Brown Sofa Ideas Because It’s Making A Comeback

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Looking for brown sofa ideas to update your living room? Check out my favorites because this color is making a comeback!

Love it or hate it the color brown is making a comeback in fashion and home decor. This means you’ll now see sofas and couches in every shade of brown imaginable.

Cognac is one of the more popular shades that’s trending but you can find everything from rich chocolate to light sand. The color brown is comforting and has a warm natural quality which is why so many people love it.

Brown is inviting and puts you at ease as opposed to black which tends to be cool and intimidating. Brown sofas are available in a variety of shades, styles, and budgets. They come in both fabric and leather depending on the vibe you are after.

If you’re in the market for a new modern sofa and are considering brown this post is for you. Check out my favorites available online right now in this trendy neutral.

This post is all about brown sofa ideas.

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brown sofa in velvet, leather, and fabric

Best Brown Sofa Ideas Of 2024

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Here are the best brown sofa ideas of 2024:

Best Overall: Velvet Couch | CB2

If you are looking for a statement sofa this vintage ’70s Italian-inspired sofa is perfect.

Best Budget: Flared Arm Sofa | Wayfair

At just under $300 this is the most affordable brown sofa of the bunch.

Best Splurge: Brown Chaise Sectional | West Elm

For those with unlimited funds, this brown leather chaise sofa is fabulous!

Best Style: Curved Leather Sofa | Anthropologie

If you are looking for a curved sofa that’ll be the talk of the party this one is for you.

Best Tufted:  Chesterfield Leather Sofa | Pottery Barn

This leather tufted sofa is great for those who love to entertain in style and comfort.

Best Material: Modern Velvet Sofa | CB2

A brown velvet sofa is perfect for adding texture and interest to your interior design.

Best Leather: Leather Sofa | Crate & Barrel

This brown leather couch will make a statement in any style of home.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Shop The Brown Couch Living Room Roundup

brown sofa in velvet, leather, and fabric

1. Chocolate Brown Velvet Chanel Tufted Couch

espresso channeled sofa

This stylish chocolate brown velvet couch is the perfect statement piece for any modern contemporary living space. Inspired by the vintage ’70s Italian design style it has clean lines and rounded edges.

Add your favorite side tables on either side and a pair of boucle chairs to complete the look. This channel-tufted brown sofa is great for relaxing with your favorite book or binge-watching Netflix.

If you’re on the fence about the brown sofa there’s an assortment of other colors available. Choose between the 81″ or 101″ wide couch depending on the dimensions of your space.

2. Recessed Arm Dark Brown Sofa

recessed arm perigold brown sofa

The color name of this stunning velvet sofa is Godiva and it’s just as fabulous as luxury gourmet chocolate. It has clean lines, recessed arms, and a stylish silhouette making it perfect for any style of home.

No need to worry about seams in the cushions because the bench seat has none! Whether relaxing after a hard day of work or entertaining friends this brown sofa will add a sophisticated touch to your space.

3. Modern Velvet Sofa

brown sofa with folded arms and three back pillows

This shade of brown reminds me of Cafe con Leche. If you’re looking for a lighter update to the classic brown couch this one is for you.

The trendy modern silhouette is perfect to update your living room design. Inspired by the ’70s vintage style it’s upholstered a plush cotton/poly blend velvet.

It has wraparound arms that add architectural interest to the super comfy sofa. The three loose back cushions are great for lounging with family and friends.

4. Square Arm Brown Leather Sofa

square arm leather sofa

For those who love the classic vibe of a modern leather sofa, this one is meant for you. It’s available in four sizes making it great for small and large living rooms.

Choose between two or three seat cushions when placing your order. There are also multiple shades of brown leather sofa options available.

Popular colors include caramel, molasses, umber, and chocolate. This sofa is great for those with children or pets because the leather can be wiped down with ease.

5. Brown Velvet Harmony Sofa

velvet brown sofa

Harmony is one of the most comfortable sofas with its deep seat, plush cushions, and lumbar throw pillows. This durable brown couch is made for sprawling out or curling up with its low, clean-lined frame, reinforced joinery, and plinth base detail. 

There are so many things to love about this fabulous brushed velvet couch! It’s available in an abundance of color and fabric options aside from the one shown.

This sofa comes in four widths and three depths so no matter your space there is one to fit your needs. Your custom handcrafted sofa is made just for you.

The materials used are sustainably sourced which makes this couch great for the environment as well. If you’re looking for a statement sofa this one is a fabulous option.

6. Stylish Brown Leather Sofa

two seat cushion leather sofa

In stock and shipped to you in 4+ weeks this brown leather sofa will add a luxurious look to your living space. The updated version of the classic leather sofa is great for modern contemporary homes.

It has a slim frame, tailored topstitching, and french seams for a sophisticated look. Supported by iron legs this one-of-a-kind sofa will be comfortable and durable for many years to come.

Don’t forget to order a FREE swatch so you can carry it with you as you pull your design together.

7. Modern Brown Velvet Couch

velvet modern brown sofa

CB2 has a great assortment of stylish modern sofas to update your home. This velvet sofa will add personality to your boring living room.

The 70s Italian-inspired sofa features a sculptural silhouette that’s sure to be a focal point. If you are looking to add originality to your design this one is for you!!

Remember to order a FREE swatch of the Mohair Grey fabric to make sure the undertones work well with your design.

8. Brown Chesterfield Leather Sofa

chesterfield tufted leather couch

This vintage-inspired hand-burnished walnut sofa is upholstered in 100% Top-Grain, Semi-Aniline Dyed Leather. Due to the natural characteristics of the material, there will be color variations.

It has a soft supple hand feel meant for hours of relaxation. If you’re looking to give your living space a fresh look this Chesterfield sofa is for you.

The clean lines, square arms, and button tufting all add to the fabulous look of this heirloom sofa. It’s great for the living room, office, sitting room, library, and more!

9. Brown Chaise Sectional

chaise sectional couch

By now you know I LOVE a good stylish chaise sectional sofa. They’re perfect for hours of relaxation and entertainment.

Your family will fight over who gets to sit on the chaise because it’s super comfy. The above sofa is shown in the Molasses vegan leather made of 100% nylon.

It has a soft, smooth hand feel that replicates real leather only it’s cruelty-free! This sofa has a polyurethane topcoat that makes it durable while maintaining its color and appearance.

@inspireddesigntalk Left Facing Chaise Sectional or Right Facing Chaise Sectional Sofa?!#interiordesigntips #diyhome #livingmybestlife #livingroomdecor #homedecor ♬ Joel Beam-JP – Carlton Banksy

The brown chaise sofa has a casual low profile that’s great for lounging with friends. Its sink-in seat cushions and padded arms add extra comfort and style.

Another great option for those with pets or little ones. The vegan leather colors will ship in 12+ weeks so be sure to order sooner than later. If you need a faster option the Nut saddle leather is in stock and ready to go!

Either style will make a fabulous addition to any style of home. It’s awesome for the living room, den, or basement.

10. Modern Leather Brown Sofa Ideas

brown couch with two cushions

There are so many brown options to choose from in this Arhaus leather sofa style. The Missouri canyon (shown) is ready to go but there are also custom options that’ll fit your needs as well.

This modern leather sofa has clean lines, comfortable cushions, and a sustainably sourced hardwood frame. The thin arms, rounded top, and two cushion seats are great for classic and contemporary style.

Level up your living room design with the addition of this brown leather couch.

11. Curved Leather Brown Sofa Ideas

curved leather couch

Loving everything about this rich nubuck leather sofa in mocha. It has gorgeous feminine curves and removable maple legs. The one-seat cushion is removable for easy cleaning.

The stunning asymmetrical silhouette adds to the beauty of this brown curved couch. You’ll instantly level up your living space with the addition of this curved sofa.

Pair it with your favorite drink table and neutral pillows to complete the look.

12. Brown Leather Sofa

square arm leather couch

Here is another brown leather sofa available in a plethora of colors and sizes. The size options are perfect for small living spaces, offices, or bedrooms.

It has a contemporary silhouette, sink-in cushions, and slender track arms that’ll update any space it’s in. Choose from leather in caramel, bourbon, cocoa, umber, maple, and more!

13. Leather Chaise Sectional

chaise sectional with gold legs

This brown leather chaise sectional has a modern Italian shape, down-wrapped cushions, minimalist legs, and a gently reclining back.

The brass legs will add a touch of glam to your living space. Similar to many of the others there are multiple sizes, configurations, and fabrics to choose from when placing your order.

The result will be a custom sofa made just for you!

14. Flared Arm Affordable Brown Sofa

brown microfiber three cushion couch

The brown flared-arm Wayfair sofa is ridiculously affordable. At just over $300 it’s great for anyone moving into their first home or apartment.

The simple design and flared arms are perfect to update the modern contemporary home. Throw a pair of faux fur pillows or a pop of color to complete the look!

15. Velvet Deep Seat Sofa

toffee brown sofa

There are many shades of brown sofas available in a variety of upholstery fabrics. This toffee velvet sofa is a beautiful taupe brown and is perfect for any neutral living space.

If you have a larger space this sofa is calling your name. At 95.5″ wide there’s plenty of room for company or stretching out for a power nap.

The sleek design and luxurious fabric will add a focal point to any room it’s in. This design comes in five colorways so there’s sure to be one perfect for your living room.

At just under $3000 it’s an affordable update for your living room design. The made-to-order sofa will ship out in 6-8 weeks which is considered fast these days. Trust me it is!

When You Know Better You Do Better

What colors go best with a brown sofa?

The colors that go best with a brown sofa are ivory, blue, green, terra cotta, and rusty red. These colors are seen together in nature and create a calm zen-like vibe.
If you don’t want your space to feel dark paint your walls in a light-neutral color. This will give your brown sofa living room a light and airy vibe.

Are brown leather sofas out of style?

Brown leather sofas are NOT out of style. Not only are they currently trending but for many, I don’t think they ever went out of style.
Since the ALL grey trend went out of style we saw black-and-white spaces become super popular. Those who are looking for a warmer update have gone back to the tried and true brown colorways.
Colors such as caramel and saddle leather are timeless making them fabulous no matter the year. There are also spaces like the den, basement, family room, and office that often call for a brown sofa.

Whether you’ve been a fan of the brown sofa for years or are new to the party any of these styles will make a fabulous addition to your interior design.

Happy Designing!

This post is all about brown sofa ideas.

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