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19 Retro Living Room Ideas That’ll Inspire Your Next Interior Design Project

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Looking for retro living room ideas to update your home? Check out my favorites that’ll totally inspire your next design project!

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Retro Living Room

So you may be wondering what a retro living room design looks like?! Well, let me tell you, my friends!

The retro design trend is a combination of old styles mixed with new ones. For example, a vintage or retro-inspired sofa combined with contemporary furniture or artwork.

It typically includes furniture from the 50s, 60s, and 70s mixed with current-day styles. The result is a curated eclectic look that’s unique and makes a statement.

This post features a retro living room design that combines the vintage-inspired Soriana Sofa with modern pieces. It has a neutral color palette with pops of pink pulled out from the artwork.

The overall vibe is a cool sophisticated living room that guests will never want to leave. It has a bold style that’s sure to be a conversation starter!

Get all the product links below to recreate the look of this concept in your home.

This post is all about the best cane furniture.

retro living room design with ivory sofa and black and white area rug

What does retro mean in furniture?

Retro furniture can be vintage pieces from the 1950s through the 1980s or can be replicas of original designs. Retro refers to the appearance of the furniture while vintage is the actual construction.

Here are some terms to help you understand the retro furniture trend:

Antiques are historic furniture that’s over 100 years old. Collectibles are less than 100 years old and no longer in production. These styles are very valuable since they’re hard to find.

Reproductions are new versions of antique originals. Adaptations are updated versions inspired by an antique style. It’s typically a blend of different furniture styles combined to create a new piece.

Vintage furniture is over 25 years old and isn’t super costly. Modern classics are exact replicas of furniture designs by twentieth-century architects and designers that are still popular.

What is modern retro design?

Modern retro design is a combination of current furniture pieces mixed with past styles or replicas. Anything from artwork to furniture to colors can be inspired by a past design style.

Typically it’s a combination of neutrals combined with bold pops of color, patterns, printed, geometric shapes, and textures.

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retro living room
Apartment Therapy NYC | Design by Jessica Davis

Retro Living Room Ideas Shopping Tips

Before we get into the Retro living room design I want to remind you that you must measure and do a floor plan if you want to avoid returns. I know I sound like a broken record but it’s super important that you know what will actually fit in YOUR space.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to source your furniture with confidence.

This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Retro Living Room Inspiration

retro living room with ivory sofa

1. Ivory Scarpa Sofa // 2. Round Coffee Table // 3. Striped Retro Area Rug // 4. Marble Side Table // 5. Boucle Accent Chair // 6. Black Marble Side Table // 7. Fluted Bar Cabinet // 8. Upholstered Bench // 9. Gilded Iron Chandelier // 10. Melange Elongated Sconce // 11. Muah! Artwork // 12. Colorblock Modern Pillow // 13. Pink Velvet Pillow // 14. Black Modern Throw Pillow // 15. Sheepskin Modern Throw Pillow // 16. Faux Marble Sculpture // 17. Hand Gold Vase // 18. Brass Snake Sculpture // 19. Hiroshi Sculpture

Retro Living Room Furniture & Decor

The inspiration for this design was the Memphis Deco-inspired room designed by Jessica Davis. I visited the Apartment Therapy popup shop in NYC which was super inspiring.

This room caught my eye because I’ve been obsessed with vintage sofas from the 60s and 70s. The Scarpa sofa below was in the space and I thought I HAVE to do a room around it.

And VOILA here we are!

1. Ivory Scarpa Sofa

low profile scarpa sofa with tufted back and metal braces
Photo by France and Son

This retro-inspired Soriano sofa is a replica of the 60s and 70s furniture style. It has a funky vibe, low profile, and curvaceous silhouette.

There are soft pleats with gathered sides and back. It’s supported by a sculptural polished chrome system that adds to the unique design.

The tufted back is like a work of art that’s comfortable and stylish. This showstopper sofa is sure to be a focal point in any space it’s in.

The beauty of designing with a neutral sofa is it creates a timeless design. In the future, you can just change out your pop color and accessories for a totally new vibe.

BTW there were only 4 sofas left at the time of this post so run, don’t walk, to place your order today!

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2. Round Coffee Table

round black round coffee table
Photo by Jayson Home

At just under 12″ high this modern coffee table is perfect to pair with the low-profile sofa. The edgy design is made of recycled pine with a charcoal black finish.

It has a spikey gear shape silhouette that’ll totally level up the look of your interior design. Remember to keep approx 18″ space between your sofa and coffee table for traffic.

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3. Striped Retro Area Rug

retro living room black and white rug
Photo by Rugs USA

This retro-inspired black and white rug is the perfect complement to this modern living room design. The organic geometric pattern adds interest and totally draws your eye into the center of the room.

It is machine-made of 100% Polypropylene with a thickness of 3/4″. Area rugs are great for adding texture, pattern, and dimension to any space.

Living Room Budget Worksheet

One thing I’ve always struggled with is keeping track of all the budget, furniture, costs, store links, delivery, etc. for a room design. I’m a visual learner so seeing the big picture on a spreadsheet is always super helpful.

4. Marble Side Table

marble side table
Photo by Anthropologie

Love the look of this modern side table. It has a two-tone design that’s sure to grab attention. Due to the hand-crafted nature, each piece will have slight variations.

At 18″ high it’s just a few inches above the sofa height. That makes it perfect for adding your favorite cocktail, book, or home decor.

Add a pair at the sides of your modern couch to complete the look.

BTW I went back and forth between this table and the round Borel Side Table from France and Son. If you’d like another option check that one out as well.

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5. Boucle Accent Chair

retro living room boucle accent chair
Photo by Wayfair

By now you know I love a good boucle accent chair and this one is fabulous! The curvy silhouette slopes down and is fully upholstered in a soft boucle fabric.

If you have the space add a pair of accent chairs with a side table in the center. A single chair would also look awesome with your favorite drink table.

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6. Black Marble Side Table

round black marble side table
Photo by France and Son

You may have noticed a common theme in this design. The coffee table and side tables are all low profile to complement the seat height of the sofa and side chair.

An important design element to incorporate in any space is balance and proportion. Keeping the heights similar throughout the room is pleasing to the eye and creates flow.

Tall tables would look out of place and make the space feel off. Have you ever walked into a living room and felt like something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what?

Chances are the design principles were not used. That said this short marble side table would look awesome next to the boucle chair or sofa if you prefer.

It also adds contrast and interest to the light sofa and chairs.

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7. Fluted Bar Cabinet

black bar cabinet with gold frame
Photo by Crate & Barrel

A bar cabinet is a must-have in any living room in my opinion. Even if you’re not a drinker (like me) they’re great for other beverages or storage. Not to mention they look awesome too!

The featured bar cabinet is similar to the one I have in my house from Crate & Barrel. Both are black with gold accents.

The featured style has a French flair, fluted design, and mango veneer in a charcoal finish. The Parisian Art Deco-inspired cabinet has mixed materials that add interest and style.

There’s a black marble top on the wood cabinet with x-braced warm brass legs. On the inside, there are stemware racks, bottle storage, and three adjustable racks for displaying barware or wine bottles.

It’s the perfect piece to upgrade the look of your living room or dining room interior design.

8. Upholstered Bench

modern upholstered bench with abstract print
Photo by Jayson Home

There’s so much to love about this modern upholstered bench. It has a simple shape with curved round edges. The waterfall design was inspired by the chic Art Deco style and will add a touch of glam to your room.

Add it opposite the sofa, under a window, at the foot of your bed, or foyer. This trendy upholstered bench will level up the look of any space it’s in.

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Retro Living Room Lighting

9. Gilded Iron Chandelier

retro gold chandelier
Photo by Circa Lighting

Circa Lighting is one of my favorite go-to lighting resources. They have an abundance of “to the trade” vendors that are available to you as well!

This gorgeous gilded iron chandelier has a vintage-inspired design that’ll totally elevate the look of your living room. At 34″ wide it’s the perfect size to make a statement and draw the eye up.

10. Melange Elongated Sconce

elongated sconce
Photo by Circa Lighting

If you have been following along then you know I LOVE Kelly Wearstler! The melange elongated wall sconce would look awesome for accent lighting.

It would also look great on either side of the artwork to make a bold impact. Put it on a dimmer switch to set the vibe and create an atmosphere in your design.

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Retro Living Room Artwork

11a. Muah! Artwork

retro living room pink art with lips artwork
Photo by Z Gallerie

11b. Muah! Artwork

retro living room yellow art with lips artwork
Photo by Z Gallerie

11c. Muah! Artwork

green art with lips artwork
Photo by Z Gallerie

11d. Muah! Artwork

blue art with lips artwork
Photo by Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie is one of my favorites for contemporary artwork. They actually started out as an art gallery which is probably why they have such a strong art focus.

One of the vendors they source from is Leftbank Art which is another “to the trade” vendor. I mention this because they have really cool contemporary artwork that’s perfect to use as a jumping-off point.

The featured 4 part acrylic lips series is great for adding interest and making a bold statement. Adding colorful artwork to a neutral living room design is the perfect way to express your personality and style.

You could pull out any one of the colors from these canvas prints. Naturally, I chose the Fuschia pink because that’s my jam! I’m a girly girl at heart for sure.

Designed by artist Guseul Park the pieces are die-cut acrylic mounted on a matte-finished canvas. They have metallic embellishments that add a luxe glam vibe to the artwork.

If you have the room for a set of four it’s ideal but if not you can make an impact with 2-3 as well. Just choose the colors that you want to incorporate into your design.

Retro Living Room Pillows

12. Colorblock Modern Pillow

black and white color block pillow
Photo by CB2

13. Pink Velvet Pillow

fuschia pink pillow
Photo by Little Design Co

14. Black Modern Pillow

black pillow with pattern
Photo by CB2

15. Sheepskin Modern Pillow

ivory fur pillow with texture
Photo by CB2

Pillows are another way to add pattern, texture, and color to your interior design. All four of these modern pillows complement each other and are interchangeable.

The new CB2 black and white color block pillow is my favorite so if you have to narrow them down be sure to include that one. It’s classic and timeless but full of style!

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Retro Living Room Home Decor

16. Plaster Sculpture

faux marble sculpture set of three
Photo by Bellacor

17. Hand Gold Vase

gold hand vase pink flowers
Photo by Bellacor

18. Brass Snake Sculpture

gold home decor snake
Photo by Jayson Home

19. Hiroshi Sculpture

retro living room gold, black, and white decor
Photo by Bellacor

If you’ve ever walked into a living room design and it felt incomplete chances are it was void of accessories. The finishing touch in any space is layers of home decor accents that help complete the look.

Just be careful to have the right balance. If you add too many pieces it’ll look like my Nana’s house full of chachkies.

For this design, I added pieces in gold, black, and white that all tie back to the elements of the room. This helps create flow and move the eye throughout a space.

A well-designed room will have just the right amount of accessories to make it feel complete. Remember to group in odd numbers or sets of three for a pleasing combination.

I know I’m just full of design principles today. The course coming soon so be on the lookout!

No, for real… I’m serious!

I hope this design gave you ideas and inspiration for your next project. Happy designing!!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about the best cane furniture.

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