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This sitting room design inspiration will show you how to add color to your home. It’s designed around colorful artwork that was used as the jumping-off point.

One of my favorite rooms to design aside from the living room is a sitting room. I love it so much that we changed our (catch-all) dining room into a sitting room!

For years we never used the dining room except for the rare occasion when we had company over. When we remodeled out of the Tuscan trend for a more modern contemporary design we decided to nix the dining room.

We have a back room that could be used as a dining room but I have to say we used it twice in the past 5 years. That said I’m still very happy with my decision to convert the space to a sitting room.

This post is all about modern sitting room design ideas.

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Sitting Room Design With Colorful Artwork

Here is a quick rundown of how to pull a color scheme from a piece of artwork:

  1. Choose Colorful Artwork
  2. Pull a minimum of 3 neutral colors and 2 accent colors from the art
  3. Decide on your sofa
  4. Add accent furniture
  5. Accessorize with colors pulled from the artwork
  6. Repeat the pop color in at least three different places
  7. Layer in elements of texture, pattern, color, shape, and scale
  8. Personalize with unique pieces
  9. Create movement and flow with organic pieces

For more inspiration, check out the tips below on how to design with artwork as the jumping-off point.


The above image shows a 3D visual of the concept for the sitting room design. This space was designed around the gorgeous Leftbank artwork which is named “HER”.

I fell in love with this art when I saw HER in person at HPMKT.

The art features a stunning colorful Giccles print that is encased behind a layer of printed glass. She is even more beautiful in person than the image online shows.

The Before and After for this design are so dramatic that I will show them side by side.


Such a difference right?!!

The previous dining room was clearly from the Tuscan trend complete with Venetian plaster and all. The room was completely transformed into the modern contemporary space on the right.

Sitting Room Design Steps


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Determine The Color Scheme Of Your Sitting Room Design

1. Colorful Artwork


I have talked about using a jumping-off point when designing and this room is the perfect example. The artwork was used to create the color palette and overall vibe of the room.

@inspireddesigntalk center of artwork should be 60” up from the floor at eye level. #interiordesigntips #artwork #diyhomedecor #fyp #apartmentdecor ♬ Try Something New – Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright

The main colors pulled were navy, teal, pink, gold, and grey. As I go through the other pieces of this design you will see how all the colors complement each other.

Notice how the colors in the furniture and home decor tie back to the colors in the art.

Choose The Statement Piece

2. Navy Velvet Sofa


After the artwork was chosen the next piece in the design was the living room blue sofa from Interior Define. I saw the bench seat sofa in the Soho showroom at an event and fell in love.

Since the sofa is the largest piece of furniture this is typically the next step in the design process. In my design showroom experience, the sofa was often where the average homeowner started with their design.

The gorgeous silhouette and brass legs add a touch of glam and sophistication to the sitting room. Not to mention Caitlan is super comfortable as well. She is a favorite spot for relaxing in the sitting room.

I did remove the two self-lumbar pillows and added throw pillows instead. If you prefer a more modern clean look you may just want to leave the look as is.

The color of our velvet couch is Sapphire BTW.

Personalize With Throw Pillows

3. Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Faux Fur Throw Pillow

4. Fuschia Velvet Throw Pillow

Fuschia Velvet Throw Pillow

The white fur pillows behind the pink velvet covers add texture and contrast to the sapphire velvet sofa.

The faux fur pillows are 20 x 20″ with a fill 2″ larger which creates a plush look. The Fuschia velvet pillows are 18 x 18″ again with a fill that is 2″ larger than the cover.

So the Fushia pillows are 18 x 18″ while the fill is 20 x 20″.

Protip: Your pillow fill should be 2″ larger than your pillow cover for plush choppable pillows.

Adding the pop of pink to the blue sofa helps create flow and movement in the design. The pink color was repeated in the artwork, pillows, flowers (when I have them), and ottomans.

This follows the design principle of repetition where you repeat an element or color through the design. Typically you’ll want to repeat it in three places to create balance in your interior design.

Add Accent Furniture In Your Sitting Room Design

5. Bar Cabinet


6. Marble and Gold Coffee Table


7. Lucite End Table


After choosing the velvet couch in this design next up was the supporting furniture. In this case that is the bar cabinet, coffee table, and side table.

The bar cabinet in the featured image is from Crate & Barrel. It’s no longer available so I added the France & Son cabinet as a substitute.

bar cabinet ideas
Crate & Barrel Bar Cabinet

Another awesome option would be the Cane Bar Cabinet from Crate & Barrel. If you are looking for a lot of bar storage the Cosmo Bar Cabinet from Lumens is awesome too!

The coffee table in this design has a white marble top with a gold base. It gives the illusion of being geometric but the top shape is square. Don’t forget to use coasters because marble does stain.


The lucite acrylic table I have is a Kravet to the trade side table. Since that is only available for purchase through a designer the alternative is just as beautiful.

Anthropologie is one of my favorite retailers for contemporary interior design. The lucite and gold end table they sell features a similar feel to the Kravet side table I have.

If you prefer an all lucite table without the gold details Amazon has another fabulous lucite side table as well.

Layer In Area Rugs

8. Modern Abstract Rug


9. Faux Cowhide Area Rug

Aside from the artwork, you can also design a color scheme around an area rug. If you have one like the modern Safavieh rug above you can easily pull out the creme, grey, turquoise, and light blue.

Funny story with our area rug so I originally purchased it from HomeGoods. As I’m sure you are aware they have amazing one-off rugs but it’s hit or miss.

If you see a rug in HomeGoods or HomeSense you love… BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, you’ll miss out because it will be gone the next time you are in the store. It’s just the way it works.

That said my aging dog recently had a very bad accident on the rug that I refused to clean. So we threw it out.

Believe me when I say it was not worth the energy to clean it. Aside from that once a dog has an accident on a rug it becomes their go-to spot.

Long story short, in the process of preparing this post, I was sourcing the rug and found the one above from Overstock. I ordered it and am 99% sure it’s the exact rug I had before which I LOVED BTW.

The way the universe works is now it’s sold out!! But I DID order it yesterday for $120 (including delivery) which is so freaking AMAZING!!

I’ll let you know if it’s a match when it’s delivered but either way, I think it’s the perfect replacement. Here is another similar rug alternative from Wayfair.

When I originally designed the room I also layered in the faux hide rug shown above. I’ve since moved that to the living room but layering rugs is a great way to add dimension and texture to your interior design.

Living Room Design With Hide Rug

Create Special Moments In Your Sitting Room Design

What is a “moment” in Interior Design?

“Interior Moments” emerge through the combination of a well-designed color scheme, lighting details, decor accents, and furniture layout.

It’s a feeling or emotion that comes through a beautifully designed area of a room. This is a space that welcomes you in with open arms and gives you a big hug.

Creating a moment in your living space is the ultimate reward of a thought-out design.

10. Velvet Chaise Sofa

Velvet Chaise Sofa

11. Faux Fur Rug

Faux Fur Rug

12. Gold Drink Table

round side table

In the featured design, a moment was created in the corner of the sitting room with the curved velvet chaise. A fur throw was draped across the end adding texture and contrast.

In front of the chaise, the c-shaped drink table adds sophistication and personality. Two additional throw pillows were added as well for texture and balance.


Decorate Empty Corners

13. Nesting Side End Tables

Nesting Side End Tables

14. Tall Clear Vase


15. Pussy Willow Bouquet


Since there was space behind the curved velvet chaise a table, vase, and pussy willow bouquet were added. This further accentuated the interior moment by adding height and drama.

Just one of the nesting tables was used in this space but if you purchase the set you will have an extra side table. You can never have too many small accent tables in my opinion.

I love the addition of the pussy willow bouquet but I have also used pink Plum blossom flowers for a pop of pink.

Incorporate Cool Lighting (The Jewelry)

16. Semi-Flush Fixture


17. Kelly Wearstler Wall Sconce


18. LED Neon Signs

LED Neon Signs

When it comes to lighting this is another opportunity to make a statement in your design. Think of the lighting as the jewelry of the room. It is the finishing touch that makes a good design FABULOUS.

The best designs have layers of lighting used throughout. This adds interest, and drama and sets the mood in a space.

In this design, there is the overhead semi-flush fixture from Dutton Brown. That has since been discontinued but the alternative from Rejuvenation will add the same vibe.

There are also four can high-hats on a dimmer switch for general lighting which I could now do without.

The original space was designed right after I completed a lighting course for my degree. So I may have gone a bit overboard with the high hats. Just saying!

On the grasscloth wall behind the velvet sofa, two sconces add accent lighting. Sconces are awesome for creating an atmosphere and ambiance in a room. These are also on a dimmer switch as well.

Kelly Wearstler is one of my favorite designers and her gold gild sconces are gorgeous.

Another way to add personality to your interior design is with a neon light. I’m still obsessed with the good vibes neon light and we have it on all the time. It gives off a subtle hint of pink and a super cool vibe in the room.

It’s a conversation starter during the holidays!

Window Treatments & Wallpaper

19. Luster Velvet Curtain


20. Acrylic Decorative Curtain Rod


21. Silver Grasscloth Wallpaper

Silver Grasscloth Wallpaper

The walls are another place to add texture and interest to a room.

For this sitting room design, the windows are covered with luxurious silver fabric window treatments. The sheen from the fabric adds contrast against the matte classic grey walls.

The lucite rods add a glamtastic touch and elevate the design to the next level. I love the brass end caps that tie back the gold in the sitting room design.

Then there is the gorgeous silver grasscloth wallpaper that adds drama and sophistication. It is the perfect backdrop for the Kelly Wearstler sconces.

When it comes to wallpaper calculations ask your professional installer to help. To get rough ideas you can use a wallpaper calculator but then confirm with a professional before you order.

Wallpaper is not cheap and comes in different die lots so it is best to order all at once.

Add Unique Accessories

21. Marble & Brass Candle Holder


22. Gold Peace Sign Sculpture

Gold Peace Sign Sculpture

23. Gold Hand Vase


Accessories are another finishing touch that should not be forgotten. Many times this is what is lacking in a room that feels unfinished.

Add cute accessories to your room in sets of three or uneven numbers. This creates interest in your living space. Also mix up the scale, shape, and color of the home decor for an elevated look.

@inspireddesigntalk Rule of 3’s to add interest and personality in your interior design. #interiordesigntips #apartmentdecor #homedecor #learnwithme #fyp ♬ Joel Beam-JP – Carlton Banksy

For this design, I paired the two candleholders at different heights with the smaller gold hand sculpture.

On the coffee table, the gold hand vase from Arteriors was added on top of the stack of coffee table books. The Fuschia flowers (when I get them fresh) are another way to bring in that pop of pink.


I’m a pink lover in case you haven’t noticed. Also if you are nervous about the pink and are afraid your husband won’t be on board… Don’t be!

Just remind him that real men wear pink! HAHA

Best Coffee Table Books

24. Chanel: Collections Hardcover

Chanel book

25. Tom Ford Hardcover 

Tom Ford book

Kelly Hoppen: The Art of Interior Design

Kelly Hoppen book

Coffee table books are awesome for adding height, color, and interest to a design. They are not just for bookcases although they look awesome there as well.

Since black and white home decor is trending these days the above books are perfect when paired together. They are also by some of my favorite designers.

If you are looking for one with color Kelly Wearstler has a book that is fabulous as well.

Sprinkle The Pop Color

 25. Velvet Ottoman

Velvet Ottoman

Sitting Room Design Artwork


Fresh Cut Hot Pink Roses

Fresh Cut Hot Pink Roses

Always remember to add your pop color in three places in your room. Scatter the color throughout to create movement and flow in your interior design.

In the feature sitting room, the Fuschia velvet ottomans tie back to the vibrant pink color in the artwork. I love to add fresh flowers to the gold hand vase which is another way I bring in a pop of pink.

Then there is the neon sign and pink velvet pillows mixed in as well. All those touches help create balance and movement in this space.

Mix Your Metals


The above image is the perfect visual of a room with mixed metals. The silver wallpaper provides contrast and texture against all the gold elements in this sitting room design.

The silver was also carried across to the silver drapery panels as well. Mixing metals in a room is great especially when you have home decor you want to reuse in your space.

By mixing the metals throughout you create interest and movement. Just remember to repeat the metals in at least three places for balance. I know I’m a broken record with this design tip!

In this design, the gray in the rug and pillow count as the silver elements as well. You don’t have to be so literal when mixing metals because they have different shades and tones too.

Commonly Asked Sitting Room Design Questions

What is a sitting room in a house?

The sitting room in a home is a space where people sit and relax. Often it’s the front room, lounge, or family room.
It’s a place for entertaining friends, game nights, or a sanctuary to relax with a book. The sitting room is a multi-purpose room that you’ll love spending time in.

What is the difference between a living room and a sitting room?

The main difference is the sitting room is usually smaller than the living room which tends to be the largest room in the house. The sitting room is often a lot cozier too.
Typically the sitting room tends to be more of a relaxing lounge-like space that usually does not include a TV. The living room on the other hand tends to be a favorite spot for binge-watching Netflix.

What color goes with blue couch?

Designing with a blue sofa is similar to any neutral. It’s the perfect backdrop for a neutral color palette or one that’s bold with pop colors.
The featured design has a navy velvet sofa with pops of pink for a dramatic vibe. This space is right when you walk in and I have to say it makes a statement.
It’s also the talk of the party whenever we entertain.

And that’s a wrap, my friends!

I hope this sitting room gave you ideas and inspiration for your design project. Follow the tips on how to use artwork as your jumping-off point and your design will turn out amazing!

This post is all about modern sitting room design ideas.

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