Modern Neutral Living Room Design (Shop The Look)

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Looking for modern neutral living room design tips and inspiration? Check out this design that you and your guests are sure to love!

Designing a modern neutral living room may seem like an overwhelming task but trust me it’s not!

A neutral space is a perfect backdrop for a timeless design. When you use neutral colors it is very easy to change the look and feel just by adding a pop color.

There are many colors in the neutral category such as white, black, gray, ivory, and taupe to name a few.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to get started then this post is for you.

This post is all about modern neutral living room ideas.

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Photo by Arquimedes DelaCruz

How To Design A Modern Neutral Living Room

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When it comes to designing a living room like the one above there are some tried and true tips that will help you.

I have used this process over and over to create rooms that are unique and inspiring. These tips will help you design with confidence as well.

Here are the steps I take when designing any space.

Step 1

Create a Pinterest brain dump board. This is where you will save your inspiration images from Step 2 and the products you like.

As you source online save the images at the same time. Otherwise, you may not remember where you got them from.

Don’t worry if you like a lot of products because you will narrow it down later.

Also, do not look at the prices yet. Just save furniture and home decor you like.

This is meant to be the inspiration for the look and feel you are after. Just dream right now.

The Inspiration

Step 2

Start to narrow down your saved images.

Choose no more than 3 images from Pinterest or online that will be your inspiration.

Step 3

Choose a jumping-off piece (artwork, fabric, pillow print, or a rug).

Use Canva or Google Slides to create a concept board. Add this image to your board.

Step 4

Establish your color palette choose neutrals (white, black, ivory, gray, etc.) and 1-2 pop colors if you’d like. Your pop color can also be a metal such as gold.

Save these colors to your Canva board as well.

The Furniture

Step 5

Choose your main statement furniture piece (the largest piece of furniture, your sofa in this case)

Add this to the Canva Board.

Step 6 

Choose accent furniture (side tables, coffee table, accent chairs, etc)

Save these to the Canva board as well.

Step 7 

Choose pillows, rug, accessories, lighting, etc

You know the drill save these to the Canva Concept Board.

Step 8

Measure your space and create a floor plan. Use a free room planner tool online.

Step 9

Once you have the “look and feel” concept board and your floor plan complete this will be your road map as you work through the design process.

Whether you are sourcing online or out and about, you will know the furniture, home decor, and size you need.

This takes out the guesswork and reduces the number of returns you’ll have.

After the steps from above are complete you may need to tweak the products you selected based on price or size.

As you work through the floor plan process you will add the sizes from the pieces you sourced. If anything doesn’t fit you’ll need to find an alternative.

Use this budget calculator to determine your budget and the damage as you work through the process.

Whew… Ok, now that we have all that out of the way it’s time for the fun part!

The inspiring modern neutral living room resources from the feature design.

Shop The Look | Modern Neutral Living Room Design


These are all the resources for the modern neutral living room design. Everything thing needed to create a stylish contemporary space is listed.

If you don’t have it in your budget to do a complete makeover there are a few more ideas to create moments using the tips below.

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Add Neutral Artwork


If you don’t have it in your budget to do a complete overhaul just adding a statement piece of artwork can make a huge difference.

All the artwork shown above is from Leftbank Art which is a “to the trade” vendor that I have access to as an Interior Designer.

You can find similar artwork from High Fashion Home.

Just be aware it is sold as two separate pieces NOT a set.

The original art has a Glass Coat Epoxy and Crystal finish with a Poly Gold Float Frame. 

Adding the sitting area with either a bench or chairs will create a “moment” in your space.

Create a Sitting Area


Another tip is to add a cute sitting area in your space to update it. You can do this using two chairs with a side table in between as shown above.

If you have an empty corner then one chair and a drink table will do the trick.

The accent chairs above are from Bernhardt in a creme high-performance velvet.

I fell in love with them after I saw them used in an IMG space.

The peace sign artwork by Kelli Ellis and the abstract circle are both from Leftbank.

The Paint Colors

All Benjamin Moore

Walls: Classic Gray OC-23

Accent Wall: Obsidian

Trim: Simply White OC-117

I hope this gave you ideas and inspiration to start your room.

Happy Designing!

This post is all about modern neutral living room ideas.

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