CB2 Living Room Design Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking for CB2 Living Room inspiration? Check out all the fabulous ideas that’ll make your home super cool!

CB2 is known for doing fun collaborations with cool people and brands. These include Lenny Kravitz (featured), Goop, Fred Segal, Jennifer Fisher, Ross Cassidy, and GQ.

The most recent collaboration is with Kravitz Design by Lenny Kravitz. The energy and vibe of furniture were inspired by the ateliers of Europe, markets of Africa, and the soul of a nomad.

Lenny has an unapologetically global point of view that is inspired by his homes around the world. The result is a furniture collection of livable luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The quote on the CB2 site is “Home should be a place where you feel like yourself and your spirit is comfortable.” Doesn’t that statement speak to your soul?!

“Home should be a place where you feel like yourself and your spirit is comfortable.”

Lenny Kravitz

Your home should be an expression of your personality where you are comfortable in your own skin. The way to achieve that feeling is to include pieces that make you happy.

This furniture collection by Kravitz Design does just that! Each piece is inspired by Lenny’s eclectic global lifestyle and furnishings from his homes in Paris, Brazil, and the Bahamas.

The ’70s-inspired designs capture the sleek glam of New York club culture and the natural ease of the California music scene.

Check out the featured CB2 living room design for ideas and inspiration to incorporate into your home.

This post is all about the CB2 Living Room collaboration with Lenny Kravitz.

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CB2 Living Room Inspiration

This “Shop The Look” design contains pieces from the Lenny Kravitz collection. The artwork in the featured image is from ZGallerie and links are included at the end of the post.

The black leather lumbar pillow and sheepskin throw are from CB2 but not by Lenny. However, I think he’d approve. I added those in for more texture and dimension.

This design features a neutral color palette that is perfect for updating the modern contemporary home. The contrast of the wood tones and metal accents add interest to the black and white color story.

If you are after a cool relaxed vibe this living room is meant for you!

Shop The Look Mood Board


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1. Boucle 4-Piece Sectional // 2. Black Corduroy Armless Chair // 3. Boucle Tufted Ottoman // 4. Metal Side Table // 5. Wood Corner Table // 6. Media Credenza // 7. Black/Natural Rug // 8. Rattan Pendant Light // 9. Wall-Mounted Console Table // 10. Sheepskin Throw // 11. Graphic Throw Pillow // 12. Leather Black Pillow // 13. Bronze Serving Bowl

1. Boucle 4-Piece Sectional


If you have been following the blog you know Boucle furniture is trending. I have done separate posts on boucle couches and chairs that you should check out.

The above modular sectional sofa was inspired by Brazilian midcentury modernism. It features a bentwood frame, channeled cushions, and ivory boucle upholstery.


This piece is also good for the environment since it is made of FSC ®-certified engineered wood and a walnut veneer frame. Lenny Kravitz has a home in Brazil which I’m sure helped inspire this piece.

Here is a video of Lenny sharing his Brazilian Farm Compound.

2. Black Corduroy Armless Chair


3. Boucle Tufted Ottoman


I had a hard time choosing between the black corduroy chair and the boucle option below. Both have a cool vibe and are perfect for updating the look of your home.

In the end, I showcased the corduroy chair which was inspired by ’70s lounge seating. The minimal wood frame is covered in luxury automotive upholstery that gives the silhouette a modern edge.

Use the armless chair in your living room solo or create a modular sectional with the versatile piece. Either look is sure to add a ton of attitude and style to your interior design.

The boucle tufted ottoman sits on top of an oversized bronze chrome base. Add this piece as a pair for extra seating in your living room.

You’ll make a statement while adding loads of texture and dimension.

Seating Options

Boucle Lounge Chair


Velvet Bench


The boucle chair is part of the CB2 Lenny Kravitz furniture collection. It has a cool vibe and super trendy silhouette that will level up your design.

This style features a minimal streamlined frame, floating shelter-style arms, and a waterfall seat cushion. It pairs perfectly with the velvet bench ottoman in the contrast rust color.

I love the channel quilting and waterfall silhouette of this upholstered bench. Inspired by the ’70s lounge seating it is sure to add a cool vibe to your home.

CB2 Living Room Tables and Storage

4. Metal Side Table


5. Wood Corner Table


6. Media Credenza


There are several tables in the collection but I featured the two above for this living room design.

The metal side table is awesome to add next to the boucle sofa or in between two chairs. It was inspired by the bronze metalwork of the 1960s.

The entire piece is hand-casted from the textured top to the fluted base. The black finish highlights the rich contrast and deep tones unique to each table.

Next up is the wood corner table that can also be used as a coffee table. Depending on the size of your living room you may be able to add a pair which would look amazing!

The table features an oak veneer frame and a smokey grey-tinted mirrored glass top. This piece has just the right amount of attitude to add to your living room.

How cool is the vibe of the media credenza?! I mean really!!

It combines metal and oak wood to create a sculptural piece of art. Inspired by French industrial and Brutalist influences this unique credenza will create a focal point in your home.

CB2 Living Room Decor

7. Black/Natural Rug


8. Rattan Pendant Light


9. Wall-Mounted Console Table


The 100% jute rug features a heathered look and soft hand. It comes in five sizes so there is one perfect for your home!

The pattern was inspired by traditional African paintings and textiles. It will add a ton of style and interest to your design.

If you are looking to add ambiance to your living room the rattan pendant light will do the trick. It features a bell shape, mixed materials, and solid brass details.

The wall-mounted console is great for spaces where a radiator or other obstruction is in the way. At 36″ wide and 14″ D there is plenty of room to showcase your favorite home decor.


10. Sheepskin Throw


11. Graphic Throw Pillow


12. Leather Black Pillow


As I mentioned above the sheepskin throw and leather pillow are not technically part of the collection. I included these to add warmth, texture, and interest to the design.

The center black and natural pillow is by Kravitz design. This pillow creates interest through the optical effect of the contrasting colors.

13. Bronze Serving Bowl


This bronze serving bowl is awesome to place in the center of the coffee table for a touch of glam and shine.

The bowl was inspired by handcrafted medieval jewelry. It features a simple silhouette with imperfect edging and an aged bronze finish.

Modern Living Room Artwork

Abstract Portrait


Record Art


Fashion Art


The artwork in this design is all from ZGallerie. They carry a wide variety of modern art that will make a statement in your home.

Since art is subjective you should head to the site for more ideas and inspiration for your living room design.

For the feature image, I included the record label for that rock star vibe. Then there is the option of the figure art or fashion abstract image.

Either look would make an impact and create a focal point. Artwork is also great for adding movement and flow to your living space. These modern artwork pieces will do just that!


I hope this design and collection inspire you to add loads of personality to your living room design. The CB2 Lenny Kravitz collection of furniture and home decor will add that cool unique vibe you are after.

This post is all about the CB2 Living Room collaboration with Lenny Kravitz.

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