Best Throw Pillows For Modern Homes (Ultimate Buying Guide)

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Looking for the best modern throw pillows to update any living space? Check out my favorites that are perfect for modern contemporary homes!

Modern throw pillows are a great way to update any room in your home. They’re perfect for adding texture, pattern, and style.

If you have a neutral color palette adding pillows with a pop of color is an affordable way to create a new look. Unique pillows can be found at a variety of price points making them easily accessible to all.

Adding patterned throw pillows in multiple sizes is a fabulous way to express your personality. Layering different sizes, textures, and colors will make a statement in your interior design.

When it comes to modern pillows and covers there are so many fun styles to choose from. They’re available in a variety of materials as well.

Pillow fabrics currently trending include velvet, boucle, linen, hide, leather, and faux fur to name a few. Mixed materials and color blocking are also super popular.

Details such as embroidery, fringe, and tassels add originality and interest. Update your living room, bedroom, home office, or any other living space with a modern throw pillow.

To help you do just that I pulled together all the roundups in one spot. I’ve done the sourcing work so you don’t have to.

Just click the link for more details of any image. Happy designing, my friends!

This post is all about the best modern throw pillows.

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modern throw pillows in black and white, rust and gray abstract pillow

Where to shop for the best modern throw pillows?

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There are many retailers that sell modern throw pillows. They’re available online and in brick-and-mortar locations.

My favorite online resources for trendy throw pillows are:

Budget-Friendly Pillow Resources:

There are many others but these are my go-to online retailers. They’re at a variety of price points that are perfect no matter your budget.

My favorites at the moment are Coterie, Woven Nook, The Citizenry, Little Design Co, and Anthropologie. If you’re on a budget check out World Market, Wayfair, and Target.

modern throw pillows wall display

How do you make a pillow look expensive?

To make modern pillows look expensive follow these designer secrets:

  • use down inserts
  • size the inserts up 2″ from the pillow size all around
  • mix textures, sizes, and patterns
  • add a pop color for added interest

You’ll want a mix of sizes, patterns, and textures as shown below. This sofa is very large (102″ wide) so the pillows are large to create a balanced look.

black and white pillows on grey chaise sofa with faux fur thro and modern abstract artwork

There are three-banded pillows behind two printed ones. The banded pillows are 26×26 and the printed abstract pillows are 20×20.

black and white pillows sizing
Contemporary Throw Pillows For Sofa

It’s always best to create a visual of your pillow design before you purchase. Set up a free Canva account and lay out your modern pillow design similar to the one above.

Best Modern Pillow Covers

modern pillow covers

Modern throw pillow covers are the way to go if you love to change the look of your interior design. You can have a set for the fall/ winter months that’s warm and cozy.

In the spring/ summer, you can change the fabric to linen and add a pop color. Since you can use the same pillow fills for each set it’ll be easy to just store the covers away when not in use.

cb2 living room with Lenny Kravitz neutral sofa with black pillows and wood coffee table

When deciding on the style and color there are some things to consider. For example, if you have a dark sofa light pillows will add contrast.

Similarly, if you have a light sofa a dark pillow behind a light pillow will add interest. If you’re going for a neutral vibe add pillows with texture, dimension, and simple patterns.

Not only will it make a statement but you’ll add warmth as well. The beauty of pillow covers is they’re a simple way to change the vibe of your space especially when you’re on a budget.

Neutral Contemporary Throw Pillows

neutral pillows roundup

Neutral throw pillows are a great option because they go with any decor. If you choose contemporary decorative pillows with texture and pattern your neutral pillows will NOT be boring!

When it comes to designing with neutrals you should mix different size pillows. For example, adding a larger pillow that is 23″x 23″ behind two smaller 20″x 20″ pillows will add balance and interest.

restoration hardware bedroom with upholstered bed, leather chair, and neutral rug

Lumbar pillows placed in front of two square pillows are another trick designers love to use. Whether you’re looking for a quick update or completely starting from scratch the above roundup will give you plenty of inspiration.

Best Throw Pillows Black And White

black and white pillows roundup

By now you know that black and white is trending in home decor. The Achromatic color palette is perfect to use alone or combined with pop colors for interest.

The beauty is it’s the perfect backdrop for any accent color. It’s equally fabulous left alone with all neutrals.

Black and white decor is far from boring if done right. The trick to pulling off this trend is to make sure you use texture, pattern, a variety of materials, and interesting shapes within the design.

living room design with black and white home decor

The above design is meant to give you a visual of the impact this color scheme can have on a room. By layering texture, pattern, and scale you’ll create an interesting space that’s super inviting.

Trendy Throw Pillows


The best way to create the look and feel in any space is to start with a color palette. There are many ways to pull a color scheme for your design.

I love to pull colors from artwork, an area rug, or prints and patterns. Pillows are also great to use as the jumping-off point for your design.

art deco room with gold velvet sofa, black wallpaper, and abstract area rug

Start with a fun vibrant pattern and then pull out solids to complement the print. A color palette can be created with neutrals pop colors or even metallics.

In general, it’s best to start with 3 neutrals and then add 2 pop colors. This formula will create a timeless design that can be updated in the future with new pop colors.

The trendy pillows above all have a unique shape, pattern, and texture to make a statement in your home. A colorful pillow is fabulous to mix with solids for personality and fun.

Amber Lewis Pillows

amber lewis x loloi roundup of neutral pillows

I think I pulled every pillow from the Amber Lewis collection in the above round-up board. This was another category I had trouble picking my favorites, so I just pulled them all. You’re welcome!

The pillows are cotton-based and hand-crafted in India. They come in a range of sizes including 18″x18″, 13″x21″, and 22″x22″.

in stock furniture living room with white sofa, wood coffee table and leather accent chair

Similar to Amber’s interior design the vibe is laid-back style: open, relaxed, and lived-in. Pair these together or with any other combination of pillows from the collection for an original look.

Modern Round Throw Pillows

round throw pillows roundup

Round pillows come in many materials, styles, and designs. My personal favorite is the knotted round pillow that looks like a ball.

They’re great for adding pattern, texture, and dimension to any ordinary space. If you love the modern boho style the round pillow with fringe is perfect for you.

Best Outdoor Throw Pillows

modern outdoor pillows roundup

Outdoor spaces have become an extension of the home. There are so many beautiful options in furniture and home decor that’ll add personality to your space.

With all the high-performance fabric options your furniture can stay outside and hold up to the weather. I still prefer to bring the cushions in but there are durable and long-lasting products available nowadays.

One of my favorite high-performance fabric vendors is Sunbrella. It’s a great resource for outdoor fabrics and they have a fabulous assortment of prints, patterns, and colors.

In their collection, there are summer solids, neutrals, fun prints, and classic geometric patterns. If you’re looking for trendy fun pillows to update any outdoor space the above roundup is for you!

Sunbrella Modern Outdoor Pillows

For anyone unfamiliar with Sunbrella fabric let me share some deets (details).

Sunbrella fabric is very popular in outdoor furniture and decor. It’s stylish and made to last. The durable fabric can be used for outdoor, indoor, and marine living.

There’s a wide assortment of fabric colors, styles, patterns, and textures available that work with a variety of applications. Sunbrella fabric can be used in residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor spaces.

There’s a 5-year limited warranty for upholstery fabrics and a 10-year limited warranty for shade and marine fabrics.

Sunbrella fabric comes in performance chenille, performance velvet, heathered weave, linen, and more!

Highlights of Sunbrella are:

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Soft to the touch
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain-resistant
  • Bleach cleanable
  • Color stable
  • Built-in UV protection
  • Fade-resistant

Retailers who carry Sunbrella are Pottery BarnCrate & BarrelWilliams Sonoma, Bassett plus many more.

Cleaning Tips:

Sunbrella fabrics can be sanitized and cleaned with disinfectants. You can use bleach and other chemicals without fear of color loss. Disinfecting or sanitizing often requires the use of strong chemicals that might damage other fabrics. Sunbrella fabric can withstand repeated cleaning with chemicals. The best part is it doesn’t void the warranty.

When You Know Better You Do Better

How do I know what size pillow cover to buy?

If your pillow cover is 20×20″ you need a 22×22″ insert. For the 26×26″ pillow you will need a 28×28″ insert. This will create that designer look you love from Pinterest and Instagram.
If you want your modern pillows to be choppable use down inserts. Some people have allergies to down but you can get a down alternative made with polyester fibers. These are still choppable and pretty plus they’re super affordable.
A designer tip to follow is to mix and match sizes, patterns, and designs for a curated look. A 24″ square pillow behind a 20″ pillow will add interest and balance to your design.
You can also layer a lumbar pillow in front of your square pillows for added style and originality.

Why are throw pillows expensive?

Throw pillows tend to be expensive due to the fabric they are made from. Designer fabric can cost between $50-$200 a yard.
One 18″x18″ pillow requires 1/2 yard of fabric. Depending on the price per yard you can see how that can add up, especially when you include the labor too.
The other factor to consider is the type of fabric. Leather, hide, sheepskin, or silk will cost more than cotton, linen, or faux fur.

I hope these fun and trendy throw pillows inspire you to design your modern home.

This post is all about the best modern throw pillows.

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