3 Dorm Room Ideas From Hawaii Pacific University

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This post is all about dorm room ideas from Hawaii Pacific University that will inspire you to add personality to your space.

Those who have been following along with project “Get Bella’s Ass to Hawai’i” will know she is there and her room is complete.

Bella is staying at the Waterfronts Lofts at Aloha Tower Marketplace and has three roommates.

The two girls from Cali are on the first floor and then Bella and Marina (from NY) are on the second floor.

The waterfront lofts have two double-occupancy bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room area.

This post is all about dorm room ideas from Hawaii Pacific University.

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Dorm Room Ideas

As mentioned before Bella traveled with a limited amount of supplies and then purchased the rest from Amazon and Urban Outfitters.


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Bella’s Packing List

Her roommates shipped several boxes to the college beforehand.

That first week they were able to put their room together while Bella was in the ordering phase.

I’m glad Bella waited because she was able to think about what she needed while she was in the space.

Bella was able to measure the rug and other pieces we ordered with the measuring tape she packed.

I asked her to send me pictures of her roommate’s spaces this past week.

This is a video of Bella & Marina’s Space.

Still waiting on the picture of Marina’s space but here is a reminder of Bella’s area.

1. Bella’s Ocean Theme Dorm Room Ideas


Alyra and Grace, both from Cali, share the room on the lower level.

They purchased a lot of their dorm decor and supplies from Bed Bath & Beyond which they shipped from home.

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2. Grace’s Pink Theme Room

3. Alyra’s Boho Dorm Room


As you can see all four girls have their Awesome style!

I enjoyed this process and will come back to share more of what the experience has been for our family.

I’m happy that Bella chose Hawai’i and super grateful she is having the dorm experience.

Not sure what the future holds but I know Bella is enjoying herself so far and goes to the beach daily!

How does college look for your student in 2020?

Share in the comments below.

This post is all about dorm room ideas from Hawaii Pacific University.

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