Accent Chair Ideas And Styling Worthy Of A HGTV Tour

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Looking for accent chair ideas to update your living space? Check out these seating arrangements to create a special moment in your home!

Accent chairs are a great way to add extra seating, style, and personality to any room. Gone are the days of the sofa and loveseat set.

The modern update is a sofa combined with contrasting accent chairs. There are many colors, materials, and price points to choose from.

Some accent chairs are an investment while others are more affordable. If you’re like me and like to rearrange your furniture then you’ll love this post.

It’s full of ideas to style your living room chairs in a creative fun way. Not only are they practical but they’ll also create a moment in your interior design.

This post is all about living room accent chair ideas.

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accent chair ideas navy blue sofa in living room with marble coffee table
Accent chairs opposite a contrasting sofa.

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Cosway Chair // Coffee Table // Area Rug // Curtains // Wall Sconce // Gold Vase

How do you style different accent chairs?

The way you style your accent chairs will depend on your space, budget, and the look you’re after. They can be used opposite or next to the sofa for additional seating.

A single chair can be placed in an empty corner with a side table and floor lamp behind it for a cozy moment. Place a pair on either side of a console table for an elevated look.

accent chair ideas ivory cosway chair with black and gold pillow
Corner Moment: Accent chairs with oversized artwork.

Cosway Chair // Drink Table // Colorblock Pillow

Add two chairs to the foot of your bed for extra seating in your bedroom. They can even be placed opposite a desk in a larger office space.

Overall the placement should complement the layout of your room and how it needs to function. It should create a focal point and elevate your design.

How do you coordinate an accent chair?

Accent chairs should coordinate with the color scheme and style of the room it’s in. It should complement the interior design and make a statement.

The color can be neutral or bold but should tie back to the dominant color of the room. It’s a great place to add an accent color, pattern, and texture to your living space.

If your room has a neutral base with solid colors a bold pattern or nubby texture will add interest and dimension. The accent chairs can also be the color of the sofa pillow or pulled out from the artwork for balance and flow.

Should accent chairs be the same color as the sofa?

Accent chairs should complement the sofa but not be the same fabric or color. It’s a great place to add a contrasting neutral, color, or texture to your design.

Doing so will add interest and personality. Consider all the elements of a room when choosing the color of your accent chair.

accent chair ideas grey sofa with accent chairs and coffee table
Accent Chair with Chaise Sectional Sofa

Look at the space as a whole not as individual pieces. It’s best to pull all your fabric swatches and look at them together.

This will help you create a balanced design that feels soothing and inviting. The accent chair should also be in the style of your sofa so it doesn’t look out of place.

Don’t be afraid to try different looks on a mood board before you commit. It’s free and will create a space that’s unique to you!

How do you mix an accent chair and a couch?

To mix an accent chair and couch in your living room select complementary upholstery. This may be a solid sofa with a patterned chair or vice versa.

They can both be neutrals in different materials and finishes or contrasting. When combined with an area rug, the sofa and accent chair can be used to define the separate zones in a room.

The scale of your accent chair should also be a consideration. If you have a low-profile modern sofa with a high-back traditional chair it’ll look out of place.

Check all your measurements before you order to make sure the layout works in your living space. This will help you avoid returns and aggregation in the long run.

That said…Download your FREE how-to-measure guide today!

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

What is the benefit of an accent chair?

The obvious benefit of an accent chair is extra seating which is its main function. Aside from the practical standpoint, they’re a great place to add style and personality.

There are so many cool silhouettes that look like a sculptural work of art to add a wow factor. They’re also awesome to add visual interest especially when they’re upholstered in a contrasting color, pattern, or texture.

cosway accent chairs with fur pillows and marble coffee table
Accent chairs with fur pillows for texture and interest.

Another benefit is they are more mobile and can be moved around with ease. They make it super easy to change your furniture arrangement anytime you’re bored and want a change.

In smaller spaces, accent chairs can help maximize the square footage. They can be placed in a corner or nook where larger pieces will be too big.

Overall they’ll add to the aesthetic of your interior design and create ambiance. An accent chair will enhance your living space and show your originality.

Do you put pillows on accent chairs?

Pillows are great to add to accent chairs. They’ll layer pattern, texture, and color into your interior design.

By now you know this is the ultimate goal!

They also add comfort to chairs especially those with a deep seat. Pillows can be used to create flow and balance in your room.

accent chair ideas ivory cosway chair with black and gold pillow

Cosway Chair // Accent Table // Colorblock Pillow // Artwork

By layering a lumbar or throw pillow you’ll add depth and dimension to the chair. They also add a cozy vibe and will encourage hours of rest.

If you love to change the look for the different seasons use pillow covers. They make it super easy to give your room a refresh simply by changing the pillow covers.

Sofa And Accent Chair Ideas

You probably noticed all the different ways the Cosway chair was styled in Willow House. This is the perfect example of how they can be moved around to create different looks in your home.

Each arrangement is another expression of your personality and shows off your creative style. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the unique silhouette and sculptural design of this chair.

The neutral ivory upholstery has a contrasting textured silver base with three legs. This chair is stunning from every angle.

It’s super sexy and the back is a focal point. Each placement highlights the different angles and original shape of this contemporary modern chair.

accent chair ideas grey sofa with accent chairs and coffee table

The chairs originally started at the side of the pale greige chaise sofa. In the center is a small marble accent table that creates a moment and place to put down a book or drink.

This arrangement encourages conversation and closeness. Since the chairs are away from the wall it highlights the center back detail and textured metal.

Sofa With 2 Accent Chairs

This next layout changed the vibe of the sitting room. The pink accents were removed and replaced with soothing neutrals. The direction of the coffee table was changed from 45 degrees to straight to support the new layout.

With the accent chairs in this location, you can see the back detail as soon as you walk in the front door. The tonal ivory fur pillows add texture, pattern, and dimension to the solid chairs.

living room accent chair ideas with blue rug

This room has mixed metals so the silver chair frame ties back to the drapery panels and silver grasscloth wallpaper behind the sofa. The rule of three is followed with the color applied in three places.

There’s ivory and grey in the area rug which ties back to the chairs while the blue ties to the sofa and artwork. Repeating colors throughout the space creates balance and a cohesive design.

Living Room Accent Chair Ideas

If you have an empty corner in your living room or home this is another great place to add accent chairs. You’ll create a moment with artwork, a small table, pillows, and a throw rug.

The space below shows the impact it can have. We paired the two chairs with an oversized artwork set that’s full of movement and style.

Black and gold panel lumbar pillows add contrast to the ivory chairs. Just beware the black velvet can bleed into the chairs if you leave them for a long time.

sitting area with two accent chairs, a drink table and contemporary artwork

Cosway Chair // Drink Table // Colorblock Pillow

For that reason, they were changed out for the fur throw pillows in the images above. The gold drink table is great for a place to put your drink and add personality.

Not many homes have a drink table so it’ll make your home memorable and make a statement. It’s the little things like the fur throw rug that complete the look and warm up the metal finishes.

Bedroom Accent Chair Ideas

In addition to the Cosway chair looks above here are a few more accent chair ideas. The foot of your bed is another place to create a sitting arrangement.

It’ll give you a cozy spot to get ready, put your shoes on, or relax with a good book. If you have a TV opposite the bed it also gives you a place to sit and watch your favorite show.

velvet accent chair ideas bedroom
Apartment Therapy Pop-Up NYC ’22

This is especially helpful for anyone who falls asleep while watching TV in bed. Adding a cute accent table between is perfect for your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Choose chairs that fit the scale of your bed. If you have a king-size bed you’ll be able to fit larger chairs than if the bed is full size.

The swivel chairs shown above will allow you to turn to face the action.

Leather Accent Chairs

Leather accent chairs are another look to elevate your living space. Whether real or faux they’re great to create a laid back inviting vibe.

Even in the leather chair category, there are many styles, colors, and types to choose from. They can be added to an empty wall or next to your sofa as shown below.

leather accent chairs with side table
sling back leather accent chairs

The classic chair silhouette will encourage you to sit up straight while sling-back leather chairs are meant for relaxing.

There are different grades of leather such as full grain, top grain, genuine, and bonded. The best quality is full and top grain which is the outer layer of the hide skin.

Keep this in mind when ordering because it makes a difference. Genuine leather is the third tier when it comes to quality. It has an artificial texture and color spray treatment applied to get a natural look.

Bonded leather is the worst quality and will not last long term. This leather is made from leftover shredded fibers and hide scraps.

Bonded leather can crack and peel with wear and tear so it should be avoided if possible. The bottom line you get what you pay for so it’s best to invest in quality pieces.

Velvet Accent Chairs

A pair of velvet accent chairs will add a touch of luxe sophistication. Just looking at the image makes me feel warm and cozy.

The tall back channel tufted chairs have a small accent table in between and a tufted ottoman in front. The patterned pillows are the perfect contrast to the soft green velvet.

velvet chairs with tufted ottoman

This arrangement would look great in eclectic homes that combine old with new. Angeling the chairs towards each other encourages intimate conversation and connection.

As you can see from all the accent chair ideas there are many possible arrangements. The best part is you can change them around as many times as you’d like.

I hope these accent chair ideas inspire you to make your home pretty!

This post is all about living room accent chair ideas.

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