Best Velvet Tufted Sofa Styles For Your Living Room Design

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A velvet tufted sofa will make a timeless and elegant addition to any home. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and budgets.

When it comes to this type of couch there are also different kinds of tufting. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just one size fits all. You can choose between channel, box, and diamond tufting to name a few.

The style of your home and the look you’re after will be deciding factors. For example, channel tufting is more modern while diamond tufting is more traditional or glam. There’s also box tufting which has a mid-century and contemporary vibe.

Another design feature of the tufted sofa is the silhouette. This can be anything from the arm style, leg, base, or back shape.

This roundup will help you choose the best velvet tufted couch for your home. They’re at a variety of price points so there’s one no matter your budget.

This post is all about tufted velvet sofa styles.

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orange tufted sofa velvet with black and white pillows with black coffee table

What is a velvet tufted sofa?

A tufted sofa has self-covered buttons or stitches that form a geometric pattern. The sofa upholstery is pulled and folded into the design and secured by a button.

Typically the pattern will be diamond or square-shaped but channel tufting is linear. This technique forms evenly spaced indentations throughout the sofa or couch.

What style is tufted furniture?

Tufted couches can be found in Victorian designs, elegant ballrooms, or in your family and friends’ living rooms. It’s been around for hundreds of years and is a great piece to add to any style of home.

What types of tufted sofas are there?

Five types of tufted patterns are popular in furniture. They are:

  1. Diamond Tufting
  2. Button Tufting
  3. Biscuit Tufting
  4. Blind Tufting
  5. Channel Tufting

Depending on the tufted couch you choose it will have a mid-century modern, contemporary, or transitional vibe. Also, the sofa upholstery used will make an impact on the look and feel of a room.

Reasons To Love Velvet Tufted Couches:

  • Comfort: Velvet is renowned for its softness making it the ultimate material for a cozy night in.
  • Timeless style: Velvet tufted sofas never go out of style. They’re a classic investment piece that’ll add elegance to your home for years to come.
  • Versatility: Velvet tufted sofas come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, so there is one to complement your existing décor perfectly.
  • Durability: Velvet is a surprisingly durable fabric, making it a great choice for families with pets or children.
  • Statement piece: A velvet tufted sofa is sure to be the focal point of any living room, making it a great way to express your personality.

What is the purpose of tufting?

Back in the day, the purpose of tufting a sofa was to keep the inside stuffing from moving around. In current furniture trends, sofa tufting is used to add decoration, texture, and style.

Velvet tufted sofas are great to add a luxurious look and elevate your interior design.


  • Consider the size and layout of your living room. Make sure the sofa is the right size for your space and that it won’t overwhelm the room.
  • Think about your lifestyle. If you have pets or children, you’ll want to choose a fabric that is easy to clean and stain-resistant.
  • Set a budget. Velvet tufted sofas can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Decide how much you’re willing to spend before you start shopping.
  • Have fun! Velvet tufted sofas are a great way to express your personality. Don’t be afraid to choose a bold color or statement piece.
olive tufted sofa velvet

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Best Velvet Tufted Couches Of 2024

tufted velvet sofa moodboard collage

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Here you will find all the details you need to know when shopping for a velvet tufted couch.

1. Velvet Tufted Sofa With Metal Legs

pink couch with tufting with metal legs

There’s so much to love about this custom West Elm pink velvet couch. For one, you can choose the style arm, back, and fabric that fits your needs best.

It’s a super affordable option that’s perfect for anyone on a budget or just starting out. The channel-tufted back has stitched lines that form a vertical pattern.

It has brass legs for a touch of glam and sophistication. This tufted couch will go perfectly in any modern contemporary living space.

This is an example of a sofa with a channel-tufted back. The tufting is stitched in vertical lines for a modern vibe.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 70.5″w x 31″d x 31.5″h

2. Channel Velvet Tufted Couch

navy tufted velvet sofa

Make a statement in your living room design with the addition of this channel-tufted couch. It has a luxurious look that will elevate your home.

The square arms and modern silhouette are great for creating a focal point in your interior design. Then there’s the deep seat that takes comfort to the next level.

This is an example of a fully channel-tufted couch.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 97″w x 35″d x 26.5″h

3. Gray Velvet Tufted Sofa

grey couch with metal legs

This stunning tufted back sofa will look fabulous in any contemporary home. Available in multiple colorways you just may have a hard time picking your favorite.

If you have more time you can also fully customize the fabric and base. The only limit is your imagination!

The charcoal velvet sofa shown above will bring the look of Hollywood glamour to your design. A high tuxedo back gives this couch a formal but elegant look and feel.

Love the self-fabric velvet bolsters that make this sofa super comfy for lounging with your favorite book.

This is an example of a biscuit tufted couch which is commonly seen in mid-century modern design. The stitching is in a square pattern with deep to shallow dimples.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 85″w x 35″d x 31″h

4. Curved Back Velvet Tufted Couch

curved back couch with channel tufting

Love the curved back detail of this channel tufted sofa. It has a timeless design and classic silhouette that’ll be the center of your living room design.

The feminine frame has curved arms and comfortable seat cushions for hours of relaxation. It has a flexible support frame with foam-padded cushions.

The neutral taupe velvet sofa is available in four sizes. Anyone you choose will add a touch of sophistication and drama to your space.

Add your favorite fur throw pillows, side table, and coffee table to complete the look. Oh and don’t forget the area rug too!

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 107″, 80″, 93″, or 63″ wide

5. Brown Velvet Sofa

 couch with tufting and wood base

Brown sofas are making a comeback so this sofa is awesome if you’re looking to update your interior design. At 95 inches wide this velvet couch will be the star of the show.

It’s finished in a natural whitewash and aged bronze for a sophisticated vibe. The velvet fabric is technically grey with a slight brown undertone.

If you’re struggling to leave the grey trend this sofa will help you break out of your comfort zone. It’s finished with nailhead trim which is the perfect complement to the tufted seat and back.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 95″w x 34.75″d x 26.5″h

6. Orange Velvet Tufted Couch

burnt orange couch with tufting

This button-tufted sofa style from Anthropologie is a thing of beauty. It features a stylish silhouette with wide arms and clean lines.

The plush orange sofa is perfect for relaxing and entertaining in your glamorous home. Its wide arms can be used for extra seating or resting a cocktail.

This trendy burnt orange sofa reminds me of a beautifully tailored dress. There are just so many details to appreciate and love!

This is an example of a biscuit-tufted sofa with deep dimples. The linear design and boxy shape are a modern update to the elegant Chesterfield sofa style.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 98″, 116″, or 90″

7. Navy Modern Tufted Sofa

navy tufted velvet sofa with nailheads

This wide tufted couch is perfect for large spaces! It has three comfortable seat cushions, panel sock arms, and nailhead trim.

It’s upholstered in a luxe navy velvet upholstery that’ll elevate your living room design. This sofa would look amazing in everything from contemporary to glam to eclectic design styles.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 98″w x 39″d x 32″h

8. Arhaus Tufted Sofa

mint green velvet sofa

If you have a small space this petite channel back sofa is for you! It has a relaxed look with deep seats that are super comfortable.

The timeless tufted velvet sofa is a classic twist to the styles of the past. It has turned legs, two seat cushions, and Charles of London arms with an updated channel-tufted back.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 76″w x 38.25″d x 31.25″h

9. Channel Tufted Couch

channel tufted velvet couch

Add a futurist vibe to your home with this channel-tufted couch from Jonathan Adler. The stylish silhouette has capsule-shaped arms, recessed legs, and velvet upholstery.

The champagne colorway is a nod to the 70s glam style that’s currently trending. You can also get this modern sofa in boucle if that’s more your jam.

This stunning style is sure to be a head-turner and the talk of the party!

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 88″w x 36″d x 29″h

10. Velvet Fringe Couch With Tufting

purple tufted velvet sofa with fringe

Be the unicorn in the field of horses with the addition of this gorgeous-colored sofa. It has thin track arms and purple velvet upholstery that’ll make a statement in any room it’s in.

The fringe detail at the hem and blind tufted cushions add a traditional touch to the modern sofa silhouette. Blind tufting is great for those with kids or pets since there are no buttons to pull on.

This tufting technique is less common and does not have a recognizable pattern. If you’re looking to add a modern touch of glam to your interior design this sofa is for you!

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 84″w x 34.25″d x 27″h

11. Velvet Tufted Couch With Nailheads

grey tufted velvet couch

Love the tufted back and double nailhead trim of this glamtastic sofa from Walmart! They have stylish affordable sofas that’ll make a statement in your home.

This sofa features three seats, a low back, metal legs, and soft velvet. It’s the perfect addition to a modern glam home.

It’s also a great choice for entertaining guests and family members in comfort and style.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 85″w x 35″d x 31″h

12. Velvet Diamond Tufted Couch

tufted velvet sofa with sock arm

This color is very trendy and definitely for the bold at heart. There are so many details to love such as the rolled arms, diamond tufted back, and turned legs.

This vintage velvet sofa is a classic take on 18th-century English furniture but with an updated twist.

It’s perfect for many design styles including contemporary glam, electric, retro, and more! Image yourself curled up binge-watching your favorite show.

This is an example of diamond tufting which is the most common technique used. The fabric is pulled and secured to create an evenly-spaced diamond pattern.

Most people consider it the most comfortable tufting due to the extra cushioning in each tuft. Diamond tufting is very typical in antique velvet sofa styles.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 69″, 79″, or 89″ wide

13. Olive Velvet Sofa With Wood Frame

olive tufted velvet sofa

Olive sofas are currently trending and this one is fabulous! It has a low profile, hand-sewn button tufts, and walnut legs.

It’s available in both a three-seat or four-seat option depending on the measurements of your room. This modern velvet tufted sofa will make a bold statement in your interior design.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 81″ or 105″ wide

Modern Velvet Sofas (Pin It For Later)

modern velvet sofa styles

When You Know Better You Do Better

Are tufted sofas out of style?

No! Tufted sofas are NOT out of style and are super popular. Pretty much every retailer has an updated version of the classic tufted couch.
This style sofa is perfect no matter your design style or budget.

Is tufting mid-century?

The box or square pattern tufting will give a sofa a more mid-century modern vibe. Also, tufting that’s more spread out or only across the back will have a similar feeling.

Is velvet a good fabric for sofa?

Velvet is a great fabric for sofa upholstery. It’s soft to the touch and has a sheen that’s perfect for adding texture and dimension to any living space.
The material tends to get better with age making it a timeless option that can be passed down.


Tufted velvet sofas will make a timeless and elegant addition to any home. They come in a variety of styles, from the classic Chesterfield to the more modern and streamlined. No matter your design style, space, or budget there is one perfect for you.

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that’s both soft and inviting, and the tufting adds a touch of sophistication. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room or a cozy spot to curl up with a good book, a tufted velvet sofa is the way to go. I hope these velvet tufted sofa styles help you to design a home you love!

This post is all about tufted velvet sofa styles.

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