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16 Modern Pendant Lights That’ll Totally Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

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Looking for modern pendant lights for your kitchen island? Check out these resources that’ll totally upgrade your home in style!

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Modern Pendant Lights

Whether you are looking to remodel or update your dated kitchen, pendant lights will help set the vibe of your space. This is another great way to add style and personality to your kitchen design since there are so many options available.

No matter your price point there’s a variety of sizes, colors, finishes, and materials to choose from. Pendant lights are perfect to add task lighting over your island or peninsular.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the design and style of kitchen pendant lights. If you are in the process of sourcing modern kitchen lighting these resources are for you!

This post is all about modern pendant lights to upgrade your kitchen island.


Best Kitchen Modern Pendant Lights

When we were deciding which pendant lights to choose for our peninsular there were many factors to consider. To start the process, I looked to my favorite designers for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. There were so many ideas I LOVED so it took a minute to decide which look and feel I was after.

Usually, I look at the hundreds of styles and then I narrow it down to my two top three favorites. Then I showed the options to my husband who has a great eye and picked one. By that point, I am fine with any of the choices so whichever he chooses is the one we ultimately go with.

That said the feature image is the pendant lights we have in our kitchen. We chose the Mason Small Pendant from Arteriors. Our modern pendant light is stunning in person and carries out the mixed metal theme we have in our home.

Since I love the look of silver and gold this pendant light is perfect for our space. The outer finish is a hammered silver with thin lines of gold metallic. On the inside of the pendant light is the same gold metal finish. Since we were only updating our previous Tuscan-inspired pendant lights this was the ideal place to start.

The kitchen now has a more modern vibe from the pendant lights and new counter stools we added.


We eventually plan to paint our cherry kitchen cabinets black (by we I mean “I”) but in the meantime, these updates have made a big impact. I bought my modern pendant lighting directly from Arteriors but you get yours from the link above.

Where can I buy pendant lights?

There are so many places online where you can purchase pendant lighting for over your kitchen island. Naturally, I have my favorite go-to retailers in this category which I’ll share with you here.

They’re at a variety of price points so no matter your budget or design style you’ll find modern pendant lights that are perfect for you.

Modern Pendant Lighting Resources:

As you can see the list is huge and there are many more! I love my contemporary, modern, glam, California eclectic, mid-century, art deco design styles so that’s the vibe I tend to showcase.

Traditional is not my jam but if that’s what you prefer many of these resources have you covered as well.

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How big should pendant lights be over a kitchen island?

This is a matter of taste and the vibe of your space. It also depends on the style of pendant lighting. For example, if the lights are glass they won’t appear as large as those that are solid metal.

If the look you’re after is light and airy then choose lighting that’s transparent or see-through. For a bold statement look, metal or marble will make an impact on your kitchen island.

A guideline to help you is the following math calculation:

  1. Add the width and length of your countertop together in feet
  2. An 8 ft long by 4 ft wide island would equal 12 ft
  3. In the above example, you would need approximately a 12″ wide pendant light

Large pendant lighting is currently trending so if you’re going for this look you’ll need less as shown below.

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How many pendants do I need for an island?

As a general rule, you want to have 24 to 30 inches between the centers of the shades of your pendant lighting. Odd numbers generally look better than even numbers so try one, three, or five as a guide.

The pendant lighting over the island should be evenly spaced. You will want to make sure that the pendant lighting is in proportion so if you have a smaller island two pendant lights may look best.

ProTip: Hang balloons in a similar size to your pendant lighting over your island at the desired length for a visual.

How high should pendant lights be above the kitchen island?

Generally, at the lowest point kitchen pendant lights are hung about 30-36″ above the counter. From the floor the total measurement for the ideal height is about 69-72″ from the floor to the base of the pendant light.

Pendant Lighting For Kitchen


1. Clear Globe Pendant // 2. Alabaster Pendant Light // 3. Cone Pendant // 4. Globe Pendant // 5. Frosted Glass Pendant // 6. Flat Cylinder Pendant // 7. Mini Pendant // 8. Hinkley Pendant // 9. Brass Light // 10. Mini Pendant // 11. Noble Mini Pendant // 12. Cristof Pendant Light // 13. Multi-Lite Pendant // 14. Egg Drop Pendant // 15. Whitman Pendant // 16. Mason Pendant

Cool Modern Pendant Lights

1. Clear Globe Pendant


Clear bulb pendant lights are great for smaller spaces. They have a more expansive feeling since nothing is blocking the view.

This West Elm pendant light is perfect for modern contemporary spaces. It’s available in four finishes and sizes so no matter your space there’s one for you.

You can also choose between clear or milk for the shade color. At just under $90 this affordable kitchen pendant light is fabulous for anyone on a budget.

Add it over your kitchen island, hallway, entryway, or dining room for an updated look. It has a slim sleek design that’s perfect for apartments or smaller spaces.

The contract-grade pendant light is stylish and durable. It has a timeless design that’ll last for many years to come.

2. Alabaster Pendant Light


This alabaster marble pendant light will add style and personality to your kitchen design. It has gold accents that’ll add a touch of luxe elegance to any kitchen design.

Due to the natural element of the material, each piece will be unique and one of a kind. It’s available in two sizes depending on the vibe you’re after.

At just under $600 they’re definitely an investment but will make a statement in your interior design.

3. Cone Pendant


Lumens is an awesome resource for modern pendant lighting. This painted cone pendant light is available in four trendy colors and two finishes.

You can also choose between two sizes when ordering depending on your space. The retro-inspired lights have a timeless appeal that’ll update any space in style.

It has a classic but updated modern silhouette that would be great in your kitchen, hallway, living room, or bedroom. Hudson Valley is known for contemporary lighting that’s unique and original.

4. Globe Pendant


Create a custom design by selecting the finish, length, and shade style of this pendant light. It has a trident suspension, exposed fasteners, and a handblown glass shade.

The stylish silhouette will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen island. Friends and family will want to copy this look for their home too!

5. Affordable Island Pendant Lights

If you’re looking for a super affordable pendant light this Amazon pendant light for you. At just under $55 it’s great for anyone just starting out.

There are four finishes to choose from when placing your order depending on the look and feel you’re after. This pendant light is great for the kitchen, basement, bedroom, or dining room.

It’s basically great for updating any space in your modern contemporary home.

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6. Flat Cylinder Pendant Lighting


This pendant light has a minimalist design and clean lines that’ll update any ordinary space. It’s available in five finishes and you can customize the length for your space.

Whether you add one or several this modern pendant light will make a statement in any space it’s in.

7. Mini Pendant


Add drama to your kitchen with this dome pendant light from Lumens. The inside has a gold finish that’ll add a luxe sophisticated look to your design.

Add the pendant lights to a dimmer switch for the atmosphere and ambiance. No matter how many you have this pendant light will create a focal point in your design.

Choose between three stylish finishes when placing your order.

8. Hinkley Pendant Lighting


This is by far one of my favorite styles! When we were updating our kitchen pendant lights this was definitely a top contender.

It has a chic design with mixed materials that’ll add interest and personality to your home. The pendant is part of the Fletcher light collection that comes in many styles, sizes, and finishes.

Be sure to check out all the options as you design your home. You may want to add other pieces from the collection throughout your living space.

9. Brass Modern Pendant Lighting


Level up the look of your kitchen, bedroom, or living room with this stylish pendant light. The clear glass silhouette and simple design make it perfect for any size of space.

The brass finish will add warmth and sophistication to your interior design.

10. Black And Gold Mini Pendant Light


Make a statement in your home with this stylish black and gold pendant light. It has a matte black outer shade and metallic inner shade that’ll add character and interest.

The inner shade can be rotated to update the look while the frosted glass pane gives off a soft glow. At just under $200 this affordable pendant light is a great option if you’re trying to keep your costs down.

11. Noble Mini Pendant Light


By now you probably know I LOVE the vendor Arteriors! Their furniture, home decor, and lighting are perfect for anyone looking to add originality and make a statement in their home.

Arteriors is known for quality pieces that are trendy but timeless. This pendant light is like a piece of jewelry that’ll totally be the center of attention.

It has a crystal sculpted sphere with a gold band at the center. A warm inviting glow will shine through the frosted glass texture adding warmth to your living space.

12. Modern Island Pendant Lights


If you’re looking for a simple but elegant modern pendant light this one is calling your name. It has a chic design that’ll update the look of any space it’s in.

Choose between the small or large when placing your order. No matter how many you add this stylish pendant light will attract attention and make an impact.

13. Multi-Lite Pendant


This modern kitchen pendant light is great if you like options. Choose between 10 fashionable colors depending on the vibe you’re after.

The cost is just under $1000 so this one is quite an investment. Just remember the average person changes up their design every 8-15 years so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Just saying!

14. Egg Drop Pendant


I’m totally obsessed with this egg drop pendant light from Arteriors. It’s just another example of the stylish designs this company is known for.

The classic dome hood has an updated look with the brass interior and adjustable egg drop design. This pendant with totally be the talk of the party!

15. Whitman Pendant


The Whitman pendant light has a similar vibe to the Hinkley fixture above. One of the main differences is the chain link detail and shiny black finish.

It has the same mixed material look and stylish silhouette. Either style will make a fabulous addition in your home.

This one is a designer favorite that can be found all over Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re looking for inspiration there are a plethora of images with this modern pendant light.

It’s available in small or large depending on the scale of your space.

16. Mason Modern Kitchen Pendant Lights


Last up is the pendant light we went with in our kitchen update. We used to be heavy in the Tuscan design trend and replaced our wrought iron pendant for this modern update.

It’s a great way to bring in the mixed metal trend since it has both silver and gold details. The hammered metal shade is also great for adding texture and interest.

It has an adjustable neutral silver mesh cord that will fit your space perfectly. This modern pendant light has had so many admirers since we installed it over our kitchen peninsula.

How we chose our Pendant Lights over the Peninsula

Many of the above pendant lights were the other choices I looked at for our kitchen. The Lumens (11) and Serena and Lily (15) were the options I gave my husband. Each one is completely different from the other which is many times what will happen during the design process.

The Noble Mini Pendant (11) would have been light and airy with its see-through appearance which would have faded into the kitchen.

On the other hand, the Whitman Pendant Light (15) would have made a bold impact and really stood out with the black contrast.

Both would have looked beautiful but in the end, I LOVE the Mason Pendant Lights (16) we went with from Arteriors. It is the perfect balance of making a statement but also letting the rest of the design be a focal point as well.

Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite kitchen pendant light. I’d love to know!!

I hope this was helpful and inspiring in your design journey. Remember to have fun, breathe, and trust the process.

Have an amazing rest of the day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about modern pendant lights to upgrade your kitchen island.

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