Best Airbnb Signs For Your Short Term Rental Property

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Looking for the best Airbnb signs to add to your vacation rental? Check out my favorite signage that’ll make hosting so much easier.

Adding Airbnb signs to your short-term rental property is perfect for setting expectations with guests. Aside from the typical signs verbiage can be added to everything from hair product containers, washcloths, and the hairdryer bag.

It’s a great reminder of the things in your welcome book that guests may miss. Having the WiFi password in multiple locations is something guests will appreciate.

Separate washcloths for removing makeup are another great sign to add. I can’t begin to tell you how many washcloths we’ve replaced due to makeup stains.

Another super important reminder is the bathroom sign with the reminder of what NOT to flush down the toilet. You’d be surprised at how many ladies need this reminder.

Adding Airbnb signage to your vacation rental is a fabulous way to get your point across without having to say it. Call it passive-aggressive if you’d like but it’ll make hosting so much easier!

This post is all about the best Airbnb signs.

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Best Airbnb Signs Of 2024

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Here are the best Airbnb signs of 2024:

Best Overall: Shampoo Dispenser for Shower Wall | Amazon

Add style and personality to the bathroom with this shower wall shampoo dispenser.

Best Budget: Hair Dryer Bag | Amazon

At just under $7 this hair dryer bag will help keep the bathroom neat and organized.

Best Splurge: WiFi Password Sign | Oliver Gal

This is a must-have for any vacation rental or room listing on Airbnb.

Best Outdoor: No Trespassing Sign | Amazon

Keep unwanted visitors off your property with this no-trespassing sign.

Best Sustainability: Turn off Lights & Lock Door Sign | Amazon

If you’re looking to conserve energy and save on the electric bill this Airbnb signage is perfect.

Best Kitchen: Do Not Cut on Countertop Sign | Amazon

Let guests know to always use the cutting board to protect the life of the kitchen counter.

What signs do I need for Airbnb?

We have added several signs to our Airbnb but the BEST one by far is the WiFi password sign. It’s super helpful for guests who bring their laptops or want to save on data usage.

Aside from this other signs to include in your Airbnb are:

Shop The Roundup

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1. Shampoo Dispenser for Shower Wall // 2. Glass Soap Dispenser // 3. Makeup Remover Face Washcloth // 4. WiFi Password Sign // 5. Turn off Lights & Lock Door Sign // 6. No Smoking Vaping Sign // 7. No Trespassing Sign // 8. Hair Dryer Bag // 9. Bathroom Rules Sign // 10. Removing Makeup Sign // 11. No Smoking Sign // 12. Wifi Password Sign // 13. Do Not Cut on Countertop Sign

1. Shampoo Dispenser for Shower Wall

Shampoo Dispenser

When we remodeled our Airbnb bathroom we added a quartz niche boxed sized perfectly for the shampoo and conditioner. If I had seen this before I might have thought twice about adding the extra expense.

This set of three is perfect for displaying shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It’ll give your bathroom that hotel feeling and help get you five-star reviews.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save but the bottles are usually big and bulky. This solves that dilemma in a sleek modern fashion.

2. Glass Soap Dispenser

Glass Soap Dispenser

Another product to buy in bulk is hand and dish soap. This set of two comes clear or opaque depending on the look you prefer.

No worries if gold is not your jam it’s available in silver too! This is a great way to add style and personality while displaying your favorite soaps.

3. Makeup Remover Face Washcloth

Makeup Remover Face Washcloth

This is one of my FAVORITE Airbnb signs to add. It’s not technically a sign but it has verbiage which gives a similar vibe. If you don’t want to constantly replace white washcloths then these are a must.

It can’t be any clearer to use the black washcloths for makeup removal BUT just in case they miss the message add the sign below. It’ll complete the look and drive the point home!

10. Removing Makeup Sign

Removing Makeup Sign

Add this fun sign near the black makeup wash clothes so there’s no confusion about what they’re for. It’s an extra step to get the message across.

This sign is ready to stick, lean, or frame in your Airbnb bathroom. It’s 4×6 so it won’t be overpowering or take away from the rest of the decor.

Click the link below for more funny Airbnb signs.

4. WiFi Password Sign

This is the best for displaying the WiFi password. We have this exact sign in our kitchen and it’s been a game-changer during the holiday season.

Gone are the days of everyone asking “What’s your WiFi?”. It’s mounted on the wall so there’s no need to ask.

This sign is an investment but it’ll also add sophistication and style to your vacation property or room. Remember it’s the little things that’ll make your space memorable and stand out from the crowd.

If you have an Airbnb kitchen space it’s perfect to display there as well.

5. Turn off Lights & Lock Door Sign

Turn off Lights Sign

This sign will help conserve energy and save on the electric bill. It’s not needed for everyone but on occasion, you’ll have that guest who needs a friendly reminder to shut off the lights and lock the door.

At just under $12 this Airbnb signage is an affordable way to add this reminder. It’s available in black or white depending on the look of your space.

6. No Smoking Vaping Sign

No Smoking Vaping Sign

This may seem obvious but some people need a reminder. I feel like back in the day all my aunts and uncles smoked like it was nobody’s business.

It took my aunt getting lung cancer to drive the fact home that smoking is bad for your health and life. Needless to say, they all have since stopped smoking.

7. No Trespassing Airbnb Outdoor Signs

No Trespassing Airbnb Outdoor Signs

Add these large no-trespassing signs to one or multiple properties. They’re made of reflective aluminum metal that’s fade-resistant and waterproof.

These signs can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The durable signs have two 3/8 inches holes at the top and bottom for easy mounting.

Choose between a set of two or four when placing your order online.

8. Hair Dryer Bag

Hair Dryer Bag

We just ordered this for our Airbnb bedroom-bathroom combo. The hairdryer is currently in the drawer so this is perfect to store the extra attachments.

It comes in black or white but I love the contrast this one has. At just under $7 you’ll probably want to grab one for when you travel as well. Just saying!

9. Airbnb Bathroom Signs

Airbnb Bathroom Signs

If your Airbnb has sensitive pipes you’ll want to add this reminder. It’s a subtle way to let the ladies know to ONLY flush toilet paper and nothing else.

You’d be surprised how many people need this friendly reminder. It helps to have a small covered trash can next to the toilet so they can dispose of other products easily.

11. No Smoking Sign

No Smoking Sign

Another no smoking sign for the Airbnb because you can never have too many. This one is wider which may work better depending on where you plan to mount it.

It has a stylish brushed aluminum design and comes with strong adhesive backing attached for easy installation.

12. Wifi Password Sign

Wifi Password Sign

You’ll save money by buying a set of two WiFi password signs. They’re awesome to add to the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and more!

The wood plaques come with a white refill erasable pen that makes it easy to add or update the password as needed. It has a freestanding design that can be added or moved to any space in your short-term rental.

13. Airbnb Kitchen Signs

Airbnb Kitchen Signs

Last up we have this kitchen sign that’s awesome for protecting the life span of your kitchen countertops. It’s a reminder to grab the cutting board when preparing food.

The worst thing is seeing knife marks on your countertop. I don’t know about you but it makes me cringe.

This 4×6″ countertop sign comes with easy mounting instructions and adhesive on the back. It’s made in the USA which is a bonus.

I hope these Airbnb signs help make your hosting experience easier and more enjoyable!

This post is all about the best Airbnb signs.

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