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23 Modern Black And White Pillows That’ll Totally Level Up Your Sofa

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Looking for the best modern black and white pillows for your home? Check out my favorites that are sure to make any room look fabulous!

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Black And White Pillows

When I attended Maria Killam’s True Color workshop she spoke in depth about the gray trend being at the end of its ten-year lifecycle and black making an appearance.

She was correct!

Black is everywhere these days!

I absolutely LOVE black (which shows in my wardrobe) so I personally have embraced this trend. As I mentioned in my DIY tutorial post on banded pillows I have many go-to vendors for pillows.

If you’re looking for a quick way to level up your sofa, pillows are the way to go. Just by changing out the color scheme you can create a totally new look and feel. It’s also a great way to add texture, pattern, and dimension.

No matter your style or budget this round-up has you covered.

This post is all about modern black and white pillows that’ll level up your living room.

black and white pillows on grey chaise sofa with faux fur thro and modern abstract artwork

Modern Black And White Throw Pillows

As you can see from the room above pillows can really make a statement in your space. Aside from paint changing your pillows is a great way to update the vibe of your room.

The key thing to remember when selecting pillows is to mix patterns, textures, and colors. Doing this will add interest and personality which by now you know we are all about.

You never want to use the matching pillows that come with your sofa. These tend to be one size and the same fabric as the sofa which is boring. It will totally scream SHOWROOM… Just saying!

How do you make a pillow look expensive?

There are a few tricks and tips to make your black decorative pillows look expensive.

Here are a few designer secrets:

  • use down inserts
  • size the inserts up 2″ from the pillow size all around
  • mix textures, sizes, and patterns
  • add a pop color for added interest

First, you want to have a mix of sizes as shown below. The feature sofa is very large at 102″. The pillows we selected are large to create a balanced look.

There are three-banded pillows behind two printed pillows. The banded pillows are 26×26 and the printed abstract pillows are 20×20.

Here is a visual of how the black and white pillows look in a row with the sizes noted.

black and white pillows sizing

Pro Tip: Size up your pillow insert by 2″

If your pillow is 20×20″ you need a 22×22″ insert. For the 26×26″ pillow you will need a 28×28″ insert. This will create that designer look you love from Pinterest and Instagram.

If you want your black and white decorative pillows to be choppable use down inserts. Some people have allergies to down but you can get a down alternative made with polyester fibers. These are still choppable, pretty, and are at a lower price point.

living room with classic gray walls and gray chaise sofa

When this room was designed I started with a neutral color palette and then layered in touches of black for contrast.

The banded pillows shown are custom made but you can find similar ones from Little Design Co. The abstract pillows are made using the fabric of one of my favorite designers Kelly Wearstler.

Where is the best place to buy throw pillows?

There are so many places to buy pillow covers. I say covers because contemporary designer throw pillows are not cheap and if you buy the cover you can always change them out when you want a new look.

The other thing is it is way easier to store pillow covers than pillows with the fill insert. If you only have to store the throw covers you will save on space which is great for those with limited storage options.

Here is a large resource list of where you can shop.

Budget-Friendly Pillow Resources:

My favorites at the moment are Coterie, Woven Nook, The Citizenry, Little Design Co, and Anthropologie. If you are on a budget check out World Market, Wayfair, and Target.

The image below has a variety of pillow styles, textures, and patterns. Many are available in multiple sizes as well. Perfect to help you level up your living room design.

Best Modern Black & White Pillows

black and white pillows roundup

1. Panel Pillow // 2. Channels Pillow // 3. Watercolor Pillow // 4. Modern Lines Silk Pillow // 5. Linen & Velvet Pillow // 6. Chevron Pillow // 7. Hide Pillow // 8. Les Touches Pillow // 9. Mrs. Square Pillow // 10. Beso Pillow // 11. Shit Show Pillow // 12. Pattern Pillow // 13. Black Leather Pillow // 14. Striped Pillow // 15. Diamond Pillow // 16. Graffito Pillow Cover // 17. Sia Strip Pillow // 18. Diamond Fringe Pillow // 19. Estela Black and White Pillow // 20. Antibes Pillow // 21. Graffito Pillow // 22. Xbase Pillow // 23. Tyra Pillow

Modern Black Throw Pillows

Rather than just adding a solid flat pillow to your space add one with texture and interest. Anyone of these pillows will do the trick.

The textured modern lines pattern design will also add major comfort since it’s made of Turkish silk threads. That one feels like velvet and is super cozy.

Then there is the hide pillow and channel-quilted leather option. Either of these will add dimension to your sofa. I love the velvet pillow with the leather insert strip.

Mixing different fabric textures in a subtle way is all you need to make a statement.

If Boho is more your vibe the Moroccan hand-loomed pillow cover will look awesome. It’s made by artisans with love and each one is unique.

If you see loose threads on the inside after your purchase just trim them off and know it was hand-made special for you.

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Geometric Throw Pillows

Another way to add personality to your space is with modern geometric throw pillows.

The first one uses a pattern by Kelly Wearstler who is an amazing textile and interior designer. It is super fun and bold making it the perfect option for the contemporary home.

Love the one from CB2 which is a chevron pattern that will add interest and drama.

Then there’s the bold pillow from my favorite designer Jonathan Adler. His style is so original and unique. Jonathan Adler’s home decor is perfect to make your home stand out and show your style.

This pillow is a great gift for a bridal shower or a newly engaged couple. The fun needlepoint pillow is available with Mrs., Mr., and the & symbol. Grab all three to make a bold statement in any bedroom design.

The two black and white throw pillows above both have a classic geometric pattern that’s sure to make a statement.

World Market is a great place for interesting black and white decorative pillows that are at a better price point. They’re not super expensive but still create interest.

CB2 has many modern pillow options that will be a focal point in your home. Be sure to check out both options as your source for updated pillows.

Printed Throw Pillows

Printed pillows are another fun way to make a bold statement. Add the ombre pillow in front of solids for interest.

If you are feeling fresh then the potty mouth Welcome To The Shit Show is for you. You can always hide it when your mother-in-law stops by. HA!

Animal prints are timeless making them the perfect staple to have in your home. If your sofa is solid a fun print will add movement and style.

These two patterns are modern and super pretty. Pairing either of these with one of the black textured pillows from above will look fabulous.

living room design with black and white home decor

The above design is meant to give you a visual of the impact this color scheme can have on a room. By layering texture, pattern, and scale you’ll create an interesting space that’s super inviting.

In the world of color theory, this palette is called Achromatic which means without color. Only neutral colors (black, white, and gray) are used in this decorating style.

The beauty is it’s literally the perfect backdrop for any accent color. The trick to pulling off this trend is to make sure you use a variety of materials and interesting shapes throughout.

Black and white decor is far from boring if done right. It’s also timeless and easy to update if you want to change it up in the future.

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Pattern Throw Pillows

Whether embroidered, jacquard, or screen printed these pillows are perfect to level up your sofa. The Citizenry pillow is handcrafted from durable sheep’s wool. It is a great way to add a cozy, luxe vibe to your home.

Personally, I love the new abstract black and white print from CB2. It has deconstructed lines in a contrasting white tone with solid black ground. The design is on both the front and back so it’s interchangeable.

The simple hand-painted design of the Etsy pillow will add style and character to any decor style. This one is perfect to layer in front of a textured black pillow.

If you’re looking to really add some fun the woven nook tassel pillow with the classic stripes at the center of the pillow is perfect for your sofa or across your bed.

The modern design of the World Market pillow is great for indoor or outdoor use. This pillow is made of recycled water bottles and features a diamond stripe embroidery pattern.

Color Block Black & White Pillows

I love black and white throw pillows that mix linen and velvet. The contrasting textures and colors blend perfectly creating a look that is elegant and modern.

The panel pillows are available in so many color combos you’ll want to add more than just the black and ivory option.

retro living room design with creme sofa and black and white rug

Above is another living room design that has a black and white color scheme as the backdrop. Pops of color were incorporated in the fun modern artwork, pink pillows, and flowers.

As you can see just adding a few touches of color can update the achromatic room. When you get bored just change out the pop color for an updated “look and feel”.

Protip: Create flow and balance by adding the pop color in at least three places in your room.

There are so many black and white pillows to choose from but these are my favorites. Come back for future posts with more resources to update your home in 2023.

I hope you have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about modern black and white pillows.

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