Wayfair Living Room Furniture Design Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking for the best Wayfair living room furniture and decor from Way Day 2024? Then you’re going to love this design!

In the market for new living room furniture and decor? Well, you’re in the right place!

You’re going to love this Wayfair living room furniture design inspiration and it’s just in time for Way Day. Every year, Wayfair has a huge sale with savings of up to 80% off plus free shipping.

It’s their biggest sale of the year and includes many exclusive doorbuster deals. This year the sale is on May 4-6th so be sure to mark your calendar and get ready to save big time.

Aside from furniture, there are deals on everything from appliances, bath and kitchen essentials, outdoor spaces and so much more.

The below design is complete with everything you’ll need to design the living room of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a few pieces or are doing a complete remodel you’ll be inspired.

This post is all about the best Wayfair living room furniture.

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wayfair living room furniture with pit sectional sofa and boucle chairs

Best Wayfair Living Room Furniture Of 2024

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Here is the best Wayfair living room furniture of 2024:

Best Overall: Modular Pit Upholstered Sectional | Wayfair

This modular pit sectional is perfect for large families or those who love to host movie nights with friends.

Best Budget: Black Dimmable Chandelier | Wayfair

At just over $500 this chandelier is a dupe of the Kelly Wearstler style that has been trending for quite some time.

Best Splurge:  Vodka Rocket Decanter | Wayfair

Whether you drink alcohol or not this super cute decanter will make a statement on your bar cart.

Best Dupe: Gold Ornate Mirror | Wayfair

If you’re looking for an affordable version of the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose floor mirror this one is for you!

Best Vase: Large Molecule Vase | Wayfair

This black molecule vase will create a focal point in your interior design.

Best Value: Gold LED Sconce | Wayfair

A pair of gold LED sconces are great for setting the mood and adding accent lighting in any living space.

How can Wayfair be so cheap?

Wayfair can be so cheap because it shops wholesale from a variety of vendors and then passes the savings on to you. Because they buy so much volume they’re able to get the best price.

Unlike brick-and-mortar furniture stores they don’t need to pay salespeople or commissions. Another way they save is by not having a physical location since they’re only online.

Just beware you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. It can be hit or miss since they shop from many vendors overseas.

Wayfair Living Room Furniture Shopping Tips

No matter which coffee table style you choose it’s important to always start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to order your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Below is a mock-up floor plan layout I created for the design below. This will give you an idea of how you can lay out this living room concept.

In general, when you’re designing with a pit modular sectional it’s important to remember they are very LARGE. That said for this space the area rug is 9’x12′ which will fit nicely under the 104.5” W X 96.5” D sofa.

Living Room Floor Plan

wayfair living room furniture floor plan

The area rug is moved forward about a foot from the back but extends at the sides. This layout will allow you to move the center ottoman out at put it on either side to create a U-shape sectional.

There are two small accent chairs with drink tables for additional seating. In front of each chair is a round bunching coffee table placed 18″ away for traffic flow.

The tables can be pulled closer to the pit sectional during movie night for a place to put down your drink. In the back, there’s a sofa console table for another place for decor or drinks.

When planning out your design make sure to use the measurements of your space. This will help you avoid returns if the furniture is too big.

Be sure to leave 3′ for traffic flow around the perimeter of your room. This will be enough room for two people to pass through comfortably which is a must-have when entertaining.

Wayfair Living Room Design Inspiration

wayfair living room furniture with pit sectional sofa and boucle chairs

1. Modular Pit Upholstered Sectional // 2. Boucle Barrel Chair // 3. Acadia Coffee Table // 4. Pedestal End Table // 5. Black Console Table // 6. White Electric Fireplace // 7. Handmade Hand Loomed // 8. Gold Wings Artwork // 9. Black Dimmable Chandelier // 10. Gold Bar Cart // 11. Gold Ornate Mirror // 12. Black Frame Picture Gallery // 13. Vodka Rocket Decanter // 14. Gold LED Sconce // 15. Black Velvet Pillows

1. Affordable Modular Pit Sectional

wayfair living room furniture modular pit sectional

This super affordable modular pit sectional is available for under $1000 which is fabulous! It has a tailored design that’ll add a touch of sophistication while providing plenty of seating.

There’s a low profile frame, square arms, and black metal bracket feet. The cushions are removable so they can be flipped and fluffed as needed.

By now you know I’m a huge fan of the pit modular sectional. There are many styles to choose from but you’ll have a hard time beating this amazing price.

If you’re nervous about the beige colorway go for the gray instead. Either one will look stunning in your living room just remember to do a floor plan before you order!

2. Faux Fur Barrel Chair

wayfair living room furniture faux fur accent chair

Add a pair of faux fur barrel chairs for extra seating and style. This chair is on sale right now for just under $250 which is quite the deal.

At 29.33” H X 28.15” W X 27.36” D the smaller scale is great for apartments or condo living. The soft fluffy chair is perfect to add comfort and warmth to your living room design.

This low-profile accent chair has a shallow seat and gold legs for a touch of glam. It’s available in beige, gray, or pink depending on the vibe you’re after.

3. Acadia Coffee Table

black coffee table

The floor plan above will give you a visual of how you can style a pair of tables. They’ll provide the perfect surface area for drinks, snacks, or your favorite decor.

This table has a pedestal base for a modern update to the classic Acadia coffee table. Choose between four colorways when placing your order online.

4. Pedestal End Table

wayfair living room furniture pedestal drink table

Another obsession of mine is cute drink tables. They’re awesome to place next to a sofa, accent chair, bench, or anywhere you need a spot to put down a drink.

No matter your style every home can use a drink table in my opinion. This black iron table has a fashion-forward design with its pedestal shape and rounded base.

5. Black Console Table

wayfair living room furniture black console table

Since the modular pit sectional is oversized and closed in when the ottoman is in the center you might struggle with what style table you use. A sofa table is great for adding a surface area at the back of your sofa as shown in the floor plan above.

This console table is also awesome to add to any empty wall with a round mirror or artwork above. It has clean lines with an open bottom that could easily store two ottomans underneath for extra seating.

The black finish provides contrast to the large sofa and ties back to the other dark elements in this design. Repeating colors throughout your interior design is best for adding flow and balance.

6. White Electric Fireplace

white electric fireplace

This modern electric fireplace is perfect for any style of home. It has a realistic vibe that looks just as good as the real deal.

It’s great for larger spaces that can handle the volume of the 75″ wide mantel. It comes with a remote so you can set the mood to your liking with the click of a button.

Style it with artwork and decor for a timeless sophisticated look. If you prefer a TV go for one that looks like a piece of art when turned off for an elegant touch.

7. Handmade Hand Loomed

handmade hand loomed rug

Area rugs are great for defining a sitting area, especially in large open floor plans. They also add texture, pattern, and warmth to a living space.

The size in the floor plan above is 9’x12′ which will fit perfectly under the sectional pulled slightly towards the front. You could go for a larger size and have it completely under the sofa if you prefer that look but it’s not necessary.

This luxurious rug is handmade with a combination of wool and rayon from bamboo silk. It’s soft to the touch and has an abstract pattern that’ll add interest and dimension.

8. Gold Wings Artwork

gold wings artwork

Wayfair sources artwork from Oliver Gal who is one of my favorite dealers! They have modern fashion-forward prints that’ll take any design to the next level.

This sophisticated wall art features iconic wings in gray and gold. It’s available in four frame options but for this concept, the gold looks fabulous!

9. Black Dimmable Chandelier

black chandelier

This Wayfair chandelier is a dupe of the Kelly Wearster Rousseau Large Oval Chandelier. The original design is over 8K but the black dimmable chandelier above is super affordable at just over $500!

You could probably furnish this entire design for the price of the Visual Comfort chandelier. Just saying!

The Wayfair style has similar lines and I love the touch of gold on the black chandelier. It ties back to the other elements of this design and adds a glam vibe.

It’s available in matte black with aged brass or solid matte black if you prefer. This chandelier has adjustable heights, is sloped ceiling adaptable, and damp location listed.

If you’re looking for an affordable chandelier that’ll attract attention this one is for you!

10. Gold Bar Cart

gold art deco bar cart

Adding a stylish bar cart to your living space is great for creating a moment in an empty corner. This trendy style is awesome for holding your favorite alcohol and bar accessories.

If you’ve gone dry and no longer drink use it as a cute tea or coffee station. Your guests will be impressed by your creativity and uniqueness.

This versatile bar cart has a contemporary design with 2 shelves that can be used for storage or display. Update your living room, kitchen, dining room, or home office with this elegant style.

Choose between gold, black, or silver when placing your order online.

11. Gold Ornate Mirror

gold ornate mirror

Mirrors are great for creating interest and making a space appear larger. The ornate details of this Wayfair floor mirror dupe are a similar version of the Anthropologie Primrose mirror.

You’ll add a touch of sophistication and style to any room of your home with this timeless vintage mirror. It’s available in three sizes depending on the space you’re working with.

12. Black Frame Picture Gallery

gallery wall art with black frames

This set includes six frames to create your very own design. They’re perfect to display in your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

The look of this set is inspired by modern transitional aesthetics and features minimal lines. It was designed with simplicity in mind but will make a statement in any living space.

This a great option if you’re looking for frames in various sizes. It’s available in three finishes so no matter your style there’s a set perfect for you.

Just add your own collection of photos or prints to complete the look.

13. Vodka Rocket Decanter

vodka decanter in black, gold, and white

Add this cute Vodka decanter to your bar cart for a touch of personality and fun. No matter what’s inside the retro design will add a sophisticated vibe to your living space.

If Vodka is not your jam it also comes in gin, whiskey, tequila, or bourbon. Go bold and add the entire set if you have it like that. HaHa

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14. Gold LED Sconce

gold led sconce

Layering in different types of lighting is a great way to add interest to any space. Sconces can be used to set the mood, create atmosphere, and add task lighting.

A pair of sconces on either side of the artwork above the fireplace will create a moment and make a statement. This unique lighting will add a touch of warmth and style to your living room, bedroom, hallway, and more!

15. Black Velvet Pillows

black velvet pillows

These black velvet throw pillows add the finishing touch to the modular sectional sofa. The set of two is on sale right now for just under $30.

There are multiple sizes available including 22″x22″ which is just what this design calls for. I like the look of a few larger pillows as opposed to multiple small ones.

If you need pillows in another space there are twenty colorways to choose from. You’ll probably have a hard time choosing. I know I did!

16. Black Throw Blanket

black throw blanket

Lastly, we have this fabulous knitted throw blanket that’s awesome to snuggle up alone or with a loved one. The faux mink fur plush blanket has striped channels, a silky texture, and a cozy feel.

It measures 50″ wide and 60” long which will make you feel like you’re being wrapped in a loving hug. Throw it at the end of your sofa, chair, or bed for an updated look.

When You Know Better You Do Better

When is Wayfair Way Day 2024?

It’s official this week is Wayfair’s Way Day Sale and I have to say it’s going to be fabulous. The sale runs for only two days May 4-6.
It starts at 12 am in the morning and the deals will run through the end of the last day. This gives you exactly 48 hours to take advantage of the awesome discounts.
If you have shopped at Wayfair before you know things sell out FAST so if you see something you LOVE order it ASAP.

Is Way Day once a year?

Wayfair’s Way Day sale is an annual event so you’ll have to wait until next year if you miss out. During the sale, you do NOT need a Wayfair coupon or Wayfair promo codes!
If you see something you LOVE order right away. Be sure to check out the Wayfair return policy for more information if needed.

How is Wayfair different from Amazon?

Wayfair is different from Amazon because it has a wide range of products, from rugs and curtains to dishware and furniture. In my experience, there is some crossover between the products.
Wayfair also has a professional program so if you’re a designer or contractor you can save really big with the discounted rates. They buy from a variety of suppliers so they have a really large selection to choose from.

I hope this Wayfair living room furniture inspires you to design a modern home you love!

This post is all about the best Wayfair living room furniture.

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