Best Living Room Trends Of 2024

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Looking for the current living room design trends to update your home? You’ll love these trending furniture and decor styles!

Let’s talk about living room trends, shall we?! There’s so much to discuss. Throughout the year I cover as many trends as possible but you may have missed a few.

One of the best ways to update your living room is with a new piece of furniture or decor. If you have the budget for a complete makeover then you can make a statement in your interior design.

This post is a collection of the most popular new home furnishings of the year. Some of the highlights are unique sofas, sculptural furniture, novelty chairs and so much more!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your living room or any space in your home this is for you! You’re going to love all the resources.

This post is all about the best living room design trends.

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living room trends chaise sectional sofa with coffee table and leather chair

What are the latest living room trends?

Here are the best living room trends of 2024:

  1. Unique Couches
  2. Sculptural Furniture
  3. Novelty Accent Chairs
  4. Statement Chandeliers
  5. Abstract Rugs
  6. Contemporary Artwork
  7. Organic Mirrors
  8. Cool Benches
  9. Burl Wood Coffee Tables
  10. Modern Pillow Covers
  11. Greenery
  12. Bar Cabinets
  13. Trendy Accessories & Decor

This is not a full list but it’ll give you plenty of inspiration to help you get started. There is something here for every area of your living room.

I pulled together my favorite sofas, accent furniture, rugs, lighting, and more! It’s all in one spot for you to scroll and enjoy.

One of the most time-consuming things in planning any design is sourcing. That said I’ve done the hard part for you to save you time and energy.

Now you just have to pick your favorites, order, and wait for delivery. The living room of your dreams is just a few clicks away.

Shopping Tips

No matter which furniture you choose it’s important to always start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but without the floor plan, you won’t know the exact sizes you need.

Download your FREE how-to-measure guide to avoid returns!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

1. Unique Living Room Couch Trends

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living room trends unique couches collage

One of the latest trends in sofas is the resurgence of retro designs. This includes the fabrics used as well as the silhouette.

Popular sofa fabrics currently trending are boucle, velvet, and leather. Styles from the 70s such as the Soriana, Terrazza, and modular sofas have made a comeback too.

Unique couches are a fabulous way to make a statement in your interior design. Gone are the days of the classic rolled-arm sofa everyone used to love.

living room trends unique couches with mural in the background

On a recent trip to NYC for the Apartment Therapy Pop-Up shop, I got to test out this fabulous sofa style in person and it was amazing!

The Wanderlust Fulfilled room was curated by Miles Willis McDermott. It was stunning and made me feel like I was transported to another world.

2. Sculptural Furniture Living Room Trends

sculptural furniture image of side and coffee tables

Sculptural furniture is another popular trend in the home. It’s perfect if you’re looking to make a statement in your interior design.

Modern sculptural furniture is a cross between form and function with its unique style and curved silhouette. It can be found in a variety of materials such as wood, cement, and metal.

Whether you’re changing out your coffee table, side table, or entire room this trend is for you. This furniture will upgrade the look of your interior design and add personality to your home or apartment decor.

It’ll serve as a practical piece as well as a decorative one. It’s great for art lovers who enjoy the look of sculptural design. This furniture can be a uniquely shaped piece or an actual object like a hand.

Current Living Room Trends

living room design with black and white home decor

This living room concept is a great example of how to design with sculptural furniture. The coffee table, side table, and accent chair all feature organic silhouettes that create a focal point.

Designing with black and white doesn’t have to be boring. Adding texture, pattern, and different materials all create interest and flow.

Make a statement in your home with the pieces from this space. Your friends will do a double-take when they see all your hard work on display.

3. Novelty Accent Chairs

best accent chair roundup for living rooms

Unique accent chairs make the perfect addition to your sofa because they add both seating and personality. If you have room for a pair of chairs it can make a huge impact on your space.

Gone are the days of the matching sofa and loveseat. Replace your dated loveseat with a pair of trendy chairs to update the look of your interior design.

sitting area with two accent chairs, a drink table and contemporary artwork

If you have a blank wall or corner consider creating a seating moment. The arrangement above features a cute drink table, fur rug, and modern artwork.

This is a great way to show your style and create a special moment in your space.

4. Living Room Statement Chandelier Trends

circa lighting nyc collage

Lighting is said to be the jewelry of a room and for good reason. It adds sparkle and a focal point to any living space.

The above is a collection of trendy gold chandeliers that will elevate the look of any living room design. They’re from Circa Lighting which is one of my favorite lighting retailers.

They have a large selection of modern contemporary lighting from well-known trade-only brands. You can get a designer look without the cost of the middle man (or woman).

This will help you save money so you can invest in better-quality furniture.

living room with classic gray walls and gray chaise sofa

The living room above features a Jonathan Adler chandelier that’s more stunning in person than in the picture. It creates a dramatic focal point that’s always the talk of the party.

Create a memorable experience in your design with the addition of a modern statement chandelier.

5. Abstract Living Room Rug Trends

modern abstract rugs roundup

An area rug is perfect for adding warmth and style to any living space. Current trends in modern contemporary rugs are neutral, abstract, and geometric.

The above collection is full of texture and pattern that adds interest to the muted color palette. A rug also helps define areas within larger spaces or open floor plans.

They’re also perfect to use as a jumping-off point for the vibe of your living room.

living room with modern abstract rugs grey sofa and round cement coffee table

The above design is an example of how an area rug can ground a space and pull the design together. It has the same neutral color palette of the furniture and decor.

It also defines the living room area and adds interest to the grey, black, and white color scheme.

6. Abstract Artwork Living Room Trends

black and white, abstract, and gold modern contemporary art

Current trends in modern artwork are pops of color, monochromatic canvas prints, geometric shapes, metallics, and loads of texture.

Artwork is one of the BEST ways to add style and personality to any living space. It’s also very subjective. What one person finds beautiful another may not.

That said it’s important to pick artwork for your home that speaks to you. Whether you love color or neutrals either look will make a statement and create a focal point.

Once you’ve chosen your artwork use it as a jumping-off point to create the color palette for your interior design. You can pull colors from the art to create a cohesive balanced room.

living room with pink roses and blue velvet sofa gold sconce

The above sitting room features bold artwork that’s by far the star of the show. It’s full of color that’s pulled into the room for a cohesive well-balanced space.

Create a similar look in your home by clicking the link above. Your friends and family are sure to be impressed.

7. Living Room Mirror Trends

modern living room mirror ideas

Unique and stylish mirrors are another popular home decor trend. There are so many interesting designs, shapes, materials, and colors in this category.

Materials include bone inlay, metal, wood, marble, and more. Colors include black, white, gold, silver, and wood tones to name a few.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a stylish wall mirror!

A unique wall mirror is great to add over a console, on a wall between two sconces, or on any blank wall needing a little love. These are just a few ideas of where you can add this trendy home decor.

I love the imperfect organic shapes in style right now. They’re an update to the classic round mirror but with texture and movement.

Not only will a living room mirror add personality but they create a focal point as well. They’ll also add more light to your living space when placed opposite a window.

Standing Floor Mirror

modern floor mirror in living room next to floor lamp

Mirrors are fabulous to add to your living room design. Not only will they add style and interest but they’re functional as well.

A mirror on a wall opposite a window will make your space appear larger. It’ll also brighten the space as the natural light reflects off the mirror.

Adding a leaning floor mirror will make an impact and serve as the perfect place to check yourself before you leave for the day. A decorative mirror on the other hand can serve as a piece of artwork or wall sculpture.

Mirrors can make a gathering feel more festive since they’ll give the illusion of more people in the room. The bottom line you can’t go wrong with adding a stylish wall mirror to your living room design.

8. Novelty Living Room Bench Trends

modern entryway bench collage

Novelty benches are a popular trend for living room spaces. They come in a variety of materials, fabrics, and styles.

They can be used for extra seating or to create a moment as shown in the image below. What was once an empty corner was transformed into a cute place to sit down and relax.

neutral wall art with grey velvet bench, gold drink table and fur rug

The above area features oversized contemporary artwork, a velvet channel tufted bench, and loads of texture. The trendy drink table is the perfect spot to put down your favorite cocktail.

9. Burl Wood Coffee Table Trend

burl wood living room coffee table collage

Burl wood furniture is currently trending and the look is fabulous. A burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner.

It’s commonly found in the form of a rounded outgrowth on a tree trunk or branch that’s filled with small knots from dormant buds.

The burl forms large, knobby-looking growths on the base and trunk of the tree. These deformed sections would otherwise be discarded if it weren’t for furniture makers, artists, and sculptors who see the tree’s flaws as beautiful.

Adding a burl wood coffee table to your living room is a great way to make a statement. The organic natural design will be the talk of the party.

Each piece is unique and different from the next which is one of the reasons they’re so rare and valuable. You can get pieces large and small, and extreme variations in the grains and color of the wood.

This trend can also be found in console tables, side tables, and desks. It’s a great way to level up the look of any living space.

10. Modern Pillow Covers

modern pillow covers collage

Adding modern pillow covers to your home is a great way to add color, dimension, and pattern. Layering different sizes and textures will create balance in your design.

When it comes to pillow covers there are so many fabulous styles to choose from. They come in a variety of materials and designs so no matter your style there’s one for you.

Pillow covers can be found in a variety of price points making them an accessible accessory for all. Whether for a dorm room, your first apartment, or your home you’ll find the perfect throw pillow for your living space.

The beauty of throw pillows is you can easily change the look and feel of your space. Whenever you want a new vibe just replace your covers and voila new design!

Modern Pillow Trends

black and white pillows on grey chaise sofa with faux fur thro and modern abstract artwork

Before deciding on what pillow covers to order let’s discuss some considerations. For example, if you have a dark sofa add light pillows for contrast. Similarly, if you have a light sofa a dark pillow behind a light pillow will add interest.

If you’re after a neutral vibe add pillows full of texture, dimension, and simple patterns. Doing so will make a statement and add warmth to your space.

Pillow covers are also great to update with seasonal changes. In the spring you may prefer a pop of color. In the fall you may want earthly tones.

The beauty of pillow covers is they are a simple way to change the vibe of your space especially when you are on a budget.

11. Living Room Plants Trends

living room plants decor ideas

Adding plants to your living room is a trend that’ll make you feel good on the inside and out. It’s always nice when you can bring the outdoors into your home.

There are many benefits to both live and artificial plants in your interior design. Aside from the fact they’re pretty, they’re also good for your health.

You may not be aware but plants actually help make you happy, reduce stress, and increase productivity. If you tend to work in your living room this can be super helpful.

living room plants decor in corner with disco balls and gray sofa

Another reason to add plants to your living space is that make your room more attractive. They clean the air, add oxygen, and help reduce noise levels.

Plants are also known to boost creativity which is perfect for creatives looking for inspiration. This is one trend you’ll want to incorporate into your living room.

12. Bar Cabinet Trends

bar cabinet collage

According to Pinterest trends, homeowners are now searching for hosting from-home ideas. Now that the historic Big C is over it’s time to get your home company ready.

black bar cabinet with gold trim

A great piece that’s perfect for entertaining is a bar cart or bar cabinet. Either one of these pieces is perfect for a cocktail, tea, or coffee party.

When it comes to this trend there are so many styles, materials, and colors to choose from. We have the above bar cabinet in our home stocked full of alcohol and bar accessories.

13. Trendy Decor For The Living Room

black and gold decor collage

There are many ways to add style and personality to your home but my favorite is with accessories. There are so many cute trendy pieces that scream notice me I’m special!

Most people stop once they add the furniture to their room and don’t complete the look and feel. By adding cute home decor your space will be elevated to the next level.

You’ll know you accomplished this when friends and family come in and say I love what you did with this space.

gold hand vase decor with coffee table books

This Arteriors Piedmont Gold Vase and Fuschia flowers above is the perfect example of a unique piece that’s super fun.

It puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. It’s the little things that add up to big moments in life and decorating!

I hope these living room trends inspire you to design a modern home you love!

This post is all about the best living room trends.

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