Gallery Wall Frames For Your Living Room Or Hallway

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Looking for the best gallery wall frames to display in your living room? Check out these resources that’ll make a statement in your home.

Gallery walls are the perfect way to showcase your family photos, prints, or artwork. They are also great for displaying your favorite mantras or inspirational sayings.

You can add gallery wall frames to your hallway, stairway, or accent wall. They can be combined with shelves or wall decor for interest and dimension.

Add an artwork wall sconce to highlight your gallery wall and create a focal point. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the location, theme, and layout.

Gallery walls are a great way to add personality and make a statement in your home. If you have been looking for ideas to create one in your home this post is for you!

This post is all about gallery wall frames.

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gallery wall frames
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Living Room Gallery Wall Frames

When it comes to gallery wall frames there are many options available.

Depending on your style you can get a set or create your own. For example, if black is your jam that’s available. But if you love gold you can get that too.

There are sets in all white or wood, a mix of sizes, and with or without artwork.

If you don’t want to create an original gallery wall you can buy a pre-mix set that has the prints and art included. Check out all the resources below for inspiration and ideas.

Best Gallery Wall Frame Set Inspiration

gallery wall frames set

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1. Gallery Picture Frame Set // 2. Gallery Wall Kit Decorative Art // 3. Framed Gallery Wall Set // 4. Build a Gallery Wall Sets // 5. Mixed Material Gallery Wall Frame Set // 6. Icon Black Frame Gallery // 7. Brass Picture Frame Gallery // 8. Brass Gallery Frames // 9.  Gallery Wall Print Collection // 10. Neutral Gallery Wall Frame Set // 11. Black Photo Frame Gallery Wall // 12. Brushed Brass Gallery Wall Set // 13. Gallery Wall Neutral 8 Piece

1. Black Gallery Wall Frames

gallery wall art with black frames

This set includes six frames to create your very own design. They’re perfect to display in your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

The look of this set is inspired by modern transitional aesthetics and features minimal lines. It was designed with simplicity in mind but will totally make a statement in any living space.

This a great option if you’re looking for frames in various sizes. It’s available in three finishes so no matter your style there’s a set perfect for you.

Just add your own collection of photos or prints to complete the look.

2. Decorative Wall Art

Decorative Wall Art

For a neutral color palette check out this decorative wall art set. It comes complete with the prints shown but they can easily be changed out for your own.

Love the natural wood but it also comes in a black colorway if that’s more your vibe. Add this gallery wall set to any blank wall.

It’s perfect for making a statement in your hallway, foyer, staircase, and any other space in your home. This set is sure to command attention and conversations.

3. Framed Artwork Wall Set

gallery wall art with black frames

This set of six framed artwork prints was created by Modern Tropical. They’ll add style and personality to any traditional, modern, or urban home.

The wall gallery of hand-curated art was designed to be hung together. This art set is sure to create a focal point and be a conversation starter in your interior design.

The Tropical prints are a great way to add a pop of color to your space. These frames pair perfectly with a neutral design. Pull out the yellow or pink to use as an accent color to complete your look.

ProTip: Artwork is perfect to use as a jumping-off point for your color palette.

xo Nicole

4. Wall Frames For Living Room

gallery wall art with black frames

Create your own gallery wall with this traditional set. The frames come in a variety of sizes that make collecting and curating art more fun. The mixed set of sizes gives you more options for the design you can create.

Available in seven finishes there’s a set perfect for your living space.

Display the frames vertically or horizontally to create a one-of-a-kind layout. These frames can be easily hung from the attached D-rings.

5. Mixed Material Gallery Wall Frames

mixed material gallery wall frame set

Update any boring space of your home with the addition of this eight-frame gallery frame set. It includes mixed material frames that’ll add interest and personality.

The set is made up of silver, walnut, brass, black, light oak, and antique bronze frames. Each one is perfect for displaying family photos or your favorite prints.

Display the set in a hallway, staircase, or living room. It’s sure to create a focal point and capture your family memories perfectly.

photography artwork in living room with black accent wall and blue velvet sofa

The above design features a collection of prints from CB2. They have a nostalgic vibe that’ll update the look of your home.

Black and white artwork provides the perfect backdrop for any color scheme. Just add your favorite pop color for interest and style.

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6. Gallery Wall Inspiration

black frame gallery wall images

Display your treasured photos in this set of classic frames. They feature thick white mats and beveled black frames that will elevate the look and feel of your living space.

These gallery frames are perfect for the modern contemporary home in need of a focal point. If you have a large space you could go crazy and purchase two sets. Image mixing up the collection of twenty!

How cool would that look? Just saying!!

7. Brass Living Room Frames

gallery wall inspiration wood frame

This set of 9 frames is available in four color options. The five frames come in three different sizes making it easy to create a fabulous gallery wall.

The brushed brass frames will make a fantastic presentation in your interior design. They feature shadow-box styling and generously sized off-white mats.

Personally, I’m a fan of gold so that would be my choice from the options. If that’s not your jam check out one of the three other finishes available.

With the variety of sizes in this collection, the layout possibilities are truly endless.

8. Modern Wall Frames

gold frames

Create a gallery wall with texture and dimension with this modern wall set. It includes four standard frames and one with a built-in shelf.

Add house plants, candles, or trinkets to transform your two-dimensional wall art into a three-dimensional display.

I’m obsessed with the cute frame with the shelf! Love it for a glam, contemporary, or boho space!

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9. Gallery Wall Picture Frames

mixed material art ideas

This curated collection of impressionist-style charcoal renderings in eclectic frames is great for any style of home. It’ll turn any blank wall into an inspiring exhibit that’s sure to make a statement.

The frames are designed with thick gallery matting. This collection has unique framing that mixes bright gold, antique gold, and black accents. It’s fabulous for transitional and elegant styling.

The cool thing about this set is it already has a mix of frames. If this is the look you’re after all you have to do is hang and install.

So yes the prints are included in this one which is awesome!

10. Modern Neutral Gallery Wall

Modern Neutral Gallery Wall

This gallery wall set includes ten carefully curated prints in warm beige & cream tones. The set has wood frames which are great for adding warmth to any living space.

There are multiple size frames for interest and style. Follow the layout shown above or create your own to express your personality.

You can even break up the set and add a few pieces in different rooms throughout your home. Doing so will create flow and a cohesive look.

11. Black Photo Wall Frame Set

Black Photo Wall Frame Set

Amazon doesn’t disappoint with this set of nine black decorative frames. The contrasting white mats are removable depending on the look and feel you are trying to create.

Hang the photo frames vertically or horizontally with the secure hanging hardware that’s included with each frame.

This affordable gallery wall art will make a statement in your interior design. Just add your photos and hang the frames on the wall.

Use the above layout or change it up, the possibilities are endless. Just let those creative juices flow!

12. Brass Frame Gallery Wall

brushed brass frame set

If you’re looking to create an impressive gallery wall in any room you’ll love this collection. The set includes six brass frames, shadow box styling, and oversized off-white mats.

They’re great for making a dramatic statement in your interior design. Arrange the frames in a grid, staggered, or in a long line down a hallway or up a staircase.

Get creative and make a statement. The possibilities are endless!

13. White Gallery Wall Frames

white frames with white mats

The above seven-piece wall gallery includes white frames and mats that are awesome for any style of home. They’re the perfect backdrop to highlight color or black-and-white photos.

If you have colored walls this set will add contrast and make a dramatic statement. Seven sizes can be mixed and matched to create your design.

It’s also a great look to add to your Neutral Color Living Room. Exhibit your favorite photos and images gallery-style.

I hope these gallery wall ideas help you add originality and style to your modern home.

This post is all about gallery wall frames.

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