Airbnb Bathroom Ideas, Design Tips, And Cost Breakdown

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Looking for Airbnb bathroom ideas that will generate passive income this year? Check out this bathroom remodel for inspiration and ideas.

An Airbnb can be a great way to generate passive income in your home. Pre Covid we were rocking and rolling with our Airbnb and had guests from all over.

As a result of the overuse, the original bathroom we never remodeled saw its last day.

The tile was coming loose and with the moisture, it started to cause a problem. We did not plan a remodel but had no choice.

Naturally, I was excited to get to design a new space since this would be a complete demo job. It had been about 15 years since my last bathroom design so I had to relearn through the process.

Hopefully, this will help you avoid some of the issues we had in our makeover.

This post is all about Airbnb bathroom ideas and design tips.

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Airbnb Bathroom Ideas + Design Tips

When designing any space there are a few best practices I follow. For Airbnb spaces it’s similar but I try to keep the cost down as much as possible.

Here are my Airbnb bathroom ideas tips to get started:

  1. Create the Look and Feel
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Splurge in one area
  4. Functionality needs
  5. Provide inspiration

OK, so now let’s get into the details of each of these.

1. Create the Look and Feel

The concept for this bathroom was loosely based on the below images from Pinterest. I like to pull two to three images that inspire the look and feel of the design.

There were a few elements I was obsessed with for this project.

One was the hexagon floor with white subway tile.

The second was these black grid shower doors.

So I kinda got the first one except for that damn White Subway Tile Dye Lot situation.

As for the grid doors when you see what we spent you’ll understand why we decided to hold off and wait on those. I still love the concept but we already went way over budget and had to stop somewhere.

I’m sure you can relate!

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Shower Grid Door Thoughts

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The main issue I had with the shower grid doors was deciding which way to go.

I loved the idea of the stationary panel grid door but was afraid of the following:

  • Water coming out of the shower when guests used it
  • Cold air makes the shower experience unenjoyable
  • Someone leaning on the door and knocking it over

I read mixed reviews on all of these factors.

So then I thought about the full grid door that swings out but was afraid of the clearance by the toilet being too tight.

The last option was the sliding grid door but that felt dated to me.

I should also add I read the grid lines on most of the affordable options are black stickers NOT metal. So then there was that too because I didn’t want the doors to look cheap.

Aside from ALL of those concerns the contractor also made it clear that installing the shower doors was not his thing. He usually defers to the shower door installer.

You know that concept lets the expert do the job because niche is rich.

I appreciated his honesty but knew getting them installed separately would cost even more.

Long story short, I went with extra-long shower curtains that I hemmed to fit. They look pretty and will do the job for now.

They kind of feel like drapery panels since they are on both sides. The reality is I didn’t want the shower tile showing in the mirror and the panel on the right hides it.


Subway Tile Grout Color

2. Airbnb Bathroom Ideas Budget

This is where things got hairy. So the original budget in my head was $5000 lol.

Right, I know AS IF!

The only way that would have ever been possible is IF my husband was handy and did the work himself. That is not the case my friends.

As you will see below the materials cost $5000 and not the structural materials. Just the pretty stuff I had to choose.

Once we received the bid from the contractor (not including the tile installation) we knew we were in trouble.

The original bid was $6500. It was reduced because my husband had a separate tile installer. In the end, the contractor’s price was spot on. We may have even saved if we just used him for everything.

Long Island Bathroom Contractor Recommendation:

Contractor: J Remodelers (Luis Alvarado) | Phone: 347-724-3414 | Email: jremodelers@aol.com

So we pretty much thought $10,000 would be the budget all in.

Again WRONG!

Check out the breakdown below.

Shop The Airbnb Bathroom Ideas Roundup


1. Towel Bar // 2. Toilet Paper Holder // 3. Quad Hook // 4. Exhaust Fan // 5. Round Mirror // 6. Vanity Base // 7. Quartz Counter Top // 8. Faucet // 9. Black Drawer Pulls // 10. Subway Tile // 11. Ceramic Pencil Tile // 12. Hexagon Tile // 13. Mini Hexagon Tile // 14. Mapei Grout // 15. Wall Sconce // 16. Curtain Rod // 17. Curtain Rings // 18. Shower Curtain // 19. Liner // 20. Toilet in White // 21. Shower Drain // 22. Short Etagere // 23. Strap Tote Black // 24. Handshower // 25. Slide Bar // 26. Metal Shower Hose // 27. Slidebar Kohler // 28. Elbow // 29. Valve Trim Cross Handle // 30. Pressure Valve

Airbnb Bathroom Ideas Material Costs

  1. Brushed Gold 24 in. Towel Bar $35.99 (Floor & Decor)
  2. Brushed Gold Toilet Paper Holder $21.99 (Floor & Decor)
  3. Over the Door Quad Hook in White $24 (I had this already)
  4. Exhaust Fan $134
  5. Vintage Round Mirror 30″ $54.30 (HomeGoods)
  6. 42″ Freestanding Single Bathroom Vanity Base $794.13
  7. 42″ Custom Quartz Counter Top $1150
  8. Purist Collection Faucet, Low Cross Handles, and Spout $547.89
  9. Black Drawer Pulls Handles Brass Cabinet $11.05 (x4) (painted mine)
  10. White 4 in. x 12 in. Polished Ceramic Subway Tile $270.40 (Tilebar)
  11. Basic White 4×12 Polished Ceramic Bullnose (12-inch) $60.30 (Tilebar)
  12. Paige Antracite 10″ Hexagon Matte Porcelain Tile $223.80 (Tilebar)
  13. Level Black 1″ Hexagon Matte Porcelain Shower Floor Tile $68.30 (Tilebar)
  14. Mapei Flexcolor Warm Gray Grout $45
  15. Wall Sconce by George Kovacs (2) $280.19
  16. Tension Shower Curtain Rod $29.49
  17. Decorative Shower Curtain Rings $9.99 (x2)
  18. Waffle Weave Shower Curtain $25.99 (x2)
  19. Microfiber Fabric Shower Liner  $16.50 (x2)
  20. Single Flush Elongated Toilet in White $119
  21. Shower Drain $100.88
  22. Aimee Soft Gold Short Etagere $122.97
  23. Whitmor Woven Strap Tote Black $18.67 (x2)
  24. Purist Handshower Kohler 978-BGD $160.99
  25. BGD Stillness Slide Bar Trim Kit Kohler K-974- $28.65
  26. Kohler K-9514-BGD MasterShower 60″ Metal Shower Hose $69.59
  27. Slidebar Kohler K-8524-BGD $245.21
  28. Kohler K-976-BGD Stillness Wall-Mount Supply Elbow $114.40
  29. Purist Valve Trim Kohler K-TS14423-3-BGD – Cross Handle $297.92
  30. Kohler K-8304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Pressure-Balancing Valve $84.31
  31. Warm Grey Caulk $6.87
  32. BM Fresh Start Primer $38.99
  33. Aura Bath/ Spa Simply White OC-117 Matte (Gallon) $62.99

Material Total: $5263.40

Airbnb Bathroom Labor Costs

Labor for this project was about $8000 for the contractor, tile installer, and electrician.

The labor costs will depend on your area. If it’s your husband doing the labor then that’s another story!

In total, this bathroom project was about $13,263.40.

Way more than we planned to spend but since it’s for an Airbnb the ROI will be worth the investment.

***Sidenote: This project was completed in September 2020***

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3. Splurge in one area

I thought about splurging in several areas but then reality set in. In the end, the splurge was the Kohler Purist faucet and shower body.

We did amazing on the tile cost aside from that whole mismatch debacle.

Whatever over it now.

Pro Tip: Subway Tile walls will help you save in your bathroom budget and they are timeless.


If I had it like that I would have bought the Arteriors Stefan Wall Sconce but it was three times the cost of the sconce I did buy.

As much as I would have loved for Arteriors to be a part of the project it didn’t happen. This is an area I can always change later easily unlike the tile or the cabinet.

The moral of the story pick one area that will be the “star of the show”. You don’t need everything to be unique because then there is no star.

Keep it simple and splurge on the area that will make the most impact. For us, that was the faucet that would be used daily.

4. Functionality needs

This is an area that requires some thought, especially in an Airbnb bathroom. We used to keep all the towels in the bedroom closet but recently made some changes.

As a result, we needed the towels to be stored in the bathroom. This is better since now guests can just grab one from the bathroom.

Instead of centering the vanity, we moved it over to fit an etagere that will hold rolled towels.


The toilet paper is stored in the cute black basket on the bottom shelf. The top shelf has a vase, cue tip, and cotton ball holder.

There is a hairdryer, extra towels, and toiletry items in the vanity.

The basket under the vanity holds the cleaning products.

When the Airbnb is not in use we keep the white bath mat under the cabinet and the black mat in the shower area so they stay clean.

I also found this super cute thin profile step trash can at HomeGoods. It fits perfectly between the vanity and the toilet.

5. Provide inspiration

A great way to inspire your guests is through your bathroom wall artwork. I used frames I already had and added fun printables that will inspire our guests during their stay.

You can get the download and print your right here.

The walls are painted in BM Simply White OC-117 which is a warm white with yellow undertones. Artwork in black and white pops against the blank canvas.

We also have this art from the old bathroom design.


I wasn’t able to find the exact one but a found a printable if you’re interested.

Hope this post gave you ideas and inspiration to get started with your bathroom project today!

This post is all about Airbnb bathroom ideas and design tips.

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