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15 Two-Tone Cabinet Pulls That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Boring Kitchen

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Looking for a creative way to update your bathroom or kitchen in 2023? Check out these fun two-tone cabinet pulls that are trending right now.

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Two-Tone Cabinet Pulls

A new trend in cabinet pulls is two-tone handles and knobs. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles.

You can combine black and gold, black and silver, chrome and brass, and many other color combos. If you plan to mix metals in your kitchen or bathroom these updated cabinet pulls will tie the look together.

Don’t be afraid to add mixed metal cabinet pulls to your interior design. The trick to making it work is to add the metals throughout your design.

You can add lighting, accessories, or even appliances in the different metal finishes to create a flow and balance your design.

Check out all the stunning cabinet pulls and let me know which is your favorite.

This post is all about two-tone cabinet pulls and knobs.


Best Two-Tone Cabinet Pulls

Here are the best two-tone cabinet pulls of 2023.

In a recent bathroom project shown below, we used the mixed metal trend. The majority of the project was stainless steel but gold was added to the medicine cabinet mirror, hooks, cabinet pulls, and pottery barn shelf.

The handles in this space are gold but the faucet and accessories are chrome. By repeating the two metals within the space it creates a cohesive flow.

If you are looking for fun two-tone cabinet pulls here are a few more to inspire your next project.

Modern Two-Tone Cabinet Pulls


1. Brass and Leather Cabinet Pulls // 2. Skylar Handle // 3. Two-Tone Cabinet Pulls // 4. Marble Brass Cabinet Pull // 5. Two Tones Drawer Pulls // 6. Black and Gold Handle Pulls // 7. Brass with Leather Drawer Pulls // 8. Wood Brass Draw Pull // 9. Cognac Leather Handles // 10. Black and White Cabinet Pull // 11. Leather Brass Handle // 12. Marble Drawer Pull // 13. Brass and Crystal Handle // 14. Leather and Brass Pull // 15. Lucite and Gold Pull

1. Black Leather and Gold Handles


The look of these black leather and brass pulls is perfect to update your modern kitchen. These pulls are each handmade and they have fabulous reviews on Etsy.

They will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen and totally level up your design.

2. Black and Brass Cabinet Pulls


The matte black and polished brass cabinet pull above is the inspiration for the remodel How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Yourself. I used gold leaf Rub ‘n Buff at the edges and knob front to create a similar look.

The main handle area was kept in the original silver to help with wear from usage. I love how the satin nickel and brass pull turned out.


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3. Black and Gold Two Tone Cabinet Pulls


Love the simple design of these mixed metal cabinet pulls. Since they are handcrafted there will be slight variations in the appearance of each unique piece.

There are two colorways and sizes available in this pretty style.

4. Marble Brass Cabinet Pull


This cabinet pull is perfect for modern contemporary spaces. It has clean crisp lines, smooth white marble, and a rich brass finish.

Add a touch of glam to your home with the addition of this Jazz Age inspired pull. Choose between two finishes and four sizes when placing your order!

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5. Chrome and Gold Cabinet Pulls


This is another style I looked at for the vibe of the DIY cabinet handles I updated. I love the simple but modern design to update a boring kitchen.

These kitchen handles are sure to make a statement in your interior design.

6. Black and Gold Cabinet Pulls


These solid brass contemporary handle pulls feature a brushed gold brass base attached to a solid round black bar. A t-bar style knob and two sizes of handle pulls are available in the collection.

These handles will add a modern elevated look to your kitchen or bathroom design.

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7. Colored Leather and Gold Drawer Pulls

These fun-colored leather and brass cabinet handles are a great way to add style and personality to your kitchen. With so many, all-white kitchen designs adding these colored pulls will create a focal point in any style of home.

Just coordinate your favorite kitchen decor in the same accent color to complete the look.

Imagine creating a rainbow design with these creative pulls!! How fun would that be?!

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8. Wood Brass Draw Pull


Here is another awesome modern cabinet pull style to update your design. This simple clean design features beech wood with a walnut stain and brass trim.

Choose between four finishes for the accent metal:

  • Aged Brass
  • Polished Chrome
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Polished Nickel

No matter the colorway you choose these timeless handles will add warmth and texture to your home!

9. Cognac Leather Handles


Level up your design with the addition of these stunning handles from CB2. This popular option is available in both cognac (as shown) and a sleek all-black cabinet handle. There are also seven other sizes available.

Use this trendy cabinet pull in your new kitchen, bathroom, or closet design.

The solid polished brass handle is wrapped in real cognac leather that will make a gorgeous statement in your interior design.

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10. Black and White Cabinet Pull


If you are in the mood for options this handle does not disappoint. There are two sizes and four colorways to choose from.

The black and white cabinet handle combo is shown but the other options are equally stunning! Be sure to check them out and go with the one that works best with your design.

11. Leather Brass Cabinet Pulls

Made from high-quality classic English bridle leather with brass accents these cabinet pulls will add a modern contemporary look to your design. The high end leather pulls have a smooth but durable finish that’ll get better with age.

These are perfect for making a statement in your interior design.

12. Marble Drawer Pull


Add style and personality to your interior design with the addition of this asymmetrical marble drawer pull. Each one has hand-cut marble accents with a stainless steel brass finish.

This stylish design is perfect to update any boring kitchen or bath design.

13. Brass and Crystal Handle


Another stunning modern design from CB2. This one features a modern glam look and feel that’ll add an elegant touch to your home.

The unique polished crystal handle is perfect to elevate your design and add a high-end feel to an ordinary cabinet.

I’m completely obsessed with these crystal and brass pulls! They’re available in four sizes and three finishes.

14. Leather and Brass Pull


The stunning Kennaston brass and leather luxe drawer pull will elevate any modern contemporary home. These pulls are made of Edelman leather that is protected to resist stains and moisture.

The rich elegant style of these handles is perfect to complete any high-end room design.

Available in two finishes and three sizes you may have trouble choosing between the options.

15. Lucite and Gold Pull

Last up is this glamtastic acrylic and gold pull from Amazon. It’s fabulous for the modern contemporary home.

The sophisticated cabinet pull is available in four sizes. It comes complete with two screw sizes for easy installation. They’re perfect to add to new cabinets or to update a dated piece of furniture.

As you can see there are so many modern cabinet pulls to choose from that’ll add interest to your space. Happy designing and I hope this post inspired you to think outside the box!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about two-tone cabinet pulls and knobs.

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