23 Best Home Lighting Stores For Any Budget

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Looking for the best home lighting stores to shop online this year? Check out our favorites that are sure to make your home shine brighter!

Lighting fixtures are often referred to as the jewelry of the room. They add that extra WOW factor and interest to your space. It is important NOT to skimp when it comes to choosing your home lighting.

There are a wide variety of lighting styles, finishes, sizes, and shapes to choose from. It is important to make sure the look and feel of your space match the lighting you choose.

For example, if your home is modern you will want to choose lighting that works with this design style. A more traditional home will often have timeless light fixtures.

By now you know that this blog features the best modern contemporary home design resources. That said the home lighting stores listed here are some of my favorites for unique light that will make a statement in your home.

Check out all the stylish options and let me know your FAV.

This post is all about the best home lighting stores.

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Best Home Lighting Stores Online


This is my favorite go-to for modern lighting! Start here and then check out the others.

Lamps Plus

A great resource for inexpensive lighting and more!

Alchemy Fine Home

They truly have something for everyone here.


Stylish and updated selection of lighting to choose from.

Capital Lighting at Bellacor

Beautiful lighting from this designer favorite!


Original lighting that will add interest to any room and create a focal point.

Jonathan Adler

Unique lighting options that will add originality to your space. You know I’m obsessed with everything Jonathan Adler does!

Scout & Nimble

Love everything about this site including its lighting selection.

Lulu & Georgia

A favorite place with cool modern choices. This vendor has the modern California eclectic vibe mastered.

Serena & Lilly

More of the coastal vibe but they have a lot of original options.


A great resource for lighting especially if you are after unique online lighting. They also carry a lot of to the trade vendors so the quality is on point.

West Elm

Great options that have a mid-century feel.


If you’re after a clean modern look CB2 is perfect for you. I love the lighting selection at this online resource.

Crate & Barrel

Modern, stylish, and fun versions of home lighting for your home.

Contemporary Home Lighting Stores

Cedar & Moss

Mid-century vibe plus more!

Visual Comfort

This is another designer favorite with great styles for every home.

circa lighting nyc gold chandeliers

Lighting New York

They have a great selection of Hudson Valley lighting which is gorgeous.

Dutton Brown

A favorite smaller lighting company we love to support.

Shades of Light

Cool updated lighting that is modern and unique.

Kelly Wearstler

We LOVE the original designs Kelly Wearslter has for lighting fixtures.

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They carry the best of the best. Definitely check their home lighting out!


A staple last resort or if you need to pick it up the same day.

Home Depot

Another same-day option but not as great a selection as online.

home lighting places to shop image with black and white text

Tips And Tricks

If you are like me and like to change things up after a while then decide on a budget and stick to it. Lighting fixtures can be quite costly so make sure you do your research before purchasing especially when shopping online.

If possible visit your local showroom to see the home lighting styles in person. Also, follow the sizing guidelines for the different fixtures you are sourcing.

Once you have an idea of the style and lighting you are after searching the internet for the best price. Many stores carry the same lighting and prices WILL vary so compare, compare, and compare some more.

If you do not have a local home lighting store nearby to see the fixtures in person then you MUST read ALL the REVIEWS you can find. The worst thing is placing an order and then the quality is not good and you have to return the lighting.

Returns and exchanges can be costly if there are shipping and restocking fees. They also can delay your timeline and your electrician/ contractor will NOT be happy about that.

Pro Tip: Check the lighting for damages ASAP and contact the company with any issues right away!

We can not stress enough the importance of checking your lighting for damages. It DOES and WILL happen so be prepared!

When it comes to lighting your space there are three types of lighting you will want to have.

Types of Lighting To Add In Your Home

1. Ambient Lighting

home lighting gold chandelier with grey sofa and coffee table with animal hide rug

The living room design above features a Jonathan Adler chandelier and hi-hats. At the time of designing this space, the trend was to square off the room with can lights.

We have to be really mindful of the trends we follow. Years later you may end up regretting your design choices. This living room has a ridiculous amount of lighting. If I had it to do over I would go with the chandelier.

All the lighting in this space is on a dimmer switch which was the BEST decision I made. That said let’s discuss this type of lighting.

Ambient Lighting is also referred to as “general” lighting. This lighting will light the entire room so your family and guests can move around safely at all times of the day. Without ambient lighting, the space would otherwise be dark.

Do not overdo it with ambient lighting or your ceiling will look like swiss cheese or the room will be hospital bright!

Pro Tip: Put your Ambient lighting on dimmer switches to control the brightness throughout the day.

Examples of this lighting are:

  • Chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures
  • Light kits on ceiling fans
  • Track lighting
  • Recessed ceiling lights
  • Torchieres
  • Wall sconces provide enough light to do more than spotlight an area

2. Task Lighting

grey neutral bedroom with grey headboard, bedding and tufted bench  with white curtains

Task Lighting is the second layer of home lighting. It is the lighting used to perform tasks such as reading, studying, cooking, applying makeup, etc. Task lighting may also include under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen or workspaces.

Task lighting fixtures include:

3. Accent Lighting

navy blue velvet sofa with female artwork, marble and gold coffee table and gold hand vase with pink roses

Accent Lighting is the third layer of lighting in a space. It is often referred to as mood lighting because it sets the atmosphere of the space. It is also used to highlight architectural features and important objects.

Examples of accent lighting are:

  • Chandeliers with dimmer switches
  • Wall sconces
  • Lighting inside glass or wire door cabinets
  • Can lights and uplights
  • Picture lights
  • Candlelight
  • Directed track or recessed lights
  • Niche lighting
  • Light bridges on media furniture

Using multiple accent lights in your space will keep the eye moving around the room. They can also make the room appear larger. Laying all three of these types of lighting in a room will create the atmosphere and mood of your space.

These are all of our favorite resources that we love to shop for living room lighting, modern lighting, sconces, chandeliers, and more!

As you can see there is a lot to think about when choosing the lighting for your home. Make sure to research and do your homework. The payoff will be worth the effort!

This post is all about the best home lighting stores.

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