Airbnb Bathroom Essentials (Ultimate Guide)

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Looking for the ultimate list of Airbnb bathroom essentials? Find out everything you need and download your FREE checklist today!

If you are new to hosting you may be wondering what Airbnb bathroom essentials you need to get started. I have learned from experience that the little touches are super important to make your guests feel welcome.

One way to do this is by adding extra amenities to your bathroom above what the average hotel offers. So instead of just the obvious toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, we go beyond that.

In our Airbnb, we try to have the things guests might also forget to bring. Little things like pre-packaged toothbrushes, sunblock, face cream, and hair ties.

See below for the complete roundup of bathroom must-haves that will make your Airbnb guests feel the love.

This post is all about the ultimate list of Airbnb bathroom essentials.

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Airbnb Bathroom Essentials List

If you’re just getting started here is the must-have Airbnb bathroom essentials list to get started. For the full list download the Airbnb Bathroom Printable below.

  • Cotton Ball Canister
  • White Bath Towels
  • Tote Basket
  • Hair Dryer
  • Shower Curtain
  • Bath Shower Liner
  • Curtain Rings
  • Curtain Rod
  • Washcloth Set
  • Grab Bar
  • Hand Towels
  • Black Hand Towels
  • Shower Mat
  • Bath Mat
  • Over the Door Hook
  • Door Mirror
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Ring Holder
  • Small Trash Can
  • Draft Door Stopper
  • Bath Mat
  • Storage Basket Hamper
  • Night Light
  • Door Noise Blocker
  • Bowl Brush and Plunger 

Free Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Download

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The list is separated by must-haves, cleaning products, bathroom decor, extras, and safety. Do you need EVERYTHING on this list right away?

Absolutely NOT.

You can gradually add extra touches as you go through the process. It’s the little things that will make your guests feel special.

We have found that creating an Airbnb EXPERIENCE is the best way to 5-star ratings and awesome reviews.

Now let’s break down each of the bathroom essentials categories so you have a better understanding of WHY these essentials are a good idea.

Everything in this post is what we have in our Airbnb space. You can modify the decor and essentials based on your design style. This list is meant to be a starting point.

An idea is great but worth nothing without action so take a deep breath and GET TO WORK! Like Today!!

Airbnb Design Ebook

This ebook will give you 20 Secrets For a Profitable Airbnb Design. It was created as we went through the process of hosting.

With each guest, we learned more about how to improve the experience.

Happy and proud to say we have been Super Hosts since the beginning and have fifty-nine 5-Star reviews to date.

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Must Have Airbnb Bathroom Essentials


1. Cotton Ball Canister // 2. Short Etagere // 3. White Bath Towels // 4. Tote Basket // 5. Hair Dryer // 6. Shower Curtain | 7. Bath Shower Liner // 8. Curtain Rings // 9. Curtain Rod // 10. Washcloth Set // 11. Grab Bar // 12. Hand Towels // 13. Black Hand Towels // 14. Shower Mat // 15. Bath Mat // 16. Over the Door Hook // 17. Door Mirror | 18. Soap Dispenser // 19. Hydrangea Silk Flower // 20. Ring Holder // 21. Small Trash Can // 22. Draft Door Stopper // 23. Bath Mat // 24. Storage Basket Hamper // 25. Night Light // 26. Door Noise Blocker // 27. Bowl Brush and Plunger 

Airbnb Bathroom Decor

2. Short Etagere


3. White Bath Towels

White Bath Towels

4. Tote Basket

Tote Basket

Decorative Vase

Decorative Vase

1. Glass Canisters

Glass Canisters

Extra Toilet Paper

Extra Toilet Paper

In the corner of the Airbnb bathroom, there is a short etagere that is decorative and functional.

When we remodeled the bathroom we changed the vanity to a smaller more open style. The new bathroom vanity has less storage so I had to get creative.

On the top shelf of the etagere, there is a tall decorative vase with pussy willow stems. The middle shelves hold six extra rolled towels for guests to use during their stay.

Then the bottom shelf has a black tote basket with four extra rolls of toilet paper so Airbnb guests never run out.

Airbnb Bathroom Storage

airbnb bathroom essentials

The bathroom vanity we have in the Airbnb has four drawers for storage. The top two fold down and contain small toiletry essentials and extra washcloths.

Left Vanity Drawers
Right Vanity Drawers
Storage Basket

The bottom pullout drawers hold extra towels and the hairdryer. Don’t forget the hairdryer attachments. Anyone with curly hair will definitely be grateful for the diffuser attachment.

Speaking from experience on that one!

Under the vanity, there is another tote basket that has some cleaning essentials, extra supplies, and paper towels. This is also where the fire extinguisher is kept.

Check out the post 33 Home Cleaning Products You Need So Your Airbnb Guests Return for more cleaning supplies.

5. Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

10. Washcloth Set

Washcloth Set

13. Black Hand Towels

Black Hand Towels

Shower Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

6. Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain

7. Bath Shower Liner

Bath Shower Liner

9. Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod

Let’s talk about the shower for a moment. So the original design included a grid shower panel but since we were completely over budget we nixed that.

Instead, I bought extra long shower curtains and liners which I hemmed to size. I placed the gold shower tension rod as high as possible to give the bathroom the illusion of height.

I have to say it turned out better than expected and since we leave it open it makes the bathroom feel larger too.

Shower Curtain Image

8. Curtain Rings


11. Grab Bar

Grab Bar

23. Bath Mat

Bath Mat

These shower rings are perfect for hanging your curtain and liner because it separate the two nicely. Most shower rings sandwich the two layers together which makes them appear flat.

Having the gap in between adds to the fullness of the curtains. This creates an elevated appearance that is more of a hotel vibe.

Two other essential items are the grab bar and bath mat if you have that old-school shower tub combo. When we had that design my father mentioned that the tub was slippery.

Since he was older we figured we’d better listen to avoid accidents. The last thing we needed was a fall due to the slippery tub floor.

Vanity Decor

18. Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

19. Hydrangea Silk Flower

Hydrangea Silk Flower

20. Ring Holder

Ring Holder

On top of the vanity, there are cute bathroom decor items such as a soap dispenser, moisturizer, and artificial flowers. This adds to the homey vibe and gives a more luxurious appearance.

The super cute ring dish is perfect for guests to place their rings and jewelry in while washing their hands. The little touches go a long way trust me!

Don’t clutter the countertop just add a few essentials and keep the rest stored out of sight. You know that saying less is more! That applies here. Just saying!

Home Decor With Cute Saying


12. Hand Towels


Printable Artwork

funny bathroom art printables

Black Frames

Black Frames

Another way to add personality to your Airbnb design is with artwork and towels that have cute sayings. We have the Hello gorgeous hand towel that matches the artwork in the bathroom.

We also have three cute prints that you can purchase and download from Etsy. Just size them to the frame of your choice for inexpensive bathroom artwork that makes a statement.

Bath Mats

14. Shower Mat

Shower Mat

15. Bath Mat

Bath Mat

Bath mats are an Airbnb must-have. I keep the larger white bath mat under the vanity so guests can use it as needed. This keeps the white mat protected so it is not constantly being walked on.

The black mat is for outside the shower when guests enter the main area. I have found having both helps keep the mats clean and the bathroom floor dry.

Again we do not want any falls, my friends!

Over The Door Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

16. Over the Door Hook


17. Door Mirror

Door Mirror

If you do not have hooks on your walls or have a small bathroom then over-the-door hooks are great. This alternative is perfect so guests can hang their towels or outfits as they get ready for their fun adventure.

Similarly, if you don’t have a wall or door mirror in the bedroom area then add it in the bathroom. Our over-the-door mirror is from Target and it’s located on the bedroom door.

Bathroom Supplies For Privacy

22. Draft Door Stopper

Draft Door Stopper

26. Door Noise Blocker

Door Noise Blocker

25. Night Light

Night Light

When we hosted our first guest we did not think of the gap under the bathroom door. As a result, the ladies put a towel under the door to close the gaps because they probably felt someone could peek under it.

Since then we have added the door noise blocker strips and the draft stopper. Both add noise control and privacy to the Airbnb space.

The best way to learn what you need in your space is from your first guests. Trust me they will let you know what was missing.

Having the motion sensor nightlight has been a lovely addition to our Airbnb Bedroom. Since your guests are not familiar with your space the night light is a nice touch to help them find their way.

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials You Need

21. Small Trash Can

Small Trash Can

24. Storage Basket Hamper

Storage Basket Hamper

27. Bowl Brush and Plunger

Bowl Brush and Plunger

These are items you won’t want to forget. The trash can is obvious for so many reasons. A covered trash can looks better and is more sanitary in my opinion. No one wants to see the bathroom trash items!

You need a hamper or the towels will be thrown in a corner. Help your guests take care of your things by giving them clear instructions on where they should place the dirty towels.

We have a basket similar to the one above that is labeled “dirty towels”. I could not make it clearer where to put them if I tried.

The last piece in this grouping is the toilet cleaner and plunger. We did have a guest need the plugger so having one available to them is the way to go.

That way they can clear out any small clogs (on their own) without you even knowing.


1. Shampoo and Conditioner // 2. Dove Body Wash // 3. Sunscreen // 4. Moisturizing Lotion // 5. Contact Case // 6. Contact Solution // 7. Scented Oil Plugins // 8. Toilet Paper // 9. Dawn Dish Soap // 10. Sponge // 11. Hair Ties // 12. Febreze Air Freshener // 13. Hairspray and Mousse // 14. Hand Sanitizer // 15. Disinfecting Wipes // 16. Toothpaste // 17. Fire Extinguisher // 18. Cotton Balls // 19. Cotton Swab // 20. Disposable Toothbrushes

Bathroom Essentials Extras

This section has many items that will make your guests happy they booked your place.

Most importantly have the shampoo and conditioner (1) in the large pump size. It keeps spills to a minimum and is cleaner than the average bottle.

Also include the Dove sensitive skin body soap (3) otherwise get disposable soap bars like the hotels have. Believe me when I say NO guest wants to clean their body with a used bar of soap.

In the image above you will notice many extras that add to the experience. Having things like sunblock (3) if you live by the beach and hair ties (11) are awesome extras.

The same goes for the contact case (5), contact solution (6), face cream (4), and hair products (13).

Naturally, toothpaste (16) is a must-have. If you want to show extra love provide disposable toothbrushes (20), floss, and mouthwash.

For sanitary purposes having disinfecting wipes (15) and hand sanitizer (14) is nice, especially for those concerned with Covid still.

For a fresh-smelling Airbnb bathroom, include an air freshener (12) and clean linen-scented oils (7). Stock up the cotton canisters with cotton swabs (19) and balls (18).

If you only have a bathroom and bedroom Airbnb (no kitchen) also provides dish soap (9) and a sponge (10). This way guests can clean a cup or wine glass. We provide ceramic mugs and wine glasses that can be washed.

Last up having a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher is just a smart idea!

And that’s a wrap!

I know this was a super long post but there are a lot of Airbnb bathroom essentials you’ll want on hand. Guests will be happy and you will truly earn that “passive income”.

The end goal is to work smarter, not harder!!

Let me know your thoughts and if you think the list is missing anything.

I hope this was helpful and inspiring. Now get to work!

This post is all about the ultimate list of Airbnb bathroom essentials.

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