofa in velvet, leather, and fabric
Brown Sofa Styles

1. Colored Sofa Styles– these sofas will inspire you to add color to your living room.

2. Pink Couch Living Room Styles– for anyone obsessed with pink this post is for you!

3. Brown Sofa Styles– this classic neutral is making a comeback in furniture and decor.

4. Blue Sofa Styles– this color is great instead of the classic neutral.

5. Yellow Sofa Styles– this color will brighten your life and home.

6. Green Sofa Living Room Ideas– this color comes in every style and budget.

7. Sage Green Couch Styles– this trendy neutral will bring the outdoors in.

8. Grey Couch Styles– this sofa color is still going strong despite what the nay-sayers claim.

Sofa Shopping

There are so many sofa styles to choose from but this list will be your helpful guide. The options are endless!

lulu and georgia sofa collage shop my favorites
Lulu And Georgia Sofa Styles

1. Best Places To Buy Sofas– list of my favorite stores to shop trending sofas online.

2. Trending Sofa Designs And Couch Styles– best sofa trends and types of couches in one spot.

3. Best Amazon Couch Styles– the best modern couches from your favorite online shop!

4. Lulu And Georgia Sofa Styles– this will quickly become your favorite store to source the latest sofa trends.

5. Best Wayfair Couches– they have so many types of couches to choose from for any style and budget.

Modern Sofas by Price

Click the links to shop by your sofa budget. Many of the affordable sofas look just as stylish as the high-end version.

modern sofa ideas navy, cream and grey couch
Modern Sofa Design Ideas Around $3000

1. Apartment Sofa Styles For Just Over $500

2. Cheap Couches That Cost About $1000

3. Best Affordable Couches For Around $2000

4. Modern Sofa Design Ideas Around $3000

And that is a wrap, my friends. I hope this sofa inspiration is helpful in your design journey. If you have friends or family shopping for sofas share it with them too! 😍

This post is all about the best sofa inspiration on Inspired Design Talk.

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