Art Deco Room Design Inspiration (Shop The Look)

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Looking for art deco room ideas to update your home? Check out this living room design inspiration for your next makeover!

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The Art Deco period is currently trending in a big way. If you’re looking to update your living room this style is great for modern contemporary homes.

The Great Gatsby movie set is the perfect example of this old-world luxe and glamorous trend. It’s all about high-end craftsmanship, velvet fabrics, gold accents, geometric shapes, and bold patterns.

As usual to help you get your design on I’ve created a concept board full of Art Deco-inspired furniture and decor. The resources below will help you easily recreate this look in your own home.

Whether you’re updating a few pieces or your entire living room this design will help you get started. Now let’s create your happy home!

This post is all about art deco room ideas.

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art deco room with gold velvet sofa, black wallpaper, and abstract area rug

What is Art Deco Room Design in Interior Design?

The Art Deco style originated in France and was popular from 1920 to 1939. It was the first nontraditional style to gain acceptance in America.

This style focused on aesthetics and decorations rather than historical foundations. It included architecture, interior design, furniture, jewelry, clothing, glass art, graphic design, and film.

Elements of the Art Deco style include chevrons, zigzag lines, sunburst patterns, sharp angles with rounded corners, high-sheen materials, gold accents, and bold jewel-tone colors.

Typical woods used in this design style were rosewood, teak, and ebony.

What are the typical colors?

Typical colors of the Art Deco style include warm tans and shades of green and blue. Silver and gold gilding and metals were used for contrast.

Accents of golden yellows, cobalt blues, and vehement reds were used as well. Soft creams, black, gold, and silver were popular colors as shown in the above design.

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How do I Art Deco my house?

Art Deco is currently trending in interior design. There has been a resurgence of period pieces and classic reproductions.

CB2 has an entire section featuring Art Deco inspired furniture and home decor.

You can bring the Art Deco trend to your home with the use of sculptural furniture and decor, geometric shapes, glam lighting, animal prints, and high gloss walls or accents.

Another way to add the Art Deco style is with bold colors, rich wood tones, antique furniture mixed with new, mirrored finishes, fluted details, and metallic wall sconces.

Other elements of this design style include bold artwork, black marble, art deco-inspired statement mirrors, and gold or silver metal geometric inlays.

Shopping Tips

Before we get into the Art Deco living room design I want to remind you to measure and do a floor plan. I know I sound like a broken record but it is super important that you know what will fit in YOUR space.

Once you have your measurements you’ll be able to source your furniture with confidence. This video will help you create a floor plan based on the measurements of your space.

Art Deco Living Room Design Inspiration

art deco room with gold velvet sofa, black wallpaper, and abstract area rug

1. Velvet Curved Sofa // 2. Round Black Wood Coffee Table // 3. Black Side Table // 4. Swivel Barrel Chair // 5. Marble Accent Table // 6. Black Art Deco Bar Cabinet // 7. Catwalk Artwork // 8. Milan Surfboard // 9. Razz Dazz Skull // 10. Art Deco Floor Mirror // 11. Art Deco Wallpaper // 12. Empire Wall Sconce // 13. Floor Lamp // 14. Velvet Curtain Panel // 15. Splatter Abstract Area Rug // 16. Sheepskin Pillow // 17. Round Black Pillow

Shop: All The Details

Here you will find all the details to add this design style to your home.

1. Velvet Curved Sofa

gold curved sofa

This camel color sofa is an example of the warm tans of the Art Deco design style. It has beautiful curvy lines and plush fabric that adds to the sophisticated vibe.

Upholstered in luxe cotton velvet this stylish couch has polished champagne stainless steel legs for a touch of glam.

Lounge in style and comfort on this curved back sofa that’s sure to be a showstopper.

2. Round Black Wood Art Deco Coffee Table

black coffee table

The simple lines of this circular coffee table are perfect to complement the curved couch in this design. Its cast-iron quarter-circle legs and antique finish add texture and dimension.

Inspired by the Deco period the acacia wood top has a black stain, light lacquer, and wire brush texture. Its sharp angles and rounded corners are popular features of this design style.

Family and friends are sure to be intrigued when they see this modern coffee table in your home.

3. Black Side Table

black side table

Love the unique silhouette of this contract-grade table from West Elm. The mixed materials are great for adding style and interest.

It has a solid mango and oak veneer frame with a black finish. The brass base adds a touch of luxe glam popular during the Art Deco design period.

The marble top is scratch and stain-resistant making it fabulous for those who love to entertain. It’ll add a modern and elegant vibe to any room it’s in.

4. Art Deco Living Room Swivel Barrel Chair

art deco swivel lounge chair
art deco swivel lounge chair

During the Art Deco period, sculptural furniture was a very common element. This modern chair is as beautiful as it is functional.

It’s upholstered in a soft chenille fabric that’ll complement any neutral contemporary design. The fabulous silhouette is available in either direction depending on your space.

In the featured image, the accent table is shown next to the higher end but I’d flip it to the lower. The image was not available in that view but it definitely would be more convenient to have it the other way.

We don’t want guests to swivel into the table when grabbing their cocktail. Especially those overly indulgent friends and family that come for a visit. Haha! Just saying!

4. Affordable Swivel Accent Chair

asymmetrical swivel chair

Influenced by the modern Italian style this asymmetrical chair is just as much a piece of art as it is furniture. It’s upholstered in rich off-white velvet with a contrasting black base.

Imagine a pair in your Art Deco living room design with a cute accent table between them. The look is sure to be a conversation starter.

This style is just as fabulous as the ones above but it’s only available in one direction. If you plan to only add one this is another great Art Deco furniture option.

For those on a tighter budget, this is the more affordable accent chair option. You can always upgrade later so just start where you’re at.

5. Marble Accent Table

black marble accent table

A popular material of this period was black marble furniture with fine veining. This stylish accent table was carved from a single block of solid marble.

It’s great to add a minimalist modern vibe to your living space. Each piece is unique and will look perfect alone or styled as a pair.

In this design, the black accent table is shown next to the white asymmetrical chair for contrast. It would look equally fabulous on the side or front of the velvet sofa as well.

6. Black Fluted Art Deco Bar Cabinet

black art deco bar cabinet

This bar cabinet is awesome for adding a Parisian Art Deco vibe to any living room space. The on-trend silhouette has stylish curves made out of fluted and charcoal-finished mango veneer.

On top, there’s a beautiful black Marquina marble for a touch of sophistication. At the base, the warm brass slim x-braced legs are the perfect contrast to the black elements.

The cabinet’s double doors feature a fluted design that opens to any bartender’s dream. On the inside, there are stemware, door racks, and adjustable wine racks.

It’s a great storage solution for bar accessories and decor. This bar cabinet will make a fabulous addition to any living room, dining room, sitting room, and more!

6b. Gatsby Hollywood Bar Cabinet

bar cart cabinet

Also, LOVE the look of this Art Deco bar cabinet. It’s by one of my favorite trade vendors Arteriors. It has two doors with geometric etching and a golden finish.

On the inside, there are ebony-stained oak walls finished with mirrored glass panels and recessed lighting. The shelves and drawers are awesome for storing bottles, glassware, and accessories.

If you’re looking to add drama and sophistication to your living room a bar cabinet is perfect. It’s more of an investment than the CB2 bar cabinet above which is why I’ve included both options.

7. Catwalk Artwork

fashion art with gold and black runway outfits

Z Gallerie is my go-to resource for modern contemporary artwork that’ll make a statement in your home. Many of the pieces they carry are from Leftbank Art my favorite to the trade vendor.

This Catwalk artwork was used as the jumping-off point for this design. It has warm tans and golden hues, combined with neutrals under a high gloss resin finish. The colors were pulled out to create the palette in this design.

The free-flowing lines and brush strokes used in this piece draw your eye in thus creating a focal point. It’s meant to represent the fashion runway adding a touch of glam to your living room.

This custom artwork will be a conversation starter and grab everyone’s attention.

8. Milan Surfboard

Oliver Gal surfboard art in black and gold

Add personality to your home with this decorative surfboard. It combines a love of fashion and sports in the colors of the Art Deco style.

The surfboard artwork is crafted in high-gloss acrylic in gold, black, and white. Whether you hang this piece on the wall or lean in the corner it’ll add a touch of glam and sophistication.

This artwork is perfect for all my glam fashionistas out there looking to be the unicorn in the field of horses!

9. Razz Dazz Skull

skull art in black and gold glitter

Here is another fun artwork that’s sure to add personality to your interior design. The edgy glam art has a glitter design printed on canvas.

The colors tie back to the Art Deco color palette used in this design. It’s by Oliver Gal another trade vendor who’s known for creating original unique artwork designed to make a bold statement.

10. Art Deco Floor Mirror

cb2 art deco mirrors

Add this art deco-inspired statement mirror to your living room for drama and interest. The mirror is meant to lean against the wall and visually open up any space it’s in.

This CB2 vintage-inspired mirror has simple lines, curved corners, a jeweled crown, and a brass lacquered iron frame. It’s perfect for the modern, contemporary, or glam style of home.

11. Art Deco Wallpaper

art deco artwork in black and gold geometric print

The simple geometric lines of this Art Deco wallpaper are another example of the vibe of this design style. Whether you add an accent wall, half wall or entire room wallpaper is great for adding personality to any space.

The beauty of self-adhesive removable wallpaper is that it’s not permanent. Simply take it down when you want a change or get tired of the look.

Art Deco Lighting

12. Empire Wall Sconce

gold art deco sconce

Lighting is referred to as the jewelry of any space and these sconces are like a pretty pair of earrings. The geometric shapes are reminiscent of the Art Deco style and will add sophistication to your interior design.

I love adding a pair of sconces on either side of a large piece of artwork or in the entryway of a room. It highlights the space and adds atmosphere.

Layering in general, task, and accent lighting are great for creating mood and drama in any space. Not to mention when on a dimmer switch it’ll save on electricity too!

As my mentor in my head, Martha Stewart would say “And that’s a good thing!”

13. Art Deco Floor Lamp

black and gold floor lamp

Creating moments in your living room is another way to add personality and style. This Art Deco-inspired floor lamp would look fabulous in an empty corner with an accent chair and a small side table.

It’ll add a glamorous look and contemporary flair to any space it’s in. The unique design features black iron rods with an antique brass sphere and open circle base.

The black lampshade has a mustard gold lining and brass finial for added interest. This Art Deco lamp will make a statement in any room it’s in.

14. Velvet Curtain Panel

black velvet window curtain panel

These velvet black curtain panels add a dramatic element to this Art Deco living room concept. The luxe velvet material is rich in texture and beauty.

When hanging your panels remember that should be hung as high as possible to draw the eye up. This will create the illusion of height in your space.

If you are looking to reduce sound and darken your room these curtain panels will help do that as well.

15. Splatter Abstract Area Rug

neutral rug in ivory, gold, and grey

There are so many things to love about this area rug. For one it has all the colors of the color palette and helps pull the overall vibe of this design together.

Aside from the design component, this rug is super affordable. The 8’x10′ rug is on sale right now for just over $200 which is amazing!

It’s made from durable synthetic fibers so it’s great for those with pets or small children. This rug will add a serene vibe and create a focal point in your space.

16. Sheepskin Pillow

ivory fur pillow

Another way to add interest and depth to your design is by adding texture and pattern. This sheepskin pillow has a mix of short and long hair fur that’ll add a luxe glam vibe to your living room.

Layer it behind the round black pillow for contrast. The neutral black and white colors tie back to the elements of the color palette moving your eyes throughout the space.

17. Faux Fur Round Black Pillow

black fur round pillow

Unique shapes are another feature of the Art Deco interior design style. This round fur pillow will add style and originality to your interior design.

The CB2 black fur pillow has a luxe soft look that’s perfect for your sofa, accent chair, or bed.

It comes complete with a pillow fill so no need to order a separate one. At 16″ this pillow will look awesome in front of the ivory faux fur pillow above.

I hope this Art Deco-inspired living room design inspires you to create your happy place!

Have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

xo Nicole

This post is all about art deco room ideas.

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