Best Couch Legs For Your Living Room

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Looking for the best couch legs for your living room makeover? Check out my favorites that are perfect no matter your design style!

So you’re in the market for a new sofa and are wondering what the best couch legs are. If this sounds familiar you’re in the right place.

Similar to sofa arm styles couch legs come in a variety of shapes, styles, materials, and colors. Depending on your design style you’ll gravitate towards different sofa legs.

In this post, I’ll discuss the options available as well as the characteristics of each. Some sofa legs are suited for modern contemporary spaces while others fit better in traditional or transitional homes.

As always there’s no right style there is just the one YOU like best. Check out the roundup below and let me know if you have a FAV!

This post is all about the best couch legs.

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best couch legs on quilted sofa and velvet couch

How do I choose the best couch legs?

The key to choosing a new sofa leg is to first determine your design style. A simple search on Pinterest for design styles will help you figure this out.

Once you know the style you like look at the sofa legs used in the interior spaces. If you love modern design a block leg or plinth base is great. In a transitional space, the bun foot or turned leg sofa is common.

In contemporary spaces, you’ll find metal base sofas or tapered legs. California eclectic rooms typically have wood-based sofas or hidden sofa legs.

These are common but not a rule. The bottom line the vibe you are after will determine the sofa leg you choose.

Can you change the legs on a couch?

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Yes, you can change the legs on a couch which will change to look of the style. If you have a turned leg sofa changing the legs to tapered will add a modern vibe.

Similarly adding turned legs with casters will add a classic glam vibe to a velvet sofa that originally had stiletto legs.

Shop around on Etsy or Amazon to find legs that appeal to you. You’ll add new life to your existing sofa with this simple update.

What are the legs of a couch called?

For this post, the following sofa leg styles are featured:

  1. Block Leg
  2. Bun Foot
  3. Tapered Round
  4. Tapered Square
  5. Splayed Leg
  6. Plinth Base
  7. Turned Leg With Casters
  8. Turned Leg
  9. Stilleto With Brass Cap
  10. Metal Legs
  11. Modern Metal Stretcher
  12. Metal Base
  13. Exposed wood Frame
  14. Brass Orbs
  15. Square Leg
  16. Metal Tube Frame
  17. Arrow Foot Sofa

How tall should sofa legs be?

In general the deeper the sofa seat the lower the legs will be. The typical modern sofa will have a seat height of 15-20″ from the floor.

If you are not sure what to choose the average sofa is 17-18″ from the floor to the top of the seat cushion.

Sofa Shopping Tips

By now you know the drill. Measure your space and do a floor plan with the layout you plan to create. This will be your roadmap as you go through the design process.

Once you know the pieces you can tweak the measurement to reflect the exact dimensions of the furniture you’re sourcing.

A few dimensions to keep in mind are:

  • The distance from the sofa to the coffee table should be 14″-18″
  • Leave at least 3′ of space in high traffic areas/ patterns
  • Side tables should be 6″-8″ away from the side of the sofa or chair

These are just a few guidelines to remember as you plan your furniture layout.

Download your FREE measure guide!

Types Of Sofa Feet & Legs

best couch legs on quilted sofa and velvet couch

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Below is a roundup of the sofa legs you can choose for your new sofa. I also highlighted the design style each one pairs best with.

Do your research as well so you can make an educated decision on the best sofa leg style for your new living room.

1. Block Leg Sofa

best couch block legs sofa with quilting and nailheads

The block leg sofa is great for contemporary modern spaces. It has a simple design with a straight undecorated foot.

A shorter wide block leg will have a modern vibe while a taller block leg will feel more classic or traditional. This leg is a very popular style, especially in modern in-stock sofas.

home lighting gold chandelier with grey sofa and coffee table with animal hide rug
Charly Right Chaise Sectional

The above neutral living room design is an example of a short block leg sofa. It’s from Interior Define and is customizable.

You can choose the fabric, depth, cushions, fill, size, and legs. The three finishes available in the block leg style are painted black, oiled walnut, and natural oak.

Rounded Legs

creme boucle couch with curved back and three cushions

For a softer look go with rounded legs. This boucle sofa has a similar modern vibe but with feminine curves. It’s great to update the contemporary home and make a statement.

2. Bun Feet Couch

bun feet sofa with quilting, panel sock arm, nailheads and two cushions

Another classic style is the bun foot sofa. This has a more traditional or transitional vibe but fur pillows would add a touch of glam.

The type of upholstery is going to determine the look of the sofa. Velvet tufted couches will feel more contemporary while linen will have a more classic style.

Bun foot legs have a flattened round sphere inspired by 17th-century design. It’s often found in country-style living rooms with oversized sofa silhouettes.

3. Tapered Round Leg Sofa

best couch legs tapered round legs with wood frame and bench cushion

There are several versions of the tapered leg sofa. The above style has round tapered legs that are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom.

This couch silhouette was inspired by Mid Century design and is perfect for modern homes. The exposed ash legs and rail in the bleached oak finish are on-trend and great for updating your living room.

4. Tapered Square Leg Sofa

tufted white sofa with curved back and quilting

Similar to the round version the tapered square leg sofa is wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. The difference with the square design is there are four distinct sides where the round is a smooth shape. In general, the higher the leg the more traditional the sofa will feel.

If you are looking for a contemporary or transitional living room design that’s timeless this one is for you. It’s on sale right now at Z Gallerie and comes in a plethora of fabric options.

5. Splayed Leg Couch

splayed leg sofa with wood frame and three cushions

A splayed leg couch is great for modern contemporary spaces. This one from West Elm has an exposed wood base and a mid-century-inspired design.

What are splayed legs in furniture?

The splayed leg is similar to the round or square tapered style but is angled out more than 90 degrees from the sofa base. It’s usually recessed in the front slightly which adds to the interesting design.

This style leg is available in both wood and metal finishes depending on the look you are after.

Splayed Metal Legs

Below is the metal splayed legs sofa that’ll update the look of any space it’s in. It’s on sale right now for a super affordable price from Wayfair.

yellow velvet sofa with metal splayed legs

The gold splayed leg will add a sophisticated vibe and is great for those looking for a glam touch.

6. Plinth Sofa

plinth base sofa with three cushions

A plinth base sofa will give your living room an elevated modern vibe. This style leg comes in many versions. The featured couch has two parallel rectangular frames with flat faces that extend from the front to the back.

What is a plinth on a sofa?

The plinth is a pedestal or platform that supports an architectural column. In sofas, a plinth base can be made of wood or metal in an open or solid design.

It is often found in modern furniture and is great for making a statement in your living room design.

burnt orange sofa with two cushions and plinth base

The metal plinth is available at the sides of the sofa (above) or along the entire base for a contemporary look.

7. Turned Leg Sofa With Casters

moss green velvet sofa with turned legs and casters

A turned-leg sofa with casters will have a different vibe depending on the fabric used. The velvet sofa above would look awesome in any style of home, especially California eclectic and transitional spaces.

Turned legs are created by rotating a wooden dowel on a lathe and then using tools to carve the shape. The round structures in the turned leg are called nodules. Fewer nodules in the legs will give a more modern look while more will have a traditional feel.

A turned-leg sofa with casters will add a sophisticated look that’s great for transitional or traditional interior design. The casters are available in different metal finishes depending on the vibe you are after.

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8. Hand Painted Turned Leg Sofa

pink couch living room sofa with quilting and curved arms

Vintage sofas have turned legs which have been popular for many years. The above sofa from Arhaus has fewer nodules giving the sofa a more modern feel.

Turned legs can be stained or painted (shown above). Pairing this leg with a classic silhouette will have a traditional look.

This velvet sofa has tufting, nailheads, curved arms, and a double seat cushion for a luxurious Paris-inspired vibe.

9. Stiletto Leg with Brass Cap Couch

Stiletto Leg with Brass Cap Couch

A stiletto leg sofa has an exaggerated curve from the top as it narrows to the bottom. This leg is going to add a sophisticated look to your living room design.

The brass cap stiletto leg is perfect for creating a focal point in contemporary spaces. Typically a sofa under 79″ will have four stiletto legs while those larger will have six legs.

Better quality sofas will have the same leg as shown above but inexpensive options may have a center dowel support in the middle instead. Keep that in mind and plan your design accordingly.

10. Couch With Metal Legs

blue velvet metal leg sofa with channel quilting

The metal leg sofa is perfect to update contemporary glam spaces. This leg style can be straight as shown in the Anthropologie sofa or an L shape.

Either look is great for updating the contemporary living room. Many metal leg sofas are available in different finishes. This one only comes in brass but you can find similar styles with silver or black legs.

Metal L Leg Sofa

navy blue velvet sofa with female artwork, marble and gold coffee table and gold hand vase with pink roses
Metal Leg Sofa

The Interior Design sofa above is an example of L-shaped metal legs. Along with additional support, these legs add a touch of glam to the velvet sofa design.

Iron Leg Sofa

leather apartment sofa in green leather with two cushion seat

The iron leg sofa is perfect for rustic and modern spaces looking for an elevated look. It’s similar to the straight leg style but with rounded edges.

This update to the classic leather sofa is perfect for families and those who love to entertain!

11. Sofa With Metal Stretcher

sofa with metal stretcher and two cushion seat

Another modern option is the black metal stretcher base in this Arhaus sofa. It’s a version of the plinth base style that’s great for transitional and modern homes.

If you are looking for updated unique couches this one is for you! This leather sofa would fit right in with the Nordic Boho interior design style.

12. Metal Platform Base Sofa

white velvet curved couch with metal base and channel tufting

This is a variation of the plinth base shown above. The metal finish has an elevated modern contemporary vibe that’ll update any space it’s in.

If gold is not your jam, you can also find the metal base sofa in silver!

13. Wood Base Sofa

wood base sofa with wood base

The wood base sofa tends to have a lower profile and boxy square legs. It’s a great update for transitional to modern homes.

This Crate & Barrel sofa has a natural wood base but you’ll be able to find similar versions in darker wood or painted black. Level up the look of your living room with the addition of this clean silhouette.

14. Brass Orb Leg Couch

brass orbs sofa with gold legs, quilting, and bench seat

The brass orb leg on this Jonathan Adler sofa is a modern twist to the classic wooden bun foot. It’s great for adding style and personality to any space it’s in.

This sofa is sure to be a conversation starter when friends and family are over!

15. Square Leg Wood Base Sofa

square leg sofa with wood base

A square leg wood base sofa is straight on all sides and has a simple clean design. It’s a narrower and taller version of the block foot sofa.

This sofa is great for California eclectic, modern, and transitional spaces. If you’re looking to update your living room this sofa is perfect.

The wood frame base is a modern update to the classic design. This one is designed by Studio McGee for Target and it’s super affordable too.

16. Metal Tube Frame Sofa

grey metal frame sofa with bench seat and two back cushions

Another update to the plinth base is the metal tube frame sofa. It’s great for modern spaces and has simple clean lines that minimalists will love!

This one is a sleeper sofa style so it’ll be awesome for overnight guests.

17. Arrow Foot Sofa

creme tufted boucle sofa with quilting, arrow feet, and two cushion seat

If you’re looking to make a statement in your living room this arrow foot sofa is for you! The arrow sabot frame adds personality and style to the mid-century modern-inspired sofa.

Create a focal point in your interior design with the addition of this unique sofa. Float it in the center of your room to highlight the beauty of its silhouette.

I hope this best couch legs roundup inspires you to create a modern home you love!

This post is all about the best couch legs.

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