Best Statement Couch Ideas In 2024

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Looking for the best statement couch ideas for your living room? This roundup of trendy sofas will turn your home into a dream house.

Let’s talk about the statement couch, shall we?! Gone are the days of adding the classic sock arm sofa to your living room.

Those stuck in the traditional style may still prefer that look but not us unicorns. Nope, we like to stand out in everything we do and the couch is no different.

It only makes sense since the sofa is the largest piece of furniture in your living room. Aside from that chances are it’s the one you’ll be holding onto the longest too.

So let’s just say it’s quite the investment piece. That said, time and effort should go into choosing the perfect one for your home.

A statement couch is the way to go if you want to add style and personality to your home. Check out all the fabulous statement couches available online right now.

This post is all about the best statement couch ideas.

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collage of statement couch styles

What is a statement couch?

A statement couch will be the focal point of your living space. It’ll have original lines that command attention.

Quite often it has a retro silhouette with updated modern fabric. Popular statement sofas are upholstered in boucle, velvet, performance fabric, leather, and more.

They’re available in every style and budget. If you like to change the look of your living room often, you can choose the more affordable options.

For those who buy and hold, you’ll want to go for the timeless quality sofa. That way you can just set it and forget it.

Best Statement Couches Of 2024

collage of statement couch styles

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Statement Sofa & Couch Ideas

Here you will find all the details to help you choose the best sofa for your living space.

1. Curved Sectional Sofa

curved statement couch

Add drama and style to your living room design with this two-piece curved sectional. It’s the perfect piece to float in the center of an open floor plan.

The curved back will define the area and help guide the traffic flow of your room. It has a sinuous wire spring seat construction for comfort and durability.

There are three colorways available in this trendy statement sofa but only the ivory linen is available at the time of this post. The olive and camel velvet is currently sold out. Bummer I know!

Enter the code INSPIREDDESIGNTALK15 for 15% off your Lulu and Georgia order! Happy shopping!

2. Terrazza Statement Couch

unique couches

I recently saw a version of this sofa in person at the Apartment Therapy popup shop in NYC and fell in LOVE! When it comes to statement sofas this one is so good!

black and white living room coffee table with statement sofa

The super cool design is sure to be a conversation starter. It has an eye-catching layered silhouette, foam construction, and upholstery that’s easy to clean.

You can configure the modular sections to fit your dimensions and create a larger sofa. It’s perfect for those who move a lot since it’s easy to take apart.

3. Two-Tone Statement Sofa

two tone statement couch

It’s been said that design is just updated versions of styles from the past and this sofa is the perfect example. The classic frame has a contrasting two-tone upholstery that’s sure to make a statement in any home.

The pink velvet was pulled from the multi-color print for a sophisticated vibe. Classic details like the sock arm, two cushion seats, and turned wood caster feet got a much-needed update.

This sofa is crafted by hand so each one is one of a kind. You’ll get a custom-designed sofa for under $2000 which is a steal!

4. Modern Black Leather Sofa

black shirred sofa

Make a statement in any room in your home with this sofa. The exaggerated curves and dramatic ruched details are sure to command attention.

It’s great for lounging in style with friends and family. You’ll love the seamless feel of the bench seat cushion under your tush.

This black leather couch is awesome for adding contrast and style to any living space.

5. Curved Back Sofa

lulu and georgia ivory sofa

Sculptural furniture is available in everything from tables to chairs and yes even sofas. This curved back couch has a modern silhouette with clean lines that are perfect to update the average dated home.

It’s awesome to make a statement in your living room, office, bedroom, and more! The soft textural upholstery in crisp white is just what your neutral design is asking for.

You’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud as you relax on this statement sofa.

6. Printed Statement Sofa

printed sofa

Anthropologie does not disappoint with this stunning print sofa. It features an exclusive Louise Mural print that’ll add luxury and a wow factor to any living space.

I’ve said it before and will repeat it, the BEST way to create a color palette in any room is to use a print as the jumping-off point. Pair this sofa with neutrals and pull out your favorite pop colors for added interest.

The colorful field of flowers and blue sky will bring joy and bliss to your design. It’s complimented by the round button feet for a playful touch.

7. Camel Curved Sofa

rust modern retro rounded statement couch

If you’ve been searching for the perfect camel sofa this style is for you. Anthropologie got the memo that statement couches are trending.

The retro styling and rounded silhouette will add a modern vibe to your living room design. It has a plush bench seat cushion that’s super inviting.

There’s also a touch of industrial design with its narrow steel legs at the base. At 98.5″ wide and 34″ deep seat this sofa will fill your everyday and entertaining needs.

8. White Boucle Sofa

white boucle sofa

The curves of this modular sofa will have you daydreaming every time you take a seat. It has luxurious and comfortable cushions that’ll be your favorite spot to relax.

Just think of all the Netflix movies and long conversations you’ll be having with friends and family. The beauty of this modular statement couch is it’s easy to move and rearrange.

No matter if your room is small or large this style will give you freedom and flexibility. There are multiple configurations to choose from depending on your space and needs.

9. Teddy Bear Boucle Settee

teddy bear boucle sofa

Add texture and warmth to any room in your home with the addition of this teddy bear boucle settee. The neutral upholstery and elevated shearling fabric will complement any design style.

It has a plush bench seat and subtle tufting at the back for added interest. Choose between the ivory and latte colorways when placing your order online.

10. Curved Sectional Modular Couch

curved sectional modular couch

Homary is a fabulous resource for trendy sofas and this one is stunning. It’s the piece de resistance that’ll take any living space to the next level.

The four-piece sectional couch has a curved design that’s perfect to float in the center of an open floor plan. It’s upholstered in a velvet fabric that screams luxury and sophistication.

You’ll stretch out and relax all day long on this bad boy. The round pillows and back cushions are included which is an added extra bonus.

It has a matching ottoman that’s awesome to put your feet up or use as a coffee table with a tray. Make a bold statement in your interior design with the addition of this curved sectional couch.

Choose from one of six colorways when placing your order. It’s in stock and ready to ship to your home in record time which is awesome!!

11. Rust Velvet Soriana Sofa

rust velvet soriana sofa

This retro-inspired replica of the Soriano sofa has soft pleats with gathered sides and back. It’s supported by a sculptural polished chrome system that adds to the unique design.

The tufted back is like a work of art that’s comfortable and stylish. This armless couch is fabulous for any modern home.

It’s available in multiple fabrics and colors if the rust velvet sofa is not your jam. No matter which one you choose this three-seat sofa will create a focal point in any makeover.

How do you style a statement sofa?

The best way to style a statement sofa and make it stand out is to create a focal point. You can do this by adding your favorite throw pillows.

Repeating the sofa color in your room will create flow and balance. Using contrasting furniture is a great way to add interest to your room.

I hope these statement sofas inspire you to design a modern home you love!

This post is all about the best statement couch styles.

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