Best Gold Bathroom Faucets For Any Budget

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Looking for the best gold bathroom faucets for your bathroom remodel? Here are 13 options to choose from to update your modern bathroom!

There are so many products to choose from when designing a bathroom remodel. It can be quite an overwhelming experience.

If you started sourcing ideas you may have noticed all the cool gold bathroom faucets. When we remodeled our bathroom I was obsessed with the Kohler Purist Widespread Bathroom Faucet.

That faucet was the inspiration for this roundup. It’s available in multiple finishes, styles, and budgets. You can choose from the cross or lever handle. The spout is available in a low or high-gooseneck design.

Our final selection was the high-spout cross-handle style in the featured image. The completed design came out awesome and I LOVE the faucet we chose.

To help you design your bathroom remodel I’m sharing the faucet resources I found below. Let me know if you have a FAV!

This post is all about gold bathroom faucets.

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gold bathroom faucets in white bathroom

Modern Gold Bathroom Faucets

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The faucets I’m sharing all have a similar theme. They are gold and have cross handles or a long curved spout.

I went back and forth on all the options but in the end, narrowed it down to options 1 and 2. The plan was to see which looked best with the gold mirror and vanity I already purchased.

It was between the Kohler Purist Widespread Bathroom Faucet and the 2-handle Low-Arc Bathroom Faucet. Both options were in the Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold finish. If gold is not your jam choose one of the seven other finishes.

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During the faucet selection process, I learned that gold is more expensive than other finishes. For the shower handheld situation, there was not a premade set in gold for the Purist line. That meant each piece had to be ordered separately which added to the cost.

Since this remodel was for an Airbnb we needed to keep the cost down as much as possible. If I could save even $20 bucks somewhere I did.

I must also add that I’m super grateful for my husband. He was very supportive as I worked through the process and is an awesome final decision-maker. Once I had the selections down I asked him “Do you like this or that?”. He’s able to look and choose right away.

He goes with his gut and is confident in his decision. It makes my job so much easier with him firmly deciding. By the time I ask him to choose, I could go either way so it works perfectly!

gold bathroom faucets roundup

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Although these all look similar the choice was not 1-2-3. It’s easier for a powder room but when it comes to matching the shower system it gets harder. You must like BOTH before you can decide.

1. Brushed Gold Short Spout Widespread Bathroom Faucet

gold bathroom faucet

This Rejuvenation widespread 2-handle short spout bathroom faucet fits sinks with 8” to 16” center hole spacing. It has an industrial-inspired design that’s made from solid lead-free brass.

There are five finishes to choose from depending on the look you’re after. The lead time is 13-17 weeks so be sure to order ASAP if you have a timeline to stick to.

Loved the updated look but the higher spout was more practical. Airbnb guests only have access to the bathroom sink so it’s easier to fill the coffee maker with the higher option.

I still love the look of this gold bathroom faucet.

2. Purist Gold Bathroom Sink Faucet

We went with the cross-handle high spout design shown above. This style also comes in a lever option if that’s more your jam.

There are other finishes available in this style so no matter your design there is one for you.

3. Modern Gold Bathroom Faucet 

gold bath faucet

This modern gold bathroom faucet from Rejuvenation was also a contender. The only problem is it’s double the price of the Purist faucet so it was out for us.

I do love the sleek updated look of this gold faucet. Choose from four finishes if this style works with your design and budget.

4. Brizo Widespread Gold Bathroom Sink Faucet

gold bath faucet

Another trend I’ve been seeing in faucets is mixed finishes. This gold bathroom faucet can be ordered with black knobs for a modern sophisticated look.

It’s available in five finishes and three handle styles. There are only 2 left so order sooner than later if you love it!

5. Farmhouse Washingroom Faucet

gold bath faucet

If you’re looking for an affordable gold faucet look no further. This one is from Wayfair and it’s on sale right now for just over one hundred dollars.

It has a more traditional Victorian vibe than the other modern faucet styles. There are eight fabulous finishes to choose from in this design.

At the time of this post, there are only four left so this is another to order sooner than later.

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6. Cross Handle Widespread Faucet

gold bathroom faucets

I love this modern faucet but could not justify the price. It’s double what we paid for the Purist gold faucet so it was out for us.

If you have room in the budget it’s a great option that’s available in five finishes. I should add there are different lead times and the aged brass is long!

It will take 16-20 weeks so you should order ASAP because once the plumbers say they need the faucets you MUST have them ready. The rough-in needs to be done and they can’t do that without having the faucet (in my experience).

7. Widespread Bathroom Faucet

gold faucet

This affordable faucet is available for just under $200. I like the price and design but I’m not a fan of the color markers for water temperature.

For the look I was after the red and blue, hot and cold, lines would have taken away from the finished design. If that doesn’t bother you then this is a great option, especially for those on a budget.

8. Derengge Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Great look and this one is under $100!! Yes, I know it’s so good!! Choose from the black or gold finish when you place your order.

This is by far the best cheap gold faucet of the bunch. Just make sure you can match your shower body accessories if you need those as well.

9. Affordable Bathroom Sink Faucet

Bathroom Sink Faucet

I take that back this one is also under $100 but again I do not like the color-coated dots for the hot and cold water.

If you need an affordable gold faucet this may be for you.

10. Affordable Cross-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom Sink Faucet

This gold faucet has a cute modern vibe with a unique cross-handle design. It’s available for under $100 making it another fabulous option for the modern bathroom update.

Choose between five finishes when placing your order online. No matter which one you choose it’s sure to be the talk of the party!

11. Waterhouse Cross Handle Gold Faucet

gold bathroom faucets

Here is a similar design to the Purist gold faucet I bought. It’s available in five finishes with different lead times.

Make sure you order your faucet before your project starts and have it on the job site. There is nothing worse than holding up the process because the plumbing fixtures have not arrived.

12. Watson Bathroom Faucet

gold bathroom faucets

I love the style of this modern faucet from West Elm. It’s available in four finishes but the lead time is 6-11 weeks. Place your order as soon as your design is finalized especially if you have to match the shower body.

This faucet is sure to make a statement in your bathroom design.

13. Gooseneck Faucet

Last up is this Restoration Hardware gold faucet. I’m obsessed with the style and design of this fixture but I just couldn’t justify the cost.

Not to mention I think my husband would not have been happy spending this much on the Airbnb bathroom. Again if you have no budget this is a great style and it comes in six finishes.

This faucet will be the talk of the party for sure.

Shopping Tips For Buying Gold Bathroom Faucets

When choosing your gold bathroom faucet there are a few things to consider. These tips apply when sourcing a bathroom faucet in any finish.

1. Faucet Finish

This is where I like to start. As I mentioned before find up to 3 Pinterest images that you love for the look you are after.

For this project, I knew I wanted gold which is very HARD to source locally. If you walk through Home Depot and Lowes the majority of the fixtures are some form of silver. Like ALL of them!

One of the deciding factors in this project was the gold finish choices. While I did like the look of the Brizo bathroom sink faucet I liked the finish of the Kohler better.

2. Gold Bathroom Faucet Budget

For me, this was a doozy. So yes we need to keep the budget down as much as possible but I decided to splurge on the faucet, shower system, and vanity. Basically in this bathroom, the fixtures are the “stars of the show”!

There are two reasons I chose to splurge on the fixtures. For one we will see a return on investment for the Airbnb bathroom. Two when we are not hosting this is the main floor bathroom which is used by our company.

So it needs to be pretty for both those reasons. As much as I would have LOVED to just buy everything I wanted once I put the choices into Mydoma reality set in. The budget was high and I needed to cut costs.

3. The Faucet + Handles

When searching for inspiration I was drawn to the longer curved spout and cross-handle feature. That explains why so many of the below faucets have that look.

In the end, we are down to two options both by Kohler. I would have LOVED a black gold mix but I didn’t find any that worked.

Pro Tip: When sourcing the faucet decide if you want widespread, center-set, single-lever, wall-mounted, or vessel.

4. Faucet Manufacturer

This was important in this case because the gold finish needed to match EVERYTHING as far as the fixtures were concerned. I was between Delta and Kohler.

On the original concept board, I had the Kohler Purist Faucet with the Delta Vero Shower system. Once I saw both in person I knew I had to pick one or the other.

You may be able to mix it with silver finishes but I would not recommend it on any others. Even though the fixtures are usually separate in the case of the golds I was looking at it would have DESTROYED the look had I gone with two vendors.

5. The Trap + Stop

The options for the trap are P-trap or concealed. For the stop (hot & cold) you can have exposed or in-wall.

6. Gold Bathroom Faucets Drain

Drain options are pop-up or twist stop. I believe the Kohler options are pop-up. This part doesn’t excite me as much as the spout and handles but it’s still necessary to think about.

7. The Valve + Trim

This is a great article to read on the topic. I’m not an expert here so I think I’ll pass it over to the pros lol.

Now that we have that out of the way it’s time for the pretty! I originally planned to combine the gold bathroom faucets and shower system in one post. After I saw all the faucets I was sharing I knew I had to separate them.

I hope this post was helpful for anyone choosing gold bathroom faucets. Check back for the future post in the series for tips when sourcing your shower system.

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