Home Design Trends 2024 (Small/Cool NYC Pop-Up Edition)

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It’s always exciting to predict the latest home design trends. Today, we’ll get into inspiring interior design trends from the recent Small/Cool NYC home decor pop-up event. This year it was held in Industry City, Brooklyn, NY.

This year, 18 designers were challenged to bring 18 unique trends to life in small, stylish spaces. The event was full of inspiration and creative ideas you can easily incorporate into your own home.

Each designer presented their version of the various trends, creating vibrant spaces. Design themes included maximalism, organic shapes, fun wallpaper, and traditional spaces with a modern twist.

There was an abundance of furniture, home decor, and DIY ideas. Each small space was full of inspiration you could use to add style and personality to a living space. Get ready to be inspired and learn how to incorporate these trends into your own home!

Key Takeaways:

  • Home design trends are a source of fun and inspiration.
  • These living room trends can add personality and style to your space.
  • Even small details can make a big difference when incorporating the latest trends.

This post is all about 2024 home design trends.

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maximalist living room design trends

Home Design Trends To Update Your Home In 2024

This season’s home design trends offer something for everyone. Whether you’re drawn to bold maximalism or prefer a classic elegance with a modern twist, these trends aim to inspire.

Nature lovers can embrace the trend of bringing the outdoors in with houseplants and organic shapes. Those who love a touch of whimsy can choose playful scalloped-edged furniture and decor.

Wallpaper is making a major comeback, from statement prints to textured grasscloth. The use of arches adds a touch of sophistication with their soft curves.

Layered lighting and open shelving provide functionality and visual interest. They allow you to create a space that is both beautiful and practical.

Playful checker patterns and unique, sculptural furniture let you design a space that reflects your individuality.

Interior Design Trends 2024

Whether you’re designing your living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office, or any other space the trends below will add style and personality to your home.

  • Maximalism: Bold colors, pattern mixing, and blending old with new for a visually stimulating and layered space.
  • Traditional with a Twist: Modern touches on classic elements like symmetrical furniture and timeless materials.
  • Creative Wallpaper Applications: From statement prints to textured grasscloth, wallpaper is back in a big way.
  • Arch Shapes: Embrace soft curves and organic shapes with arched doorways, furniture, and decor.
  • Scalloped Edging: A playful detail on furniture, rugs, mirrors, and lighting.
  • Bringing the Outdoors In: Houseplants, living walls, and botanical elements for a connection to nature.
  • Organic and Sculptural Shapes: Furniture with gentle curves and unique silhouettes that double as art.
  • Checkerboard Pattern: A nostalgic pattern making a comeback on everything from floors to furniture.
  • Layered Lighting: Combine ambient, task, and accent lighting for a balanced and functional space.
  • Open Shelving: Creates a sense of openness and allows you to showcase your favorite items.

Maximalism: Celebrating Boldness and Abundance

Maximalism is not just a design trend; it’s a bold statement of individuality and self-expression. While minimalism features clean lines and calming neutrals, maximalism is the opposite. It has bold colors, intricate patterns, and layers of texture. It’s about creating vibrant and dynamic spaces that are bursting with personality.

maximalist living room with wallpaper fireplace

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Imagine stepping into a Parisian-inspired room decorated with a mix of patterns, where every corner tells a story and every piece of furniture has its own unique character. From antique heirlooms to thrifted treasures, maximalism invites you to curate a space that reflects your passions and interests.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, eras, and cultures. More is more in the world of maximalism.

Maximalism Mantra: More is More!

maximalism design style black and white wallpaper with tete a tete

How To Get The Maximalist Look

For a maximalist look, start by layering patterns and textures with a fearless approach. Mix bold florals with geometric prints, and don’t shy away from incorporating rich jewel tones and metallic accents. Embrace vintage finds and eclectic decor pieces that speak to your soul. Remember, maximalism is about creating a space that feels alive, dynamic, and utterly unique.

Traditional with a Twist Home Design Trend

Traditional design gets a contemporary makeover in the trend of “traditional with a twist.” This approach honors classic design principles while infusing them with fresh, modern elements. Think of it as a marriage of timeless elegance and cutting-edge style. It’s the perfect balance of the past and the present.

traditional with a twist bathroom

In a traditional-with-a-twist space, classic materials like wood and stone are mixed with sleek, streamlined finishes. Ornate details are balanced with clean lines for a sophisticated vibe. It’s about blending the best of both worlds to create a space that’s timeless and current.

traditional twist living room with printed ottomans

How To Get The Look

To bring the traditional-with-a-twist design into your home, choose pieces with classic silhouettes and refined details. Then, add a touch of contemporary style with unexpected accents and finishes.

For example, pair a vintage-inspired sofa with modern throw pillows, or traditional artwork with sleek, minimalist lighting fixtures. The key is to strike a balance between old and new. This will create a space that feels fresh, inviting, and full of personality.

Creative Wallpaper Applications: Elevating Walls to Works of Art

Wallpaper has made a comeback in recent years. It has emerged as a powerful tool for transforming ordinary walls into extraordinary works of art.

From bold, oversized prints to subtle, textured designs, the possibilities are endless. There were so many creative wallpaper applications at the NYC popup event.

wallpaper with arch shape in fashion inspired room home design trends

Designers showcased the versatility of wallpaper in surprising and innovative ways.

Creative applications include:

  • Picture molding borders
  • arched accent walls
  • ceiling treatments
  • covered mini fridges

The bold wallpaper patterns took the small spaces to the next level.

bedroom with border floral wallpaper

How To Add Wallpaper To Your Home

To make a statement with wallpaper in your own home, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Consider using wallpaper to highlight architectural features like alcoves and niches, or to create a focal point in a room.

arch bookcase, ivory sofa, and gold mirrors home design trends

Experiment with different patterns, colors, and textures to find the perfect wallpaper for your space. Whether you opt for a bold, dramatic print or a subtle, understated design, wallpaper is sure to add depth, character, and personality to any room.

Arch Shapes Design Trend For Your Home

Arch shapes are very popular in home design. They bring a sense of softness and elegance to furniture, decor, and architectural details. Whether in the form of arched doorways, windows, or furniture silhouettes, arches add architectural interest and visual depth to any room.

arch doorway detail home design trends

The arch-shape trend can be added in a variety of creative ways. Using curved sofas, accent chairs, arched mirrors, or doorways will create open, airy, and inviting spaces.

arch doorway with open bookcase

How To Bring Arch Shapes Into Your Living Room

To incorporate arch shapes into your own home, look for opportunities to introduce curved lines and soft curves into your decor. Choose furniture with arched silhouettes, or add architectural interest with arched doorways. Ach shapes will elevate the design of any room.

arch shape furniture and mirror

Organic Shapes Home Design Trend

In a world dominated by straight lines and geometric forms, organic shapes are a welcomed change. They bring a sense of fluidity and movement to interior spaces.

Inspired by the natural world, organic shapes celebrate the beauty of imperfection. They embrace the shapes found in nature.

corner banket with wallpaper cabinet

Organic shapes can be added to your home in many creative ways. They’re found in curved sofas, coffee tables, organic-shaped lighting fixtures, and decor accents. Organic shapes create spaces that feel harmonious, inviting, and grounded.

organic shapes in kitchen
curved furniture trend

Choose furniture with soft curves and natural shapes. Lighting and decor inspired by nature add a calming touch. Organic shapes will add warmth and a sense of peace.

Sculptural Furniture That Looks Like Art

Sculptural furniture is the perfect blend of form and function. Pieces are visually beautiful and practical.

They feature bold silhouettes, innovative materials, and creative designs. Sculptural furniture adds an element of artistry and intrigue to any interior space.

sculptural furniture home design trends

How To Add The Sculptural Furniture Trend To Your Home

There are many ways to bring the beauty and versatility of sculptural furniture into your home.

  • statement-making sofas
  • console tables
  • organic coffee tables
  • lighting fixtures

Sculptural furniture will elevate the look of any design style.

sculptural chairs in green velvet

To incorporate sculptural furniture into your own home, choose pieces that push the boundaries of traditional design. Furniture with unexpected shapes, materials, and textures will add drama and sophistication.

Scalloped Edging: Adding Whimsy and Charm

The scallop edge trend has been making waves in home decor for the past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This playful and romantic detail can be incorporated into your home in many ways, from furniture and rugs to lighting and accessories.

scallop edge furniture and decor

Ways to add it to your home include:

  • Add a scalloped edge rug to your living room or bedroom for a touch of whimsy.
  • Incorporate scalloped edge throw pillows or blankets into your decor for a cozy and inviting feel.
  • Update your lighting with a scalloped edge lampshade for a touch of elegance.
  • Hang scalloped edge curtains in your kitchen or bathroom for a touch of femininity.
  • Accessorize your home with scalloped edge vases, picture frames, or decorative objects.
scallop edge rug with wallpaper room

Scallop edges can be used in a variety of colors and materials, so you can find something that fits your style. Whether you prefer a subtle touch or a statement piece, there’s a way to incorporate this trend into your home.

Greenery: Bringing the Outdoors In

Bringing greenery into your home isn’t just a trend—it’s a lifestyle. From lush houseplants to verdant botanicals, greenery adds a sense of vitality and freshness to any space. Not only does it beautify your home, but it also purifies the air and promotes a sense of well-being.

rattan furniture with greenery

The beauty and versatility of greenery can be brought into your home in many creative ways. From living walls and miniature gardens to dried flowers and botanical elements, greenery creates spaces that feel vibrant, alive, and connected to nature.

bedroom with greenery and wall sconces

To incorporate greenery into your own home, choose plants that will thrive in your environment and suit your lifestyle. Consider creating a living wall as a focal point or add pops of greenery with potted plants and botanical accents.

curved chair with greenery home design trend

Whether you opt for real or artificial plants, greenery will breathe life into your home and lift your spirits.

Checkerboard Pattern: A Nostalgic Classic Reimagined

The checkerboard pattern is a nostalgic classic that’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity, bringing a sense of retro charm to contemporary interiors. Whether adorning walls, floors, or decor accents, the checkerboard pattern adds a playful touch and a sense of whimsy to any space.

checkered wallpaper and decor home design trends

Designers at the event used the checkerboard pattern in creative applications. From bold wallpaper and flooring to rugs and textiles, the checkerboard pattern was used to create spaces that felt fun, dynamic, and full of personality.

checkerboard pillow and rug home design trends

To add the checkerboard pattern to your living room look for furniture and decor with the iconic motif. Consider adding a checkerboard accent wall to a room or checkerboard flooring to make a bold statement.

The checkerboard pattern will add a sense of nostalgia and charm to your home.

Open Shelving Home Design Trend

Open shelving is a practical and stylish storage solution perfect for showcasing your favorite items and adding visual interest to any space. They eliminate bulky cabinets and embrace open, airy shelving units. Open shelves create a sense of spaciousness and depth in even the smallest rooms.

open shelving kitchen

Open shelving can be used in kitchen displays, living room vignettes, and bedroom storage solutions. Spaces look organized, curated, and effortlessly chic.

bedroom with oprn shelving home design trend

To incorporate open shelving into your own home, start by selecting shelving units that complement your existing decor and suit your storage needs. Consider displaying your favorite dishes, books, and decor items on open shelves, or use them to create a gallery wall of artwork and photographs. They’ll add style and functionality to your home.

Layered Lighting: Creating Ambiance and Atmosphere

Layered lighting is a design approach that involves combining multiple light sources to create a balanced and atmospheric space. By incorporating ambient, task, and accent lighting, you can enhance the functionality of a room while adding depth and dimension to its design.

layered lighting in bar with plaid wallpaper

Layered lighting can be achieved in many ways from pendant lights and chandeliers to table lamps and sconces. It creates spaces that are warm, inviting, and visually appealing.

picture lights with wallpaper border art

To incorporate layered lighting into your own home, start by determining the lighting needs of your room. Select fixtures that complement the function and style.

Add dimmer switches to control the intensity of your lighting and set the mood. Experiment with different types of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.

Whether used to highlight architectural features or create a cozy atmosphere, layered lighting will enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

Ambient, Accent, and Task Lighting Examples:

Ambient Lighting:

  • Recessed lighting: Commonly used in ceilings, providing general illumination throughout a room.
  • Chandeliers: Add a decorative touch while providing overall brightness, often seen in dining rooms or living rooms.
  • Pendant lights: Hung from the ceiling, offering focused light suitable for larger spaces like kitchens or living rooms.
  • Wall sconces: Mounted directly on walls, providing gentle and warm ambient light, often used in hallways or living rooms.

Accent Lighting:

  • Track lighting: Adjustable spotlights mounted on a track, allow you to highlight specific areas like artwork or furniture.
  • Recessed downlights: Similar to recessed lighting but with a narrow beam, perfect for highlighting features like bookcases or shelving.
  • Cabinet lighting: Installed inside cabinets or under shelves, illuminating the contents without affecting the overall room brightness.
  • Picture lights: Mounted above or beside artwork to draw attention to specific details.

Task Lighting:

  • Table lamps: Provide focused light for activities like reading or working on a desk.
  • Floor lamps: Offer directional light for reading or working in a specific area, often placed beside armchairs or sofas.
  • Under-cabinet lighting: Installed beneath cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms, providing task light for countertops or sinks.
  • Desk lamps: Designed for focused illumination on a work surface, ideal for home offices or study areas.

By understanding the different types of lighting and their applications, you can create a well-lit and stylish space that caters to your specific needs and activities.


In conclusion, these design trends and inspiration are perfect for anyone looking to update your home. From maximalism to organic shapes, each trend is a unique opportunity to add personality, style, and creativity to your home.

Whether you’re drawn to bold patterns and vibrant colors or prefer a more understated and elegant aesthetic, there’s a trend for you. Create a stylish sanctuary reflecting your personality and taste. Happy Designing!

This post is all about 2024 home design trends.

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