Pet Couch Bed Ideas (Top 18 Picks) 2024

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Looking for the best pet couch bed for your dog? Check out my favorite resources that’ll make your dog wag their tail in excitement!

When it comes to our pets they quickly become a part of the family. Whether you are a new dog owner or a seasoned veteran I’m sure you can relate.

If you’re like me then you love your pet but do NOT allow them on your sofa. This is especially the case if it’s a newly purchased couch.

Even if you took my advice, and splurged on the high-performance sofa, you may still not want your dog on it. That said did you know they make pet couch beds?

Since you landed on this page I’m sure you do!

When it comes to pet sofa beds there are so many colors, materials, and styles to choose from. As usual, I pulled together my favorites that are perfect no matter your budget.

Trust me your family pet will love them too!

This post is all about pet couch styles your pet will love!

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dog laying on bed with grey bedding
RIP Gigi • 02/14/07-08/10/21

Pet Couch Bed Top Picks 2024

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Here are the top pet couch styles for 2024:

small dog couch bed with fur cushion

Best Luxury

Jayna Dog Sofa

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Printed Dog Bed

Best Budget

Printed Dog Bed

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beige dog bed with velvet cushion

Best Neutral

Natural Pet Bed

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Best Splurge

Luxury Dog Sofa

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grey velvet sofa for dog

Best Modern

TOV Sofa Dog Bed

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creme cloud dog sofa

Best Design

Cloud Sofa Dog Bed

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Tufted Pet Bed

Best Tufted

Tufted Pet Bed

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pet couch collage

1. Jayna Dog Sofa // 2. Luxury Dog Sofa // 3. Quinn Dog Sofa // 4. Velvet Dog Bed // 5. Grey Dog Sofa // 6. Neutral Pet Bed // 7. Tufted Pet Bed // 8. Quilted Dog Bed // 9. Green Sofa Dog Bed // 10. TOV Sofa Dog Bed // 11. Pin Tufted Pet Sofa // 12. Cloud Dog Sofa Bed // 13. Curve Back Dog Bed // 14. Printed Dog Bed // 15. Curved Back Dog Bed // 16. Mid-Century Dog Sofa // 17. Pink Dog Sofa // 18. Tufted Sofa Dog Bed

As you can see from the round-up above pet sofa styles come in a huge assortment. You can pretty much get a similar style to your living room sofa if you’d like.

There are versions in color, tufted, mid-century, curved, and even fur! The price points also vary from under $100 at the low end to over $1000 at the high.

Now let’s get into the details of the pet couch styles in this post.

Luxury Dog Bed

1. Jayna Dog Sofa

white and grey go bed with fur cushion

2. Luxury Dog Sofa

pink luxury small dog couch

3. Quinn Dog Sofa

navy tufted pet couch bed

If price is not a factor for you, the above pet sofas are the best of the best. Like the Cadillac of the car lot as my dad liked to say.

These pet sofas are meant for dogs that are between 11-25 lbs. All three small dog couch styles above are in the luxury price range at over $1000 each. They are totally worth the investment but they are just that an INVESTMENT.

These dog sofa beds are stunning and each is unique. If you are looking to pamper your favorite pet and make a statement in your interior design these are for you!

Each one has intricate details, styling, and a silhouette which accounts for the higher price point. The materials include vinyl, colored velvet, welt details, faux fur, and crystal accents.

Again these are a splurge but your dog’s tail will wag in excitement when their new glamorous bed arrives.

Velvet Dog Sofa

4. Velvet Dog Bed

pink dog bed sofas

9. Green Sofa Dog Bed

green velvet sofa for small dogs

10. TOV Sofa Dog Bed

blue small dog sofa

Just as in your interior design, you can get a modern velvet dog sofa too! There are a variety of colors as shown above and even more when you click through the link.

If your home has a contemporary vibe then any of these would fit right in depending on your color palette. You can also add a pop color to make a statement if you have a neutral living room design.

Whether you prefer the curved back dog couch style or the modern straight lines these are meant to be a focal point. Just imagine your family dog curled up comfy on one of these.

Modern Pet Couch

5. Grey Dog Sofa

grey velvet sofa for small dogs

11. Pin Tufted Pet Sofa

navy dog pet couch with small dog

17. Pink Dog Sofa

pink dog sofa bed with tufting

For those who love clean modern lines, these dog couch styles are fabulous. Again there are a variety of colors and details that make these options special.

I mean who thought you’d be able to get a dog couch bed with matching bolster pillows?! Can you even!!

The grey or navy modern velvet pet sofa designs work great if you want your dog’s furniture to blend in. If you prefer to go feminine and bold the pink tufted back dog bed is a winner.

Tufted Dog Bed

7. Tufted Pet Bed

Tufted Pet Bed

13. Curve Back Dog Bed

best upholstered pet couch

18. Sofa Dog Bed

Sofa Dog Bed

For the look of a luxury dog bed at an awesome price point look no further. These three are in the $200 price range but look way more expensive.

They all include details such as tufting, nailheads, rolled arms, and shaped backs. Your family dog will relax in style on any one of these dog bed sofas.

These styles also accommodate small dogs up to large depending on the pet couch style so click through to get all the details.

Neutral Pet Couch

8. Quilted Dog Bed

grey dog sofa bed with two small dogs

12. Cloud Sofa Bed

creme cloud pet couch

16. Mid Century Dog Sofa

small grey dog pet couch

If you are looking for a more simple neutral dog sofa bed these are probably more for you. Grey is always a good option that goes with most colors. It’s a pretty neutral color that won’t lock you into one look.

The creme color pet sofa has an asymmetrical silhouette that’ll elevate your room. Its cloud-like shaped back will add a touch of sophistication and personality to any living space.

Next, the mid-century modern dog sofa would look awesome in a similar-style home. The neutral color will blend right in and the tufted cushion will be super comfy too!

Affordable Pet Couch

6. Neutral Pet Bed

beige dog bed with velvet cushion pet couch

14. Printed Dog Bed

Printed Dog Bed

15. Curved Back Dog Bed

maroon dog bed pet couch

These budget-friendly pet couch styles are for those who like change. These are around $100 so if you get bored of the look you won’t feel guilty getting a new one.

Both Chewy and Amazon have great prices in the dog couch bed category. They have trendy styles, fabrics, and colors in their assortment as well.

The simple neutral beige pet couch will look fabulous in any style of home. The curved back and arms are perfect for your small dog to curl up and relax.

To add interest to your living space the printed dog sofa is super cute. The color is a neutral grey so it will again go with most room styles.

It will make a subtle statement but not take away from your current design. Whether you stick this dog bed in a corner or right next to the family sofa your family pet will be thrilled.

Last up is the curved velvet dog sofa in a stunning maroon color. This one will add a bold pop of color that you can work into your home decor. Your favorite dog will fall right to sleep on this bad boy!

If you need a cute Christmas gift for a family dog lover any of these would be fabulous and LOVED!

That’s a wrap!

And that’s a wrap, my friends on these trendy and stylish pet couch styles. I hope this gave you ideas and inspiration on how to include your dog’s pet furniture in your interior design.

This post is all about pet couch styles your pet will love!

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This post is dedicated to our Gigi who we had to say goodbye to. Our family was devastated. She was with us for 14 years and we loved her very much. Gigi will be greatly missed by all.

family with white dog on navy blue sofa
Last Family Photo With Our Gigi • Xmas 2021

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