11 Modern Contemporary Art Ideas That’ll Update Any Room

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Looking for modern contemporary art styles to upgrade your home? Check out my favorites that’ll make a statement in your living room!

Artwork is one of the BEST ways to add style and personality to any living space. It’s also very subjective. What one person finds beautiful another may not.

That said it’s important to pick artwork for your home that speaks to you. Whether you love color or neutrals either look will make a statement and create a focal point.

Once you’ve chosen your artwork use it as a jumping-off point to create the color palette for your interior design. You can pull colors from the art to create a cohesive balanced room.

If you’re looking for modern contemporary artwork for your home you are in the right place. Check out these resources and let me know which is your favorite.

This post is all about modern contemporary art.

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black and white, abstract, and gold modern contemporary art

Is contemporary art the same as modern?

Contemporary is what is happening at the moment while modern design refers to an era that has passed. Both styles feature clean lines, neutral colors, and balanced compositions.

Typically contemporary art uses a combination of materials, techniques, and shapes to create an original design. It has layers of texture and different mediums resulting in a bold innovative piece of artwork.

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black and white, abstract, and gold modern contemporary art

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1. Abstract Canvas Artwork // 2. Neutral Swirl Art // 3. World’s End // 4. Yonder Modern Art // 5. Black and White Balance Wall Art // 6. Heart To Heart // 7. Black And Gold Art // 8. Pinky Fine // 9. Live, Laugh, Love // 10. Borealis Modern Art // 11. Matrix Undulation Art

1. Abstract Canvas Artwork

modern contemporary abstract art

This artwork is from ZGallerie. They’re a favorite of mine and I personally have their artwork in my home.

The “Je T’Aime Ii” piece is perfect to use as a jumping-off point for any living space.

It’s also great for adding personality and style to your home. It’ll set the overall vibe of your living room and be a conversation starter.

The giclee on canvas print features strokes applied with an artist’s brush. This colorful modern artwork is by the artist Jean Kenna.

2. Neutral Swirl Art

neutral white swirl art

White does not have the be boring! This artwork from Williams Sonoma has layers of texture, interest, and movement.

It’s a canvas print with hand-painted embellishments. Hang this artwork alone or as a set depending on your design.

The beauty of incorporating neutrals in your interior design is they’ll be timeless. Just add a pop of color to your pillows and accessories to update the look.

3. World’s End

black and white modern contemporary art

Here’s another piece from ZGallerie that’ll make a statement in your living space. This giclee artwork is printed on canvas and embellished by hand with glossy white paint.

The texture, depth, and color of this original piece will bring any wall to life. Choose from four sizes and frame finishes when placing your order.

4. Yonder Modern Art

black, gold, and white modern contemporary art

Add movement and flow to your living space with this modern contemporary artwork. It’s a giclee print on canvas with hand-embellished gold paint.

Use this piece to create a color palette of black, white, grey, and gold. Add in a pop of color for interest and drama.

Choose between four sizes and three frame finishes for a custom original design.

5. Black and White Balance Wall Art

black and white artwork

The simple geometric shapes of this handpainted canvas artwork will make a statement in your living space. It has a black wood floater frame that can be hung vertically or horizontally.

It’s available in one size 37″x51″ perfect to hang behind your modern sofa or over your entryway console. Add gold sconces on either side for interest and accent lighting.

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6. Heart To Heart

gold heart artwork

This piece is full of texture, movement, and dimension. The gold heart is handpainted on canvas with bold brushstrokes that’ll add style and personality to your living space.

Make an impact in your glam living room, bedroom, or hallway with this original artwork.

7. Gold, Black, And White Modern Contemporary Artwork

black, white, and gold modern contemporary art

Love the vibe of this modern abstract artwork from Z Gallerie. It’s a combination of layered artist paper and Plexi with hand embellishments. The texture under the acrylic glass creates a three-dimensional piece of artwork.

It’s set in a black frame for definition and drama. The white brush strokes and modern design are perfect for updating your interior design.

At 40″w x 60″h it’s the perfect size for making an impact in your living room, bedroom, dining room, and more. Hang this piece on an empty wall that’s in need of a little love and attention.

8. Pinky Fine Abstract Artwork

colorful abstract modern contemporary art with black frame

Make a bold statement in your foyer, living room, or bedroom with this colorful artwork. This piece is perfect to use as a starting point when designing your living space.

Pull the neutral colors of black, white, beige, and grey for the larger pieces in your room. Next choose two of the pop colors to use in an accent chair, pillows, and home decor.

This fun artwork is set in a black floater frame. The Giclee print on canvas is hand-applied with a high-gloss finish.

Add style and loads of personality to this artwork. It’s sure to be a conversation starter in your home!

9. Live, Laugh, Love

modern contemporary art

Add color, movement, and interest to your interior design with this contemporary modern art.

The printed canvas piece was created using hand-applied embellishments and a textural finish. You can hang this piece horizontally or vertically depending on your design.

This custom modern artwork features bold brushstrokes and an impressive mix of colors. If you want to infuse more color into your design pull colors from the print for your pillows, chairs, and accessories.

grey sofa in modern living room with colorful artwork

When starting a design project for any space, find a piece that’ll be your jumping-off point. In the above design, the first item pulled was this artwork from ZGallerie.

I wanted a statement piece that would bring in a pop of color and create a focal point. The color palette of this design is neutral with grey, ivory, and black. The touches of gold throughout add warmth and interest.

Pro Tip: Repeat your accent color in a minimum of three places to add flow and balance to your living room design.


For the purpose of this living room design the grey in the artwork ties back to the furniture. Not pulling any color into the decor makes a bold impact which is the look I was after here.

10. Borealis Modern Art

abstract modern contemporary art

Love the bold colors and movement of this contemporary artwork. It has a chic modern vibe that’s perfect to level up your home design.

You can easily pull the color palette of your space from this original design. The piece is printed on fine-art paper with hand-applied gold embellishments displayed in a white frame.

Make a statement by adding the set of two art pieces to your living room design.

11. Matrix Undulation Art

black, white, and gold artwork

Add movement and flow to your living space with this hand-embellished artwork from artist Jennifer Goldberger. The abstract piece is a giclee print on archival paper that’s hand-embellished with gold paint.

It’s set under glass with a white mat and solid wood frame in a black finish. This fabulous piece is sure to make a bold statement in any room it’s in.

I hope this collection of modern contemporary artwork gave you ideas and inspiration for your interior design.

Remember artwork is subjective and should speak to you. You’ll know you found the right piece when it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel awesome inside and out!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about modern contemporary art.

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