12 Sofa Arm Styles | You Probably Didn’t Even Know These Existed

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Looking for all the sofa arm styles available for your new living room? Check out all the options that you probably didn’t even know existed.

When it comes to choosing the perfect sofa there are so many parts to consider. You need to decide the size, color, style, arms, legs, fill, and all the details.

In this post, we will discuss some of the many sofa arm styles. Unless you worked in a furniture store before you’ve probably never heard of half of these. Some of the popular arm styles include rolled, saddle, slope, panel, and track.

There is a resource for each of the styles covered so you have a visual. I love a modern track arm but if that’s not your jam there are so many others to choose from.

Check them out and let me know which is your favorite!

This post is all about sofa arm styles.

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sofa arm styles navy couch with pink velvet pillow and fur pillow

What are the different sofa arm styles?

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The most popular sofa arms are the Sock arm, English arm, and Track arm. Each one can be ordered in the Straight Cushion arm style or the T-cushion.

slipcovered sleeper sofa with sock arm
Straight Cushion Sock Arm Style
t cushion sofa arm styles
T-Cushion Track Arm Style

As you can see from the types of sofa arms above the Straight Cushion is in line with the seat while the T-Cushion is set back.

For this post, the following sofa arm styles are featured:

  1. Curved Arm
  2. Sock Arm
  3. Panel Arm
  4. Pleated Key Arm
  5. Small (Thin) Track Arm
  6. Large (Wide) Track Arm
  7. Charles of London Arm
  8. English Rolled Arm
  9. Set Back Arm
  10. Wedge Arm
  11. Slope Arm
  12. Slopped Roll Arm

How do I pick a sofa arm?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the sofa arm for your couch. You’ll want to think about the look and feel of your living space.

The best way to figure out your style is to look on Pinterest and choose three images that have the vibe you are after. I say three because for most more than that will overwhelm you.

If you are after a modern contemporary look the track arm sofa will be a good option. The velvet panel arm with nails is a great sofa arm for glam spaces white the Charles of London is perfect for the transitional home.

Types Of Sofa Arms

sofa arm styles in color and neutral

1. Curved Arm // 2. Sock Arm // 3. Panel Arm With Nails // 4. Pleated Key Arm // 5. Small Track Arm // 6. Large Track Arm // 7. Charles of London Arm // 8. Rolled English Arm // 9. Set Back Arm // 10. Wedge Arm // 11. Slope Arm // 12. Slopped Roll Arm

Best Sofa Arm Style Details

Here you will find all the details you need to know when shopping for sofa arm styles.

1. Curved Arm Couch

performance fabric sofa with curved arm

There are several versions of the curved arm sofa. It can be as shown above where it has a curve at the top edge of the sofa arm. Others are more exaggerated and fully curved from the back of the sofa to the front.

More Curved Sofa Styles

That West Elm curved arm sofa is available in many fabrics including a linen weave or performance velvet.

Featuring a timeless but trendy silhouette you can choose between three lengths when you place your order. The beautiful design has gracefully bowed arms and a modern approach to elegance.

Each sofa is custom-made in your choice of color, fabric, and size so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you.

The stunning beauty is awesome to update the modern contemporary home!

2. Sock Arm Sofa

sofa arm styles set back sock arm

One of the most common sofa arm styles is the sock arm. It’s especially popular in traditional and transitional homes. The fabric and style of the sock arm sofa can also create a more modern vibe.

Sock arm sofa styles have a rolled couch arm that can have pleats, ruches, panels, and more. If you prefer a more simple design as above you can get the sock arm sofa small or large without the extra folds.

The Anthropologie pink couch features classic lines with hints of modern styling in the velvet fabric, plush cushions, and caster maple legs. Add a vintage vibe to your home with the addition of this sock arm couch.

3. Panel Arm With Nails

sofa arm styles panel sock arm

As mentioned above the panel arm sofa is a version of the sock arm style but it has a panel in the center. From the front, these arms look like the sock arm but with a panel in the middle.

You can add nailheads to the panel as shown above or get the arm without them. This tufted sofa has ruched detailing with gathers at the seam. As a result, the sofa has a sophisticated but elevated look and feel.

The above panel arm sofa will look fabulous in a parlor, sitting room, bedroom, and more! Add a luxe sophisticated look with the deep tufted back, bench seat cushion, Chesterfield silhouette, and nailhead detail.

Perfect for my fashionistas looking to add a touch of glam to their living space.

This tufted rolled arm sofa would look stunning in a cloffice design as well. Just saying!

4. Pleated Key Arm

colored sofa with tufting

You probably had no idea this style was called a pleated key sofa. I mean till now I didn’t either. HA!!

Details that make this sofa special are the pleated design, covered button, and tufted cushion.

The key arm sofa is one of the sleekest types available. It features clean lines and squared edges. Designed to look like the edge of a key, this sofa arm type is super stylish

The Anthropologie sofa above reminds me of a beautifully tailored dress. There are just so many details to appreciate and love!

If you’re looking to add a luxurious glam vibe to your space look no further! The button tufts and modern wide arms will make a statement in your living space.

5. Small Track Arm

sofa arm styles with wood base

For a modern look consider the track arm sofa styles. They come in a variety of sizes from thin (shown above) to wide (see below). The clean tailored lines give this sofa a modern contemporary vibe.

The Lulu and Georgia sofa features classic materials, polished details, and a wooden frame. The mix-and-match design will make a statement in your living room design.

If you’re looking to create that California eclectic style this sofa is perfect!

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6. Large Track Arm Sofa

creme wide track arm sofa

Here is another version of the track arm couch. This large track arm sofa is awesome for the modern home. Its stylish silhouette and low profile are great for making a space appear larger.

Track arms are perfect for smaller spaces because the arm does not extend past the sofa landscape as the rolled-arm sofa does. Track arms can be dressed up or down and have a timeless vibe that’ll last for years to come.

The design may be simple but track arm sofas create a focal point and will make a bold statement in your interior design.

If you’re looking for a comfortable sofa the above style is meant for you! It’s awesome for Netflix to binge-watch parties and relax after a hard day of work.

The clean lines and modern silhouette give off a cool vibe perfect for the urban loft to the trendy suburb home.

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7. Charles of London Arm Sofa

bench seat sofa with charles of london arm sofa

The Charles of London Arm or saddle sofa will level up your interior design. This arm style will slightly protrude out due to the extra padding in the arm. The arms are very comfortable and perfect for afternoon naps.

The saddle arm sofa is similar to the saddle on a horse. The saddle area can be lightly padded or super plush.

Features of the above Serena & Lily sofa include saddle arms, a bench seat, and turned legs. If you are worried about it being a white sofa… DON’T BE!! I promise this one will have you entertaining with confidence.

The Charles of London arm white performance fabric sofa will resist wear and tear, staining, mold, and UV radiation. Those features make it the perfect couch for the active homeowner.

8. Rolled English Arm Sofa

velvet sofas fan pleat sofa with quilted back

This rolled English arm sofa design is perfect to add a luxurious glam touch to your interior space. Another version of the sock arm sofa the above design features ruching around a self-covered button at the center.

Ruched arm sofa styles create ruffles in the arm which range from uniform to uneven depending on the design.

This trendy chartreuse sofa color is definitely for the bold at heart. It features a yellow hue with a green undertone that adds to the rich beauty. This style is sure to be a fan favorite!

What style is an English arm sofa?

The English arm sofa has a deep seat, a tight back, and rolled arms. Typically the arm is low and set back from the front edge of the seat.

It’s the type of couch you will find in traditional or transitional homes. Depending on the fabric used it can be found in contemporary homes as well.

Are rolled arm sofas out of style?

The simple answer is no the rolled-arm sofa is not out of style. Now let me be clear if you prefer modern contemporary furniture you may feel differently.

That’s because the English roll-arm sofa is a classic that’s often found in traditional and transitional spaces. It’s a comfortable arm style that’ll make a statement in any space it’s in.

When I worked as a design consultant in a furniture store I was very surprised to learn how popular the roll arm sofas are. Many clients requested and purchased this arm style and were not interested in a different style of sofa.

As I always say to each his (or her) own!

9. Set Back Arm

sofa arm styles

The set-back arm sofa comes in a variety of design styles. Rather than being even at the front of the sofa, the arm is “set back”.

A track arm set-back style will have a modern feel whereas a sock arm set-back style will be more transitional. The fabric selection will also determine the design style of the sofa as well.

The above sofa features a low profile, curved lines, and a traditional silhouette. The English rolled set-back arms are perfect for small spaces where you are looking to maximize the seating area.

No matter your design style this sofa will add that sophisticated touch you are after in your home.

10. Wedge Arm Sofa

best sleeper sofa with angle arm

A wedge arm sofa is another fabulous option to elevate the modern home. Available in one-piece and modular styles it is a look that will modernize your interior design.

The shape of the wedge arm sofa can vary from narrow to wide but both feature an angular design. This style sofa is fabulous for relaxing while leaning back on the wedge arm.

The above modern sofa also features a bonus pull-out bed and deep seat. It’s especially comfortable for entertaining guests or watching your favorite Netflix show.

11. Slope Arm Couch

bench seat sofa with slope arm

The slope arm sofa extends from the couch’s full height into a comfortable arm. The result is a sleek-looking sofa that has an elevated vibe.

Be sure to check out all the customization options of the above slope arm sofa from Pottery Barn. Available in four different widths there is a size perfect no matter your space.

This sofa can be designed with a bench seat, two cushions, or three. The fewer seat cushions the more modern the design. Other features include two or three back cushions and multiple fabrics.

12. Sloped Roll Arm

parlor sofa with sloped roll arm

Above is a roll arm version of the sloped-arm sofa. This has a more glam vibe than the track arm silhouette.

If you’re a girlie girl look no further! Available in two widths this sloped arm sofa will fit whether your space is small or large. If pink is not your jam choose from one of the many other fabric and color options.

You’ll create a focal point with the beautiful curved lines and silhouette of this stylish sofa. She features a deep, down-wrapped bench seat cushion, and two down-filled lumbar pillows. 

You probably had no idea there were so many choices in sofa arm styles but there are! No matter the look you are after there is a silhouette that will complement your design style perfectly.

Do you have a favorite? Mine is the track arm style because I love the simple clean lines and modern vibe.

I hope this post was inspiring and helpful as you design your new living space.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about sofa arm styles.

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