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11 Modern Chaise Lounge Styles That’ll Take Your Bedroom Or Living Room Up A Notch

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Looking for the best modern chaise lounge to update your living space? Check out my favorites that are perfect for modern contemporary homes!

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Modern Chaise Lounge

A modern chaise is fabulous for updating any room in your home. They’re available in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors.

The beauty of a chaise lounge is it’s great for adding extra seating and personality to your bedroom, living room, office, and more! There are many different silhouettes to choose from including curved back, tufted, square, and sculptural.

Styles are available with to without arms depending on the look you’re after. The chaise lounge is perfect to create a moment in your interior design.

They can be added in a blank corner, floating in the center of a room, or as part of a seating arrangement. If you’re looking to add a trendy comfortable piece of furniture to your home this round-up is definitely for you.

This post is all about the best modern chaise lounge styles.

grey velvet modern chaise in living with black and gold pillow

What is the purpose of a chaise sofa?

The purpose of the chaise sofa is to add comfortable seating where you can lounge back and relax. It’s essentially a chair with an extended seat long enough to put your feet up.

Its meaning comes from the french interior design term for a long chair. It has been around for centuries and continues to be popular in modern design.

This timeless style will be a staple in your home for many years to come.

How do I choose a chaise lounge?

When choosing a chaise lounge you should consider the style, size, price, and fabric. Just as with any other piece of furniture, it’s important to measure and do a floor plan.

That way you know the exact size that’ll fit in your living space. You should also consider the other pieces in your room so they coordinate with one another.

A modern sculptural chaise would be great for a contemporary room while a tufted roll arm chaise fits glam or traditional spaces. The goal is to choose the look that complements the overall vibe of your room.

Best Modern Chaise Styles Of 2023

Here are the best modern chaise styles of 2023:

Best Overall: Coburn Chaise | Arhaus

This chaise lounge has sleek lines with a modern silhouette. It’s super comfy too!

Best Budget: Channel Stitch Chaise Lounge | Target

At just under $500 this stylish chaise lounge is the most affordable of the bunch.

Best Splurge: Modern Chaise Sofa | Lulu and Georgia

For those with unlimited funds, this modern velvet chaise is fabulous!

Best Style: Soriana Lounge Chair | Eternity Modern

Add style and personality to your interior design with this sculptural chaise lounge sofa.

Best Curves: Sculptural Chaise Lounge | Burke Decor

If you’re looking to take your living room, bedroom, or home office to the next level this curved chaise is for you!

Best Silhouette: Unique Chaise Sofa | McGee & Co

This chaise lounge has a casual elevated design that’ll make a statement in any style of home.

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Modern Chaise Lounge Shopping Tips

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Modern Chaise Lounge Styles

velvet, boucle, and chenille modern chaise lounge

1. Velvet Upholstered Chaise // 2. Chaise Lounge // 3. Unique Chaise Sofa // 4. Right-Facing Chaise // 5. Sculptural Chaise Lounge // 6. Modern Chaise Sofa // 7. Boucle Chaise Lounge // 8. Coburn Chaise // 9. Soriana Lounge Chair // 10. Ivory Chaise Lounge // 11. Channel Stitch Chaise Lounge // 12. Upholstered Chaise Lounge

Modern Chaise Lounge Chair

1. Velvet Upholstered Chaise

Add this chaise to an empty corner to create a moment in your living space. The curved back provides a relaxing place to curl up with your favorite book.

This style is available from Tov in grey or blush pink depending on the vibe you’re after. It has a sophisticated shape that’ll elevate the look of your interior design.

The brass base adds a touch of glam and luxury while the soft velvet fabric provides comfort. Your family will totally fight over who gets to spend the most time on this modern chaise sofa.

living room with grasscloth- wallpaper and navy velvet sofa

In the living room design above the chaise lounge in the corner with a table and decor behind for interest. There’s a drink table in front that’s perfect for holding your cocktail as you enjoy the view outside.

It creates an inviting moment that’s elevated and luxurious.

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2. Chaise Lounge

velvet upholstered chaise

This velvet lounge chaise is awesome for relaxing in style. It has an asymmetrical back and brass legs for a dramatic look.

The retro 60s-inspired design is perfect for mixing the character of old and new furniture pieces. It’s available in burnt orange and sky blue for just over $1000.

Add this velvet chaise to your bedroom, living room, den, and more!

3. Unique Chaise Sofa

chaise lounge

If you’re looking to create a focal point in your living space this unique chaise sofa is for you! It has a casual elevated silhouette that’s fun to look at from all angles.

The round curved frame has a solid wood base that contrasts with the neutral upholstery. It’s made with performance fabric so you can entertain with confidence knowing that accidents happen.

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4. Right-Facing Chaise

unique chaise sofa

Modern chaise styles are available with or without an arm. This right-facing chaise style would look awesome in an empty corner or floating in the center of a room.

It’s perfect to add to your living room, small spaces, and apartments, too. The laid-back silhouette is made with stain-resistant fabric and has a contrasting wood base.

@inspireddesigntalk Left Facing Chaise Sectional or Right Facing Chaise Sectional Sofa?!#interiordesigntips #diyhome #livingmybestlife #livingroomdecor #homedecor ♬ Joel Beam-JP – Carlton Banksy

The same sofa rule applies to the chaise lounge. When facing the chaise if the arm is on the right that would be considered right-facing. If the arm is on the left it would be left-facing.

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

5. Sculptural Chaise Lounge

right facing chaise

You’ll love the curves on this elevated chaise lounge. It’s a modern take on the classic style that’ll take any space to the next level.

The subtle herringbone pattern and channel tufting add texture and dimension. Its curved lines create a visual impact that’s sure to be the talk of the party.

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6. Modern Velvet Chaise Lounge

modern chaise sofa

There’s so much to love about this velvet chaise from Lulu and Georgia. It has clean lines, a modern silhouette, and a pillow top cushion.

The plush bolsters at the sides add both comfort and style. This chaise sofa is fabulous to add under a large window or in the center of your living room.

It’s available in four colorways depending on the look and feel you’re after. Ship time is 8-10 weeks on the made-to-order chaise so be sure to order sooner than later to make sure it arrives on time.

Save 15% off at Lulu and Georgia with the discount code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15. Sharing is caring, my friends!

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7. Boucle Chaise Lounge

boucle chaise lounge

Order this stylish boucle chaise in either the right or left-facing version. It’s part of the Cambria collection that was inspired by the modern lines of Italian design.

The deeply cushioned frame and plush cushions are perfect for relaxing after a hard day of work. By now you know that Boucle fabric is totally trending and a great way to add warmth and comfort to any living space.

If you prefer the look of velvet instead this style can be purchased a beautiful olive velvet as well. The inviting texture and deep tufting on the arm enhance the stylish design.

8. Coburn Chaise

coburn chaise

The Coburn collection at Arhaus has been going strong for quite some time now. It features modular pieces that complement one another and elevate the look of any living space.

This contemporary chaise has a casual silhouette that’s made with soft durable fabric. The Crypton upholstery will withstand everyday stains and spills making your peace of mind worth the investment.

It’s available as both left or right-facing chaise depending on your living space. Choose between two neutral colors depending on the one that works best in your design.

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9. Soriana Chaise Lounge Chair

soriana lounge chair

This stylish silhouette will take any room to the next level. There is just so much to love about this beautiful comfortable work of art.

The sculptural chaise has a tufted back, gathered sides, and polished chrome detailing at the front. It’s more like a work of art than furniture with its stunning but functional design.

If you’re looking to add a showstopper to your living space look no further. Choose the colorway that works best with your design and relax in comfort and style.

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10. Ivory Chaise Lounge

ivory chaise lounge

Add sophistication and style to any room in your home with the addition of this chaise lounge from CB2. It has a single plush feather-down covered cushion that’s upholstered in luxurious cream linen.

There are also multiple custom-order fabrics available if you have more time to wait. Don’t forget to order a free swatch so you can coordinate your furniture and decor together for a cohesive design.

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11. Channel Stitch Chaise Lounge

channel stitch chaise lounge

At just over $500 this modern chaise will add comfort and style while sticking to a budget. The S-shape silver frame has contrasting channel stitch faux leather upholstery.

It’s available in three colorways cognac, dark brown, and black. Each one will give your living space a minimalist but chic vibe.

This piece would look awesome in your living room, bedroom, home office, and more!

12. Upholstered Chaise Lounge

chaise lounge

Last up we have this stylish chaise lounge from Pottery Barn. It has a chic curved back and plush padding that take the comfort level up a notch.

The modern clean lines and neutral upholstery are great for updating any room in your home. It’s awesome to add in an empty corner or reading nook.

Create a special moment in your interior design with the addition of this chaise lounge. It’s sure to be your new favorite resting spot.

I hope these modern chaise lounge styles inspire you to create a home you love!

Have a fabulous day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best modern chaise lounge styles.

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