Black and Neutral Living Room: Open Concept Mini Makeover

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Black and neutral living room color palettes are all the rage in interior design and for good reason… They look so GOOD! It’s classic, timeless, and the perfect backdrop for the pop color of your choice.

In this post, I’m sharing my neutral and black home. You’ll learn how to create flow and consistency between connecting rooms and the benefits of using a neutral color palette. Plus, I’ll give you a sneak peek at a mini makeover—so be sure to read until the end for the reveal!

This post is all about Black and Neutral living room ideas.

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black and neutral living room makeover

The Evolution of My Home Design

The first floor of our home features an open floor plan layout. In 2005, during the Tuscan trend, we added an extension. Fast forward to 2019, we transitioned out of the Tuscan style and embraced a more timeless, neutral color palette.

This change taught us an important lesson: avoid falling into the trap of designing with the latest trends. Instead, focus on what’s timeless, especially when it comes to hard finishes.

small ranch house
two story house after

Creating Flow and Consistency

During our remodel, we transformed the dining room, which is next to the kitchen, into a sitting room. Before, this space was not used and was a catchall for coats, jackets, backpacks, and keys.

before tuscan style dining room with wood table
pink home decor sitting room with abstract area rug, navy velvet sofa, and black bar cabinet

Since our home has an open floor plan, we designed all the rooms together to create flow and balance. This doesn’t mean you can’t introduce different colors but you do need common elements to connect the spaces.

black and neutral open concept home

Above is a visual of the living room and sitting room from the stairs. You cannot see from one room to the other because they are separated by a closet wall.

Neutral Living Room Paint Colors

The sitting room and living room have common details that create consistency and flow. The most noticeable is the paint color which is Classic Grey OC-23 in eggshell finish.

It’s a greige neutral with a purple undertone that complements our existing Tuscan kitchen. The trim is Simply White OC- in a semi-gloss finish.

The Paint Colors

WALLS: Classic Grey OC-23 (eggshell finish)
TRIM: Simply White OC-117 (semi-gloss finish)
CEILING: Simply White OC-117 (flat finish)
ACCENT WALL: Onyx 2133-10 (matte finish)

Black and Neutral Living Room Color Palette

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Each room features a neutral color palette of white, black, ivory, and grey, but the distribution is different. When you enter our home, the first thing you see is the colorful artwork. It was used as the jumping-off point to create the color palette.

The colors pulled from the artwork are the blues and pop of pink. There’s a navy velvet sofa and area rug with light and dark blue, ivory, grey, and yellow.

Pink accents from the artwork are in the pillows, neon sign, and then depending on my mood sometimes I add pink ottomans or pink flowers. The balance of the colors are all neutrals of white, ivory, grey, and black.

living room with grasscloth wallpaper and navy velvet sofa

The same neutral color scheme was used in the living room but the balance is different. Its main focal point is the black accent wall and fireplace designed so the TV blends into the background.

This is the main TV room of the house and the frame picture TV was not a thing at the time or we probably would have gotten that. I wanted the space to feel sophisticated and elevated and the TV black box takes away from that, in my opinion.

We used Obsidian Black Century paint by Benjamin Moore, which unfortunately is discontinued but has a beautiful soft matte velvet finish. An alternative to this color is Onyx 2133-10 (matte finish) by Benjamin Moore.

Even though the living room has a contemporary feel traditional elements like the fireplace, crown molding, and symmetry are used throughout.

black accent wall with tv and white fireplace

How to add black to a neutral living room?

Adding black to a neutral living room can create drama and add sophistication. Here are the ways we added black to our color palette:

Feature Wall:

  • Paint an accent wall: This added a dramatic focal point to the room and made the neutral tones of the fireplace and curtains appear lighter and brighter by comparison. We chose a wall that gets a lot of light from the French doors and side light panels. This makes it feel bright and airy despite the dark accent wall.
black living room accent wall

Introduce Black Furniture:

  • Coffee Table: Our original design had a white coffee table but we changed it to a black expandable coffee table. It adds contrast to the abstract area rug and extends to a dining table when we have company over.
  • Bar Cabinet: We chose the black and gold Crate and Barrel bar cabinet because it has a sleek design and keeps our alcohol out of site. The gold trim and open bottom make it appear visually smaller than it is. This is a great way to add black because you can always move furniture to another room or paint it.
  • Side tables: In the living room the black accent tables add function and style.
sitting room with black bar cabinet and coffee table

Black Accents:

  • Throw pillows, artwork, lamps, or rugs: This is a great way to add black without overwhelming the space. Play with different textures and finishes to add visual interest. For example, our living room design has black velvet pillows, decor, and accessories used throughout. I love to Shop HomeGoods for affordable home decor.
chaise corner moment with linen curtains
  • Black and white patterns: Stripes, checks, or zigzags can add a touch of graphic interest to the room. Use them sparingly to avoid making the space feel busy. The black Kelly Wearstler throw pillows add interest and style.
living room throw pillows


  • Consider the amount of light: If your living room gets a lot of natural light, you go bold with the amount of black you use. If it’s on the darker side, you’ll want to use black more sparingly.
  • Start small: If you’re not sure how much black is right for your space, start with a few small pieces and add more later if you love the look.
  • Black hardware: Cabinet pulls, door knobs, or light fixtures in black can add a subtle yet polished touch to the room.

What color goes with black in living room?

Black is a versatile color that pairs well with a wide range of colors, depending on the mood you want to create in your living room:

  • For a classic and sophisticated look: Pair black with white, gray, or beige. This timeless combination creates a clean and polished feel.
  • For a warm and inviting look: Consider earthy tones like cream, taupe, or light brown. You can also bring in pops of color with jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue.
  • For a bold and dramatic look: Opt for brighter colors like mustard yellow, cobalt blue, or even a hot pink. These colors will stand out against the black and create a striking focal point.

Mixed Metals and Fabrics

I love the look of gold and silver together, so you’ll find these finishes throughout our home.

modern pendant lights
Pendant Lights

The mixed metal pendant lights and living room vase have the perfect balance of silver and gold. In the sitting room, there’s silver metallic grasscloth wallpaper, faux shantung curtains, and silver metal detail on the Bernhardt accent chairs.

Both rooms have touches of gold and silver spread throughout to tie the spaces together. They both have gold lighting fixtures and silver door handles.

Fabrics also play a crucial role when designing open-concept spaces. Velvet appears in both rooms: in the sitting room’s sofa and pillows, and in the living room’s chaise, bench, and pillows. We used white fur pillows in the sitting room and a white throw rug in the living room to add texture and warmth.

I ordered yardage of the Kelly Wearstler channel print fabric to make roman shades for the kitchen windows. Then for an elevated look for less, I bought extra silver Changtung panels that I cut and added a border to these inexpensive HomeGoods linen panels. That was a huge saving!

The Benefits of a Consistent Design

Using a consistent color palette, materials, and fabrics not only creates visual flow but also allows for flexibility in rearranging furniture. Over the years, I’ve moved several pieces around, creating fresh looks without spending extra money.

For instance, our accent chairs, velvet bench, and chaise lounge have all been moved around for a new look.

The Latest Mini Makeover Reveal

Now, let’s talk about the latest makeover. I wanted to create a cozy corner moment in the sitting room by moving the chaise and rearranging the table and accent chairs. I did a quick layout using the West Elm program to make sure everything fit perfectly.

west elm floor plan

The result? A new, inviting space where we can relax, work, and enjoy the summer view. Watch the YouTube video for the floor plan process and final reveal.

It came out soooooo GOOD!

Here’s a sneak peek at the new spaces created just by moving the furniture around. I’m so happy with the results… I feel like I have a new home. It’s AMAZING!!

open concept home reveal

Final Thoughts

Rearranging furniture between these spaces feels like shopping without spending a dime, thanks to a cohesive color palette and design style. This approach not only creates flow and balance but also offers endless possibilities for refreshing your home.

Whether you’re looking for a chic and sophisticated space or a cozy and inviting one, a black and neutral palette offers the perfect foundation. Remember, this timeless look is your canvas to show off your personality with pops of color, artwork, and unique textures.

This post is all about Black and Neutral living room ideas.

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