11 Best Animal Hide Rugs For Modern Homes

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Looking to add style and personality to your home? Check out my favorite animal hide rugs that’ll upgrade the look of any living space!

Animal hide rugs are a fabulous way to update any living space. They can be used alone or layered over another rug for a modern look.

Hide rugs come in many colors, styles, and sizes. They can be in the shape of animal skin or the traditional rectangle area rug.

The classic hide rug is real animal skin however you can get the same look with a faux or printed rug. This is especially popular for vegan homeowners who don’t want animal products in their homes.

If you’re sourcing animal hide rugs this roundup is for you. Check out the resources below and let me know which is your FAV!

This post is all about animal hide rugs.

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Best Places To Shop For Animal Hide Rugs

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Here are the best places to shop for animal hide rugs both real and faux:

Arhaus– Large selection of hair on hide and skin-shaped rugs.

CB2– Selection of real and faux hide rugs.

Pottery Barn– Variety of real animal hide rugs.

Crate & Barrel– Real hide rugs at clearance prices right now!

Amazon– Both faux and real hide rugs.

Rugs USA– They carry faux, real, and washable rugs.

Lulu And Georgia– Real, faux, and sheepskin rugs.

Wayfair– Selection of real and faux hide rugs.

Overstock– Real leather, faux, and printed hide rugs.

Horchow– Exquisite rugs in multiple styles, sizes, and colors.

Target– Affordable faux hide rugs.

Anthropologie– Only faux animal hide rugs.

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Video to help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

animal hide rugs collage

Small Size Rugs

1. Faux Zebra Hide Area

faux zebra hide rug

Don’t let the name fool you this neutral rug is 100% cowhide. Due to the natural material, each rug will be unique, and a rug pad is recommended underneath.

The distressed zebra print is stenciled and painted on top of the South American hide. If you’re looking to make a statement in your interior design this vintage-inspired rug will do the trick.

It’s also perfect for the layered rug look. Just add it on top of a rectangle area rug for a sophisticated vibe.

You can even get a sample from your local CB2 store to make sure the color works in your space.

Once you return the sample the fee will be refunded back to you. This is super helpful when you’re trying to coordinate all the pieces that’ll be in the space.

How do you layer multiple rugs?

  1. Use neutral colors
  2. If you use color combine a neutral with a colored rug in complementary hues
  3. Combine multiple textures
  4. Use different sizes for example a hide rug over a rectangle
  5. Place the layered rug on an unexpected angle to add interest

The layered rug trend is great for defining a space, adding pattern and texture, making a statement, and adding personality to a space. This is one trend your friends and family will want to copy!

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2. Solid Cow Hide Rug

black hide area rugs

This beautiful animal hide rug was hand-selected from Brazilian cowhides. It’ll add a soft rich feel to your home that’ll make it cozy and warm.

Each one-of-a-kind animal hide rug has its own branding and markings for character and charm. Level up the look of your living room, home office, or bedroom with the addition of this luxurious rug.

amazon living room furniture with modern artwork and chandelier

3. Cowhide Black and White Rug

black and white cow hide rug

Make a statement in your living space with the addition of this black and white cowhide rug from Brazil. The 5×7 rug is the perfect size to use alone or layered.

Due to the natural material, each one will be unique and have its own brand mark. If you’re designing a monochromatic space this rug will look fabulous.

4. Brown and White Cowhide Rug

Brown and White Cowhide Rug

Amazon has a large assortment of animal hide rugs to choose from. This brown and white hide rug will add warmth, texture, and interest to any room it’s in.

The 6 ft x 6 ft 9 in size is great alone in small spaces or layered in larger rooms. It’s sure to be a conversation starter with friends and family.

5. Speckled Cow Hide Rug

black and white animal rug

Create a focal point in any room with the addition of this speckled cowhide rug from Pottery Barn. It’s available in both white with black or brown colorway.

The soft rug will add pattern and texture to your interior design. It can be styled under a coffee table or in a corner sitting area.

6. Light Cowhide Area Rug

tan hide rug

This cowhide rug is available in two colorways. You can choose between beige or black depending on the look and feel you’re after.

It’s perfect for adding warmth and texture to any living space. Due to the handmade natural nature of hide rugs, each one will be unique and original.

The color, size, shape, and natural hide markings will vary on each. If you’re looking to create a focal point in your home this hide rug will get the job done.

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7. Creme Caramel Hide

creme hide rug

Arhaus is another great resource for hide area rugs. The creme caramel hide is natural and undyed but there will be variations in shading, hair length, and texture.

This is one of the best animal skin rugs for modern contemporary spaces. It’ll add texture, pattern, and a timeless look that’ll be in style for years to come.

Large Animal Hide Rugs

8. Hair on Hide Rug

animal hide rugs

The beauty of this hair-on-hide rug is it’s available in three colorways and five sizes. No matter the vibe you’re after there’s a style for you.

It has a latticed motif pattern created from pieces of undyed hair on hide. Add it to your office, dining room, or any space that gets a moderate amount of traffic.

If your living space gets a lot of traffic this rug is not for you. Similar to the hide rugs above this design will vary in color, pattern, size, and weight.

9. Neutral Hair on Hide Rug

animal hide rugs

If you’re looking for large animal hide rugs this one is for you! It’s available in five sizes the largest being 12’x15′.

You can also choose between three options depending on the color palette of your living space. There are neutral options in ivory, beige, or grey.

The hand-sewn geometric motif is made by artisans using undyed hair on hide. This pattern will be one of a kind due to the natural characteristics of the leather hide.

10. Patchwork Hide Area Rug

animal hide rugs

Level up the look of any living space with this patchwork hide ivory rug from CB2. It’s available in four sizes so it’s perfect for small or large spaces.

It has a soft feel and elongated, tile-like pattern that’ll add interest to your home. This one is best for bedrooms or low-traffic areas so keep that in mind when placing your order.

If you have the party house please do not add this animal hide rug in your living room. That is if you want it to last for many years to come!

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12. Lattice Hair on Hide Rug

animal hide rugs

Here’s another modern hide rug from Arhaus that comes in multiple sizes and colors. You can choose between five sizes from 6’x9′ all the way up to 12’x15′.

The neutral curved lattice design comes in brown, grey, or ivory. Any option will make an impact on your interior design.

What is hide rug?

A hide rug is the complete skin of an animal that has gone through a chrome tanning or vegetable tanning process. Due to the natural material, this process is necessary to preserve the skin and prevent it from decomposing.

Hide rugs will have unique markings similar to other leather products. These rugs are soft, durable, and long-lasting.

Is it cruel to have cowhide rug?

There are different opinions on whether it’s cruel to have a cowhide rug. Some people believe skin and leather are by-products of the meat industry. Many others disagree and believe that animals are cruelly slaughtered just for their skins.

If you have concerns either way I’d suggest researching where the skin was manufactured and the technique used. The other option would be to purchase only faux or printed animal skins for peace of mind.

Whether you go real or faux is a personal decision that only you can make.

Are cowhide rugs pet friendly?

Cowhide rugs are warm, soft, and durable making them pet friendly. If your dog or cat likes to scratch this will cause damage to your hide rug.

Always keep an eye on your pet while they’re relaxing on your rug to prevent accidents. Typically dogs and cats will treat a cowhide rug the same as any other rug in your home.

If you have a pet that has a habit of accidents then go for the faux hide rug alternatives.

Can a cowhide rug be vacuumed?

Yes, cowhide rugs can be vacuumed with the brush attachment. You should go in the direction of the hair to prevent shedding and bald spots.

The rug can also be taken outside to shake off any loose particles or dust. Since it’s a natural product some shedding is normal and to be expected.

Do cow hides smell?

Cowhides will either have no smell at all or the scent of leather. If there is a faint smell it should fade over time. If you still have a smell after several months contact the retailer to express your concerns.

Can you put a cowhide rug on carpet?

A cowhide rug is perfect to layer over another rug. Typically jute or sisal is used underneath to vary the texture. The layered rug look will add interest and dimension to the modern contemporary home.

I hope these animal hide rugs inspire you to design a home you love!

This post is all about animal hide rugs.

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