Best Couches For Cuddling With Loved Ones In 2024

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The cuddler couch is one of the best couches for cuddling with loved ones. Just like other sectional sofas they’re available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and budgets.

The first time I heard of the cuddle couch I was working as a design consultant in a furniture store. I had no idea what it was and had to look it up.

If you’re here chances are that’s not the case for you… but if you don’t know let me tell you all about it. A cuddler sectional has an extended curved or angular sofa section attached at the end.

They come in a variety of styles and materials. When it comes to price there are affordable styles as well as investment pieces.

Some are large with three sections while others are small with only two. The client who made the original request loved the idea of “cuddling” with her kids on the cozy sectional.

The curved or angled design is perfect for small and large spaces. It’s different from a traditional L-shape or U-shape sectional in that the lines are not straight.

A cuddler sofa is the perfect blend of a traditional sofa and a sectional with a chaise. Check out the styles below which are awesome for small spaces, a living room, basement, family room, and more!

This post is all about the best cuddler couch for cuddling.

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best cuddler couch for cuddling collage

Best Cuddler Sectional Couch For Cuddling

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Here are the best couches for cuddling in 2024:

angled chaise sectional sofa

2. Best Two-Piece Cuddler Sectional:

Angled Chaise Sectional Sofa

best grey couches for cuddling three piece sectional with pillows

5. Best Big Couches For Cuddling:

Grey Cuddler Upholstered

best two piece cuddler couch for cuddling sectional with tufting

6. Best Budget Sectional With Cuddler:

Two Piece Upholstered Sectional

ivory best cuddler couch for cuddling  with chaise

7. Best Cuddle Sofa With Chaise:

 Cuddler Sectional

Cuddle Couch Sectional Shopping Tips

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your cuddle couch sectional with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

best couches for cuddling collage

Here you will find more details about each cuddler sectional couch. The more you know the better you can shop with intention.

1. Best Overall: Power Reclining Cuddler Sofa Sectional

two piece best couches for cuddling grey sectional
Image via Wayfair

This power reclining cuddler sectional has a deep seat making it perfect for tall people.

There’s a reason it’s a bestseller. It’s part of the Big Chill collection and is built for comfort and relaxation.

The luxe gray textured microfiber upholstery is soft to the touch and great for elevating the look of your interior design. This deep-seat sectional sofa is great for taller homeowners.

This cuddler couch sectional will be your new favorite spot in the house. Just sit back and relax while enjoying quality time with friends and family.

2. Best Two-Piece: Angled Chaise Sectional With Cuddler

angled chaise sectional sofa
Image via Crate & Barrel

The Axis cuddle couch sectional from Crate & Barrel is great for smaller spaces where the traditional sectional won’t fit. It’ll give you the same comfort and coziness but on a smaller scale.

It’s also perfect to add to a casual living room or family room. The track arms and modern silhouette give it a clean look that’s timeless too.

The low back and deep seats will encourage hours of cuddling. No pun intended!

Choose between the right arm chaise (shown) or left depending on the needs of your space. There are also 207 fabric options so there’s one that’ll complement your interior design perfectly!

3. Best Snuggle Couch: Two Piece Cuddle Chaise Sectional | Sofa With Cuddler Corner

two piece cuddler chaise sectional couch for cuddling
Image via Arhaus

For a more sophisticated look, the Vernon two-piece cuddler chaise sectional is fabulous. It’s also available in a left-arm cuddler (shown) or right-arm.

This cuddler couch sectional has clean modern lines, wide tapered arms, and high-performance upholstery. The metal connectors underneath hold the sectional pieces together and prevent shifting.

Add the matching creme ottoman for even more comfort. This sectional with cuddler has an inviting vibe that’ll encourage friends to stay for a while.

4a. Best Splurge: Cuddler Couch For Cuddling Sectional with Chaise 

grey two piece sectional chaise
Image via Arhaus

For those with unlimited funds, this cuddler couch sectional is awesome!

You’ll elevate the look of your home with the addition of this sophisticated cuddle couch sectional. It’s perfect for your living room, family room, man cave, and more!

The modern silhouette has clean thin track arms, a curved front cuddler chaise, and plush cushions. This sofa blends classic comfort with contemporary styling for an updated look.

It’s crafted by Artisans in North Carolina with high-performance fabric. You can entertain with confidence knowing cleanup will be a breeze.

4b. Ivory Cuddler Sectional | Wide Couches For Cuddling

ivory two piece sectional chaise
Image via Arhaus

Aside from the grey style above this comfortable cuddler sectional is available in a plush linen fabric too. Order free swatches of each to decide which one complements the style of your home best.

At 172″ wide, this cuddle couch sectional is large so be sure you measure and do a floor plan. This investment piece is on sale right now for a savings of $3000 which is fabulous!

Pro Tip:

When ordering your cuddler sofa you should say the side you want it on when facing the sofa. For example, it will be a “Right-Arm Sitting” or “Left-Arm Sitting” depending on the side you want it.

xo Nicole

5. Best Big Couches For Cuddling: Grey Sectional With Cuddler

best grey cuddler couch for cuddling three piece sectional with pillows
Image via Wayfair

If you have a big family or love to host large gatherings big couches for cuddling are perfect. This sectional with cuddler is made of three pieces with wide flared track arms at either end of the sectional.

The soft cushioned back and pillow chaise add extra comfort to this oversized cuddler sectional. It comes with removable cushions and 9 toss pillows.

Just change the pillow covers to update the look and feel of your room. If you prefer a minimalist look you can use the throw pillows on an accent chair or in another room as well.

6. Best Budget: Two Piece Cuddler Couch Sectional

best two piece couches for cuddling  sectional with tufting
Image via Wayfair

At just over $1600 this affordable couch with a cuddler is great for those on a tighter budget. There’s still plenty of room to relax and cuddle up in the corner.

This cuddler sectional has tufted cushions, neutral chenille fabric, and a pullout ottoman. The ottoman will add a chaise section to the sofa for added relaxation and comfort.

It’s available in beige (shown) or gray chenille depending on your room. This cuddler sectional has removable cushions and two matching throw pillows.

7.  Best With Chaise: Oversized Cuddler Sectional With Chaise

ivory best cuddler couch for cuddling with chaise
Image via Target

If you can’t decide between a chaise or cuddler this sectional has the best of both worlds. It’ll provide spacious seating and invite you to relax in style.

It’s made of a soft chenille fabric that has a water-repellent and stain-resistant treatment for added protection. No need to worry about accidents because clean-up will be a breeze.

There are box seat cushions, self-stitching, and track arms for a modern vibe. This sectional with cuddler and chaise is perfect for a living room, basement, family room, and more!

At just under $4300 it’s one of the more affordable options. Choose between light brown (shown) or light gray when placing your order online.

Sectional Sofa With Chaise

Here are sectional sofas with a chaise that have a similar feel to the cuddler.

sectional sofa with chaise collage

When You Know Better You Do Better

What is a cuddler Couch?

A cuddler sofa is designed to snuggle close with loved ones. The extended cuddler corner is a modular section attached at the end of a sectional with an arm on one side.
The two-piece couch with cuddler is great for apartments and small spaces. There’s also an L-shaped three-piece version with a sectional or chaise at the opposite end.
It’s great to add an intimate cozy seating spot to any living space. It’s sure to be your family’s new favorite hangout spot.

What is a cuddle chaise?

The cuddle chaise is just what it sounds like a version of a chaise lounge and cuddle seat. It’s a cozy inviting space that’s meant for lounging and relaxation.
The curved modular end seat is similar to a chaise lounge with enough space to cuddle with your partner or child. They’re fabulous to add to modern contemporary spaces and will take your design to the next level.

I hope these cuddler sectionals inspire you to design a home you love!

This post is all about the best cuddler couch for cuddling.

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