11 Best Walmart Furniture Finds: So Good You’ll Be SHOCKED

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Today, I’m excited to share my top 11 Walmart furniture finds featuring pieces from TOV Furniture. They’re so good you’ll be in SHOCK when you see them.

You might not realize but home decor in Walmart has come a long way. If you are decorating on a budget it’s a great place to shop designer looks for less!

They have super cute on-trend furniture and home decor. Many of the vendors that show at High Point Market also sell to Walmart. They may change the name but the product and quality are the same.

Anyone who has ever designed for Walmart (me) knows that a sh@t ton of time and analysis goes into every single product that makes it into the store.

There are teams of people who work to develop the BEST products at affordable prices. Another important factor is the prices are low because of the quantity they purchase NOT the quality.

The way it works in retail is the more volume you buy the better the price you get. Never feel like you are getting a lesser quality product because you shopped for Walmart home decor. Most of the time the same quality is the same for a lower price.

In this post, you’ll learn all about TOV furniture and see amazing pieces for your living room from stylish sofas to chic coffee tables. There’s something for everyone no matter your budget.

Now let’s get into these amazing Walmart furniture finds so you can transform your living space!

Key Takeaways:

  • High-quality, stylish furniture from TOV is available at Walmart.
  • Affordable pieces that make a statement in any room.
  • Tips on creating a contemporary living room design with these finds.

This post is all about the best Walmart furniture finds.

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walmart furniture finds from TOV collage

The TOV Furniture Brand

Before I show you the amazing walmart home decor let me tell you about TOV furniture. Their slogan is “Don’t Be Boring” and they’re anything but!

The family-owned brand has been creating stylish unique pieces for affordable prices since 2013. Their curated collection of styles is comfortable, fashionable, and fabulous! If your style is transitional, modern, contemporary, or glam TOV furniture is for you! 

Their furniture is meant to make a statement and be the star of the show. They’ll command attention and be the talk of the party!


walmart tov furniture finds

My Personal Experience

I discovered TOV furniture on my first trip to HPMKT a to-the-trade designer event that happens twice a year. Interior Designers attend to see the latest design trends and new products in furniture and decor.

I have seven different TOV furniture styles in my home, and I love every single one. From ordering to delivery and customer service, the experience has been fabulous.

While searching for a link to one of the TOV pieces in my home I was shocked to discover they’re on Walmart! The pieces are so good I just had to share!

Creating a Contemporary Living Room

We’re going to design a contemporary living room together. It will have a neutral base with color added to the accessories and decor. We’ll start with the sofa since it’s the largest piece and where most people start.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Please read my full disclosure here. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

walmart furniture finds from TOV collage

1. TOV Elsa Cream Vegan Shearling Sofa- $1,032.23

Any time you see the word vegan used in furniture it means it’s cruelty-free and made without harming any animals which is always a good thing. Sculptural furniture is having a moment in interior design so this sofa is right on trend.

The TOV Elsa Cream Vegan Shearling Sofa has clean lines and stacked arms for an elevated look. It’s on sale right now for just over $1000 which is a fabulous price since the designer high-end sofa would cost you $5775. 

This sofa is part of the Inspire Me! Home Decor collection with TOV which is a great account to follow for home inspiration. It’s 98” wide by 40.5” deep and 29.5 High so you do need a large enough space for it to fit. 

[ FREE How To Measure And Create A Floor Plan Download]

Always measure and do a floor plan BEFORE you purchase any of these walmart furniture finds. Make sure you grab the PDF download below if you haven’t already. It just got updated so you’ll have a step-by-step detailed guide on how to measure and create a floor plan.

2. Gotham Onyx Black Coffee Table- $469

After the sofa, most people shop for a coffee table next. This Gotham Onyx black coffee table style has a free-form organic shape with curved lines.

The black wood adds contrast to the cream sofa and will create flow as you’ll be guided to follow the curved silhouette. This coffee table measures 48” wide x 36” deep x 15.6 high.

ivory sofa with black coffee table

Elsa Cream Vegan Shearling Sofa // Gotham Onyx black coffee table


  • A coffee table should be half to 2/3rd the width of your sofa.
  • The height of your coffee table should be no more than 2” higher or lower than the sofa seat

If we are following the standard measurement guide we know our coffee table should be half to 2/3rd the width of our sofa which was 98” so we are good there. The height of our coffee table should be no more than 2” higher or lower than the sofa seat which is 17.8” so we are good there as well.

It’s available at Walmart.com for $469 which is a great price for this designer coffee table especially when compared to this similar from 1st Dibs that costs $6080.

3. Shag Me Ivory Vegan Leather Swivel Chair- $729

I’ve been obsessed with this swivel chair since I saw a similar version in Barbara Olstrom’s decorator showhouse room. This Shag Me Ivory Vegan Leather Swivel Chair is a show-stopper and sure to make a statement in your design.

To be honest I can’t believe you can this accent chair on Walmart… it’s so high-end!

Just adding this piece to your design will give your room an elevated look. It would be perfect next to a sofa or to create a corner moment although I recommend you keep the back exposed if possible so you can admire its beauty.

The best part of the swivel base is you can turn to be a part of the action no matter the direction. At $729 this accent chair is a look for less than the $6995 version on 1st Dibs.

TOV Walmart Finds: Accent Tables

ivory sofa with white table lamps TOV walmart finds

Artwork // Bone Inlay Side Table // Table Lamp

4. Bone Inlay Side Table with Brass Legs- $399

When designing a room I love to bring in pieces to tie the whole room together. For example, this Bone Inlay Side Table combines the black and ivory of the sofa and coffee table with gold accents used in the design.

The beauty of this bone-inlay table is in its exquisite craftsmanship. Each piece of bone is meticulously inlaid into intricate designs, creating a unique and luxurious work of art that’ll add a touch of timeless elegance to any space.


  • When choosing a side table remember it should be no deeper than the depth of the sofa.
  • It should be placed close enough to easily put down a drink which is typically 2-3″ from the height of the arm.

The height of this table is 23.5” which is about 6” lower than the sofa arms due to its stacked design. This is where that saying once you know the rules you can break them.


My side tables are 6” lower than the tall sloped arm and it’s perfect to put a drink down. You can always add a taller drink table and move it around.

5. Gabrielle Round Side Table- $312.62

This Gabrielle round side table is on sale for $312.62. I love to pair a unique side table next to an accent chair to create a moment.

It could also be placed at the front corner of your sofa as a place to put down a drink. This table is small but mighty at 12.5” wide and 22.5” high. It has a brass base and a glass top for an elevated look.

The timeless design has a swelled base for a touch of whimsy and visual interest. There are so many great accent tables on Walmart from TOV I had a hard time picking only two.

Creating Interior Design Moments

Create a moment in your living room, foyer, or any empty wall with these supporting pieces. This walmart home decor will help you make a statement in your design.

If you’re looking for the best walmart home decor that won’t break the bank you’re in the right place! These pieces will help you create a designer home look for less.

6. Welsh Faux Shearling Bench- $469

TOV furniture has the best bench styles and the Welsh Faux Shearling Bench is one of my new favorites. It has an organic kidney shape with a curved silhouette.

The plush faux shearling upholstery will add a cozy vibe and soft texture to your design. It has brass legs with angled tips to take the design to the next level.

Place it opposite the sofa or in a corner with artwork above. It’s perfect for adding style and extra seating to your living room.

The design is similar to the Jonathan Adler kidney bench that’s on sale for $1796.99 so at $469 the Walmart version is a great price.

7. Hump Black Arcadia Finish Console Table- $479

The hump black Arcadia finish console table has a waterfall-curved edge with a sleek design. This table is also available in white but I like the contrast of the black for this design.

It’s perfect to add to your foyer or entryway. Add a mirror of artwork above to create a moment on any empty wall. It’s selling on Walmart for $479 which is more affordable than CB2 console table for $799.

8. Opal Floral Printed Velvet Ottoman with Gold Base- $209

The floral printed velvet ottoman has a vibe of luxe sophistication. I love the way a pair of ottomans looks under the horseshoe black console table.

TOV console table, ottomans, table lamp, and mirror

Black Console Table // Printed Ottomans // White Table Lamp // Butterfly Mirror

It makes a statement while adding extra seating. If you live in a small space this is a great way to elevate the look while adding functionality to your living room design.

The other reason I love this ottoman is because it is the perfect piece to use as a jumping-off point to create your color palette. The first piece I chose for this living room design was the ottoman. I knew I wanted to add small touches of color for added interest to the neutral base.

At $209 each this ottman is an investment but it’ll have a moody vibe and luxe sophistication that’s worth it.

9. Riviera Textured Table Lamp- $119

Layered lighting is one of the easiest ways to add a designer look to your room. This table lamp will add task light while creating an atmosphere in your living space.

Sculptural vessels and vases are having a moment in home decor and this table lamp is right on trend. It’s priced at $119 so depending on your budget you can add one to the console table or a pair on either side of the bone side table.

10. Lyrical Round Wall Mirror- $259

Accessories help add a polished finished look to your design. The Lyrical Round Wall Mirror has a sweet butterfly motif in a circular pattern.

It creates a moment above the console table with the pair of ottomans underneath. The one-of-a-kind piece is handmade by artisans so each one is an original design.

For this design, I chose the 36″ mirror for $259 but there’s also a 27″ version for $165.

11. Tibetan Two-tone White to Blush Sheep Pillow- $54.99

The Tibetan Two-Tone White to Blush Sheep Pillow for $54.99. This plush pillow combines the neutral cream of the sofa and the pink found in the floral-printed ottoman.

ivory sofa with pillows walmart finds

Two-Tone Pillow // Round Boucle Pillow

It adds a cozy vibe and a layer of texture to the boucle sofa. Pair it with a Boba 9″ Round Beige Bouclé Pillow for added interest.

Shop The Look: Walmart Home Finds

Now as promised I saved the best for last. I’ve pulled all the pieces together so you have a visual and can shop the look we created. The core pieces have a neutral base with color in the ottomans and pillows.

For this design, I used only Walmart furniture finds from TOV.  To complete the look, I’d add a chandelier, area rug, artwork, and accessories but for the sake of keeping it short… we’ll stop here.

Walmart furniture finds with TOV Ivory sofa, clack coffee table

Living Room Total Cost

You may be wondering what’s the total cost so far??  This is why I added all the pieces to the living room budget calculator to give you an idea.

The grand total of this design is $3587.59 which is so good! Even after adding the remaining pieces I mentioned you’d still probably be under $5000 which is an amazing price for this designer for less.

Download a copy of the budget calculator to stay on budget during your next design project!

Bonus: Walmart Home Finds

Here are more awesome home decor walmart ideas to update your home. These products can be used in many areas of your home from your living room, office, bedroom, and more!

They’re also perfect for those living in apartments and dorm rooms. Anyone on a tight budget will appreciate the affordable Walmart furniture finds to update your home.

walmart finds roundup of home decor and office furniture


Walmart offers an impressive selection of high-quality, stylish furniture from TOV to transform your living space without breaking the bank. From chic sofas to elegant coffee tables, there’s something for every budget and design style.

Remember, the affordability of Walmart’s offerings comes from their purchasing power, not a compromise on quality. So, don’t hesitate to shop for home decor in walmart for your next home decor project.

With these amazing Walmart furniture finds from TOV, you’ll create a stunning, designer-inspired living room at a fraction of the cost.

Remember Good design takes time, so don’t rush the process. Happy designing!

This post is all about the best Walmart furniture finds.

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