Bar Cabinet Ideas To Keep Your Alcohol Organized

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Looking for the best bar cabinet ideas that’ll keep your alcohol organized? Check out my favorites to update your home in 2024!

If you have a large collection of alcohol but don’t know where to put it all this is for you. A bar cabinet is a great way to display your barware and beverages.

Whether it’s for the living room, basement, den, or any other space you entertain these cabinets are a great storage option.

There are different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes available in the bar cabinet category. Many also mix wood and metal as shown in the feature image. There are short and tall bar cabinets plus everything in between.

Bar cabinets are a great focal point and conversation piece in any home. Plus they’re a super stylish storage solution when you have an abundance of alcohol.

This post is all about the best bar cabinet ideas.

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Best Alcohol Cabinet Ideas of 2024

Modern bar cabinets provide storage and are also a stylish focal point in your living space. There are so many fabulous options to choose from in this category that you may want more than one.

The roundup below features bar cabinets from a variety of retailers and price points. I’m a firm believer that if a piece truly speaks to you then you’ll figure out a way to get it!

If not the exact piece then something similar.

The best way to get those “star of the show” pieces is to mix high and low price points in your interior design. Some pieces will be at a high price point while others will be less.

If done right, the only one who will know is you!

That said let’s get into the stylish and trendy alcohol cabinets for your makeover.

Living Room Bar Cabinet Ideas


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1. Blue Bar Cabinet // 2. Mahagony Wood Cabinets // 3. Boro Star Bar Cabinet  // 4. Mako Cabinet // 5. Anwar Bar Cabinet // 6. Isadora Multifunctional Cabinet // 7. Hawkesbury Cabinet // 8. Alcohol Cabinets // 9. West Charcoal Cane Bar Cabinet // 10. Rattan Bar // 11. Gatsby Bar Cabinet // 12. Marble Bars // 13. Green Velvet Cabinet // 14. Wood And Gold Cabinets // 15. Inlay Bar Cabinet // 16. Wine Bar // 17. Fayette Bar Cabinet // 18. Acero Bar Cabinet // 19. Torino Bar // 20. Op Art Bar // 21. Louise Bar Cabinet

1. Navy Grasscloth Cabinets


This designer bar cabinet has an elevated grasscloth-inspired texture, elliptical brass with lucite knobs, and brass legs. Inside is a 16-bottle wine rack, one glass rack, two drawers, two shelves, and interior door storage.

The bottom line there will be plenty of room for all your storage and display needs. Elevate the look of your living space with the addition of this modern bar cabinet furniture.

2. Mahagony Wood Alcohol Cabinets


Love the details of this stunning tall alcohol cabinet. It’s perfect for storing all your bar accessories and it’s a work of art! Inspired by Brazilian modernism it’s made of solid mahogany, engineered wood, and metal.

The door of the top cabinet flips down and features a stemware rack and antique mirror. At the bottom, the doors open to reveal bottle storage and shelves.

If you’re looking to make a statement in your living room this piece is for you!

3. Boro Star Alcohol Cabinets


The Boro Star modern bar cabinet features hand-painted doors with textured iron accents. Inspired by Japanese patched indigo textiles known as boro this piece is sure to be a focal point in your living space.

The wood cabinet features a 16-bottle wine rack, one glass rack, two drawers, two shelves, and interior door storage. Since this piece is handcrafted there will be slight variations in the color.

This piece will add so much originality to your home. Your guests will be dying to know where you got her from.

For those looking to add personality, this stunning design is perfect for you!

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4. Modern Bar Cabinets


This beautiful unit has a feeling of elegance and warmth. Made of solid oak with brass legs and handles this alcohol cabinet will level up your home decor.

The inside of this stunning furniture design is finished off with a matte lacquer in a striking blue. There are also two glass shelves and racks for wine glasses making this the perfect place to display your bar accessories.

This bar storage cabinet has a timeless look that is worth the investment. Add a contemporary modern look to your home with this alcohol cabinet.

Check out this video for more details on this unique bar cabinet.

5. Arhaus Bar Cabinet


The Anwar industrial-chic iron bar is hand-forged by Indian artisans and inspired by vintage theater spotlights. Inside the tall cabinet is a glass shelf, wire wine rack, and mirrored back.

This stunning piece is sure to be a focal point in your living space.


This living room bar cabinet is a conversation starter for sure!! One of my personal favorites of the bunch.

The Arhaus bar cabinet design was hand-carved by Indonesian artisans from solid mahogany and mahogany veneers. It was inspired by the intricate detailing found in doorways and thresholds throughout Indonesia.

If you are looking to make a statement in your home this bar cabinet is for you!

6. Leanne Ford Cabinets


This stunning beauty was designed by the super-talented and ridiculously cool Leanne Ford. The original design and shape of these storage cabinets are sure to be a show-stopper in your home.

Featuring a mid-century design of cane and wood this piece is sure to make a statement in your living room.

The long rectangular handles open the semicircular doors to reveal two fixed shelves and wine bottle storage. A mirrored back panel adds a reflective shimmer against the dark charcoal finish.

Add style and personality to your home with this stunning thing of beauty!!

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7. Living Room Cabinet

I have to say I was a bit shocked to find this modern bar cabinet from Pottery Barn. The striking design and sunburst pattern will look fabulous in the contemporary home.

Handcrafted of black and white camel bone and resin this stunning piece is sure to be the star of the show. This modern bar cabinet features a mid-century silhouette, slender iron legs, and storage for all your alcohol accessories.

Inside the cabinet are 4 stemware racks at the top, one drawer, 6 wine bottle holders, and 3 storage shelves.

If you’re looking the make a statement this stunning beauty is perfect for you!

8. Anwar Bar Cabinet For Home


This original alcohol cabinet is hand-carved by Indonesian artisans. Made of solid mahogany and mahogany veneers that highlight the beauty of the intricate front doors.

The design was inspired by the intricate detailing found in doorways throughout Indonesia. The inside of this original piece features adjustable shelving and wine glass storage.

Each piece in this collection was sculpted by a single artist from start to finish. The artisan carves every detail by hand over three days.

This tall bar cabinet is sure to stand out and provide the perfect amount of storage space for barware and other essentials.

9. Isadora Multifunctional Cabinet


Crafted of hardwood with mahogany veneers this piece was inspired by classic Spanish architecture. The simple silhouette features an arched design with carved wood moldings.

It’s available in light gray with brass details, adjustable shelves, small interior draws, and a mirror back.

Use this stylish alcohol cabinet as a bar, vanity, or even a small workspace. This timeless piece is sure to last for many years to come.

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10. Leonie Luxe Short Bar Cabinets


Love the stylish curves and gold trim of this short bar cabinet. This piece features traditional rattan that adds a luxurious touch to serving crafted cocktails in your home.

The elegant doors open to reveal ample storage for glassware, decanters, and bar tools. Inside there are shelves that are perfect for showcasing your fabulous collection of liquor.

If you have a small space but are looking to add a statement piece look no further!

11. Gatsby Bar Cabinet


As we all know I love a good Arteriors piece and this one is stunning. There are only six left at the time of this post so purchase ASAP if you love this bar storage cabinet.

Create a focal point in your home with this contemporary bar cabinet. It features two doors with beautiful geometric etching and a golden finish.

On the inside, the ebony-stained oak walls are finished with mirrored glass panels and recessed lighting. There is shelving and a drawer for storing bottles, glassware, and accessories.

This stunning piece is sure to level up your home decor.

12. Marble Cabinets


CB2 Furniture does not disappoint when it comes to alcohol cabinets! This one features Carrara marble tiles and textured black hardware.

It’s perfect to make a statement in your living room, dining room, or home office. Due to the natural material, there will be variations that make each piece special and unique.

Behind the two cabinet doors, there’s a stemware rack and shelf perfect for a well-stocked bar. This piece is sure to be a conversation starter and make you the envy of the party.

13. Green Velvet Cabinet


Ok, so I’m obsessed with this wine bar cabinet design from Anthropologie. This stunning beauty is wrapped in velvet, accented with a marble top and polished brass accents.

On the inside are two adjustable shelves that are perfect for storing all your alcohol and barware. Level up your home with this super original modern bar cabinet.

This one is perfect for all my fashionistas at heart!

14. Wood And Gold Cabinets


Make a statement in any room in your home with the addition of this wood and gold alcohol cabinet. It has a raised diamond-parquet pattern with wood-and-brass pulls for a sophisticated vibe.

The modern design features splayed legs and brass wraps. On the inside, there are cutouts for cord management making this piece great for the organization of more than just barware.

This piece will elevate the look of your interior design.

15. Unique Bar Cabinets


This stunning bar cabinet features intricately patterned bone inlay and sexy brass hardware. The design and styling make this piece feel more like artwork instead of furniture.

Add this small bar cabinet to your entryway, living room, or home office to make a statement. It is super functional and will provide ample storage in any small space.

For those looking to create a focal point in your interior design, this contemporary bar cabinet will do the trick.

That completes the bar cabinet ideas however these pieces can take up a bit of space. Make sure you measure and do a floor plan before you purchase.

16. Freda Bar Cabinet 


Love this all-gold small bar cabinet to add a touch of glam to the modern home. The clean lines and warm antique brass finish make this a great option for those with smaller spaces.

The inside has three fixed shelves and a grid for wine storage. She may look small but the storage grid will store up to 12 wine bottles.

This piece would also look fabulous in a pair if space allows on either side of an entryway.

17. Fayette Bar Cabinet


This trendy neutral piece was inspired by Parisian Art Deco. The top is made of beautiful-grained white marble and features slim, X-braced legs finished in warm brass. 

The outer cabinet is made of fluted mango veneer and opens up to a bartender’s dream. On the inside of this piece, you’ll find stemware racks, door racks for bottle storage, and three adjustable racks that flip from smooth to notched for storing barware or wine bottles. 

This stunning beauty is sure to make a statement in your living space.

18. Arhaus Small Bar Cabinet


This modern Arhaus bar cabinet features rustic metal with warm colors and organic wood textures. The gorgeous metal panels of solid iron are left outside to naturally oxidize which produces an authentic weathered appearance.

Since this piece is handcrafted the color, pattern, shape, and texture may vary and will be unique. On the inside, you’ll stay organized with the two drawers, shelf, and angled wine storage area.

19. Torino Tall Bar Cabinets


What a super fun bar cabinet that is sure to make a statement in your space. Love the geometric pattern and gold legs.

This bar cabinet features back-painted glass panes with polished brass details that will add a modern glam touch to your living space.

Inside the designer bar cabinet are adjustable tempered glass shelves, six wire-bound drinking glass shelves, and two tray draws.

There is plenty of storage for all your alcohol and bar accessories.

If you are looking for a focal point in your interior design this one is for you!!

20. OP Modern Bar Cabinets


This mid-century black and white bar cabinet is similar to the first style but more neutral. Either one will be a conversation starter.

Jonathan Adler has so many cool and interesting contemporary bar cabinets. The one above features a modern design, reverse-painted glass panes, and brass details.

Inside are the same glass shelves and drawers as the first bar cabinet.

21. Louise Home Bar Cabinet


Perfect for the contemporary home this bar cabinet is handcrafted by master builders. It features a mirrored interior that includes a mounted brass rack for wine glasses, a pull-out prep area, and two dual-function shelves.

The shelves flip to provide a flat storage surface or a slotted shelf to store up to four wine bottles. There are even two full-extension drawers, perfectly sized for storing cocktail napkins and bar tools.

If you are looking for a styling piece to organize all things barware this piece has your name on it!!

22. Fern Wood Arched Cabinet

black arched bar cabinet

If you’re looking for a unique bar cabinet to display your alcohol and essentials this one is for you. It features an arched silhouette on balloon feet with loads of charm.

The Carrara marble top over the storage draws adds to the sophisticated look of this modern bar cabinet. The stylish piece is made of ash wood with glass doors perfect for showcasing your favorite bar decor.

This bar cabinet will look fabulous in the contemporary home.

23. Charcoal Cane Tall Cabinet

black bar cart cabinet with round cabinet

Leanne Ford brings her cool, effortless vibe home to you with the design of this trendy and stylish wood bar cabinet. The mid-century-inspired bar cabinet features cane and wood materials for an updated look.

It features a linear frame that is made of sustainably sourced white oak finished in charcoal. The mirrored back panel adds a reflective shimmer to the bar essentials stored inside.

I love everything about this piece and Leanne Ford’s design style.

24. Capra Bar Cabinet

white bar cabinet with gold trim

This modern style is great for small and large spaces. It has solid mahogany + veneers and is the perfect blend of form meets function.

The clean lines and raised honeycomb paneled doors are complimented by the luxe gold accents. There is built-in storage for your bottles, glasses, and bar tools.

Make a statement in any room in your home with the addition of this stylish white bar cabinet. It’s perfect for a living room, office, master bedroom, and more!

25. Louise Bar Cabinetry

bar cart cabinet with gold trim

This bar cart cabinet features a mirrored interior, a mounted brass rack for wine glasses, and a pull-out prep area. The two dual-function shelves flip to provide a flat storage surface great for serving guests.

There is also a slotted shelf to store up to four wine bottles. The warm brass finish and light gray mahogany veneer finish will add a sophisticated look to your interior design.

If you’re looking for a timeless investment piece that will be durable for years to come this modern bar cabinet is for you!

No matter which furniture you’re shopping for start with a floor plan of your space. I know I sound like a broken record but the floor plan will help you avoid costly mistakes.

26. Wine Bar Furniture

shagreen bar cabinet

If you’re looking for timeless wood bar cabinet ideas this piece from Arhaus is awesome. It’s artisan-crafted from solid parawood and has plenty of storage space.

This home bar cabinet is the perfect blend of style and function. It’ll make a fabulous addition to any style of home.

The bar cabinet features embossed shagreen leather inserts and a dark wood frame with gold metallic accents. It has removable shelving and a hanging wine glass storage area.

Entertaining will be a breeze with the addition of this modern bar furniture.

I hope the featured styles and bar cabinet ideas inspire you to level up your interior design. If I had to pick just one I would have to go with the Louis Bar cabinet from Frontgate.

How about you?? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

This post is all about the best bar cabinet ideas.

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