Black And White Home Decor (Shop The Look) Design Inspiration

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Looking for the best black and white home decor? Check out these resources that are trendy and modern to instantly transform your home!

In case you missed the memo black and white are trending in home decor. Pretty much every retailer has a version of this color scheme.

In the world of color theory, it’s called Achromatic which means without color. Only neutral colors (black, white, and gray) are used in this decorating style.

The beauty is it’s the perfect backdrop for any accent color or great as is. The trick to pulling off this trend is to make sure you use texture, pattern, a variety of materials, and interesting shapes within the design.

Black and white decor is far from boring if done right. Today I’ll show you a living room design in this style.

All resources are included to help you duplicate this look in your own home.

This post is all about black and white home decor.

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living room design with black and white home decor

Black and White Home Decor Tips & Tricks

Before you start any design project you MUST measure your space so you know how everything will fit.

The post How to Measure and Draw a Floor Plan will help you get started.

It is also super important to think about the traffic flow and how your space will function. You should make a wish list of all the items you want in your space and plan a budget.

If you need help with these you can download this handy worksheet.

This video will help you transfer your measurements into the Free floor plan program. That way you can visualize exactly what will fit in your space.

Ok now that we have that out of the way let’s get into the design which I LOVE!

The upholstered furniture is white and the tables are black for contrast. The artwork is a combination of black and white for interest.

There is a variety of textures and materials used which create the look and feel of the space. This design is perfect for a modern contemporary home.

Black and White Living Room Design Inspiration

living room with black and white home decor


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1. Gleaming Primrose Anthropologie Mirror

primrose mirror with ornamental frame in two sizes

This mirror is a fan favorite for Anthropologie lovers like me. The vintage-inspired mirror has jeweled adornments at its apex and edges.

It’ll look fabulous placed on an entryway console leaned against a wall, or positioned over a fireplace mantel. Adding a mirror to your design is a designer trick that will make your space feel larger.

This unique mirror is available in gold and black as shown above. If you need more options it comes in four sizes. There is sure to be one perfect for your home.

2. Six Light Ceiling Light Modern Chandelier

six light modern black chandelier

The ultra-modern Chandelier from Interior Icons is a thing of beauty. It features six lights, a carbonized black steel finish, and adjustable scoop-shaped shades.

This chandelier will look stunning in your home and be a focal point. It’s perfect for style-conscious spaces that command attention and admirers.

3. White On White Wall Art

two pieces white wall art with textural swirl design

The textured white-on-white color palette of this hand-painted design is perfect for the contemporary modern home.

The movement of the design creates fluidity and the black frame makes the piece stand out. Part of the Thom Filicia Home Collection these pieces embody his timeless design style.

4. Black and White Wall Art

painting with one side white and the other black

This is the perfect mix of black and white. The texture and dimension of this modern artwork will add interest and beauty to your interior design.

It is rendered in glossy and textured black acrylic to give the illusion of lava. The frame can be hung horizontally or vertically depending on which works best with your design.

This monochromatic artwork will inspire balance and serenity in your space.

5. All Black Pillow

all black pillow with faux leather and boucle

This all-black pillow features a smooth faux leather upper with a textured boucle bottom. The mixed materials add interest and drama to the sleek design.

It’s available in three sizes and can be spot cleaned. It’ll make a fabulous addition to any style of home.

Pro Tip: Use a pillow insert between 1-2 inches larger than the pillow cover for a stuffed look.

6. Tuxedo Pillow

white lumbar pillow with black leather border home decor

The classic tuxedo white linen lumbar pillow is bordered in black leather for an edgy look. It’s the perfect pillow to layer in front of square pillows on your sofa or sectional couch.

It would also look awesome on a black accent chair for contrast. There are endless possibilities for how you can style this one!

7. Designer Pillow Cover

black pillow with modern creme print

Love the playful watercolor look of this swirled black and white pillow. This is a great option to add movement and flow to your space.

This pillow will add contrast to the clean white sofa. The print is designed by Kelly Wearstler who is known for her bold chic designs that make a statement.

8. White and Black Pillow

black and white home decor pillow with dash pattern

This hand-painted pillow cover is made by Tonga artisans in Zimbabwe using a resist technique. Each pillow cover is handwoven in a textural bark weave pattern. It features an earthy take on modern geo style.

9. Ball Sphere Pillow

white boucle round pillow

Made of boucle wool this ball sphere pillow will look fabulous in any modern home. A fun way to add texture and style to your design.

10. Laguna White Sofa

white couch with bench seat

This white bench seat couch is gorgeous and available in two lengths with many additional features.

Laguna features a deep seat, ultrasoft pillow-top cushions, and a sustainably harvested hardwood frame. Featuring high-quality Marshall coils, individually wrapped in fabric this beauty will last for years to come.

Order in the high-performance fabric option for peace of mind against accidents and spills.

11. White Sculptures

three piece white home decor decorative objects

Add these mid-century modern stone-like sculptures to your black tables for contrast and style.

Perfectly paired together or separately with additional home decor.

12. Nera Side Table

black side table with sculptural shape

If you’re looking for an interesting side table that guests will want to copy this is it!

The Nera table features beautiful woodgrains with rounded edges. The angular design and modern look will update your space.

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14. Hair On Hide Rug

black and white animal hide rug

Layer this hide rug over the larger area rug for texture, pattern, and interest in your room. It is also great to use alone (instead of an area rug) for more open floor space.

This hide rug will make a statement anywhere you put it in your home.

16. White Candle

white face candle holder with faces and black candle wax

This white candle holder will look cute solo or paired with a taller home decor accessory. Love the simple white design with the contrasting black candle wax.

The faces all around add a chic and unique vibe that’ll level up your living room decor. Another fabulous piece from my LOVE Jonathan Adler of course!

17. Round Coffee Table

black coffee table with round legs and sculptural shape

Available in black or a natural finish this round coffee table is stunning! The interesting sculptural design is sure to be the talk of the party.

Unique coffee tables are a great way to create a focal point in your interior design.

18. Linen Curtain

black linen curtain panels

Adding a black curtain to a white wall room is the perfect way to create contrast and interest in your interior design.

These panels are available in three lengths so go long and tailor them if needed. Remember adding tall curtain panels will create height and draw the eye up. They also help add drama and mood to your space.

21. Black And White Marble Drink Table

black and white marble side table

The style and design of this sculptural side table will be the perfect statement piece in your living room. The all-marble table has a black base with a white angular top.

Each part features unique marble and veining throughout making it a one-of-a-kind piece. This table is sure to have admirers and be a conversation starter!

23. Buddha with Beads

buddha statue home decor

Lastly the Buddha. You may be noticing a trend. Yup, I have a thing for the Buddha.

If you are a meditator like me you’ll have an appreciation for the serene expression of this meditating Buddha.

As you can see adding texture, pattern, and contrast in a black and white home decor design is super important.

It also makes a great backdrop to add a pop of color if that’s your jam. Easy to change it up and create a new look.

The perfect timeless look for a modern contemporary space.

I hope this helped give you ideas and inspiration.

Add a piece or two to your home for a completely new look and feel. If you’re going for a complete makeover buy it all! Trust me your modern home will look fabulous with these pieces.

That’s a wrap on this black and white home decor design inspiration! I hope you got some cool ideas on how to add this color scheme to your modern living room. Let your home be your canvas. Mix, match, and enjoy designing your masterpiece.

This post is all about black and white home decor.

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