Best Sleeper Sofa Styles For Every Budget 2024

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Looking for the best sleeper sofa for every style and budget in 2024? Check out our favorites that are sure to make your guests comfortable!

Sleeper sofas have come a long way in both style, price, and comfort. As an interior designer, I was never a big fan of the look of sleepers of the past but a lot has changed.

These days sleeper sofas are just as trendy and stylish as regular sofas. Many of your favorites come in a sleeper version and multiple sizes.

There are also options for how the sofa sleeper functions. You can find the traditional metal “pull out”, futon style, flat foldouts, and trundle style pull-out options.

When it comes to the size you have the choice of twin through king and even sectional options.

Depending on your needs you’ll want to keep all these options in mind. You’ll also want to consider the usage of the sofa.

Will it be used a few times a year or more regularly? If it will get a lot of use you’ll want to invest in a quality option that will hold up.

Here are our top picks that will have your guests sleeping in comfort all night long!

This post is all about the best sleeper sofa for every style and budget.

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velvet couch bed

How to Choose the Best Sleeper Sofa

  • Measure your space to make sure the size will fit.
  • Determine the size you are looking for before shopping.
  • Decide if you want high-performance fabric or if you can go more trendy in the fabric material.
  • Choose the color(s) that will work with the look and feel of your space.
  • Determine the usage and quality you are after.
  • Figure out how you want the sleeper to pull or fold out.
  • Think about the cushions you prefer (bench seat, two cushions, or three cushions)
  • Decide the style and leg option that will work best in your space.
  • Lastly, know your budget and how much you want to spend.

Best Sleeper Sofa Styles

best sleeper sofa collage

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1. Best Nailhead Sleeper Couch


This stunning chic sleeper sofa from Jonathan Adler is perfect for overnight guests. The beauty of this sofa bed is it looks like a regular couch!

The gorgeous design features a high tuxedo back, button tufting, and nailheads! You’ll add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your living space with this high-quality sofa sleeper.

This is one of the best sleeper couch styles if you want it to look like a regular sofa.

2. Fold Out Modern Sleeper Couch

boucle sofa bed with quilted bench cushion

The clean lines and modern styling of this queen-size sleeper sofa are upholstered in a soft boucle. The easy-to-open design makes this a fabulous choice for anyone looking for function and ease.

Simply slide the seat forward and fold the back down and you are ready for overnight guests. This sofa bed will sleep two comfortably but if you have little ones you’ll fit at least one more.

This is one of the best sleeper couch styles for modern homes!

3. Best Trundle Sleeper Sofa

trundle couch with bench seat

The bench seat design of this modern sofa bed makes this beauty as comfortable as a couch too! Love the angular frame and plush cushions of this sofa bed.

The deep seat makes it especially comfortable for entertaining guests or watching your favorite Netflix show. This is one of the best sleeper couch styles with a trundle bed.

4. Moss Green Sleeper Sofa

moss velvet sleeper sofa with bench seat cushion

Here is one of the best sleeper couch designs in the modern style category. It features a deep seat, oversized back cushions, and a polished metal tube frame.

Setting up the sofa bed is as easy as sliding the seat forward and folding the back down. The stylish sleeper sofa opens up to fit a flat queen sheet.

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5. Best Chic Sleeper Sofa

modern sleeper sofa with bench seat cushion

If you are looking for a trendy sofa bed this is it! This is one of the best affordable sofas. At just over $1000 it’s the best budget sleeper option of the bunch.

This stunning sleeper sofa features a sustainably sourced wood frame, sinuous wire springs, and loose reversible back cushions.

Once open the sofa bed will fit twin-sized fitted sheets making it the perfect choice for small spaces. This is one of the best sleeper couch styles for anyone on a budget.

6. Best Queen Sleeper Sofa

shelter queen sleeper sofa

This just might be the best sleeper couch with a queen-size bed. The quick-ship fabric option is the graphite yarn-dyed linen weave fabric shown above.

As is the sofa bed will ship in 3-5 weeks from when you place your order. If you prefer to get fancy you can customize this sleeper couch in one of the 55 other color and fabric options.

For those, you’ll have to wait over 10 weeks so make sure to order sooner than later because it will take a minute for your custom sofa to arrive.

7. Performance Fabric Sofa Bed

best sleeper sofa with leather straps and low profile

This is by far the best sleeper couch to make a statement in your living room. There are just so many cool design features to love about this stylish sleeper sofa.

Leather straps wrap around from the side and buckle at the front which gives this sofa a modern safari vibe. No need to worry about the white color because this is a Crypton performance fabric sofa bed couch.

Once unbuckled the cushion folds out to reveal a foam mattress that sleeps two comfortably.

8. Pink Sleeper Couch

pink sleeper couch

For anyone looking to make a feminine statement in their design, you’ll love this stylish pink sofa bed. The laid-back look is perfect for a bedroom, sunroom, or living room.

Just pull out the trundle bed and your guests will be ready to relax in comfort and style. This is one of the best sleeper couch styles to add a pop of color to your interior design.

9. Two Cushion Sleeper Sofas

modern couch with bed

The casual design of this stylish sofa bed makes it the perfect choice for a modern contemporary space. This beauty features an elevated, clean-line silhouette with thin track arms, rounded tops, and plush cushions.

Love that this stylish sofa bed is made of a sustainably built frame in America by upholstery artisans in North Carolina. This sofa is built to last and will be durable for many years to come.

10. King Sleeper Sofas

modern couch with bed with beige upholstery

If you’re looking for a large sleeper sofa this beauty is for you! It is available in both a queen and king-size bed so depending on your space you have two sizes to choose from.

The sofa is available in fabric or leather in multiple colors and materials. The price point is definitely in the luxury range so this should be thought of more as an investment piece.

Go neutral if you are hoping this sofa will last forever. A timeless color is much more practical than something trendy when buying an investment piece of furniture.

You can always change out your accent color and get a new look and feel with your neutral couch. This is one of the best sleeper couch styles that come with a king-size bed.

11. Linen Sofa Bed

sleeper sofa linen natural

For those looking for a more tailored sleeper style, this one is perfect. This sofa bed is beautiful, functional, and upholstered in a timeless linen fabric.

The silhouette features sloping arms and an easy pull-out mattress design. Designed by Ginny Macdonald the style fuses her English heritage and California lifestyle seamlessly.

This is one of the best sleeper couch styles to achieve the laid-back California eclectic design style.

12. Best Queen Sleeper Sofa Bed

sleeper couch

Here is a classic style sofa that is perfect for any design style. Choose from one of the many colors and material options for a unique sofa custom-made for you.

The casual comfortable sofa unfolds to reveal a queen-size mattress with a double-locking headrest. Your guests may never want to leave after they’ve slept the night on this beauty.

This is one of the best sleeper couch styles if you want a lot of fabric options.

13. Two Cushion Velvet Sleepers

pink velvet couch bed

If you’re looking for a velvet sleeper couch this stunning style is for you. You’ll add a touch of glam and sophistication to your design with this sofa.

The custom-made sofa bed is handcrafted in the USA which is always a plus. A queen-size bed will provide ample space for your guests to sleep in style and comfort.

This is one of the best sleeper couch styles for contemporary glam living rooms.

14. Queen Tufted Sleepers

queen couch bed with tufted back

The stock colorway is as shown above but you can also choose between multiple other options. If you’re in a rush the quick-ship stock fabric will ship within 5 weeks.

For those with time who want a custom sleeper sofa that can be available for delivery in 12-14 weeks. That’s the typical time frame for any professionally designed space so you are not alone.

The wait will be worth it to get an original sofa that matches the vibe you’re after perfectly. Trust me!

This style features buttonless tufting and sleek stainless steel legs. It’s a great choice for small and large spaces. The bed opens to a queen-size mattress that is perfect for hosting overnight guests.

Your guest will sleep in comfort because the mattress is topped with a one-inch layer of ThermaGel that provides support and keeps things cool.

This is one of the best sleeper couch styles with a tufted back design.

15. Queen Sleeper with Air Mattress

three seat couch bed

For those wanting a three-seat sofa bed style look no further. This modern couch will offer laid-back comfort in family rooms, casual living rooms, and guest rooms.

The sofa’s mattress features an air-cushion layer making it twice the thickness of the traditional sleeper mattress.

Perfect for the modern home this sofa bed features large track arms, a deep seat, and a low back design. This is one of the best sleeper couch styles with an air mattress.

16. Slipcovered Air Sleeper Sofas

white slipcovered sleeper sofas with sock arm

For a beachy more traditional vibe go with this sofa bed style. Featuring rolled sock arms and a slip-covered design it is perfect for the Hamptons or any other beach community housing.

The slipcover is machine washable so there is no need to worry about the white colorway. If you are still nervous about the color then go for one of the many other colors and materials available.

You can also select a full or queen-size mattress depending on the size of your space. This is one of the best sleeper couch styles for a coastal-inspired living room.

Perfect for the modern home this sofa bed features large track arms, a deep seat, and a low back design. This is one of the best sleeper couch styles for transitional homes.

17. Velvet Sofa Beds

teal velvet sofa bed

This is one of the most stylish sofa bed silhouettes. It has a low profile with curved sides that give the appearance of a headboard when the bed is pulled out.

The queen-sized sofa bed is the perfect size for two guests to sleep comfortably. If you’re looking for a modern and luxurious sofa bed this one is for you!

Not only will it make a statement but it’ll add sophistication to your interior design. Free fabric swatches are available upon request so you can see the color in your living room.

18. Print Queen Sleeper Couch

print sleeper couch with curved back

This is the printed version of the Athena sleeper sofa above. It has a modern sleek design that’ll be a focal point and command attention.

The eye-catching floral upholstery is the perfect jumping-off point to create a color palette for your living room. Choose from two colors in this print couch depending on the style of your home.

19. Movie Twin Sofa Bed

movie twin sleeper sofa
movie twin sleeper sofa

These are the best sleeper couch styles for small spaces. Available in multiple options the chic sleeper sofas come complete with a twin-size mattress great for a single overnight guest.

The small size and design make this an awesome bedroom or apartment sofa bed.

20. Slipcovered Twin Sleeper

twin sleeper sofa

Love the simplicity of this twin sleeper sofa from Crate & Barrel. The stylish design features a bench cushion, one back cushion, and two throw pillows.

The slipcover styling gives this sofa a relaxed and lived-in vibe. This is another style that’s available in many possibilities. I love the tailored easy-to-clean, stain-resistant cotton.

The twin-size sleeper is perfect for small spaces with repeat overnight guests. This is the best sleeper couch to add to a family room, casual living room, or guest bedroom.

21. Best Sleeper Chair

peach twin sofa bed chair

You’ll love the way this roomy chair adds a focal point to your interior design. This sofa is fully handcrafted and made to order just for you!

The pull-out twin bed will have your guests sleeping in comfort and style. This beauty comes in one size but the fabric and color are completely customizable.

Create the look you’re after by designing your unique sofa bed. This is one of the best sleeper couch styles to elevate any small space or guest room.

Hope this was helpful and inspiring in your sofa bed shopping journey.

If you’re unable to splurge on quality because of a tight budget just add a mattress topper for extra comfort. That way your new sofa will be both comfy and stylish.

This post is all about the best sleeper sofa for every style and budget.

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